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T-Shirts by T-Boca

June 30, 2010

Yep, I know you’re sitting there scratching your head saying who’s this guy called T-Boca.  Well in March 2010, little T-Boca was created by a grandmother(Annie) of seven awesome grandchildren.  Annie loves to blog and one night in March of 2010, she created T-Boca a mystical little guy who  stands for T ake B ack O ur C ountry A merica.  Soon little T-boca went from a toddler in diapers to a full fledged marathon runner.  Stop in and visit with little T-Boca and Annie –

Each t-shirt is unique, one of a kind and has a message about the political problems we’re facing in 2010.  Annie and T-Boca have a great sense of humor with a dash of seriousness.  T-Boca and Annie worry about our Military, so a very special t-shirt was created for those who have  loved ones fighting for our “Freedom.”  Annie believes we should all get up in the AM and before having our coffee, going to school or socializing we should thank “God” for our brave men and women who fight to keep our country safe.  The shirt at says, “Freedom Isn’t Free.” 

As Always, Little T-Boca (Annie)


Our Choice – Controlled or In Control

June 30, 2010

Our Nation has hit an impasse that is beyond our wildest imagination; we’re on the brink of a “depression,” and none of us seem to know what to do about turning the economy around.  It’s darn sure that Obama and the eggheads have no intention of assisting us; Obama wants another stimulus package of course, so he and the “Big Dogs” can fritter more of our money away.

If everyone would get on the same page and realize that Obama has trapped us into a web of redistribution, big government, uncontrolled spending, we’d have the strength in numbers to stop him.

Too many are on the outside, peeking in occasionally hoping that our economical situation will improve.  Until the majority of Americans realize that this present administration has created a vacuum of debt that our children and grandchildren will still be plagued with for years to come.  This was intentional! 2009 was filled with lies and propaganda about our stimulus package, healthcare reform, AIG, Freddie and Fannie, the car companies, the Unions and of course our educational system. 

The idea was to keep us distracted and in total discord with each other.  In order to do this the race card, civil rights card, Bush card and of course the Wall Street card was implemented.  Americans were too busy arguing over the “he said, she said,” to realize our money was going out the backdoor quicker than we could deposit is at the front door.

Many Americans are still in the state of denial and seem oblivious to what is transpiring in front of their noses.  If we mention the BP oil spill, many say Obama is doing a wonderful job – my response to that is Obama was a tardy responder to the Gull States and the oil is still spewing.  Nothing accomplished!

Democrats were in total power since 2007 and yes they were told repeatedly about Freddie and Fannie, but many of those in power were connected at the hip with Freddie and Fannie.  The Democrats and Republicans knew there would be a “housing bubble” way before it hit the airways!

So here’s what we do know at this time June 29th, 2010.  Chrysler and General Motors are government wards and that’s not good.  Unemployment due to loss of wages from these two companies is equivalent to 5 or possibly 6 billion dollars. 

The FDIC has its fingers in the pot of many failed banks and quite frankly the 70 plus failed banks now are controlled by the FDIC – there were over 130 bank take over’s in 2009.  This isn’t just a small red flag, the FDIC are the dictators or decision makers of these banks. 

And of course along come Freddie and Fannie, who in actuality have been lying and misleading Americans for many moons.  They are living off of about 150 billion of taxpayers’ dollars and the grapevine says they’re standing at the back door of the White House begging for more.  Over 4 million homes are in foreclosure for 2010. 

Our financial sector has been taken over and the CEO’s are pretty much at the mercy of the Obama Administration.  This is terrifying to think that the government has devoured so much of our economy in just a few months. 

If the Obamacare isn’t repealed successfully, Uncle Sam will have about 1/6th more of our hides and on the horizon is Cap and Trade with a strong possibility of amnesty for illegal aliens and maybe another stimulus bill. 

We must defeat the healthcare reform, stop the Cap and Trade and prevent the amnesty bill from passing, if we don’t take care of these three things immediately our children and grandchildren will be owned by the government.    

We are the people, we must communicate to Republicans and Democrats that we want a freeze on spending and insists that the government is placed on a budget; this will include ruthlessly cutting out many government programs that are outdated or just plain blood suckers. 

