Can “Change” Really Be Sold Twice?
The Democratic National Committee is kicking off its 2010 midterm elections strategy this weekend with thousands of volunteers fanning out across the nation to knock on doors of people who voted for the first time in the 2008 presidential election and urge them to return to the polls.
By Philip Rucker Washington Post Staff Writer, Friday, June 4, 2010; 12:03 PM

They’re after those who thought “Change” was a great idea, any change, even if it means endangering our Nation. So, after all of these months of an incompetent, crooked Obama Administration, they have the nerve to try to “dupe” the young voters, African Americans and Latinos again.

Since Obama’s always had Acorn in his hip pocket, I’m sure they will be among the many canvassers out and about thru our America. What will they say this time to secure votes? Here’s what they can say with all honesty unabashedly.

The Obama Administration has lied about the stimulus package, misusing it and padding the pockets of the corrupt. They’ve refused to embrace transparency with the citizens of the United States. There isn’t any National budget, their spending spree is still on a rampage ringing up the bottom line on our National Deficit hourly.

Most of their negotiations have been behind closed doors, because of the sweetheart deals that trickled from Obama to those who unfortunately had a price on their heads. Obama’s foreign relations expertise leaves much to be desired, he spent most of his 15 months in office apologizing for America. This approach did two things; (1) It empowered the terrorists, and (2) Sent a signal to all countries that he didn’t feel comfortable as President of the greatest country on earth.

Obama’s programs and reforms have been a disgrace and relegated to the present history shelf as Botched Obama Programs – that’s why you hear the word ABOP. It means Another Botched Obama Program and refers to TARP, HAMP, HARP, Healthcare Reform, Stimulus Package and the list just keeps rambling on – he has yet to prove to America that he is in fact a leader.

For those first time voters, who definitely feel they have a vested interest in President Obama, it might be time for you to consider taking a first step in helping us “Take Back Our Country.” The writing on the wall is this, if you don’t participate now in restoring our Nation to its once strong foundation as “One Nation Under God,” you will spend your lifetime and your children’s picking up the mess that the Obama Administration is leaving all of us.

It’s your call, but the old saying goes, “First time shame on the Obama Administration,” but “Second time shame on you.” If you but take time to go back to his speech June 8th 2008, you see a man immersed in a personal vendetta against our great Nation. This isn’t a man who had the plans of bringing constructive beautiful change to our country; this is a man on a mission to spread the wealth, grow the government and strip us of our freedoms.

Take a minute to throw politics out the door – forget Republicans, Democrats, Liberalists, etc., look at the facts. Our Recession has worsened, 15 months no jobs – the only reason there was a slight drop in unemployment this past month was the temporary census jobs.

Over 4 million homeowners are on the foreclosure list double that of 2009 nothing was put in place to help homeowners – do your homework it was all about government take over and control.

Our college students graduating in 2010 are living with parents wondering what they will do with their degree that they now have – to them it seems that they’ve just experienced a lesson in “Futility.” How I wish we had taken better care of our young people and been involved with their education.

The BP oil spill is an example of one more ABOP (Another Botched Obama Program) – he has been negligent and irresponsible. The oil spill will increase unemployment, home foreclosures and financially cripple the towns in the Gulf States. So when someone calls you or knocks on your door asking you to support the DEMOCRATS, just smile and say you’re too busy trying to restore your Nation and haven’t time to talk.

As Always, Little T-Boca (Annie)
May God Bless Our Nation


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