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Obama’s Class Warfare & Tantrums

October 29, 2011

by little tboca
The master of “redistribution” is not a happy camper since his jobs plan number one was turned down by Democrats and his jobs plan number two met with the same disapproval. Democrats didn’t like his budget this spring and kicked it to the curb, not one Democrat would vote for his budget – that’s about as bad as it gets.

If the Democratic Base refuses to back the “Distribution Specialist.” he’s in deep doo doo.

He’s hot on the campaign trail with our 1.1 million dollar Canadian Tour Bus sticking his tongue out at the taxpayers, actually taunting them by spending millions of their hard earned dollars daily. He’s angry with the House and Senate calling them names and threatening them if they don’t give him his stimulus package.

Obama has resorted to class warfare pitting the Private Sector against the Public Sector, those who have worked hard for their money against those who prefer taking Government handouts and trying to terrorize little fourth graders, senior citizens and our youth. Please remember Obama’s agenda has never been or ever will be based on reviving the American dream or restoring economic prosperity.

Here’s a brief snapshot of Obama’s three years in office – not a pretty sight!

787 Billion Dollars Stimulus Package Gone – No jobs

4 Trillion dollar increase in National Deficit in just three years

14 Million Americans Unemployed

Almost 20 % Unemployment – Counting Those No Longer Looking For Jobs

According to the USDA, 45,753,078 Americans and 21,581,234 households on food stamps

2011 – Approximately 3 million homes going thru the foreclosure process

Businesses frozen due to EPA, Obamacare and excessive Government regulations

Billions lost on “Green Companies:” Solyndra, Son Power, Ormat Nevada Inc, Solar Power (2), Fisker

National Deficit as of 10/23/2011 9:06 PM Mountain Time: 14,867,975,841,247

US Total Debt: 54,552,588,762,251

Debt per taxpayer: 132,328

OBAMA”S REPORT CARD “F” – Worst Presidential Record in History of the USA

May God Bless Our Nation
As Always,
Little Tboca


Obama – “We Just Can’t Wait” For You to Leave Our White House

October 29, 2011

by little tboca
Just when we thought we’d heard it all – Obama threw us another insult along with a potential chance of creating a second housing bubble and placing a hefty charge on taxpayer’s tab. Obviously Obama is showing his muscle and taking advantage of taxpayers one more time.

He’s announced today that he’s going to come to the rescue of homeowners, doesn’t that sort of remind you of the first big bubble we’re still in due to the Government insisting that Freddie & Fannie finance mortgages to people who weren’t qualified to own a home. Duh, is he mentally challenged?

Now Obama is in the process of doing a “pay back” to the Republicans, because they won’t pass his jobs plan – Reid couldn’t get it passed through the Senate, let’s be honest about the story and keep the facts straight. Obama has lost so much Democratic support that even the Senate refused to pass his jobs plan.

He has plans of one payback after another in the next 13 months and you can take this to the bank – the National Deficit will take the first hit and then it will trickle down to the taxpayers. This newest Obama scheme has the ear markings of a redistribution specialist, not a commander in chief. The bottom line is this, he didn’t get his second stimulus package passed so he’s throwing an Obama tantrum and doing paybacks that will harm all Americans.

His plan says basically homeowners who are current on their mortgage payment can refinance their homes even if they’re under water, which they are and will remain that way for years. Saving 25 or 30 dollars a month isn’t even a lick and promise.

Same problems are eminent just like they were in 2009 – many of these homeowners have friends, family, parents helping them with their financial obligations and that’s only short lived.

Secondly, since Obama refuses to free up businesses so they can create jobs – we will have more people laid off in the next 13 months and guess who will be left around to pick up the pieces when homeowners starting defaulting on their mortgage payments. Our Government will run to the taxpayers and insist that we assume responsibility for Obama’s screw ups one more time.

