Obama – We Don’t Want to Pass it Now & We Can Wait

by little tboca
Obama, we can wait and let me tell you exactly why we can wait. We grudgingly gave in to you when you wanted the first 787 billion dollar stimulus assuring us that you were going to get the economy out of the ditch while the Republicans were standing around sipping slurpees.

As our Nation’s unemployment rose to over 9.1 %, millions of homeowners were losing their homes, companies were laying off employees, businesses stalled and consumer confidence went down the tubes, you said, “shovel-ready was not as shovel-ready as we expected followed by a smirk.” We should have waited!

Next thing that just couldn’t wait was our healthcare; you literally stopped worrying about our economy and hid behind closed doors crafting the not so famous Obamacare. You promised several things saying that Obamacare would save 1 trillion dollars over a couple of decades – wrong, Obamacare is going to increase our National Deficit by several trillion dollars when it’s fully up and running.

CBO (Congressional Budget Office) that 800,000 jobs would be lost as a result of Obamacare. Employers are laying off and will continue this trend due to Obamacare. You said, if we like our current health plan and physician nothing will change – wrong again millions of people will lose their healthcare plan along with their favorite physician. We tried to wait, but you kicked us under the bus.

Why do you think you’ve been handing out exemptions to the Unions and other large businesses? You also promised that Obamacare will “lower the cost of health care for our families.” Wrong again Obama, CBO projects that the average American family will pay $2,100 more on health care premiums when the law is fully implemented (an increase of 10% to 13%).

You can tell Pelosi, we’ve read the Obamacare bill and we don’t like what’s in it. Guess we should have waited!

Your latest campaign speeches remind me of a parrot with a speech impediment squawking, “Pass it now, we can’t wait, Pass it now, we can’t wait followed by some wing flapping and finger pointing. FYI Obama, we don’t want to pass your second stimulus now and we can wait.

We have a National Deficit over 14 trillion dollars, thanks to you – our Deficit grows daily because you refused to balance our budget and use our money wisely. Thanks to you, we will probably suffer thru another down-grade in our credit rating. The credit rating agencies say that further rating cuts are likely and when the “Super Committee” comes back with tax increases you can be sure that before Christmas we’ll take another credit rating hit.

Oh yes, Obama we can wait until November 2012 rolls around because we will hand you your pink slip and walking papers at that time. “A man is only as good as his word – your word stinks, Obama.”

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca


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