Tee Shirts – T-Boca Style

Stop in at http://www.t-boca.com and take a peek at the great selection of “Guildan” t shirts.  Each shirt offers a message about “Taking Back Our Country America.”  As one side of the News media keeps scratching away at Federal law – Arizona’s SB 1070, 13 states in the Union are working on adopting the very same law.  What some don’t realize, Obama, Holder, and Napolitanos “Race Card” was just a guise to get Latino’s votes in November 2010. 

“Illegal Alien” isn’t a RACE – it’s a crime.  Those wishing to become citizens of the USA must follow Federal law – it’s a crime to brushhop!  Here’s a t shirt that has the same sentiments as expressed above. 

Not A Race - A Crime


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