Political T-Shirts With A Punch

transform-saluting-with-logo-and-text Click on the link to see Little T-Boca.

In February 2010, as I was blogging it seemed imperative to start a t-shirt company that would get the message out “Take Back Our Country America.” So within minutes, Little T-Boca made an appearance; 2010 has turned into the “Year of T-Boca.” Notice the first letter of each word, T ake B ack O ur C ountry A merica, there you have it TBOCA and this little guy stands for liberty, justice for all.

Take a stroll over to T-Boca.com and check out some sassy t-shirts with an attitude. Our Military is included in one of the designs, because they are the ones who lay down their lives for as and insure our freedom. There are 5 emblems on the shirt which depict the 5 different services of our Military.

Here’s a quote that says so much about the efforts we’re making to regain our voice in America, it’s not easy, but we’ve allowed to many years to pass by without being involved. Complacency and trust has been our two worst enemies.

Norman Schwarzkopf: Famous Military Quotes
The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it.

May God Bless Our Nation
As Always, Little T-Boca


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