It’s not just old; it seems criminal that Barack Obama can continue placing more and more financial burden on our shoulders. One would think that our Constitution would have laws in place where Americans can control this dismal, blood sucking Obama Administration. Where have American’s Freedoms and Rights disappeared?

(The Hill) House Democrats say House Democrats Hammer New Obama Mortgage Crisis Response As Insufficient.”

To emphasize again why this Obama “Can’t Wait Plan” is a wolf in sheep’s’ clothing please listen to the comments coming from the Democrats. They don’t know how many might qualify for his scheme, nor do they know if it will cut mortgage payments 26 dollars per month or maybe a little bit more. The Democrats don’t have a clue if this plan would even work let alone stimulate our economy.

The first housing relief program of Obama’s called the HAMP was a total flop just like this one will be and the taxpayer’s lost 50 billion in the first plan and who knows what the “Can’t Wait Program” will cost.

Obama doesn’t care if the “Can’t Wait Program” will work – it’s just new ammo for his 2012 campaign. Like his “Hope and Change,” Americans will tire of his political rhetoric about his “just can’t wait” plan.

Americans are engaged now and much more savvy than they were in 2009 – the proof of this is his jobs plan didn’t pan out well for him in his recent campaign trips for his approval ratings just keeps taking a hit. Americans smelled a rat in their icebox when Democrats refused to pass his jobs plan!

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca

Obama’s “Snuckers” Working Behind Closed Doors

October 24, 2011

by little tboca

Obama, the Democrats and Liberal News Media keep saying they didn’t do it, so it had to be the darn “Snuckers” again. It’s that group of people in the White House without a name or a face that sneak – you know the ones who took 787 billion dollars of our money, the ones who are behind the “Fast and Furious” gunrunner program, the ones confiscated our jobs, the ones who gave Solyndra a half billion dollars and the ones who keep handing taxpayer’s money out the backdoor of the White House.

While you were sleeping the “snuckers” just snatched millions of dollars out of your pocket. This isn’t ignorance on Obama’s part – this is willful and intentional schemes to break our great Nation. “He should be removed from office way before November 2012 rolls around.” This isn’t a threat, but pure and simple logic – we can’t afford this person some call Obama.
. just squeaked under the wire receiving a DOE 350 million dollar Government Guarantee if they should fall by the wayside like Solyndra and not be able to pay John Hancock.

Wouldn’t you know it the Department of Energy couldn’t stand the idea of giving us our money back so on September 30th (their last day to hand out our stimulus money), completed a couple of loan guarantees to two more solar power plants in California totally over 2.6 billion dollars. If one or both of these projects close their doors we’re on the hook for about 80% of the loan value. But, this isn’t the end of the Obama drama – those damn “Snuckers” have been working 24/7 to bring our Nation to its knees.

The latest, not the greatest scandal to hit the headlines is a company called the Fisker Auto Company –the same company that Joe Biden said in 2009 would create 500 jobs. Biden got his countries wrong – he must have meant Finland, because that’s where the jobs went and that’s where Fisker is making the cars. Fisker got a 529 million dollar loan guarantee from taxpayer’s – that’s enough to keep most of us without a job awake at night pacing the floor.

No wonder Obama’s bundlers were bundling away for him in 2008 – they technically just bought a free pass to use taxpayer’s money in a roundabout way. So here we are working our fannies off trying to put food on the table, educate our kids and have a little bit left over for gas money and the “snuckers” are robbing us blind.

All of the Obama Administration will put on their sad faces and deny any wrong doing – like Obama said when questioned about Solyndra, “he has no regrets.” I beg to differ with his nonchalant “I don’t give a damn approach” – 14 million of us are without jobs, many without homes as he robbed us in the middle of the night behind closed doors.

This isn’t ignorance on Obama’s part – this is willful and intentional schemes to break our great Nation. “He should be removed from office way before November 2012 rolls around.” This isn’t a threat, but pure and simple logic – we can’t afford this person some call Obama.

