Better Than Thou – Wrong Mr. Politician

There is a deep misunderstanding between our government and Americans – many politicians have an inflated ego; they aren’t nearly as important as one might think.  We are the people; the government is supposed to work for us, not vice versa. 

Scott Rasmussen noted in his book that the problems we’re facing today may well be as extreme as the feud between England and the colonies.  As Scott said, “If we had to rely on politicians to fix these problems, the outlook would be bleak indeed. 

Finally, Americans are moving forward in an all out effort to restore their Nation – the tea parties alone have increased 8% in membership in less than a month.  This should be a strong indicator for our politicians that they are going to be stripped of their “Better Than Thou” policies quite soon. 

There are many urgent matters that need our attention immediately and this can be accomplished via our voice.  Contact your political representatives, tell them it’s time to quit spending our money, growing government and ignoring our voices.  It’s time to climb off the ridiculous limb of political correctness that we’ve been placed on…  It’s time to restore our Nation back to the tried and true Constitution that our forefathers gave us as “One Nation Under God With Liberty and Justice For All.” 

Our greatest accomplishment at this time would be placing our government on a strict budget.  After that is in place, we need to take the remainder of our Stimulus money and apply it to our National Deficit.  It won’t make a very big dent in the deficit, but could serve as a loud and clear message that we’ll do whatever it takes to restore our Nation’s foundation for our children and generations to come.

Hopefully, the Attorney Generals will succeed in repealing the Healthcare Reform – that will stop the largest corrupt political move of our time.  We know Healthcare Reform is important, but now isn’t the time to mess with this issue.  Our people are still losing jobs, over 4 million homes are in the process of foreclosure and our State governments are struggling to keep afloat.  Still no jobs since 2009!

Let’s quit debating Obama’s ideology and stop the “he said, she said” rhetoric – lets all agree that our government is corrupt, we need to replace Pelosi, Reid and Obama ASAP along with all of those who are doing their best to destroy our country. 

It’s evident that the path Obama is leading us down is wrong and we’ve been given an assignment from “God” that will require our due diligence every day for many years to come.  Our government needs to be downsized, earmarks eradiated, decisions must be made that will insure the safety of our children and grandchildren. 

May God Bless America


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