Media Matter and Taxes – Dumpster’s Morning Dump

MSNBC, CNN, Media Matters, NYT, CBS

Media Matters – gets down and dirty, but then again, “dirty” is the only way they know to promote their misguided news information. They are backed by George Soros and of course the Obama Administration in an effort to destroy another venue that offers both sides to the story. MM’s and the Obama gang have once again have been caught with zipper stuck.

The corrupt assassination that Media Matters has engaged in against FOX news is but one more thing that Obama will deny, pretty much like his denial of the Fast and Furious Gun Project that allows high powered weapons to be sold from the USA to the drug cartel. He has placed himself in a very precarious position again, but why should that surprise us?

Media Matters – and I won’t even give them the respect by stating that they’re a legitimate news venue, that would be a disservice to all Americans. They have assumed a full time job of character assassination against FOX’s jounalists and news anchors.

Media Matters received a tax exempt status from our Government under the pretense of analyzing media bias – in other words they promised to analyze all media be it Liberal, Conservative or Progressive. Obama and Media Matters have been very verbal about FOX news starting back in 2008 and have tried every trick in their bloated bag to do away with Conservative news.

C. Boyden Gray former White House Counselor under the elder President Bush exposes Media Matter as a Democratic organization with a media boot camp that is definitely a tax exempt organization at this time.

They received their tax exempt status under false pretense and taxpayers’ are being dunned for a corrupt, vicious organization whose only reason for existence is the assassination of FOX news.

A similar news media was started by four Republican operatives calling their venue, “American Campaign Academy” and due to the type of content on their website was flatly refused and exemption.

So what’s good for the goose is good for the gander – Americans can insist that MM’s pays taxes, including all back taxes due to their deliberate misrepresentation of their news service.

I’m not defending FOX news in any way, they’re big boys, but I am defending taxpayers. We have no reason to fund Media Matters, NPR or let General Electric, Bank America or give any other businesses a “get out of jail” free card at our expense. They all owe taxes and that’s the end of the story.
If Republicans and Democrats want to free up some money, they can close all of the tax loopholes that lobbyists have created for big businesses. That alone would free of billions of money for our Nation.

It seems only fair that Bank America and all other lenders involved with the housing bubble, along with General Electric should give taxpayers back their stimulus money.

Around the Nation In A Flash

Something pretty nice for those of us who are Patriots is a “Desert Camouflage Hat” just like the hats our troops wore during operation Iraqi Freedom. It’s just a small way we can tell our Military that we are very proud of them and what they stand for… Newsmax is offering them free, if you but pay the shipping charges.

CNN – is still talking about Jon Stewart’s showdown with Fox News anchor Chris Wallace. Stewart admits he doesn’t tell both sides of the story saying he’s a comedian first. Funny how he seems to be obsessed with FOX news – you would think dear Jon might be hamstrung by his “ideology, just a thought in passing.

ABC and NBC are sort of gagging and choking when they discuss reputed mass-murdering Mobster Whitey Bulger’s brother Billy Bulger. Dianne Sawyer refers to Billy as a political star of sorts refusing to mention his political affiliation.

So does Lawrence O’Donnell as he puts his life on the line for Billy assuring all of us that Billy didn’t have a clue where his fugitive brother had been all these years. Doesn’t it just give you warm fuzzies that Lawrence O’Donnell has all this inside info that he’s sharing with us now?

NYT – So Republicans and Democrats smacked Obama’s hands a little over the war in Libya, but that was just a public gesture to assure Americans they were diligently doing their job. End results is this – we are still financing the war in Libya and once again Obama gets off free as a bird to start another war at any time he gets an itch to redistribute some more of our money.

CBS – has video of Obama’s speech on America’s technology future. His new program AMP (Advanced Manufacturing Progress) and it would behoove all of us to follow this new Obama program closely.

We’re about to see another swift “redistribution” move by Obama; remember I’ve said keep a close eye on this person of interest between now and 2012. We’re about to feel the fangs of ‘redistribution” again and again.

CBS – seems to get a kick out of making fun of Michelle Bachmann’s statement,that she’s been a Christian since age 16 and she prays to God for wisdom and guidance. Guess CBS isn’t too comfortable with God, but the good new is “God is alive and well.”

May God Bless Our Nation
As Always
Little Tboca


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