The bipartisan fiscal commission told the White House and Congress that our Nation’s debt load is close to 90% of the gross domestic product; the Democrats refuse to pay attention to the bipartisan fiscal commission and are now laying the foundation for another stimulus bill or stimulus package. 

Immediate action is required and the question remains, are we up to remaining constantly vigilant, chucking complacency out the door and taking our country back, it will take a united group of Americans who share the common beliefs of restoring our Constitution, protecting our 2nd Amendment, limiting government, securing our borders. We must restore our freedom of speech, protect our military and regain our God given freedoms. 

Little T-Boca (Annie)

“May God Bless Our Country”

Tea Parties – Our Freedom Fighters

June 29, 2010

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Americans who believe in the Constitution, Military, Freedoms and a government of the people, by the people and for the people.  As Abraham Lincoln said in the Gettysburg Address; “that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain — that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom.” 

Freedom isn’t free and those brave men and women of our Military remind us daily that there is a price for our freedom.  We need to thank God daily for our Military and insure that they have our support and love. 

Our Nation’s “Tea Parties” are shaping our Nation’s history daily; they will not stop in their gallant efforts to restore our Nation’s once strong foundation.  They will fight against corruption in our government and November 2010 will demonstrate what a group of people united in their efforts can do…   “May God Bless Our Country.”

Little T-Boca (Annie)

Obama’s Double Standards

June 25, 2010

How strange that McCrystal turned in the perfect distraction –the one that Obama had been digging for the past few months.  Like the BP oil spill, the McCrystal episode arrived on Obama’s doorstep wrapped in military fatigues and Obama eagerly took the opportunity to behead this man. Notice that Obama has a double set of standard and rules!           

Funny that McCrystal’s head was laid in Obama’s lap, but Joe Biden goes merrily along with his blunders and negative remarks without missing a beat.  Why wasn’t Holder replaced, removed or relieved of duty? Biden said and for once he was right on, “I don’t think the fed should bail out AIG.  When speaking about the BP spill, here’s another major Biden blunder, “We were there the first day, the first morning after that well … blew and that platform collapsed.” Wow, who’s “We” and just where were they – no in the Gulf States saw them.   

Remember just a few days ago Eric Holder expressed contempt for the Arizona SB 1070, neither he nor big mamma Napolitano even bothered to read the law.  Problem being, Obama never read the bill either, yet he is allowed( without being fired) to blatantly promise Governor Jan Brewer help as he went on National TV and  describd the bill as misguided and irresponsible. Next, he said the bill “threatened to undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans.” 

So Obama, Holder and Napolitano get away with lies on national TV, spread propaganda about a bill they haven’t read thus inciting the Latinos in an effort to secure votes; they more or less thumbed their noses at Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer and the citizens of Arizona. After all of this, they had the gall to spread the word via Clinton’s mouth that they in fact were suing Arizona.

Rohm Emanuel gets away with slamming those opposed to the Healthcare Reform as “F-ing retarded.”  Did Obama kick him to the curb, no way Hosea!  Obama was the orchestrator of the sweetheart deals and no one fired him for “bribery or treason.”  The Healthcare Reform is one more example of double standards. Obama, Reid and Pelosi, Axelrod and many Democrats used the news media to spread their lies about the  Healthcare Reform. Pelosi admitted said no one knows what’s in the bill until its passed.  No one has read the bill and yet they’re comfortable lying about it!

Rohm Emanuel basically let it all hang out when he insinuated that the White House is much more savvy when it comes to “valued opinion” then the people are…   He’s thrown us all in the garbage can without so much as a backward glance.  But he is allowed to apologize for  his “F-ing retarded” and General McCrystal wasn’t given the same consideration.

So America needs to realize that Obama calls the shots and appears to have immunity from the laws of our Constitution as passed down to us by our forefathers.  His Administration hides under an umbrella of lies and yet, some still call him Mr. President.  

We have been exposed to a mirage of lies, undercover deals, misrepresentations and intentional treason and bribery against our country, yet he blissfully continues redistributing our money and hamstringing us.

Please anyone email me with one reform or bill that is legitimate – don’t bother sending me the stimulus bill, healthcare reform, HAMP, TARP, HARP or any of those, because they fall under the category of redistribution, big government and higher taxes for all.  Obama has lied about the stimulus bill, Freddie and Fannie, his sweetheart deals, the Unions, the healthcare reform and as we speak – he is lying about the BP oil spill.

