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“KISS” Mr. OBAMA – by little tboca

July 31, 2011


The debt ceiling crisis, if it’s in fact a crisis has stumped 536 of United States finest politicians or should that be rephrased by merely saying those serving in the House of Representatives, the Senate and the President don’t have a clue about balancing a budget.

American families have know for years how to balance a budget; they know if you’re spending more than you take in, you’re headed for a financial crash.  It’s pretty simple to balance a budget, although in actuality this isn’t addressed by our fair haired politicians.

Instead they’re talking about slight decreases in our National Deficit over a span of eight to ten years, in the meantime our deficit keeps growing and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a slew of economists to figure this out… 

What should be on the table is this; (1) Government income for a month – how much money is actually being collected by the government, (2) List priorities – include the Military, SS, Medicare, unemployment checks and the recipients of surplus or money left over should be decided not by Timothy Geithner, but by the American people.

Americans know we’re going to take another critical hit below the belt, but they’re willing to do whatever it takes to restore our Nation’s once strong foundation. 

Next, our Government needs to list all beneficiaries receiving grants and freebies from the taxpayers, such as NPR, Planned Parenthood, Media Matters and foreign countries receiving money who never reciprocate,  Next list lenders and businesses who haven’t paid back our stimulus money and the list just rambles on including EPA’s blatant spending of our money.

Once this list of beneficiaries is completed, Republicans and Democrats need to ruthlessly eliminate all of this unnecessary waste. If we don’t have it – we should be borrowing to fund these various outside entities. 

Americans priorities should be this; (1) Insist, or even fight to remove the frivolous regulations against businesses (big and small,) removing all tax loopholes, (2) A panel to monitor the FEDS on a daily basis, (3) Repeal Obamacare ASAP, and (4) Insist on transparency – all bills or changes in spending or Government expenditures should be posted one week before a vote.

Granted this appears rather easy, but its not and until Americans restores the United States to a government of the people, by the people and for the people, we will remain a victim of our present Government. 

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca


Good Morning America – God Bless LTC Lakin

January 2, 2011

LTC Terrence Lakin is a man of principle not preferences.  How easy it would have been for Terry to grab his bags when Obama ordered him to deploy to Afghanistan!  Terry could have taken the easy way out and made his decisions upon preferences entirely.  He could have looked for the easy way out, the road without conflict and like a good little sheep just followed the “norm.”

Instead LTC Lakin lives by principles that he feels are for the good and benefit of all Americans and because Terry loves his Nation.  LTC Lakin said, “I will disobey my orders to deploy [to Afghanistan] because I, and I believe all servicemen and women and the American people, deserve the truth about President Obama’s constitutional eligibility to the office of the presidency and the commander in chief.”

We have made our decision about the Terry Lakin story for we have that prerogative, but the question remains – how did we arrive at our decision.  Did the news media influence our decision making process?  Did we base our decision on the authority of politicians or teachers, preachers, historians and the propaganda from the news media?  As it has been said, only your “hair dresser” will know!

A very wise man realized many moons ago that decisions made on hearsay, propaganda or childish traditions would leave us stranded, a ship without a destination, a life without a cause, a transition from birth to death without principles could be the cancer that devours our minds. 

Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it.  Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many.  Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books.  Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders.  Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations.  But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.  ~Buddha

On January 2nd, 2011 LTC Terrence Lakin resides in a military jail and dismissal from the Army – many will walk on in the New Year without a second thought or a question about the court’s decision. 

Terry Lakin was denied his requests for discovery and frankly his side of the story may never be heard, but no greater gift can a man give than his life for others.  God Bless you LTC Terrence Lakin.  As Always, Little Tboca

Change – It’s Time To Win The War

October 1, 2010

The next time someone tries to sell us “change,” run the other way.  What we need is the “same ole, same ole.”  Let’s go way back in history, shake the dust off the Declaration of Independence, Gettysburg Address and embrace our Constitution. 

No matter what your religion is – you must admit that the foundation given to us by our forefathers was God driven and actually etched in stone.  This strong foundation was created for all men and women in America and will withstand the storms of demonization.  Our forefathers insured that our country would be safe, prosperous and most of all free from all outside corruption, if we but insured that our Nation would remain “One Nation under God with Liberty and Justice for All.” 

