Obama’s Distortions – Dumpster’s Morning Dump



Obama started his speech out today saying some are looking for work or a job that pays well. Is this person from outer space or what – almost 1/5th  of our work force is unemployed and looking for a job that pays well. 

He assures us that he didn’t increase taxes on the middle class the past 21/2 years – to be exact Obama raised taxes on the middleclass and lower income people and he darn sure knows it!  Check PolitiFact if you have any doubt about my statement.

He wants to get rid of tax cuts for corporate jet crowd, now that’s a good one and he mentioned it over and over in his speech. 

Obama certainly hasn’t worried about using our corporate jet for lavish vacations, trips abroad and 33 different campaign speeches across the country.

The scare tactics have kicked in big since he started his campaign this spring and today he’s inferring that without tax increases our Seniors, college kids will suffer – that’s a bunch of bull!

Now he’s wanting to build roads, railroads, infrastructure – this is the same campaign speech we heard in 2008, America. He’s trying to set up Americans again, because he wants more money to “distribute.”

He blames the recession on Bush, Republicans, the corporate jet owners. I think we all know who spent 4.7 trillion dollars of taxpayers’ money.  The jet tax loophole Obama kept mentioning was in fact part of his stimulus package in 2009.

This person called Obama is either short a few marbles or a habitual liar. I suspect the latter!

His speech today was a waded up bunch of his 2008 campaign speech laced with scare tactics and iced with “Blame.”  

I do not need PolitiFact to tell me that he lied once again about not increasing the middle classes’ taxes.

He lied about the Republicans; they want a balanced budget, Obama wants to continue “redistribution.”

So he doesn’t want to discuss the Fast and Furious Gun Runner program and assures us his Atty General doesn’t know anything about it.  Whoa now, I heard Obama in a radio interview this spring say, “if there was a problem with the program it would be handled.” 

Holder and Obama knew about the Fast and Furious Gun Runner program and I think before it’s over they will be held accountable for the death of our border agent, Brian Terry.

Today was a totally disgusting bunch of lies and propaganda utilizing the “blame game” as his trump card.   

If America wants jobs, we must not bite the hands that feed our Nation. Businesses big and small have been our mainstay – why should they be punished for Obama’s mistakes? 

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca


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