Just contact George Soros if you don’t believe me or talk with Hilary Clinton, Pelosi, Reid, Emanuel, Napolitana, Holder – they know the truth!  Our Nation is being controlled; we’re not in control.   (Little T-Boca and Annie)

“May God Bless our Nation”

George Soros – Obama’s Handler

June 22, 2010

Let’s connect the dots, working as a team, we can do this…   Let’s first concentrate on Obama’s boss, George Soros, in fact it would be a fair statement to say, “Soros possesses the entire “Democratic Party.”  He creates the problem after he has positioned himself to draw in billions of dollars.  Soros looks upon Obama as an instrument to dissect our Nation; Obama is owned by Soros and John Podesta.  

Soros has power beyond one’s imagination and he has maliciously and with intent harmed Poland, Russia and other countries – he sets up many foundations throughout each country prior to devouring them.  For years he’s been preparing for our financial meltdown, the stimulus bill, the Healthcare Reform and after all of his ducks were in place, he used Obama as an instrument to dissect our Nation. George Soros’s specialty is collapsing the value or currency of nations for his own selfish interests

George Soros advocates abortion and many different types of medical interventions for drug users, prisoners, sex workers and Soros is heavily involved in anything concerning “gay rights.”  He’s messed around with education and promotes “Civic Education,” which is an entirely different style of teaching.  There is specific dialogues established between teachers and pupils – does that sound familiar? 

We talk about Obama using the “Race Card,” Soros invented in back in the 30’s; he’s the one who gives Obama the nudge when it’s time to whip out the “Race Card.”  We wonder why so much has been written about Obama’s real stance on abortion; well you don’t need to guess anymore. 

It would take more than the FBI or CIA to track George Soros; he’s a master mind at creating wealth and is always the first responder at any political scandal.  He’s elated about the BP oil spill for this is the first major step in getting the Cap N Trade passed in our USA. 

Isn’t it strange that August 15, 2008 George Soros secured an $811 million stake in Petroleo Brasileiro (Petrobras) in the second quarter, making the Brazilian state-controlled.  Next came Obama’s campaign and Soros pretty much secured Obama the position of President of the USA; he owns Barack Obama heart, soul, family and literally the air he breathes.  This is the big honcho number one handler of Obama. 

In August 2009, Obama uses taxpayer’s money to make a very large loan (9 billion) to develop hydrocarbon reserves off the Brazilian coast.  So the handler and puppet almost simultaneously decided Brazil was their country of choice for off shore drilling. 

Remember way back when, that Obama has always been against off shore drilling, but it was our money so who cares!  So Obama banned drilling at home, wouldn’t consider Alaska as a great oil source, yet he willing backed George Soros in his off shore drilling expedition.

How did Soros and Obama know that the BP oil spill would occur?  Soros makes no bones about it, he’s reaping in money by the millions due to the disaster and is waiting for his puppet to bring home the bone (Cap N Trade) and watch the billions flow from taxpayers to Soros’s pocketbook.

 I will never under any stretch of the imagination believe the BP spill was an accident – BP is connected to Obama, Halliburton, Soros, Citigroup, Nalco and many other companies of influence; I would say definitely some members of our present Administration are involved up to their armpits. 

Obama makes no attempt to stop the oil spill, BP is just grandstanding also and many of our Republican and Democratic representatives are idly sitting on their hands.   George Soros, as we speak is laughing all the way to the bank.  Americans, we have a problem that needs addressed immediately, but why would Holder offer us any help; he knows that Obama and BP are attached at the hip.

So to those who are angry about this blog, prove me wrong – I’ll be the first to write a blog apologizing, but I don’t think there’s much for me to worry about, because the truth will out!  Guess who backed Al Gore was funded by Soros and a nice round number of 153,000 plus given to the National Democratic Committee.  