Here’s a statement by Sam Adams that pretty much describes our government in 2010, but there is light at the end of the tunnel for many true patriots are raising their hands and stepping forward to “take back our country for our children, grandchildren and future generations. 

Sam Adams: “If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”

 Our Government over a period of many years reversed roles with we the people; the Government  does not work for the people!  It is attempting to control the people.  We must take back our Government and place in the competent hands of the people.

Abraham Lincoln said,” that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

We the people must step forward in November 2010 and vote for those who will restore our Nation – we can’t complacently sit back and watch the rest of the crazy world go by…  We must do our homework before we go to the polls; quit listening to the “he said, she said” crap and do what is right for our Country and future generations to come. 

Review the status quo on October 1, 2010; we are in debt up to our armpits and beyond.  For whatever reasons the Healthcare Reform has literally placed our businesses, the medical community, senior citizens in limbo due to the unforeseen costs and poorly formatted bill. 

Government spending is becoming an albatross around our necks that we won’t be able to remove if we don’t insist on a budget.  The legacy we will leave our children and grandchildren will be a chilling shameful mess that they don’t deserve.

Transparency must be implemented immediately in our Government – they work for us and we must be the decision makers.  No more shenanigans behind closed doors – it’s our money or our dime so to speak and they are totally in adept when it comes to spending our money. 

Stop the earmarks – each state must be responsible and stand on their own two feet.  Protect our Military at all costs, no more war game restrictions – let our military commanders do the job we sent them to do and quit tying their hands behind their backs.  Our freedoms have endured the tests of time due to our brave men and women.  

Terrorists are terrorists, illegal aliens constitutes a crime, they are not a race, those who are corrupt in our Government need to be placed behind bars not just smacked gently on the hands or reprimanded.  It’s time to quite kidding ourselves; we’re in a war on our own turf and it’s time to win the war.

May God Bless America


Two Options – Obama or America

May 20, 2010

America, we’re in a heap of trouble and our National Deficit isn’t the only problem at this time.  Our country has been invaded by a group of corrupt people who actually want us to fall on our knees and beg for mercy. Obama (outside of the devil) is without a doubt the most devious, insincere and calculating person who has graced the seat of “President” in our Nation’s history.  That statement above is of course a grandmother’s opinion, if he doesn’t agree with me, just tell him to meet me on the White House steps and we’ll continue this conversation. 

It’s time to throw political correctness (whatever that means) out the window and stop this Obama Administration from further destruction to our country.  At the age of 70, I’m experiencing the most evil group of politicians in my life; they continue on their path of redistribution and spreading the wealth daily and we’re sitting here allowing this to happen.

Obama isn’t qualified, nor does he have the ability to lead this great Nation.  His ideology is so far left that many Democrats and most Americans disapprove of him. His approval rate is dropping daily and according to Rasmussen at 26% approval today.

Now, we know why vetting is important, for the character of a man is the man.  This man thrives on lies, power and magic tricks and he has yet in 16 plus months to do one thing to help America restore its once strong foundation.

Here is his dirty laundry list; (1) Misspent stimulus monies, (2) No real assistance to homeowners, over 4 million homes are now on or about to join the list of foreclosures, (3) A National Deficit that will take future generations years to conquer, (4) Dilapidated, costly Healthcare Reform that Pelosi admitted (no will know what is in the reform until it’s passed, (4) He’s created total disarray in his foreign policies and terrorist policies, and (5) No JOBS, No Jobs and No Jobs. 

There is so much more to add to his list of corruption, but that wouldn’t help.  There must be a group of attorneys who are Constitution scholars that can assist us in freezing government spending, forbidding any more policies or reforms to be passed unless Americans have a 2 weeks chance to review the bill and make a decision. If we can stop the hemorrhaging until November 2010, possibly we can save our Nation.

Another concern with this man we call Obama is the BP flop.  Although he may not have known about the BP problem until it happened; he has refused to solve the terrible oil spill that is worsening daily.  If Americans had demanded that experts from around the world were dispatched to the Gulf on the first day of the explosion; our fellow Americans in the Gulf States would have been protected.  We must find a way to have our voice heard!