May God Bless Our Nation
As Always,
Little Tboca

Class Warfare by Wasserman, Biden & Reid

October 21, 2011

by little tboca

While Obama is out tooling across the Country in his “Sports Bus” that we’re paying for, his Democratic base seems to have lost their marbles, their canned speeches and their faith in the one some call Obama. Talk about class warfare, the Democrats are coming out of the wood work with their Halloween masks espousing their goblin and ghosts stories in their last ditch effort to sell Obama’s stimulus plan.

Debbie Wassermen Schultz looks somewhat like a junk yard dog with an Elizabethan collar right after a hemorrhoid operation. Why Democrats chose this person to be their “face” is the twenty four dollar question. But, then again one must remember the DEMS don’t care much for the strong Democratic women who are professional, great communicators and American Patriots.

Debbie’s gaffe the other day when accusing others of demonizing the Democrats didn’t just back fire – it exploded leaving the Democrats sitting around sucking their thumbs. Referring to Obama, she said that those who run for office must stand on their own records. Debbie your “gotcha just turned into an oops.”

How many ways Debbie can we show you , your Commander in Chief doesn’t have one record to run on; (1) First Stimulus failed, (2) Unemployment over 9.1 %, (3) No jobs – 14 million plus out of work, and (4) National Deficit increased over 4 trillion on Obama’s watch. Democrats really need a new chair person with some pizazz– someone who inspires, communicates and is articulate when speaking.

Harry Reid just won the dunce hat when he informed all of us that the Private Sector is doing just great and doesn’t need any assistance so he’s begging for money for the Public Sector. Does ole Harry really think those of us in Private Sector are doing great? Harry was so intent on selling Obama’s job plan that he messed up the message big time!

Than we have Joe Biden, the scary one, who jumps on his stump and mumbles something to a group of our fourth graders saying, that in order to rehire 400,000 teachers, firefighters and police officers, the wealthy people need to pay more taxes.

This is about as low as an adult can stoop; he tried to scare little children – was he talking about some of their parents? Where were the teachers and the parents during this Halloween speech?

Biden’s remarks and actions are sick, not just misguided – this type of behavior reeks of desperation and certainly doesn’t score any brownie points for the VP of our United States. Sending Biden to his room until November 2012 isn’t enough; he needs to be removed from office.

Parents should usher School board President Samuel Beard out of the school too – no one should be allowed to spread such propaganda and lies to young school children. It’s time America stands up for their kids.

David Axelrod just lets it all hang out somewhat resembling “Casper” the not so friendly ghost. David advises the Democrats not to fold and when talking about the constant stream of negative economic data, David said, “It’s not exactly and easy pill to swallow.”

David knows that under normal circumstance when playing the game of politics that after three strikes you’re out. First strike – Obama’s budget was turned down by Democrats in the spring. Second strike was Obama’s jobs plan – Democrats turned that down too! Third strike was yesterday when Democrats turned down the second version of Obama’s jobs plan.

Obama and his grizzlies threaten us with class warfare, but how do you have class warfare against your own party? Democrats adamantly refused to pass Obama’s latest and greatest stimulus plan, because they knew it wasn’t paid for and they wouldn’t kick taxpayer’s under the bus again.

Give those Democrats a big hand and a “thank you” for standing up for their Country.

May God Bless Our Nation
As Always,
Little Tboca

Obama Kickstarts His Class Warfare

October 20, 2011

by little tboca

In September 6th, 2011 we listened to Obama’s first speech on his new jobs plan, which is just another stimulus package disguised under a new name. Obama says his plan will not cost taxpayer’s one dime – what a lie. He says it will not add to the deficit – he’s tossing the cost to the Dream Team who is already struggling trying to find $1.5 trillion in deficit reduction before the end of the year.

The cost of this stimulus bill will be put on our tab, just like the 2009 stimulus package if it should pass the House and Senate. It will increase our National Deficit and Obama will use the money for his redistribution agenda primarily concentrated on the Unions and Community Interest groups.