Here’s but a few other Soros has pretty much owned, among the candidates who ran for the Democratic presidential nomination, Soros financially supported John Kerry, Wesley Clark, Senator Bob Graham, and Howard Dean. He has been praised by Senator Hillary Clinton and contributed to her Senate campaign and political action committee.  He has also contributed to the political campaigns of Democratic Senators Tom Daschle, Carl Levin, John Corzine, Mary Landrieu, Debbie Stabenow, Charles Schumer, Joseph Biden, Patrick Leahy, Paul Sarbanes, Thomas Harkin, and Barbara Boxer.  By Cliff Kincaid | October 27, 2004,  Accuracy in Media

Bill Clinton referred to Soros as some kind of National treasure, wow what have we here friends?  This is only the tip of the iceberg and there’s much more to come!     Little T-Boca (Annie)

“May God Bless Each and Everyone”

Soros and friends have a host of foundations, briefly look thru these and you’ll probably recognize several: Tides Foundation; the Tides Center; the National Organization for Women; Feminist Majority; the American Civil Liberties Union; People for the American Way; Alliance for Justice; NARAL Pro-Choice America; America Coming Together; the Center for American Progress; Campaign for America’s Future; Amnesty International; the Sentencing Project; the Center for Community Change; the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Legal Defense and Educational Fund; Human Rights Watch; the Prison Moratorium Project; the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement; the National Lawyers Guild; the Center for Constitutional Rights; the Coalition for an International Criminal Court; The American Prospect;; Planned Parenthood; the Nation Institute; the Brennan Center for Justice; the Ms. Foundation for Women; the National Security Archive Fund; the Pacifica Foundation; Physicians for Human Rights; the Proteus Fund; the Public Citizen Foundation; the Urban Institute; the American Friends Service Committee; Catholics for a Free Choice; Human Rights First; the Independent Media Institute; MADRE; the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund; the Immigrant Legal Resource Center; the National Immigration Law Center; the National Immigration Forum; the National Council of La Raza; the American Immigration Law Foundation; the Lynne Stewart Defense Committee; and the Peace and Security Funders Group.  Oh there’s many more Soros owned foundations and that is why Americans need to start doing their homework.  We’re in the midst of “Evil.”

Sit N’ Do Nothing – Or Make A Difference

June 20, 2010

Looking back at the Rasmussen polls may be a reminder that there is still a large group of American citizens who are still clinging to Obama and the so called “change.”  It remains a mystery how any can give Obama the “nod” on his role as President; the tea parties obviously have had a great impact on his ratings, but millions of Americans would vote for this President again if there was a Presidential Election.

Here’s a Rasmussen review of the Presidential polls starting the 18th of June 2009.  In order to make an accurate comparison, I have created a table similar to the Rasmussen chart.  Notice that those who strongly approve have dropped 10% in one year and those who strongly approve has increased 12%. 

The scary part of this small table is that total approval is still at 41%, only a 14% decrease in one year and the total disapproval shows only an increase of 13%.  Possibly the fact that unemployment has been extended several different times accounts for the slight decrease in Obama’s approval  rating, but where are those 4 million plus who are on the 2010 foreclosure list? 

Date Presidential Approval


Strongly Approve Strongly Disapprove Total Approval Total Disapproval  
6/18/09 2 35% 33% 55% 45%  
6/18/10 -21 25% 45% 41% 58%  


The Tea Party rallies, marches, protests are the one factor that has affected Obama’s ratings – without those brave “freedom fighters,” Obama and gang would be sitting pretty in the White House as we speak. 

The Tea Parties are a united group of people determined to restore our Constitution and regain the freedoms that the Obama Administration has been slicing and dicing.  The Tea Parties welcome your support in their march to restore our Nation to its once strong foundation.  If you’re sitting on couch thinking that all is well in our country, think again. 

Here are the problems that we all will face in the near future, if we don’t unite as a Nation.  We can expect many more people to take their place on the unemployed list.  The healthcare reform will limit new jobs (except the 16,000 IRS agents hired to oversee our healthcare insurance.)  Over 4 million homes just in 2010 are in foreclosure and next year we can expect even more if we don’t step forward and put a stop to the corrupt administration who is bankrupting us.

The Obama Administration allowed the BP spill and those who think they didn’t, better sit up and do your homework; (1) They want small and big businesses to close on the Gulf Coasts, (2) They want to stop all off shore drilling, and (3) They want to jam another costly reform down our throats with the Cap N Trade.

