Obama’s Social and Economic Justice

Took a couple of days off from blogging just to sit back and try to watch from the “outside” of our Recession while trying to get a grasp of what is happening to our Nation. Two things that I noticed during this time, (1) Obama is still on a spending spree, and (2) The recession is “alive and well.”

One warning that can be offered to all is when you hear Obama speak of social, political or economic justice; it would be wise to set up and pay attention. After studying many of his campaign speeches this week, one thing is quite apparent.

His agenda was very precise and clear, but we didn’t understand the “lingo.” This eloquent speaker never says what he means; it’s like trying to decipher the Taliban’s messages via the Internet. Two things you can bet on; (1) Our National Deficit is growing daily and redistribution is a work in progress at this time.

Not in any specific order, Obama set out to; (1) Break the American spirit by destroying their Constitution and literally immobilize them by increasing the National Deficit, no jobs and millions of home foreclosures, (2) Create a huge government by taking over Freddie, Fannie, Healthcare, education, automobile industry and the list continues to grow, and (3) Keep the troops divided, which he has managed to do behind closed doors, private deals, playing the race card, Civil Rights card and latest the “Church card.”
Basically the plan was to promise those who are non productive or just don’t want to contribute to society a “rose garden” full of perks, bonuses and idle promises; those are the people who aren’t paying any income tax and think the world owes them a living!

Remember in 2008 when Obama promised the Latinos assistance with immigration laws and all his theatrics when he pulled in the unsuspecting African Americans by playing the race card. He promised our youth change – being young and naive they loved the idea of “change” any change was exciting to them. These promises were idle, but many Latinos, African Americans and young people fell at his feet and literally worshipped him.

Obama has followed the directives of his handlers to a “T.” He started with the stimulus bill which was for the benefit of the corrupt, not the taxpayers. Next, came the Healthcare Reform and in between the two he continued writing checks for defunct, non productive programs (which were just a pacifier to throw Americans off track.) The TARP, HARP, HAMP were but a few of those costly bills created by Obama and gang.

His speeches repeatedly bring up the race card, universal health care, global warming, and amnesty for all illegal aliens, redistribution of wealth via taxes, taking control of Freddie, Fannie, automobile industry, Wall Street and lobbyists.
As we speak, he’s sneaking in the back door to take over the Internet and at the same time attempting to control our freedom of speech; he’s preparing to go off on another huge spending binge pretending it will revive our economy.

At the same time Pelosi and other notorious rats have revived the “green monster” again that Gore created and they are working on churches via the green thing trying to secure votes for elections in the fall. Story goes that the Churches will receive a nice payoff, if they but bow to the Obama and Pelosi Gods.

It is most important to understand that the “Spread the Wealth” machine of Obama’s is chugging along even as we sleep. He’s bringing us to our knees and deliberately weakening our Nation’s foundation.

Since 2007, we’ve had the cheap seats at the most corrupt, evil movie of all times. The name of this movie is “Change” written and produced by the Obama God. It’s about the “Meddlers, Peddlers and the Gov and unless Americans regain their voice, our Nation will be “One Nation Under Gov.” Stop Obama theatrics and “take back our country America.”

As Always, Little T-Boca (Annie)
“May God Bless Our Country”


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