The only question you have to ask yourself, why would we agree to give Obama 447 billion dollars more after his misuse of 787 billion in 2009? Go back to his speeches in 2009 and listen as he coaxed, begged and threatened us; he wanted taxpayers to give him 787 billion dollars promising that it would be used for tax cuts, extension of unemployment benefits, education, infrastructure and millions of jobs would be created. What a crock!

Now on September 6th 2011, he throws us the same canned speech promising jobs, tax cuts, infrastructure jobs, extension of unemployment benefits and once again promising that it will create millions of jobs. First stimulus didn’t create job growth and the second stimulus won’t create jobs either – you can take that to the bank!

Obama used the jobs plan only as a trap to place Republicans, the tea party members and Conservatives in a corner – he didn’t expect the plan to pass, but it will be his weapon against this group of people until the 2012 elections roll around. Obama now has a group of people to blame, which in his way of thinking takes the “monkey off of his back.”

Obama has campaigning since last spring, but his ratings are in the tank, he had to change campaign tactics in midstream so to speak. He turned to class warfare and Americans are about to face the wrath of Obama (the redistribution specialist.)

What I say next is my opinion only, but to me Obama is showing himself now in his true light. He’s angry, dangerous and still on a mission to bring our Nation to its knees and like a caged animal he will bite the hands that fed him in 2008 and he will turn on his own in order to win the 2012 Presidential Election.

His strategy for his 2012 campaign is etched in concrete; (1) Distract and divide the troops (Americans), (2) Vie one class against another, (3) Utilize the scare tactics.

All of us have suffered through many distractions, such as the “Fast and Furious” gunrunner program. The Solyndra scandal and the new Sun Power soap opera are two of the most recent ones on the horizon. Latest would be the OWL protestors, but there will be many more come to light as we suffer through the next 13 months

In fact, even before I finished my article he’s sent two of his “top dogs” out to do his dirty work. Harry Reid just finished a speech saying the Private Sector is doing fine; it’s the Public Sector that is suffering. This is about as dirty as you can get pitting the Private and Public Sector against each other. Reid needs to back to his log cabin in Vegas; he’s getting senile in his old age or dementia has kicked in…

But there’s more – Joe Biden just threw some kind of a fit on National TV muttering something about it’s not temporary and threatening that kindergartens will be extinct, and mumbles about home invasions, robberies etc. etc. This is the first of the scare tactics kicking in and Republicans are the ones being kicked below the belt.

Lets go back to the “debt ceiling” that was passed and not paid for, the Solyndra scandal that cost us at least ½ billion dollars and lets remember the Department of Energy just gobbled up billions of our money and threw it out to some hungry, decrepit “green companies,” before the end of September 2011.

Think about the 10,000,000 Obama gave Holder for the “Fast and Furious” gunrunner program and think about the millions of dollars daily of our money that Obama is spending on his fancy bus or in our Jet for his Presidential campaign. Like his recent Midwestern tour that he tried to disguise, a campaign is a campaign is a campaign – does Obama really think we’re stupid?

There’s still plenty of our stimulus money hidden from us that would take care of the Private Sector that he feigns such concern about after three years of being under his watch. Why would anyone consider giving this man addicted to spending one more dime?

Americans, hopefully you’ll start following his many websites online and listen to what he’s telling our Youth, the African Americans, the Hispanics and Community Interest groups. Obama is the only thing that is transparent if you but start watching his every move – you can see right thru him.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca

Liberal News Media – the “Dumpsters”

October 19, 2011

by little tboca

They are the “dumpsters” of 2011 – creating havoc and spewing garbage from coast to coast. MSNBC, CNN, Media Matters and NYT’s claim to fame is X-rated news, nothing more, nothing less.