This blog isn’t a doom and gloom survey, but a wake -up call to those who are too busy chasing other “Gods.”  Your children and grandchildren need you more than ever right now – don’t leave this horrific National Deficit in their laps and don’t allow Obama to keep growing “Big Government.”  If you have to call your congressmen every day, do it – if you have to stand toe to toe with Obama, I’ll be the first to take your hand and go with you.

Complacency must be a thing of the past – we are the people and its past time to take our voice back.  The government is supposed to work for us – it’s our dollar!  (Little T-Boca   Annie)

“ May God Bless Our Nation”

Hillary Clinton Had A Secret

June 19, 2010


Hillary Clinton says the Justice Department is suing Arizona over the SB 1070 – isn’t it strange that the news came from a Clinton television interview in Ecuador?   Now either Hillary was a little over exuberant about letting the dirty White House laundry hang out or the President of “Blame” and his sidekick Holder didn’t have the nerve to broadcast this news from the Oval office, so they assigned the dirty job to Clinton. 

Arizona Jan Brewer described Clinton’s comments as stunning and lamented on the distasteful way the Pony Express delivered the mail in Ecuador instead of Arizona.  Today a senior administration official verified Clinton’s information saying there would be a lawsuit as soon as the Justice Department lawyers wrapped up the case.  There wasn’t anything to wrap up the SB 1070 mirrors our very own Federal Law. 

The question here is, was Hillary instructed by the President of Blame to do this or was she acting out wanting to turn some heads in Ecuador?  We all know she’s been the naughty little girl in the Whitehouse who was sent to her room for an indefinite time out.  We’ll never know the truth on this, but who cares – we’re use to the Democrats doing everything behind closed doors.

So from all appearances, much like the handling of the BP spill, Arizona and Jan Brewer were set up by the Obama Administration.  Two weeks ago, Obama promised support for Arizona’s border problem and as usual he played “Snucker” again and sneaked behind closed doors ordering the Justice Department to sue Arizona over the SB 1070. 

Oh how I hate “Snuckers!”  Arizona’s Jan Brewer wasn’t notified of a lawsuit until Hilary Clinton let it out of the bag in Ecuador.  Jan did the right thing and met with Obama giving him the chance to step up to the bat and assist Arizona in their resolve to stop the influx of illegal aliens.  What a sneak, he’s turned out to be…

At this time way over 70% of Americans support the SB 1070, many states in our Union are trying to adopt a similar law and Arizona’s SB 1070 isn’t about racial profiling or racism – those are the words of Obama, Holder, Napolitano and a few outside interest groups.  Illegal Aliens is a crime – not a race!

The  SB 1070 mirrors Federal Law and was signed by Jan Brewer for several reasons: (2) To protect the legal citizens of Arizona and the United States, (2) To stop the human trafficking (I believe Arizona’s rated # 1 in the Nation) on human trafficking, and to (3) Stop the drug lords and those who wish to do harm to the citizens of our country.  This isn’t just about Arizona; the illegal alien problem has spread rapidly throughout the US and all states are suffering.

A “snucker” is one who sneaks behind closed doors, but there is  one exception.  The “Snuckers” were out in full force yesterday as they interrogated the BP CEO and they let it all hang out on National TV.  Yesterday was the first time we were smacked in the face with “transparency.”  This was the day politicians tried to lock in some much needed votes all they needed was a scapegoat and Tony Hayward took the fall.

What are Obama’s rules on transparency – is transparency only used by Obama and the big dogs when they are trying to distract us and keep the troops divided?  Transparency was tossed out the window when Obama and Holder devised a plan to initiate a lawsuit against Jan Brewer and the State of Arizona on the SB 1070. They went behind Arizona and Jan Brewer’s back -now isn’t that just like the President of Blame.  Since he knows amnesty for aliens isn’t going to fly between now and the November elections, he had to do something in an attempt to secure Latino votes – a law suit was his weapon of choice.

Nothing transparent about this move – Jan Brewer wasn’t  notified of a pending lawsuit.  The State of Arizona and Jan Brewer thought Obama was going to fulfill his promises after his meeting with Jan at the White House two weeks ago.  Not a peep out of Obama for two weeks until  Hilary Clinton delivered the bomb shell from Ecuador.  

