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Obama, Americans and Country

November 10, 2011

by little tboca

It all revolves around the sickening world of politics, we’re living in a world of stupidity and no one seems to be inclined to head our Country in the right direction. We must restore our Constitution, regain our freedoms, rights, protect our borders and keep our Military safe, but first we need JOBS. We know that unemployment is high – 14 million people without jobs and millions more who have just flat given up and aren’t looking for jobs anymore.

We know that millions of homeowners are still losing their homes. We know that consumers have tightened their belts and have no confidence in the direction that our Country is headed. We know that businesses (big and small) are basically in lock down due to the unnecessary environmental regulations and other Government imposed regulations.

We know that Obamacare is one of the main culprits that is creating problems with private individuals, the Medical field and businesses.

We know the Commander in Chief has been MIA again this year and refuses to take an interest in the real problems that have brought our economy to a grinding halt. If you remember this same person was missing in action for over a year hiding behind closed doors and crafting Obamacare.

The Commander in Chief can’t pat his head and rub his tummy at the same time – he has one agenda only and that is “Redistribution,” which in turn has brought our Nation to its knees.

So how can Americans break through this political world of stupidity? What can we do to create a safe, healthy haven for their children, grandchildren and future generations? What can we do to leave future generations a legacy that they can embrace with pride?

1. Quit listening to the stupid Liberal News Media. Their job is to keep Americans distracted, divided and off balance. Needless to say, they are doing their job quite well!
2. Quit putting ourselves in a Republican or Democratic box that keeps us confined. Start thinking outside of the box.
3. Quit allowing the Government to take our rights and freedoms away that were handed to us by our forefathers and protected by our Constitution.
4. Quit pretending that tomorrow will be a better day – it ain’t gonna happen unless we make it happen.
5. Quit listening to the stupid propaganda and rhetoric jammed down our throats by the Government. The daily dose of “he said, she said,” is counterproductive.

First we need jobs and that will only happen when we give businesses the “certainty” they need to get our economic wheels rolling. Reduce their taxes, ditch Obamacare and remove the strangling regulations imposed upon them from the Obama Administration. Businesses are waiting for us to make the first move.

Second, realize that businesses don’t have to hang around on our turf if we’re going to hit them with huge taxes and impossible Government regulations. Many have already moved their companies to foreign Countries, not because they hate America, but because our “Stupid Government” has literally tarred and feathered them and chased them out of town. It’s time to stop the outsourcing!

Our Nation was once the strongest most highly respected Nation in the world – let’s work until we achieve that goal again. Right now we’re the laughing stock of the World, because we’ve lost our pride and forgotten who we are; we’ve been way too complacent and let the “Stupid Government,” run our lives.

Like I said we’re living in a world of “stupidity,” time to shed the stupidity and join together to make America beautiful again. Let’s give our kids, grandkids and future generations a legacy that they will embrace with pride.

May God Bless America
As Always,


Obama’s Army

October 15, 2011

by little tboca

A group of people exists within our midst that hate the Constitution as laid down by our forefathers; they have spent years gnawing away at the very foundation that has make America exceptional. They have infiltrated our Government, our schools, our homes taking away our freedoms and rights.

They’ve attempted to remove God from the courthouses, our pledge of Allegiance, from our coins and out of our children’s schools. They are constantly degrading us, telling us what they perceive as wrong and assuring us they can fix it.

They ridicule, lie and spew verbal rape as is noted in their canned speeches. They mimic each other, they use the same words and they lie, lie, lie…

Until I started comparing their actions, their verbiage and their motives nothing was making sense – it was disturbing to watch and listen to certain journalists, politicians and our Commander in Chief as they conjured blatant attacks against the United States of America. They are ashamed of us!

Then it was self evident that we had allowed this group of people over a span of many years to infiltrate our Nation, our schools, our Government and our homes. They preyed on the poor using them as sheep to do their dirty work always trying to organize them into what is referred to as a “mass power.”

Their agenda is simple, yet deadly – they strive to keep the troops (Americans) distracted and divided as they promote their agenda. They want to change our Nation from what it is to what they want it to be…

Listen to their rhetoric, note the similarity in their method of communication and realize that what they say has nothing to do with the truth.

