DUMPSTER’S Morning Dump 5/31/11

CNN, MSNBC, NYT, CBS and Media Matters

Won’t it be interesting to see what our news media friends gin up about the Senate refusing to pass a budget for 2012? Actually passing a budget is a fundamental responsibility of our Senate leaders, but Harry Reid is scared out of his pants to even breathe the word budget with the 2112 Presidential Election on our doorstep.

Harry would rather default then take a change of losing Obama’s re-election, because at this time Obama isn’t looking quite as bright and shiny as he did in 2008.

Pelosi and Reid refused to bring a budget forward in 2010 fearing the coming November elections, so if Americans think the Democrats have a budget all packaged up and ready to spring on us, they are wrong.
When Reid talked to Los Angeles times about a budget, he pretty much nixed the idea of the DEMS having a budget. I’ll keep you posted. Now, sit down and take a deep breath on this next issue as Obama’s friends try to explain his trip to Europe.

CNN, MSNBC and Media Matters – are praising Obama’s trip to Europe and his foreign policy. What policy, the one where he told Benjamin Netanyahu off in no uncertain terms.

Here’s Obama’s exact words, “We believe the borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps, so that secure and recognized borders are established for both states.”

Poland wasn’t eagerly awaiting his arrival; he did not have permission to speak to the Polish citizens – unlike other Presidents, his hands have been smacked soundly.

Lech Walesa (former President), gave Obama the bird and said “no thanks” not interested in a photo op with Obama. So, in case CNN thinks Obama is on top of the foreign policy problems – they best go back to the mines and do their homework.

When President Clinton visited Poland hundreds of thousands of people came to hear him speak; they respected President Clinton unlike their total disrespect for Obama.

Try this on for size when President Clinton visited Ireland, throngs of people came to hear him speak versus the handful of bar hoppers who met Barack and Michelle. Isn’t it funny how the left sided news media tries in vain to paint a different picture of Obama’s European trip?

Our foreign friends aren’t stupid – they know how Obama has ruthlessly attempted to destroy one of the greatest Nations of all times and they don’t have time for his shenanigans – his teleprompter with the poetic speeches is “old hat” and rather boring.

CBS – thinks Obama’s foreign policies are absolutely superior – me thinks they are poor little sheep who have lost their way. Get a grip CBS and try writing about both sides of the story. Their take on the way he’s handling Libya would shock a nudist!

NYT – appears to be running from their viewers or at least trying to be more elusive with their daily news updates. For me, all the Liberal News Media gets their garbage from the same pipeline, so CNN, MSNBC, Media Matters will fill in while NYT are sort of missing in action.

Americans should consider, sending Obama to his room until he’s removed in 2012 – his presence in foreign countries appeasr to be weakening our once strong ties with Ireland, Poland, the UK and Israel. This person isn’t safe out of his clubhouse and you can take that to the bank.

May God Bless Our Nation
As Always,
Little Tboca


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