Americans – Bring It On For Your Children

We have a happy President, who is touting his ability to slide the most devious, corrupt reform in all of our history down our throats.  His “Bring It On” rhetoric would make one think that he knows it’s a slam dunk for him when the lawsuits from 16 attorney generals hit his table.  Either he has the Supreme Court in his hip pocket or he’s oblivious to our Constitution. 

He’s been one busy boy and not only is he on the road again trying to resell his Healthcare Reform, he’s bragging about his lectures to Israel and Afghanistan.  Obama takes time out to mock the news media for driving what he refers to as poll driven impatience.   This drive from Americans is much more than poll driven; they’re angry and reluctant to follow the road of Socialism. 

The two most important issues to Americans throughout the country are jobs and the insane, runaway spending spree that Obama is embarked upon.  This poll driven impatience that he refers to is driven not by the news media, but by Americans who have lost their homes, their jobs, retirement and their freedoms. 

Either this man is oblivious to the fact that he works for us, the American people or he’s hell bent on destroying our Nation at all costs.  Obama is once again, the same as his campaign speeches in 2008 trying to blindside us by throwing out little tokens of nothing – the drilling that he keeps talking about isn’t going to be productive: it’s only an exploratory measure and has nothing to do with fuel efficiency or jobs for Americans. 

The fact that he is on the road trying to resell the Healthcare Reform is a dead giveaway that he knows there are many, many problems with this off the wall bill he just signed.  His speeches are just merely replays of the man running for President in 2008. All show and no go – it’s merely Obama theatrics raising its ugly head again. 

He has perfected the art of selling socialism and we’re the innocent victims that he’s working on again in 2010.  Promise them the world, better economic times, smaller government, transparency, no taxes and then dump them and continue on the road to “socialism.’  How many times are we willing to watch and listen to the Obama sideshow? 

He’s the “President of Blame” and he has yet to make positive moves for Americans; his speeches and idle promises are full of hype and blatant lies and he knows this, but he also knows that desperate people will grasp at any little token he throws at this time.

We need to get down to the business of taking back our country, America.  Replacing the corrupt that are hiding behind closed doors and re-establishing our Nation as “One Nation Under God With Liberty and Justice for All.” 

Help the Attorney Generals who have filed the lawsuits against the Healthcare Reform in our behalf – give them support and encouragement.  Americans need to send a message loud and clear to Washington, that the government doesn’t have a right to rewrite or destroy our Constitution. 

The Supreme Court judges need to follow the Constitution, not rewrite it or twist it to suit their fancy. 

Over a period of years they have gone from adjudicating to dictating and there remains our problem as the Healthcare Reform is presented to them.  They should uphold and enforce the laws of our Constitution, not bend or change them due to personal opinion or preference.  If the Supreme Court cowers on this one – we will wake up with all of our rights basically being removed. 

So to Obama, I say what goes around comes around and remember a real man is a man of his word – and Mr. Obama you have promised and lied too many times, so we know what kind of man you are…

May God Bless Our Country


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