Obama’s Oops – Dumpster’s Morning Dump

It’s sad but true, the man some call Mr. President seems to have a lapse of memory that has progressively worsened since 2008 when he said he’d visited 57 states in our Union. There’s obviously a bunch of states hiding out in the bushes someplace.

Symptoms are detachment and distraction and we have several recent blunders by Obama which seems to prove he is suffering from memory loss.

In fact if we’d walk down memory lane with Obama since his inauguration, we remember all of his promises, but he apparently has had a two and half year lapse of memory. No jobs, homes lost to foreclosure, higher unemployment, no transparency, bigger government.

Even the Russians believe he has a contagious terminal illness, because they absolutely refused to touch or shake his hands. Russian officials won’t shake a man’s hand if they don’t respect him!

Remember the bow to the Saudi King, which of course the White House says was a double – hand shake but a bow is a bow just like a rose is a rose. Obama obvious forgot that he is President of the USA and not a Muslim slave.

Don’t forget his tour of London’s Westminster Abbey when he signed the guest book May 24, 2008. Maybe being off a day or two on the date would be understandable, but three years is a critical error.

What about his recent speech at Fort Drum in New York, he said to the amazement of U.S. Army’s 10th Mountain Division, ‘I had the great honor of seeing some of you because a comrade of yours, Jared Monti, was the first person who I was able to award the Medal of Honor to who actually came back and wasn’t receiving it posthumously.’

Bill Daley, Chief of Staff made Obama call the fallen warrior’s family and apologize. Jared was one of our brave killed in Afghanistan September 17, 2009.

The sad thing about Obama is the fact that he was purchased many moons ago by a corrupt group; he’s controlled, not in control. He is the product of many years of brain washing; he’s merely a necessary fixture in our White House used to promote an ideology that has been the downfall of many Nations.

Around The Nation in a Flash

CNN – oh my, where do they get their news? CNN is slobbering and fuming over the “debt ceiling.” In fact, they’re doing what they do best trying to scare Americans once again like they did on Paul Ryan’s Medicare bill. They’re insinuating the SS checks, food stamps, federal and military paychecks, government contractor bills and payments to Medicare and Medicaid providers are at risk. Anyone that believes that garbage has a major problem!

MEDIA MATTERS – is having a hoopty do over Jon Stewart’s obvious glitches last Sunday with Chris Wallace; the more they talk the further in the gutter they keep shoving ole Jon. Jon is a wantabee political analyst first and a second hand comedian secondly and Jonny boy can’t grasp both sides of a story, never has and never will…

ABC, CBS, and NBC – can’t quite remember that Blagojevich is one of their own; they’re trying everything in the book to make him disappear and like the energizer bunny he keeps going and going and…

The Liberal News Media have their claws out after Michelle Bachmann – like Michelle said, “she’s going to make sure Obama one term President.

May God Bless Our Nation
As Always,
Little Tboca


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