How long is Obama going to let BP control our Nation – let’s do the right thing and blow it up period, never to be used again! The next thing on his list and you can take this to the bank is trying to give all illegal aliens a free ride by expediting their citizenship.

Please understand  that a high percentage of drug crimes, human trafficking, murder, rape are being committed by many of these people Obama wants to harbor in our USA.   

There is so much more to add to his list of corruption, but that wouldn’t help.  There must be a group of attorneys who are Constitution scholars that can assist us in freezing government spending, forbidding any more policies or reforms to be passed unless Americans have a 2 weeks chance to review the bill and make a decision. If we can stop the hemorrhaging until November 2010, possibly we can save our Nation.  If we think it’s bad now, wait until Obama continues his rampage against America and all Americans. 

Let’s not wait until 2012; there must be many American citizens who know the legalities of our Constitution.  Let them start a website, we’ll all support them morally and financially and let’s get this economic bleeding stopped.  “May God Bless America” 
As Always, Little T-boca (Annie)

Citizens Have Responsibilities Too!

May 16, 2010

Surely everyone will agree that a citizen of the United States has definite responsibilities. We are expected to obey the laws of our communities, our states and the laws of our country.  The red, white and blue flag with 50 stars flies above all other flags in our Nation – no flag from any other country takes precedence over our beautiful flag.

English is our language, not Spanish, Chinese, Japanese – it is English and that’s the end of that conversation.  The Federal Government has laws etched in stone on immigration and illegal aliens and those who don’t wish to obey the laws should pack up their little suitcases and go home.

Citizens are expected to pay their taxes in a timely manner and in turn we are expected to respect the rights of others. It is our responsibility to vote and along with that we must be well informed about the issues and or candidates; citizens shouldn’t depend on the news media for this information. Citizens need to know what each issue says and what the pros and cons are before taking a stance or side.

The Latinos should support Arizona in the immigration law as it mirrors the Federal Law and hasn’t anything to do with racial profiling or taking one’s civil rights from them. 

There are many Latino families who are US citizens and they pay taxes, obey the laws and vote; they raise their children in a Godly manner teaching them to love their country and respect others.

Hopefully, they will step forward and help us as we strive to solve a difficult problem.  If they have family members or friends that have “Snuck” into our country, then they need to assist them in taking the few steps necessary to apply for legal citizenship. Help us to rid ourselves of the drug lords, those involved in human trafficking, rape, murder and pillage. Arizona is a border state; our borders are to be protected by the Federal Government because protecting the borders of America is a national security issue not just an Arizona issue.

But, there are those few who want to play the race card, civil rights card and the minority card – none of these are acceptable.  Illegal immigration is not a “race,” but a crime with natural consequences supported by the Federal Law. A crime that has not been dealt with is no less a crime. 

Any person or persons who have crawled under barb wire fences or sneaked across the border is by definition committing a crime, in fact they know it’s a crime or they wouldn’t be sneaking. They would come into our country via the immigration stations posted on the border.  With purposeful intent our borders are crossed and those who choose the path of unlawful entry in to America know they are committing a crime yet they do it anyway with the hope that they will go unnoticed. 

So to Obama, Holder, Pelosi and Reid – here’s the deal; (1) Read the Federal Immigration Laws and the Arizona Immigration law, (2) Inform those who are illegal that they must apply for citizenship or pack up and go home, (3) Quit trying to incite racial problems in order to secure votes, and (4) As a citizen of the United uphold our laws, protect the legal citizens of America first and foremost. Like Eric Holder, none of you took time to do your homework – you stooped as low as the illegal aliens and even laughed about it. 

Friday, the 14th   of May my granddaughter graduated from Arizona State University and the University fathers allowed a Valedictorian to address the graduates and families with a political speech that was degrading to all races, except Latinos. Is this young man an example of all Latinos, those who have received a wonderful education, grant monies and a free ride and yet he’s still  wanting more of our hide?

My grandson who is 18 and attended the ceremony too commented later that the Valedictorian’s comment regarding challenges he experienced being raised in a predominantly white society is actually one of many benefits afforded minorities here in America; it is the young white males here in American that are last in line to receive financial support for college, housing, etc.

