T Shirts by T-Boca

"Not A Race - A Crime"
“Not A Race – A Crime”

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Arizona’s SB 1070 has drawn much National attention recently. Governor Jan Brewer met with President Obama last week in an attempt to resolve the “Illegal Alien” problem. But, Mr. Obama just refuses to fulfill his promises to the Latinos on immigration, so the meeting was definitly a lesson in futility for Arizona’s Governor.

The bill follows Federal law and isn’t new; it’s just restated and has nothing to do with race, discrimination or illegal search and seizure. Most of the news media, along with Mr. Obama, Holder, Napolitano and Democrats failed to read the bill before they’re starting using the “Race Card.”

So Little T-Boca decided to create a tee shirt that definies the word “illegal.” Stop in and visit with Little T-Boca and Annie at: T-Boca.com Below is a glimpse of the “Illegal Alien” t shirt.


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