Pelosi Fights America

Pelosi said, “We’re here to do the job for the American people.” Daily Herald, 2/28/2010, Associated Press. She urged her frightened Democrats to back the Healthcare Reform even if means the demise of their political position.

She says the bill will be historic, wow the only way the passage of this bill will be “historic” is Americans’ children and children’s children will be digging out of the financial mess that it will cause for years. No doubt, Pelosi is correct about Historic – the Healthcare Reform will go down in history as the “Democratic Claw” that brought America to their knees.

– What are the Democrats struggling with the Healthcare Reform?   The reasons are frankly too massive to address them all at one sitting.

1.      –   Many of our Democrats are starting to rethink “Obamanism” and they are frightened of the path their leader has taken them in 2009 and 2010.

2.       –  On March 13, 2010 “The Hill” did a head count of Democrats who are voting “No” or undecided? At the present time 34 are likely going to vote “No” or the flip side would be 70 plus are undecided, which means some Democrats are starting to think about the welfare of their Nation.

3.      –    Another scary thing for many Democrats is the fact that Obama and gang haven’t actually addressed “cost containment” – Democrats that are undecided want more than a gestimate of the cost of this reform. They’ve already have a noose around their neck due to a full year of bickering about the Healthcare Reform.

4.       –  An overwhelming majority of Americans just flat say “No” to the Healthcare Reform

5.       — Republicans only said, let’s start over and get real reform that will be for the benefit of all Americans.

6.       –One must wonder when Pelosi recently said that the urgency was to pass the bill, because no one knows what is in the 2700 pages of reform! Now when the speaker of the house has nerve enough to make a statement like that we’re in deep “Doo Doo.!

Rather than discuss all of the problems of the Healthcare Reform, there is a message from Americans that seems to fall on deaf ears. Americans are the voice of our Nation and they’ve taken a stance; they don’t want Obama’s reform and that should be the end of all the political shenanigans, but it isn’t…

Americans have been put on the back burner for over a year under Obama’s Administration; they believed Obama would create jobs, help them with foreclosures and use their stimulus monies to jump start our economy. Obama and fellow Democrats have wasted a year literally digging us deeper into debt and financial failure. If we allow the present administration to speak for us – a “Depression” may well be right around the corner.

May God Bless Our Nation


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