The Liberal News Media continues their dysfunctional journalism – interestingly enough they all have the same pre packaged stories to tell. Not one of them appears to have the talent or inclination to report news in an unbiased manner. Here’s a brief run down of their latest and greatest headlines.

MSNBC, CNN, New York Times, Media Matters are in awe about the Wall Street protestors and are asking for photos and videos. The OWL is about all they can think about at this time and yet the Liberal News Media seems to be confused about the mission of the protestors.

Is it Wall Street, more entitlements or is it a group of lost sheep who are bored, confused and incapable of functioning on their own?

We know the protestors are being financed – we know food, clothing and toiletries are being shipped in to the OWL protestors .We know that Soros, the Unions, Obama, many Democrats and community interest groups support them, but we don’t know what the strategy is behind the protest. Is this protest just for the purpose of distraction or do they have a real message?

One of CNN’s Weekly bloggers exerted a large window of time telling us why the Republican Candidates for 2012 shouldn’t be using “God” in their speeches.

He even went as far as to say there might be campaign slogans that say, “Vote for me or God won’t bless America.” “God” seems to be a real thorn in his side, maybe he needs to take a pilgrimage and just get away from it all. Last time I checked, “God” is alive and well!

Actually Associated Press’s coverage of Obama’s tour at Jamestown N.C. was rather humorous. They noted at one point that Obama had to inform the crowd that “He was the President.” AP just covered Obama the way all professional journalists should do – unlike the Supreme Court, they didn’t rewrite the message.

Obama actually told the group at Jamestown that the GOP wanted to get a handle on EPA, repeal Obamacare, increase the production of domestic oil and roll back the Obama reforms of the financial system.

Obama sort of got caught with his pants down here – he knows exactly what it would take to put Americans back to work, but he refuses to take the necessary steps that would get our economic wheels turning. One must wonder what his real mission is as Commander in Chief of our Nation.

NYT attempts to gloss over the Obamacare problems that keep raising their ugly heads. The Times pretends that the “long term care”insurance plan hidden in the small print of the Obamacare package is not big deal – yet it’s a very big deal because it was supposedly the source that would help fund this monstrosity.

The NYT has an uncanny way of disregarding the real issues about Obamacare, they refuse to discuss the real problems. They foolishly continue supporting Obamacare, which has proven to be one of the biggest problems with America’s economic woes. Obamacare has already had an adverse affect on insurance companies, the medical field, private individuals and businesses.

So a quick run down of the Liberal News Media shows they have a love affair with the OWL protestors, “God” remains a sticky issue for them, Obamacare appears to be their only talking point for Obama the past three years and they continue bashing and trashing Conservatives, the tea parties and GOP. One must wonder what America are they fighting for…

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca

Obama’s Army

October 15, 2011

by little tboca

A group of people exists within our midst that hate the Constitution as laid down by our forefathers; they have spent years gnawing away at the very foundation that has make America exceptional. They have infiltrated our Government, our schools, our homes taking away our freedoms and rights.

They’ve attempted to remove God from the courthouses, our pledge of Allegiance, from our coins and out of our children’s schools. They are constantly degrading us, telling us what they perceive as wrong and assuring us they can fix it.

They ridicule, lie and spew verbal rape as is noted in their canned speeches. They mimic each other, they use the same words and they lie, lie, lie…

Until I started comparing their actions, their verbiage and their motives nothing was making sense – it was disturbing to watch and listen to certain journalists, politicians and our Commander in Chief as they conjured blatant attacks against the United States of America. They are ashamed of us!

Then it was self evident that we had allowed this group of people over a span of many years to infiltrate our Nation, our schools, our Government and our homes. They preyed on the poor using them as sheep to do their dirty work always trying to organize them into what is referred to as a “mass power.”

Their agenda is simple, yet deadly – they strive to keep the troops (Americans) distracted and divided as they promote their agenda. They want to change our Nation from what it is to what they want it to be…

Listen to their rhetoric, note the similarity in their method of communication and realize that what they say has nothing to do with the truth.

