Obama’s Elves

by little tboca

While you were sleeping, Obama and his evil little elves aren’t busy making toys for the good little girls and boys.  They’re systematically removing one freedom after the other.  To date, they’ve managed to place businesses big and small in limbo – they’re afraid to expand and hire.   Consumers are buying the bare necessities and hanging on to their dwindling savings and retirement funds.

College students are facing tremendous adversities and senior citizens are left wondering if they will be the next ones to be shoved over the cliff.  Those who have supported Obama and his Administration are starting to jump ship, because they realized they’ve been duped.  The die – hard supporters no longer have confidence in Obama, nor his policies; they’ve packed their bags and are moving to higher ground.

As we speak, Obama is behind closed doors trying to unarm Americans by attempting to adopt the UN’s International Gun Control restrictions.  He’s tossed our Bill of Rights and Constitution out the door. 

His Labor Board is ruthlessly attacking Boeing and our “Right to Work” status; can you imagine telling a grand old company like Boeing where they can build new facilities and who they must hire?  It’s happening right now and if Obama gets his way workers will have to endure card check and companies will have to get approval from the unions before expansion or hiring. 

So you see Obama and his elves aren’t really MIA – they’re burning the midnight oil and strategically removing our rights as USA citizens.  Remember the Libyan war was started by one person intent on continuing the redistribution of our money; he doesn’t care who if anyone wins this war.

While Geithner, Pelosi, Reid and Obama are spreading the doom and gloom propaganda about the dangers of not raising the debt ceiling, scuttle butte on the street insists that his administration are once again behind closed doors calling all lenders and basically telling them, “don’t worry – we won’t default.”   

Obama and Eric Holder are ducking and dodging bullets on the “Fast and Furious” and “Gunrunner” program; they’re more than willing to let others take the hit. The important thing to remember is this 2 very special Americans have been murdered due to this devious program and more will follow because many, many high powered weapons walked from our border into Mexico.

 The Mexican Government looks  at us in total disgust verging on hatred for placing weapons into the hand of drug cartels; they’ve lost thousands of lives again due the cartels and Holder and Obama are responsible. 

If we have but learned one lesson during Obama’s time in office, it would be this – don’t trust or believe anything that he says on National TV.  Protect your back and remember while you’re sleeping Obama and elves are planning their next attack on America’s freedoms.

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca


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