What About Our Rights?

Arizona has suffered loss of life recently due to illegal aliens. Our governor Jan Brewer is working desperately to get control of this situation.  Pinal County Sheriff, Paul Babeau stated during a Capital Hill news conference that violence by criminal illegal aliens has reached “epidemic proportions.”  Arizona lost a rancher, who was shot to death by an illegal alien. 

There aren’t enough law enforcement officers to handle this critical situation and the government has turned their head or closed a deaf ear on our pleas for assistance.  It’s a shame to think we’ve lost one of our fellow Arizonians, because we’re too busy being politically correct to stay well informed.  Before any one points a finger at Jan Brewer, remember this isn’t a friendly game of chess we’re playing – it’s a war we’re in and we are losing the war at this time!

Janet Napolitana should hang her coat up and leave the White House after her negligence in handling the illegal alien situation while she was governor in Arizona.  She vetoed bill after bill that would have allowed Arizona to get this problem under control and much like Obama she ignored all pleas by Arizonians for help. 

The Federal government has turned a deaf ear too and now that Jan stepped up to the bat and signed the most stringent immigration bill in the USA, Obama will stop her.  We need to give Jan and fellow Arizonians support – we’re at war and many are accusing us of taking away someone’s civil rights.

Bottom line would be this – no one will be detained if they have proper identification, so the old argument about the innocent being arrested is a bunch of malarkey.  If it’s too much to ask for people to carry their identification, I guess detainment might be a very strong possibility. 

Why does anyone think we have a responsibility to welcome the illegals into our country at this time; our unemployment rate is way above the national average, our hospitals are under siege from these people, which relates in higher insurance for all.  Drug trafficking is increasing along with crime and there are those who need to worry more about our rights and safety at this time then about those who are endangering Arizona.

For those who want to have a “pity party,” please come to the table with some positive solutions that will stop this illegal epidemic.  Blaming us for taking away some ones civil rights or profiling just isn’t cutting the mustard; we’re all in danger from the drug lords and aliens who are transporting human along with drug trafficking.   Jobs are affected due to this increase of illegal aliens; think about our youth and college graduates, few can find a job any job in 2010. 

Don’t you realize many of these people are coming to our country in order to do “human drug trafficking?”  Many of our young women are being taken off the streets in broad daylight by these people.  Watch your local news, listen to what is going on in your back yard – quit trying to straddle the fence and be politically correct. 

My daughter-in-law has been a policewoman for 15 years and she faces the problems caused by the illegal aliens daily.  Illegal aliens are causing all kinds of horrific crimes in Arizona and those who want to turn their heads and pretend it isn’t happening need to talk with their law enforcement officers. 

The negative reaction to Governor Brewer signing this immigration law is exactly what has caused many problems in our government – too many people assume or listen to the present administration without thinking of the consequences of this illegal alien problem. 

If we don’t work together to stop it now, many more of our brave law enforcement officers and Arizonians will be maimed or killed.  Instead of pointing fingers, join us and let’s work together to make our State safe again for those who are legal citizens. 

“May God Bless Our Nation”


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