Our Choice – Controlled or In Control

Our Nation has hit an impasse that is beyond our wildest imagination; we’re on the brink of a “depression,” and none of us seem to know what to do about turning the economy around.  It’s darn sure that Obama and the eggheads have no intention of assisting us; Obama wants another stimulus package of course, so he and the “Big Dogs” can fritter more of our money away.

If everyone would get on the same page and realize that Obama has trapped us into a web of redistribution, big government, uncontrolled spending, we’d have the strength in numbers to stop him.

Too many are on the outside, peeking in occasionally hoping that our economical situation will improve.  Until the majority of Americans realize that this present administration has created a vacuum of debt that our children and grandchildren will still be plagued with for years to come.  This was intentional! 2009 was filled with lies and propaganda about our stimulus package, healthcare reform, AIG, Freddie and Fannie, the car companies, the Unions and of course our educational system. 

The idea was to keep us distracted and in total discord with each other.  In order to do this the race card, civil rights card, Bush card and of course the Wall Street card was implemented.  Americans were too busy arguing over the “he said, she said,” to realize our money was going out the backdoor quicker than we could deposit is at the front door.

Many Americans are still in the state of denial and seem oblivious to what is transpiring in front of their noses.  If we mention the BP oil spill, many say Obama is doing a wonderful job – my response to that is Obama was a tardy responder to the Gull States and the oil is still spewing.  Nothing accomplished!

Democrats were in total power since 2007 and yes they were told repeatedly about Freddie and Fannie, but many of those in power were connected at the hip with Freddie and Fannie.  The Democrats and Republicans knew there would be a “housing bubble” way before it hit the airways!

So here’s what we do know at this time June 29th, 2010.  Chrysler and General Motors are government wards and that’s not good.  Unemployment due to loss of wages from these two companies is equivalent to 5 or possibly 6 billion dollars. 

The FDIC has its fingers in the pot of many failed banks and quite frankly the 70 plus failed banks now are controlled by the FDIC – there were over 130 bank take over’s in 2009.  This isn’t just a small red flag, the FDIC are the dictators or decision makers of these banks. 

And of course along come Freddie and Fannie, who in actuality have been lying and misleading Americans for many moons.  They are living off of about 150 billion of taxpayers’ dollars and the grapevine says they’re standing at the back door of the White House begging for more.  Over 4 million homes are in foreclosure for 2010. 

Our financial sector has been taken over and the CEO’s are pretty much at the mercy of the Obama Administration.  This is terrifying to think that the government has devoured so much of our economy in just a few months. 

If the Obamacare isn’t repealed successfully, Uncle Sam will have about 1/6th more of our hides and on the horizon is Cap and Trade with a strong possibility of amnesty for illegal aliens and maybe another stimulus bill. 

We must defeat the healthcare reform, stop the Cap and Trade and prevent the amnesty bill from passing, if we don’t take care of these three things immediately our children and grandchildren will be owned by the government.    

We are the people, we must communicate to Republicans and Democrats that we want a freeze on spending and insists that the government is placed on a budget; this will include ruthlessly cutting out many government programs that are outdated or just plain blood suckers. 

The bipartisan fiscal commission told the White House and Congress that our Nation’s debt load is close to 90% of the gross domestic product; the Democrats refuse to pay attention to the bipartisan fiscal commission and are now laying the foundation for another stimulus bill or stimulus package. 

Immediate action is required and the question remains, are we up to remaining constantly vigilant, chucking complacency out the door and taking our country back, it will take a united group of Americans who share the common beliefs of restoring our Constitution, protecting our 2nd Amendment, limiting government, securing our borders. We must restore our freedom of speech, protect our military and regain our God given freedoms. 

Little T-Boca (Annie)


“May God Bless Our Country”


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