CBO – Playing Another Obama Game

Congressional Budget Office said Obama’s gestimate of saving a trillion over the next 10 years is highly speculative!  CBO doesn’t want to hang themselves, so they gave us a tentitave cost for the Healthcare Reform, because they don’t have a clue what all the “Fix Its” that will be added to the reform if passed may cost. 
CBO should have flatly refused Obama and gang when asked to figure cost on a skeleton bill that as Pelosi and Obama have said, no one, yes no one really knows what’s in the bill.  CBO had to do what the commander and chief ordered, but they know beyond any doubt that the figures they gave America today has nothing to do with anything.  This is but one more coverup for the Obama corruption!
My only questions to my fellow Americans is this:  (1) How does CBO figure costs on a skeleton bill, (2) Why did CBO even attempt to figure costs on a bill not completed, in fact not even on the table for a vote, and (3) Why would Americans consider anything that Obama and other Democrats proposes after our devastating experience with the “Stimulus Reform?”
Today, March 18th 2010, we’re in the hands of a few Democrats and hopefully they will stop this reform from being passed, for their Nation, their fellow Americans and their children.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know we’re being scammed by some of the biggest scammers in all of our Nations’ history. 
May God Bless America and those few Democrats who are holding our future in their hands. 

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