Americans – Obama Wounded Us Again

To Be Prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace.”  George Washington   We have a major problem at the White House, America; it’s called Barack Hussein Obama. 

Who or what in the world is this man they call Barack Obama?  Sad to say this, but he is a disgrace to Our Nation and should be removed from office immediately!  His reduction in our nuclear capabilities is the last thing we need at this time when all foreign countries see our great Nation weakening daily under the Obama Administration.  This is one more sign that clearly shows his inability to lead. 

Why would our President impose such restrictions on our Nation when we are in war with the “terrorists” on our turf and off our turf and Iran is thumbing their nose at us as they continue their quest for nuclear missiles.   Obama throws one more dagger at our Nation! 

He just ruled out nuclear strikes against countries using biological or chemical weapons.  So, the great Obama is sending this message to all countries – bring on your biological and chemical weapons, because you no longer have to worry about our nuclear power. 

He’s not only reducing our weapons, he’s taking our freedoms away one more time  by ham stringing us in the war against terrorism.   This man seems to have crawled out from under a stump or lives in a fantasy world, because everything he’s accomplished so far has weakened our Nation.

He has endangered us physically and financially, everything he initiates has been blatant aggression against the United States of America.  He’s refused to fulfill his promises of a smaller government, transparency, jobs, eradication of earmarks and most of all he refuses to listen to our voices. 

Going back to his Presidential campaign and coming forward we know several things; (1) Most of Obama’s friends have an intense hatred against Americans, (2) His reckless spending has placed us in a precarious position that could easily lead to a “Depression,” and (3) He is a man without a past – but his actions are starting to give him away.

Things we do know since January 2009 – he is an eloquent speaker, very animated and precise in his orations.  He loves theatrics and loves to perform on National TV with his trusty little teleprompter.

Obama isn’t a man of his word and his promises were just idle promises – we’re still waiting for jobs, smaller government, reduction of the National Deficit, transparency and real assistance with the 4 million plus homes that are in foreclosure.

We can’t afford to keep this man in office for another 2 ½ years – we’re broke and daily he’s taking one more bite from our tables and our children’s’ future.  Hopefully, every American will take the time to vote in 2010, select leaders who will restore our once strong Nation.  We need to take back our country America in 2010. 

May God Bless Our Nation


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