America – Petition The Government

If ever a Nation had a right to petition the government, it would be now!  The Constitution gives the people the right to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.  We certainly have grievances and they are worsening each day.

Obama’s strategic agenda has weakened our Nations’ foundation – he has created the highest National Deficit in our History due to uncontrolled spending, which includes the TARP, the Healthcare reform and a slew of other non- descript reforms that cost taxpayers more money.  This series of events is pre meditated and preplanned; it is a scheme to expedite Socialism.

Since Obama took over the Presidential reins, he has spent more and created higher deficits than any other President in our modern history.  In 15 months, this person has placed our Nation in peril financially and physically! 

In simple layman terms, he has accomplished this via misrepresentations, lies and bribery, not just in his own Democratic camp but Obama has bribed all Americans.  In order to get the stimulus bill passed an 858 billion dollar, he misrepresented the stimulus reform and laced it with lies – Americans reluctantly agreed to the stimulus bill, because we needed jobs and help with the housing bubble and a jump start for our economy.     

He lied to the Nation about  money used from TARP; it was used to bailout banks about 200 billion, AIG 69 billion (much used for bonuses, parties, cruises etc.), automobile industry around 85 billion, Homeowners Modification about 18.3 billion and only a few thousand homeowners have received these costly modifications.  Where is the rest of the TARP money, who’s in charge?

He lied about job creation and  Obama Administration continues misrepresenting  the unemployment and employment figures – they try to lead us astray with false figures.  Jobs lost in the private sector for March 2010 was much higher then what economists had predicted, and we’re still waiting for jobs. 

He misrepresented the Healthcare Reform via more lies and there is a strong likelihood that Obama still doesn’t know what is in the reform, because no sane man would still be trying to sell this “Albatross” to our Nation. 

Taxes will go up, jobs will be lost, the medical field will suffer along with seniors and those who don’t wish to buy medical coverage.  Businesses will suffer, unemployment will increase and the taxpayer will be left to pick up the pieces. 

Please note that  he hasn’t worried about fulfilling the promises of jobs, smaller government, transparency, reduction of earmarks, budget and jump starting the economy; this was all planned and pre meditated. 

What he has accomplished in the past 15 months is bigger government, deals behind closed doors, huge National Deficit and a nuclear weapons policy that places us in extreme danger against terrorists and Iran.   We are becoming the laughing stock of the world due to Obama’s foreign relation policies!

So today, the  —- hit the fan and the next chess play by Obama has been rolled out.  Our Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke sounded the alarm when he said, “But unless we as a nation demonstrate a strong commitment to fiscal responsibility, in the longer run we will have neither financial stability nor healthy economic growth.” 

Mr. Bernanke has it wrong, dead wrong – we as a Nation have been yelling about fiscal responsibility and Obama has turned a deaf ear!   Mr. Bernanke  until the government stops this runaway spending we can’t recover from this recession. 

Mr. Bernanke mentioned the Healthcare Reform as stoking the debate among Americans about “Entitlement Programs” and the he states the tumbling tax revenue, the unemployment insurance and the aggressive spending of our stimulus money must be addressed before its too late.  This in laymen’s terms means higher taxes for all and seniors beware! 

How’s Obama going to get out of this lie about not taxing the middle class; it probably will be disguised as a Value Added Tax?  He won’t weasel our of this lie and that could be the end of Obamanism as we know it today.   Americans are fighting for their Nation, their children and future generations and they have been exposed to a corrupt government the past 15 months. 

So for the tea partiers, town hall groups and all Americans, if ever there was a need to petition the government – it would be now.  We need a freeze on spending, a budget, total transparency, stop the hiring of 16,000 more government IRS employees, repeal the Healthcare Reform and get back to the basics of a government of the people, by the people and for the people. 

May God Bless America


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