Just recently we’ve witnessed their mode of operation and watched as they constantly stir the pot always blaming others for their inept ability to lead and keep our Country safe.

When the Tucson massacre occurred, they immediately blamed Sarah Palin, Republicans questioning our 2nd Amendment rights.

The tea party movement frightened them so their only recourse was to demonize this group of citizens who wanted our individual freedoms restored, our borders secured, our Military kept safe and returning our Government to a Government of the people by the people and fore the people.

They use scare tactics when Paul Ryan presented his budget – they tried to scare the older generation and say Paul was going to push “granny” off the cliff. They attacked Sarah Palin with vengeance, but how sad to think that anyone would stoop so low as to make fun of her youngest son who has Downs Syndrome.

Pelosi’s remarks about Republicans on October 13, 2011 saying that Republicans will be voting to allow women to die on the floor. They hope Glenn Beck puts a gun to his head and pulls the trigger. They make fun of those suffering and dying from Alzheimers.

But, what created my curiosity about this group of people was the way they embraced the OWL protestors. Obama, Plouffe, Pelosi, Soros, the Unions, ACLU all jumped on National TV praising the protestors.

This appeared to be a very strange reaction, but now we realize that these young people who have been taught that the world owes them a living will be the chosen ones to reform our Nation.

The most terrifying part of this story is this – in our complacency, our attempt to be politically correct we have spawned a group of youngsters who are lost sheep, lacking attention, mentoring and guidance because we were just too busy trying to keep up with the Jones’s.

We have a very dangerous group of people who have been brainwashed; they are the product of many generations. They have been mentored, disciplined and controlled by people like Soros, Alinsky, who have infiltrated our schools, our colleges, our Government and our Nation.

Alinksy was considered one of the greatest community organizers of all times, which is a pretty scary thought when you remember Obama’s only claim to fame was a community organizer.

Will they change, absolutely not – they are the result of a silent revolution that has been taking place in our Nation for years. Their tools are propaganda, vile rhetoric laced with lies – they are the polished technicians who have perfected the art of “distracting and dividing.” They thrive on verbal rape and in their world truth does not exist.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca

Popeye Said It Best

October 12, 2011

by little tboca

We must all adopt Popeye’s motto “we’ve had all we can stands and we can’t stands no more.” We can not allow the extension of our past to impact and destroy our children’s future – Obama and his cronies have got to go. It’s time to quite trying to achieve political correctness (whatever that means,) and address our problems head on using the 3 R’s (Restrict, Remove and Repeal.)

Congress needs to repair the blatant distribution spree that Obama has been conducting the past 2 ½ years as Commander in Chief. It will take years to recoup the money he’s redistributed. But, it’s time to fix our unemployment situation and put Americans back to work.

Everyone in Congress is pussy footing around the real issues, businesses are afraid of the Obama Administration and Americans need to roll up their sleeves, grab their spinach and demand that Congress addresses the real problems that have left 14 million Americans jobless, created higher unemployment and stopped the engines that create jobs. It isn’t higher taxes, it isn’t Wall Street – it’s OBAMA, OBAMA and OBAMA.

Businesses (big and small) are the wheels that create a robust economy; let’s remove the chains from their necks and give them the tools they need to grow their businesses and create jobs.

Three things are restricting our business world; (1) EPA and excessive regulations imposed upon businesses, (2) Fear that the Obama Administration will burden them with higher taxes, and (3) Obamacare. If we demand that these three things are corrected immediately, businesses will step up to the bat and do what they do best – they will start the engines that create jobs and a better future for our Nation.

It’s time for all of us to stop crying “poor me,” – we need to place our Government back in the hands of the people by creating a Government of the people, by the people and for the people. But first, we need to start the wheels turning that will create a robust economy!