Instead of speaking highly of his country (USA) and being a proud citizen, the Valedictorian complained about the illegal immigration law SB 1070. He made a feeble attempt to describe how difficult it was for him, because he was a minority and wanted all of us to give him a “pity party.” 

His disdain and anger against our country was shameful – this young man possibly needs to find a new home. If he can’t support our laws and be a proud citizen of our United States maybe he should consider returning to Mexico and using the education he has received here in America to help support the needs of those who still reside in Mexico.

We are and will always be, “One Nation Under God With Liberty and Justice For All.”

As Always, Little T-Boca (Annie)

Crazy, Fat, Incoherent – I Don’t Think So

April 20, 2010

A man who obviously works for the Washington Post let it all hang out today!  His version of the Tea Party phenomenon as he calls us shows the mentality of those who are toddling down the road to Socialism.  His description of the Tea Parties absolutely shows the hatred that Obamians have for our country.

This journalist pretty much lost it today and should be ashamed of calling himself an American citizen; he demonized the Tea Party.  Friends this is exactly what Bill Clinton accused us of doing in his speech Yesterday.  I repeat the Democrats play the same game with different rules.  There only defense is demonizing others; they refuse to show any fiscal responsibility and continue their runaway spending – see I just voiced an opinion without any slander or demonizing!

 This sad person said we’re comprised of insurance company lobbyists, retirees (who oppose government –run health care), crazy birthers – whoa,  stop with me while I go back to the Post and identify this person along with his exact quote.  April 20th2010, Washington Post, Eugene Robinson, A National Deficit of Trust. 

Mr. Robinson said and I quote, “The overhyped Tea Party phenomenon is more about symbolism and screaming than anything else. A “movement” that encompasses gun nuts, tax protesters, devotees of the gold standard, Sarah Palin, insurance company lobbyists, “constitutionalists” who have not read the Constitution, Medicare recipients who oppose government-run health care, crazy “birthers” who claim President Obama was born in another country, a contingent of outright racists (come on, people, let’s be real) and a bunch of fat-cat professional politicians pretending to be “outsiders” is not a coherent intellectual or political force.”  Eugene Robinson, Washington Post, April 20, 2010

So at this point I refuse to be politically correct and like our “Hanity and Greta” on FOX, I’m going to express my opinion as a 70 year old grandmother of seven, mother of four who loves “God,” my country and fellow Americans. 

First let’s look at what Eugene calls the “Gun Nuts;” they are the ones who uphold our Constitution and don’t want the 2nd Amendment tampered with or eliminated.  Next the tax protestors, that includes about all of us who are hard working citizens of the USA; we don’t believe in big government, lack of transparency, redistribution and misuse of our hard earned dollars. 

Sarah Palin, well she is a breath of fresh air and willing to stand toe to toe with those who are corrupt and destroying our Nation.  Insurance company lobbyists, wow is that a slap in the face for companies like United Health Care, Aetna, Blue Cross and other reputable businesses; they knew darn well the Obama Healthcare Reform was going to result in higher taxes, higher health insurance and eventually a government controlled health insurance.  

Medicare recipients of which I just happen to be one,  and yes I oppose government run health care and will to my dying day. 

Hey, the crazy birthers, Eugene refers to are probably the ones who will sooner or later find out where this stranger that is President of our country came from and Eugene has nerve enough to slap the “birthers” with the “race card.”  The birthers aren’t trying to confirm or identify color of skin; they’d still be doing their homework if Obama was “Green or Purple.”  This is called vetting, which if you remember was never completed on this man we call Obama.  We do know the character of a man is the man – not one of us knows anything about Obama, only what the news media share with us which is loaded for bear with propaganda. 

His last negative comment is about a bunch of fat cat politicians pretending to be “outsiders.”   How low can he go; these are professional men and women who work for a living and want to restore our Nation to its once strong foundation. 

In closing, thank God for the Tea Parties and Americans who aren’t content being complacent while Obama and gang destroys our country.  Keep up the awesome work and don’t play Eugene’s childish game – you can voice an opinion without  slander or demonizing the opponent.  

Don’t ever allow ourselves to be suckered into a “pissing” match with the Socialists; we’re too proud to participate in that kind of political warfare.

“May God Bless America”