Just recently we’ve witnessed their mode of operation and watched as they constantly stir the pot always blaming others for their inept ability to lead and keep our Country safe.

When the Tucson massacre occurred, they immediately blamed Sarah Palin, Republicans questioning our 2nd Amendment rights.

The tea party movement frightened them so their only recourse was to demonize this group of citizens who wanted our individual freedoms restored, our borders secured, our Military kept safe and returning our Government to a Government of the people by the people and fore the people.

They use scare tactics when Paul Ryan presented his budget – they tried to scare the older generation and say Paul was going to push “granny” off the cliff. They attacked Sarah Palin with vengeance, but how sad to think that anyone would stoop so low as to make fun of her youngest son who has Downs Syndrome.

Pelosi’s remarks about Republicans on October 13, 2011 saying that Republicans will be voting to allow women to die on the floor. They hope Glenn Beck puts a gun to his head and pulls the trigger. They make fun of those suffering and dying from Alzheimers.

But, what created my curiosity about this group of people was the way they embraced the OWL protestors. Obama, Plouffe, Pelosi, Soros, the Unions, ACLU all jumped on National TV praising the protestors.

This appeared to be a very strange reaction, but now we realize that these young people who have been taught that the world owes them a living will be the chosen ones to reform our Nation.

The most terrifying part of this story is this – in our complacency, our attempt to be politically correct we have spawned a group of youngsters who are lost sheep, lacking attention, mentoring and guidance because we were just too busy trying to keep up with the Jones’s.

We have a very dangerous group of people who have been brainwashed; they are the product of many generations. They have been mentored, disciplined and controlled by people like Soros, Alinsky, who have infiltrated our schools, our colleges, our Government and our Nation.

Alinksy was considered one of the greatest community organizers of all times, which is a pretty scary thought when you remember Obama’s only claim to fame was a community organizer.

Will they change, absolutely not – they are the result of a silent revolution that has been taking place in our Nation for years. Their tools are propaganda, vile rhetoric laced with lies – they are the polished technicians who have perfected the art of “distracting and dividing.” They thrive on verbal rape and in their world truth does not exist.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca

Obama’s Job Plan For Money and Votes

September 12, 2011

by little tboca

"Not Shovel Ready"

The speech on September 8, 2011 had nothing to do with Americans – it was a well pressed, zip your pants speech for the Unions. Obama was once again doing some fancy deep sea diving in search of votes for his Presidential run in 2012.

This was a demand for $447 billion dollars to pad the Union’s pockets with the promise as usual that it wouldn’t cost taxpayer’s any money. This is another Obama lie, another stimulus package and taxpayers will pay for it.

Basically his speech was a do-over from the 2009 stimulus speech, the one that guaranteed jobs, help for homeowners, smaller government, transparency and lower unemployment. Obama is pretending to embrace those who have lost their jobs, their homes and are struggling to pay their bills as he prepares them for the “zinger.”

Raising the debt ceiling didn’t satisfy his undying thirst for more stimulus money, not did the predictions by economists that we may be headed for a double dip recession slow Obama down in his demand for money.

He throws out his share of the curve balls to the House and Senate saying both parties can work together to solve the mess his Administration has created the past three years. taunting the Republicans by saying we’ll see if they can put Country before party.

His exact words to Republicans and Democrats seemed more like a tongue lashing than words of encouragement from a Commander in Chief. Obama never leads; Obama dictates.

Yep, he gave American’s a jobs plan outline for $447 billion stimulus package nothing more nothing less. He wants to continue his redistribution agenda, because he’s misused over 4 trillion dollars of taxpayer’s money and his “redistribution piggy bank” is empty without any pork.

AFL-CIO helped him write his speech and the funding for highways, transit, aviation and rail is not only on their wish list – if they don’t get what they’re asking for, Obama knows campaign money and votes for 2012 will deteriorate.