Obama definitely thinks he is above the law in fact; he just sort of rewrites it to satisfy his whims.  He promised to use our stimulus money wisely (he didn’t), he promised us transparency (it never happened), he promised jobs,  help with homeowner’s foreclosure (that’s a laugh,) and he turns on his buddies at BP just like he did in front of God and everyone on his Reverend Wright.  

The oil is still leaking, Arizona is still waiting for Obama to help with the illegal alien issue, the poorly composed healthcare reform is being repealed, Obama promised jobs (said 90% would be in the private sector,) and he promised smaller government and a budget.  Need I say more?  (Annie)

“May God Bless America”

Tony Hayward Takes A Beating

June 17, 2010

Today is a rather historic day if it comes to Obamanism, Republicans and Democrats have joined his famous house of theatrics and are grilling BP CEO, Tony Hayward. Meantime, Obama, Axelrod, Plouffe, Reid and all Obama handlers are sitting back enjoying the show. Why is this day historic, because we once again get front row seats watching “Big Government”  play politics?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the BP oil spill occurred approximately two months ago and yesterday was the first time Obama scheduled a meeting to meet with the upper echelon of BP. He gave all of 45 minutes of his valuable time to BP and turned the remainder of the meeting over to co-workers or better yet his gophers.

Why does the House think they’re doing America a favor by grilling the CEO of BP after the fact; doesn’t it occur to them that they should have been knocking on Obama’s door and demanding answers? But they opted to play Obamanism and sat on the fence getting great News Coverage and for what?????  Guys and gals the oil problem still exists; you really have alot of guts playing Obama’s “Blame Card.”

What has played out the past few months was intentional by Obama, he didn’t assume the role of President of the US; instead he played his notorious chess game and waited until all players were in place. Now he’s smugly sitting back patting himself on the back while our government representatives play the Obama game. 

Our Republicans and Democrats should all be removed from their roles as representatives for our great Nation – they once again just dropped us on our heads and now we must suffer thru the theatrics. If anyone of them had truly been concerned – they would have had Obama’s head along with his cohorts! 

They’re saturated in corrupt politics and there first response wasn’t; (1) How can we protect our fellow Americas, or (2) What can we do to stop Obama and gang as the spill turns from a horrific accident to a National catastrophe, and (3) Where were they day 1, 2 3 and on….. on National TV of course playing “He said, She said?”

For those who want to congratulate their actions, I’d say wrong move – neither Republicans nor Democrats had the guts to correct this problem 2 months ago. If they had used their news time correctly, they would have insisted on toe to toe meetings with the President and BP executives. Next they would have insisted that experts on oil well explosions be contacted to find a resolution to the problem, but that didn’t happen!

Why didn’t they question Obama’s decision to turn down outside help from other countries? Why didn’t they insist on an immediate meeting with the BP oil executives? Why didn’t they verify who was responsible for monitoring the deep well drilling?   Why didn’t they question Obama 2 months ago just like they’re doing with Tony Hayward? Why did they, once again get sucked into the world of Obamanism? 

They allowed a stimulus bill and healthcare reform to sneak in our backdoor – they could have stopped these costly off the wall programs merely by reading the bills and reform or if they could read, another thought would be have Constitutional attys decipher it for them.  bama, Pelosi, Reid and the remaining Democrats in office didn’t even know what was in the bill and our gutless wonders in Washington did nothing, but give us a big bunch of baloney via the news media. 

Could it be the old problem that plagues politicians called “job security” – well now they have one more reason to be concerned about the upcoming elections in November 2010. None of them did their job, but they sure played politics with Obama!  

If our government had been aggressive in handling this oil spill, our fellow Americans in the Gulf States would have suffered minor losses and I’ve said that for good reason. On this day, June 17th 2010 oil is still spewing and Obama, Democrats and Republicans are sitting in their easy chairs playing the “blame card.” Shame on them!   Obama isn’t capable of leading our country, but he is capable of destroying it. (Annie)

“May God Bless our Nation”

The Liberal News Media Jumped Ship (Obama’s)

June 16, 2010

Our Liberal News Media have accomplished a couple of somersaults and made a sharp right turn; they have decided to take the high road and remove themselves from the Obama Nation.  There are some very interesting comments last night after Obama’s speech on the BP oil spill. 

