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Professional Commercial Construction – Brother Team

March 15, 2011

We are in the valley and ready for our next construction job in Arizona. Both of us have been project managers, operation managers and superintendents in commercial construction.
Our job summary includes Federal work prisons, army reserve centers, medical buildings, schools, multi story buildings, water transmission and water treatment facilities, ball park stadiums, distribution centers and much more.
We have the ability to take a job from cradle thru completion timely and with emphasis on quality and budget. Both of us have worked with diverse teams and collectively have over 50 years experience in commercial construction.
We do it all – Duties include supervision of craft personnel, scheduling, coordination of work activities, quality control, productivity, safety control throughout entire project, and oversee all phases of construction from civil groundbreaking to final inspection.
Our management strengths include but not limited to:
• Open-door management style maintaining excellent rapport with contractors, vendors, clients, and colleagues
• Utilize a best practices concept, which increases production, quality, and profit
• Reallocation of manpower for multiple projects to optimize processes, systems, and procedures
• Project planning defining the objectives and deliverables including risk management
• Successfully plan and supervise multiple site operations
• Create and maintain project CPM schedule

Call Chuck @ 602-358-5489 or Rob @ 702-208-4935


Would the Real Chris Matthews Stand Up

March 3, 2011

Who is Chris Matthews, is he truly an American Patriot, a man who would lay down his life for his country. Or is Chris the typical blow hard on the left who spouts off gibberish without rhyme or reason?
Chris appears to be a dyed in the wool Socialist who has been immersed or should I say brain washed with an Ideology that is destined to be the ruination of our beautiful America.
One must read between the lines during his rants, what is the stimulus that fuels Chris’s fire? Although long on gab, Chris has a problem presenting both sides of any story – and his side is usually off the wall rhetoric that only a psychologist might be able to decipher.
Does he base anything on fact, truth or logic or is this a robotic method of utilizing Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals?”
Let’s see, Chris certainly is adaptable to changing political events – in his analysis of action and reaction he’s sly like a fox making sure that he doesn’t entrap himself. He pushes the “Rules for Radicals” to the limits because Chris isn’t entrapped by any specific fixed truths.
His playing field is wide open living by Saul’s rules and he is quite comfortable using his imagination and creativity to incite a reaction from those who don’t agree with him.
Chris’s deck of cards doesn’t consist of justness, fairness, fact based beliefs or truth – one could say that Chris plays hard ball with one ball only (Chris’s.)
Chris’s intent of establishing a new playing ground for all by utilizing political civility after the horrific murders in Tucson was just a smoke screen – this is merely his way of throwing a curve ball to his opponents.
But, the problem remains in our country – there are many Chris’s out there who’ve been brain washed and indoctrinated into the “Rules for Radicals.”
Next time you’re watching breaking news at MSN, CBS, ABC, MSNBC listen to their words – are their statements truth based? Do they share both sides of the story or is their sole intent to produce actions that create reaction in the opposition?
There is really a very easy way to strip those who use the radical tools like Chris Matthews; do not react. Don’t play their game; don’t spend time trying to prove them wrong. Don’t acknowledge them in any way.
If we stop all reaction – they’ve lost any hopes of winning the game. 2 examples that are fresh in my mind is (1) False accusations about Beck and Palin after the massacres in Tucson and, (2) Mathews saying Newt Ginrich looks like a car bomber, one who enjoys torture – this was 3/3/11 an MCR alert.
If Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich and Glenn Beck would totally ignore their lies and false comments, go about the business of helping us take back our country, they would lose the game.
In other words, if we don’t react to their propaganda, rhetoric or allow ourselves to become distracted or divided, they’ve been totally shut down without any Ace’s in the hole.
As Always, Little Tboca