CNN, FOX, Boehner, Abercrombie and Me

What is CNN thinking when they interviewed Neil Abercrombie? Did they actually think Abercrombie is supporting Barack Obama? They’re wrong, dead wrong – Abercrombie is a specialist on self promotion and therein lays the story. If Abercombie knew the truth about Barack Obama, he would have stood on his soap box and announced it to the word.

Mr. Abercombie is a man of many words and little gumption or common sense, because he’s only opening Pandora’s Box once again. Just when Obama thought he was home free, Neil springs a “Show N Tell” on our Commander In Chief.

The darling governor is a spinner of tall tales, it appears – the Obama gangs refuse to comment with hopes that he’ll shrivel up or paddle over to another Island.

Neil said during an interview “Maybe I’m the only one in the country that could look you right in the eye right now and tell you, ‘I was here when that baby was born.” The keywords here are “that baby,” I do believe Neil just had a slip of the tongue.

He refused to answer a reporter during this interview when asked if it wouldn’t be a good option for Obama to waive his privacy rights so the actual birth certificate could be released.

Mr. Abercrombie is facing a $71 million deficit this year and he said Even so, the new governor said he was having the time of his life. “If I was having a better time,” he said, laughing, “I’d have to be arrested.” New York Times, By SHERYL GAY STOLBERG Published: December 24, 2010

Neil, like Chris Matthews, O’Reilly, Beck and many other prominent journalists or broadcasters are back treading now and praying that Obama will clear the air with one phone call. Eggs everywhere guys, not just on your face.

On December 29th, CBS stated that Barack Obama is in his home state of Hawaii enjoying his vacation. Was this a little nudge in an attempt to convince Americans that Obama actually was born in Hawaii?

The new Speaker of the House, John Boehner is another straddler like Obama – referring to Obama’s citizenship status, John says, he doesn’t question Obama’s citizenship and Hawaii’s good enough for him. In other words, if Obama wants to call his home Hawaii, it’s O.K. with Boehner.

Boehner’s response sort of reflects the attitude of many Americans and the question I keep asking myself is why don’t we care about our Nation, our children, and our grandchildren?

Why have we allowed the News Media and our Congressional leaders to treat us like a bunch of pack rats? They toss out tidbits of news here and there expecting us to devour it as gospel and many of us are too busy to do our homework that we gulp down and digest whatever is tossed our way.

It really doesn’t matter to me where Obama was born, but it does matter to me that he has spent millions of dollars hiding his past. Why would Obama come to Americans and apply for the job of President and expect us to hire him without being vetted? In very simple terms, we’re his employer and he is our employee.

Thanks to the News Media, this is what happened, they tooted one horn only, he was a community organizer, an African American, one of the most eloquent speakers of our time and thus we swallowed it hook line and sinker (some of us that is.)

As citizens of the USA, we are to defend our Nation, participate in Government and be informed about our government. Do we really know who’s keeping our children and grandchildren out of harm’s way?

May God Bless America
As Always, Little Tboca


One Response to “CNN, FOX, Boehner, Abercrombie and Me”

  1. Doubtful Says:

    That’s not what Boehner said. He said, “The state of Hawaii has said that President Obama was born there. That’s good enough for me.”

    The Speaker was reflecting a long-standing principle of U.S. law: We rely upon our states to keep birth records and tell us accurately who was born there, and they do it through issuing official documents, like Obama’s COLB.

    You may not agree with him, but that’s what he said.

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