Get a handle on EPA – in fact stop them in their tracks until we have time to restructure them. They have hindered or stopped three very important job creating businesses that would create hundreds of thousands jobs; (1) Resume deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, (2) Resume drilling of shale gas supplies, and (3) Complete the pipeline that from Canada to Oklahoma and the Gulf Coast so heavy oil can transported.

One hundred twenty five of our most valued businesses have joined Republicans in their plan for America’s job creators. This has been on the table or should I say Obama’s desk for many moons and today Congress is suppose to vote on three job creating pacts with Colombia, Panama and South Korea.

Surely Democrats will support our Nation by voting for this bill – this will create an estimated 250,000 jobs and the export of American made goods will amount to approximately 13 billion dollars.

125 of our Nations strongest most productive companies have endorsed this bill; this will be the first door opened since Obama took over in 2009 that actually will create permanent jobs.

Legally it’s probably impossible to expedite the determination by the Supreme Court about Obamacare. But, there may be some Americans out there who know what can be done to encourage the Supreme Court to place Obamacare at the top of their agenda. Obamacare must go!

EPA must be confined, restricted and stopped – once that is accomplished all the strangling regulations on businesses must be removed and all loopholes that allow big Corporations like GE to avoid paying taxes must be corrected.

Like Cains 9 9 9 proposal – I have submitted the 3 R’s (R R R) as a positive solution for getting Americans back to work.

(R) – Restrict EPA

(R) – Remove excessive regulations from businesses (Big and small)

(R) – Repeal Obamacare ASA_P

May God Bless America

As Always,
Little Tboca

Scuttlebutt On the Streets About Obama

October 4, 2011

by little tboca

Americans what will we get for Christmas? Here’s an excerpt from Ronald Reagan’s “To Restore America Speech.”

“No one who lived through the Great Depression can ever look upon an unemployed person with anything but compassion. To me, there is no greater tragedy than a breadwinner willing to work, with a job skill but unable to find a market for that job skill.

Back in those dark depression days I saw my father on a Christmas Eve open what he thought was a Christmas greeting from his boss. Instead, it was the blue slip telling him he no longer had a job. The memory of him sitting there holding that slip of paper and then saying in a half whisper, ‘That’s quite a Christmas present,’ it will stay with me as long as I live.”

In 2009 Obama said if he doesn’t turn the economy around, then he’s going to be a one term President. Today, he just pulled a Joe Biden gaffe and said the economy isn’t any better then it was three years ago. Guess we can assume he’s a one term reject!

Joe Biden isn’t going to be Obama’s scapegoat; he said the bad economy belongs to Obama. Joe has his moments of letting it all hang out and he’s plumb tired of lying to Americans about unemployment and the state of our economy. I imagine Joe has been confined to his room and sent to bed without dinner after that bit of honesty.

David Plouffe must be suffering from fatigue or is losing his marbles, for he basically says, that Americans won’t base their vote in 2012 on the unemployment rate. David if the unemployment rate hovers around 9.2 % or higher – that would mean over 14 million Americans are still unemployed.

Plouffe reminds me of Jimmy Carter, when Carter said in an interview with Playboy that there were times he had “lust in his heart” for women. Plouffe has “lust in his heart” for the all might dollar. As long as Obama keeps handing him the money, he’ll play the Obama game.

David Axelrod struggles for words and finally says reelection for Obama is a “Titanic Struggle.” David’s excuse is pretty much like Obama’s, when Obama blamed the weather. Weather seems to be the common denominator; Axelrod said the wind isn’t at Obama’s back. So much for the wind!

Warren Buffet dropped Obama on his head, saying he didn’t mean all wealthy people should be taxed; Warren mentioned that only about 50,000 out of 310 million people were in the ultra rich class. So Obama’s speech writers quickly removed Buffet from Obama’s speeches. Warren doesn’t like to be misquoted!

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Majority Whip Dick Durbin, aren’t happy campers either. Harry and Dick hate to be caught with their pants down – they remember Obama’s famous budget from last spring that not one Democrat voted for and they know Obama’s job plan is just another dud. Harry and Dick are tired of having egg on their face.

