T-Shirts by T-Boca

Yep, I know you’re sitting there scratching your head saying who’s this guy called T-Boca.  Well in March 2010, little T-Boca was created by a grandmother(Annie) of seven awesome grandchildren.  Annie loves to blog and one night in March of 2010, she created T-Boca a mystical little guy who  stands for T ake B ack O ur C ountry A merica.  Soon little T-boca went from a toddler in diapers to a full fledged marathon runner.  Stop in and visit with little T-Boca and Annie – T-Boca.com

Each t-shirt is unique, one of a kind and has a message about the political problems we’re facing in 2010.  Annie and T-Boca have a great sense of humor with a dash of seriousness.  T-Boca and Annie worry about our Military, so a very special t-shirt was created for those who have  loved ones fighting for our “Freedom.”  Annie believes we should all get up in the AM and before having our coffee, going to school or socializing we should thank “God” for our brave men and women who fight to keep our country safe.  The shirt at T-Boca.com says, “Freedom Isn’t Free.” 

As Always, Little T-Boca (Annie)



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