Obama’s Report Card

by little tboca

Redistribution the Obama Way

Our money, not his gone – our jobs, not his gone, our dreams, not his gone! Our National Deficit has increased over 4 trillion on Obama’s watch. Below a few highlights of Obama’s Rampage since 2009.

Stimulus package – 787 billion (New Stimulus Bill – 447 billion jobs plan If passed)
Libya War – 4 plus million per day
African Americans – 17% unemployment
Solyndra – 535 million dollars
The Green Thing – 20 billion plus much more (Only time will tell how much spent.)
Department of Energy – Trying to spend over 9 billion more on the “green thing” before sunset on 9/30/11
Fast and Furious Gunrunner Program – Obama signed 10 million to grow the program
14 million Americans out of work – 9.1% unemployment
Unsecured borders – memo from Obama to ICE not to deport Illegal Aliens

2009 thru 10/1/2011 Report Card Barack Hussein Obama
“F” minus

Unemployment – Foreign Affairs – Budget – Afghanistan – Iraq – Obamacare – Immigration – Spending – “Green Thing.” Obviously Obama earns an “F” minus in all areas. That’s why he’s playing class warfare, nothing to run on for the 2012 Presidential Election.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca


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