Tea Parties – Our Freedom Fighters



This little blog will be pretty short and sweet, but just received an email that one more outstanding speaker will be at the Tea Party Rally in Las Vegas. Laura Ingraham is my kind of lady; she’s a bottomline gal and doesn’t believe in hype. She presents both sides of the story and doesn’t waste time with frills and propaganda.

Laura will bring a great message to all of us along with her drive to help us “Take Back Our Country America.” Here is a patriot that everyone needs to support and follow! In my opinion this lady is another example of what we need to help us on our march to restore our Nation. 

To Laura, I say you’re always welcome in my home and I listen to you regularily. Please give our Tea Party Nation an agenda to follow between how and the November elections. It seems to me that one very important part of our agenda could be a message to each politician running for office (Republican or Democrat.) 

The message might read like this, please understand Mr. Politician we are the voice of America and we will not respond via a vote on idle promises and what ifs…. We want honesty, transparency and solutions to our Nation’s problems. 

If you pass any more bills or reforms that burden Americans between now and November 2010, don’t count on our votes. We don’t want Cap N Trade, we want a freeze on government spending, we do want the Healthcare Reform repealed and we aren’t going to settle for Obama’s amnesty bill (that he wants to pass) to illegal aliens. Don’t even think about raising our gasoline prices – we’re not Obama’s guinea pigs.

So here’s where we’re at in a nutshell; (1) A budget implimented that will allow us to start paying off the National Deficit, possibly use the remainder of our stimulus monies for this if there’s any left, (2) No Cap N Trade, no amnesty for illegal aliens or any other bill that will burden the taxpayer, and (3) Total transparency from this day forward, which means your votes will be monitored each and every time. We want our Constitution and freedoms restored.

Thanking you, we are the Tea Parties of the United States of America. 

As Always, America’s Freedom Fighters


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