The moderate Senate Democrats are jumping ship probably because they realize Obama’s strategy to use class warfare will bite them in the fanny before the sun sets on 2012.

The Democrats are having a lot of sleepless nights trying to figure out their next moves; (1) Is it too late to nominate a candidate for the 2012 election, (2) Will the unemployment rate keep rising and, (3) How can you support a President, who can’t lead a cow out of the cow pasture?

Obama’s “Rules for Radicals” have backfired; he’s distracted and divided his Democratic base. His speeches are like old worn out rags flapping in the wind. His trusty old teleprompter has lost its punch. In three short years, he’s worn out his welcome – people are tired of his political rhetoric and his false promises.

“Americans What Will We Get For Christmas?”

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca

Obama & Holder Lapse of Memory

October 4, 2011

by little tboca

Going back to the Fast and Furious gunrunner program we find that both Obama and Holder seem to be confused, forgetful and in denial. When questioned on the stand by Darrell Issa, Eric Holder said under oath that he’d recently heard about the gunrunner corruption.

But, emails show that Mr. Holder has had full knowledge of this covert operation since he requested 10,000,000 from Obama to fund and grow the illegal operation.

This isn’t Holder’s first run in with illegal smuggling of guns, in 2007 private atty Holder defended Chiquita International Brands the group that funneled $1.7 million into the Columbian group AUC. He actually got his client (CIB) off the hook with a small fine.

Obama has been in total denial about the gunrunner program until recently, although he actually allotted 10,000,000 to the Fast and Furious gunrunner program orchestrated by ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.)

Obama and the DOJ refused to work with those investigating this illegal program – they keep stalling and refusing to turn over documents to House Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa.

This is probably one of the worst scandals in our history, because the program started from the top and worked down to the ATF. Innocent people have been murdered including Brian Terry, one of our border agents.

Obama is campaigning vigorously using his “Jobs Plan” as a weapon to wield over the Republicans, but the problem here is – the Democrats are the ones who refuse to sign his new bill.

The Democrats know it’s another stimulus package and also know two pertinent pieces to this puzzle; (1) The bill isn’t paid for and it will cost taxpayers, and (2) They are starting to worry about their job security in the upcoming 2012 elections.

Harry Reid pretty much told Obama to cool it – by saying there are other issues to be tackled first and he reluctantly promised to put the job plans bill on his calendar, but no one knows the date or where Harry put Obama’s jobs plan. Needless to say, if the Democrats aren’t interested in passing the bill at this time, Obama needs some knew campaign material!

Another point of interest is Obama and the DOJ suing states who initiated their own laws on illegal immigration. Remember Obama sent a memo to ICE telling them basically to stop deporting illegal aliens.

Americans, here’s a wake up call for all of us – immigration is a State power, not the Governments. Read the Ninth and Tenth Amendments to the Constitution; they are there for the sole purpose of restricting our Government and preventing it from encroaching on our State’s rights.

When New Hampshire cancelled the 1.8 million dollar contract with Planned Parenthood – Obama a few days later went behind closed doors again and funded Planned Parenthood with taxpayer’s dollars and at the same time threatened to pull New Hampshire’s Medicaid funding.

Americans should make their own decision if they want to fund an abortion clinic like Planned Parenthood – Obama is acting like a dictator.

So Obama’s cover ups continue sprouting up like a bad weed; he lied about his jobs plan and he lied about the Fast and Furious gunrunner program.

He sneaked behind closed doors and funded Planned Parenthood. He’s trying to stop deportation of illegal aliens and his dirty laundry list just keeps growing.

We have two men keeping Americans and our Country safe – I don’t think so. One rewrites the laws and the other flatly ignores them. Both of these men should be removed from office and it looks like the Democrats may just be planning that …

May God Bless our Nation
As Always,
Little Tboca