Hillary Clinton Had A Secret


Hillary Clinton says the Justice Department is suing Arizona over the SB 1070 – isn’t it strange that the news came from a Clinton television interview in Ecuador?   Now either Hillary was a little over exuberant about letting the dirty White House laundry hang out or the President of “Blame” and his sidekick Holder didn’t have the nerve to broadcast this news from the Oval office, so they assigned the dirty job to Clinton. 

Arizona Jan Brewer described Clinton’s comments as stunning and lamented on the distasteful way the Pony Express delivered the mail in Ecuador instead of Arizona.  Today a senior administration official verified Clinton’s information saying there would be a lawsuit as soon as the Justice Department lawyers wrapped up the case.  There wasn’t anything to wrap up the SB 1070 mirrors our very own Federal Law. 

The question here is, was Hillary instructed by the President of Blame to do this or was she acting out wanting to turn some heads in Ecuador?  We all know she’s been the naughty little girl in the Whitehouse who was sent to her room for an indefinite time out.  We’ll never know the truth on this, but who cares – we’re use to the Democrats doing everything behind closed doors.

So from all appearances, much like the handling of the BP spill, Arizona and Jan Brewer were set up by the Obama Administration.  Two weeks ago, Obama promised support for Arizona’s border problem and as usual he played “Snucker” again and sneaked behind closed doors ordering the Justice Department to sue Arizona over the SB 1070. 

Oh how I hate “Snuckers!”  Arizona’s Jan Brewer wasn’t notified of a lawsuit until Hilary Clinton let it out of the bag in Ecuador.  Jan did the right thing and met with Obama giving him the chance to step up to the bat and assist Arizona in their resolve to stop the influx of illegal aliens.  What a sneak, he’s turned out to be…

At this time way over 70% of Americans support the SB 1070, many states in our Union are trying to adopt a similar law and Arizona’s SB 1070 isn’t about racial profiling or racism – those are the words of Obama, Holder, Napolitano and a few outside interest groups.  Illegal Aliens is a crime – not a race!

The  SB 1070 mirrors Federal Law and was signed by Jan Brewer for several reasons: (2) To protect the legal citizens of Arizona and the United States, (2) To stop the human trafficking (I believe Arizona’s rated # 1 in the Nation) on human trafficking, and to (3) Stop the drug lords and those who wish to do harm to the citizens of our country.  This isn’t just about Arizona; the illegal alien problem has spread rapidly throughout the US and all states are suffering.

A “snucker” is one who sneaks behind closed doors, but there is  one exception.  The “Snuckers” were out in full force yesterday as they interrogated the BP CEO and they let it all hang out on National TV.  Yesterday was the first time we were smacked in the face with “transparency.”  This was the day politicians tried to lock in some much needed votes all they needed was a scapegoat and Tony Hayward took the fall.

What are Obama’s rules on transparency – is transparency only used by Obama and the big dogs when they are trying to distract us and keep the troops divided?  Transparency was tossed out the window when Obama and Holder devised a plan to initiate a lawsuit against Jan Brewer and the State of Arizona on the SB 1070. They went behind Arizona and Jan Brewer’s back -now isn’t that just like the President of Blame.  Since he knows amnesty for aliens isn’t going to fly between now and the November elections, he had to do something in an attempt to secure Latino votes – a law suit was his weapon of choice.

Nothing transparent about this move – Jan Brewer wasn’t  notified of a pending lawsuit.  The State of Arizona and Jan Brewer thought Obama was going to fulfill his promises after his meeting with Jan at the White House two weeks ago.  Not a peep out of Obama for two weeks until  Hilary Clinton delivered the bomb shell from Ecuador.  

Obama definitely thinks he is above the law in fact; he just sort of rewrites it to satisfy his whims.  He promised to use our stimulus money wisely (he didn’t), he promised us transparency (it never happened), he promised jobs,  help with homeowner’s foreclosure (that’s a laugh,) and he turns on his buddies at BP just like he did in front of God and everyone on his Reverend Wright.  

The oil is still leaking, Arizona is still waiting for Obama to help with the illegal alien issue, the poorly composed healthcare reform is being repealed, Obama promised jobs (said 90% would be in the private sector,) and he promised smaller government and a budget.  Need I say more?  

T-Boca.com  (Annie)

“May God Bless America”


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