Sit N’ Do Nothing – Or Make A Difference

Looking back at the Rasmussen polls may be a reminder that there is still a large group of American citizens who are still clinging to Obama and the so called “change.”  It remains a mystery how any can give Obama the “nod” on his role as President; the tea parties obviously have had a great impact on his ratings, but millions of Americans would vote for this President again if there was a Presidential Election.

Here’s a Rasmussen review of the Presidential polls starting the 18th of June 2009.  In order to make an accurate comparison, I have created a table similar to the Rasmussen chart.  Notice that those who strongly approve have dropped 10% in one year and those who strongly approve has increased 12%. 

The scary part of this small table is that total approval is still at 41%, only a 14% decrease in one year and the total disapproval shows only an increase of 13%.  Possibly the fact that unemployment has been extended several different times accounts for the slight decrease in Obama’s approval  rating, but where are those 4 million plus who are on the 2010 foreclosure list? 

Date Presidential Approval


Strongly Approve Strongly Disapprove Total Approval Total Disapproval  
6/18/09 2 35% 33% 55% 45%  
6/18/10 -21 25% 45% 41% 58%  


The Tea Party rallies, marches, protests are the one factor that has affected Obama’s ratings – without those brave “freedom fighters,” Obama and gang would be sitting pretty in the White House as we speak. 

The Tea Parties are a united group of people determined to restore our Constitution and regain the freedoms that the Obama Administration has been slicing and dicing.  The Tea Parties welcome your support in their march to restore our Nation to its once strong foundation.  If you’re sitting on couch thinking that all is well in our country, think again. 

Here are the problems that we all will face in the near future, if we don’t unite as a Nation.  We can expect many more people to take their place on the unemployed list.  The healthcare reform will limit new jobs (except the 16,000 IRS agents hired to oversee our healthcare insurance.)  Over 4 million homes just in 2010 are in foreclosure and next year we can expect even more if we don’t step forward and put a stop to the corrupt administration who is bankrupting us.

The Obama Administration allowed the BP spill and those who think they didn’t, better sit up and do your homework; (1) They want small and big businesses to close on the Gulf Coasts, (2) They want to stop all off shore drilling, and (3) They want to jam another costly reform down our throats with the Cap N Trade.

This blog isn’t a doom and gloom survey, but a wake -up call to those who are too busy chasing other “Gods.”  Your children and grandchildren need you more than ever right now – don’t leave this horrific National Deficit in their laps and don’t allow Obama to keep growing “Big Government.”  If you have to call your congressmen every day, do it – if you have to stand toe to toe with Obama, I’ll be the first to take your hand and go with you.

Complacency must be a thing of the past – we are the people and its past time to take our voice back.  The government is supposed to work for us – it’s our dollar!  (Little T-Boca   Annie)

“ May God Bless Our Nation”


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