Same Game – Different Rules

What’s that Bill Clinton said on national TV?  He insinuated that the Tea Parties were demonizing their public officials?  How short Mr. Clinton’s memory is or is it money that conveniently allows him to forget his words in 2008.  My guess is, if you’re a Liberal Democrat you’re allowed to say anything, anytime and anyplace, but there are a different set of rules for the rest of us who are defending our Constitution. 

Bill definitely stepped over the shaded line of political correctness as he took his jabs at Barack Obama; in fact the news media accused him of fanning the flames of race.  But in retrospect was Bill wrong in his observation that Obama lacked experience and like many of us he questioned Obama’s short time in the Senate and his kid like actions.  Americans are still trying to figure out where this man they call Obama came from…

Obama responded saying Hillary was guilty of “Washington Speak,” and calling Bill a liar and accused him of distortion.  Here’s a great example of two pots calling “the kettle black.”   These two men very adept with the English language blundered along in a feeble attempt to defame and actually demonize one another.  Both played the “race card” without any major repercussions and both have lied to us so many times that we’re just plain numb. Same game – different rules!

So while Obama, Pelosi, Reid and Bill have accused our tea parties of racism, stupidity and many other derogatory things, the Tea Parties continue their crusade for restoring their country to the “land of the free.”  

The Tea Parties aren’t attempting to defame or demonize; they are fighting against a very corrupt government that has endangered our Nation.  A government, that deliberately and with contempt misused our money, our freedom and our Constitution. 

They are the fathers, mothers and grandparents who want to restore our Nation to its once very strong foundation.  They want their voice heard – these awesome Americans will not stop until our government is returned to a government of the people, by the people, for the people. 

So Bill, maybe you should speak less and listen more closely to the people and not to those that follow Saul Olinsky rules. We don’t want our government redistributing our money without our permission – we want to place the government on a strict budget, use the little bit of money that is left to lower our National Deficit.  We want real jobs, help with this housing bubble that is worse than 2009 and most of all we want a much smaller government run by compassionate real American citizens. 

In 2010 there will be some very positive healthy changes made by the Tea Party persuasion; (1) Many public officials will be replaced, (2) Hopefully the Healthcare Reform will be repealed, and (3) in 2012, Obama will be replaced with a man or woman that listens to the “Voice of America.” 

May God Bless Each and Everyone (Little T-Boca)


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2 Responses to “Same Game – Different Rules”

  1. sasoc Says:

    This from a man who sought to destroy women’s rights…

    Bill Clinton is a soulless ex-Impeached President who squandered two terms on selfish nonsense. Reagan won us all the Peace Dividend when he defeated the USSR, and Bill Clinton spent every last penny of that dividend. And now he rattles around like a ghost in search of relevancy, but he will eat his heart out all the more every day as his legacy becomes more and more seen for what it is: a monumental disgrace, a soiling of a great office, and a malignancy from which we still have not recovered.

  2. 2010 in review « Tboca's Blog Says:

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