Here’s some of the comments from MSNBC – they are more than a little unhappy with his speech last night MSNBC is  actually starting to bring both sides of the news to our table.  They deserve a compliment from all of us and seem to be on the path to “real journalism.”  They are returning to the journalistic “Code of Ethics.”

Could it be that more left news media will follow suit with MSNBC and give us the whole story instead of edited, regurgitated with the intent of getting a specific reaction from the viewing audience. 

 Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann and Howard Fineman react to President Obama’s Oval Office Address on the oil spill. Here are the highlights of what the trio said:
      Olbermann: “It was a great speech if you were on another planet for the last 57 days.” Matthews compared Obama to Carter. Olbermann: “Nothing specific at all was said.” Matthews: “No direction.”
      Howard Fineman: “He wasn’t specific enough.” Olbermann: “I don’t think he aimed low, I don’t think he aimed at all. It’s startling.” Howard Fineman: Obama should be acting like a “commander-in-chief.”
      Matthews: Ludicrous that he keeps saying [Secretary of Energy] Chu has a Nobel Prize. “I’ll barf if he does it one more time.” Matthews: “A lot of meritocracy, a lot of blue ribbon talk.” Matthews: “I don’t sense executive command.”  Posted by Caleb on June 16, 2010, Western Center for Journalism

I see a change in the Liberal News Media and this in itself will hurt Obama’s theatrical speeches that are drenched in politics and saturated with the words of Axelrod, Plouffe and probably Pelosi.  His trusty teleprompter has done gone south and his pretense of acting “commander-in-chief,” is no longer a trusty defense. 

CBS didn’t give him any slack on his speech last night, they question his intent and his in ability to discuss real cost of the spill, actual time required to take care of the spill and the fact that he has placed all blame on BP.  CBS saw that a large part of the speech went from the spill to the next item on his agenda (energy and climate reform.)

Even some CBS news stations saying that Obama’s speech was an obvious attempt to play the “blame card” again to take all responsibility from his administration.  They commented further that a National disaster should not be used to take advantage of Americans, but they sensed his ploy as soon as he started talking about Cap N Trade. 

The tides are starting to change America, the Liberal News Media is shifting a mite bit towards center and that’s an amazing piece of news.  Maybe they realize that the battle they’ve been fighting for the “Wise One” is a lost cause.  They are starting to realize that this man we call Obama is strictly a community organizer (whatever that means) and not capable of filling the shoes as President of our USA.   (Little T-Boca and Annie)

“May God Bless Our Country”

Tea Parties – Our Freedom Fighters

June 15, 2010



This little blog will be pretty short and sweet, but just received an email that one more outstanding speaker will be at the Tea Party Rally in Las Vegas. Laura Ingraham is my kind of lady; she’s a bottomline gal and doesn’t believe in hype. She presents both sides of the story and doesn’t waste time with frills and propaganda.

Laura will bring a great message to all of us along with her drive to help us “Take Back Our Country America.” Here is a patriot that everyone needs to support and follow! In my opinion this lady is another example of what we need to help us on our march to restore our Nation. 

To Laura, I say you’re always welcome in my home and I listen to you regularily. Please give our Tea Party Nation an agenda to follow between how and the November elections. It seems to me that one very important part of our agenda could be a message to each politician running for office (Republican or Democrat.) 

The message might read like this, please understand Mr. Politician we are the voice of America and we will not respond via a vote on idle promises and what ifs…. We want honesty, transparency and solutions to our Nation’s problems. 

If you pass any more bills or reforms that burden Americans between now and November 2010, don’t count on our votes. We don’t want Cap N Trade, we want a freeze on government spending, we do want the Healthcare Reform repealed and we aren’t going to settle for Obama’s amnesty bill (that he wants to pass) to illegal aliens. Don’t even think about raising our gasoline prices – we’re not Obama’s guinea pigs.

So here’s where we’re at in a nutshell; (1) A budget implimented that will allow us to start paying off the National Deficit, possibly use the remainder of our stimulus monies for this if there’s any left, (2) No Cap N Trade, no amnesty for illegal aliens or any other bill that will burden the taxpayer, and (3) Total transparency from this day forward, which means your votes will be monitored each and every time. We want our Constitution and freedoms restored.

Thanking you, we are the Tea Parties of the United States of America. 

As Always, America’s Freedom Fighters