Obama, Boehner and Senate AWOL?

According to Merriam Webster – AWOL is absent often without notice or permission. All of the three, Obama, Boehner and the Senate didn’t ask their employer (Americans) if they in fact could leave the White House when the debt ceiling question is looming on the horizon.

The debt ceiling issue is the priority at this time and none of our employees in the Government seem to understand that they work for us. Obama is busily primping for his 2012 campaign, scrambling to get Latina votes.

He has formed a committee to discuss immigration, but nothing is being done to secure our borders. April 15th Jim Chilton. a 5th generation Arizona rancher decided to take his story to Washington DC, because Obama and gang have turned a deaf ear.

Boehner is doing his thing in Afghanistan whatever that may be leaving us in a lurch again. What is he thinking – did he forget already that we hired him to do a job. He bombed out on the first one (our budget) so needless to say we’re not exactly happy campers.

The Senate didn’t have much choice the last few weeks, because Obama told them to get lost for a while so he could work on his 2012 campaign.

We’ve heard enough rumors that the Republicans are going to raise the debt ceiling and frankly we don’t want any more monopoly money printed. The Republicans wants us to believe that we’d default on our bills. Did it ever occur to them to ruthlessly cut the spending to we can pay our creditors. They just don’t get it!

The decision on the debt ceiling concerns all Americans and we know what happens when they crank up the printing presses and spew out a bunch of counterfeit dollars. As we speak, food and gas prices are a big concern – in Hawaii gas is over 5.00 a gallon and over 4.00 in many other states.

So what is a solution for our Government employees who opt to set their own agenda and work banker hours? How does Americans get a handle on their Government employees? If I could give an intelligent answer to these last two questions, I’d probably run for President at the ripe age of 70.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca


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