Same scenario with the teachers stimulus piece – the Unions are demanding money for their sacred cows and Obama is pretty much in a do or die situation here…

Obama’s idea for an infra structure bank just doesn’t cut the mustard; Obama has about as much business being the steward of this bank as Biden has negotiating with the Chinese.

Obama refuses to face reality and won’t address the real reasons our economy is not even crawling. Businesses don’t trust him or his Administration, they’re bogged down with so many regulations that they can’t even come up for air. EPA is loose cannon that no one seems to be able to get a handle on and Obamacare has already caused businesses millions of dollars.

Fix these problems, Obama and our Nation’s economic wheels will start turning. While you’re at it quit sneaking behind closed doors to do your dirty work in an attempt to buy votes from the Hispanic population, through your newly created version of the “Dream Act.” Illegal alien isn’t a race – it’s a crime!

The “Fast and Furious” gunrunner program is your responsibility, you’re the one who signed off on $ 10,000,000 for Project Gunrunner from H.R. 1, the American Recovery and Investment Act of 2009 (Stimulus bill.) Obama, you have American and Mexican blood on your hands.

Obama’s jobs plan is another massacre on taxpayers – his promise that this plan is already paid for is another lie. This will be another Obama “gotcha” that will never be paid for even over a 10 year span.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca

Obama’s Bash On Us – by little tboca

August 3, 2011

While Americans were sleeping, gasping for air and trying to get a handle on the debt ceiling crisis, Obama was getting a do over for his 50th B. D. bash in his old Chicago hometown.  His teleprompter was in the shop getting an overhaul, his nails manicured and probably a dip in that stuff that makes the gray disappear from the top of his head.

After all, how many men of 50 wake up with a gift from America to the tune of 400 billion with promises of more to come once his “redistribution programs” run out of money.  A repeat of 2009 for once again his bank account is fat and free from audits. Obama couldn’t wait for one day to pass after the debt ceiling crisis to start his B.D. celebration.

 There’s a fundraising celebration at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago that will cost more than most of us see in a lifetime.  The guest list includes, celebrities, DEMS with lotsa money, Unions, some Soros reps and anyone else who’s prepared to contribute up to $35, 800 for his campaign. This will include unlimited access to alcohol, free picture with Obama, dining, dancing all on our time and money.

His fake disappointment in the debt ceiling crisis was ancient history and he’s off and running on the 2012 Presidential campaign. This time he has been handed a custom made free campaign agenda from the Republicans and he’s prepared to play it to the hilt. 

The Republicans will be blamed for higher unemployment, slow economic growth and China’s drop in our credit ratings.  It’s a birthday bash unlike any other in our Presidential history, because Americans, all Americans are back under the control of the Obama Regime.

How could all of this be happening before our eyes?  Who’s to blame and what can we do about it?  There is one clean cut answer – the Government once again has kicked the garbage can down the road without any attempt to reduce our National Deficit immediately. 

The can is way out in no man’s land waiting for the next time the debt ceiling must be raised, while our National Deficit continues growing and Americans continue to suffer. 

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca

Obama & Democrats Cremating Our Businesses

August 3, 2011

by little tboca

It’s time for America to take back their Country and forget being politically correct – Stop the bleeding Obamacare Monster that’s eating away at our businesses, Medical Community and Insurance companies.

Help our businesses regain their strength by dropping all the stupid regulations, lower their taxes and give them room to create a strong economy again. If we don’t fight for our business community, we can kiss the hope of jobs good bye.  Insist that all the corrupt lenders and businesses that stole our stimulus money pay it back immediately. 

Obama just signed the debt ceiling bill and met the press in the Rose Garden minutes after signing with his usual same ole, same ole campaign speech for 2012.  He uses the FOX News term “balanced” telling lawmakers that they need to take a balanced approach to reduce the deficit that will include adjustments to the elderly’s healthcare plans. 

He insists that lawmakers must reform the tax code so the wealthy pay more – meaning businesses (large and small) making over 250,000 can expect higher taxes in the near future.  Did this person just get off the turnip truck or hasn’t anyone bothered telling him that businesses are planning more layoffs due to the extreme regulations, threat of higher taxes and the looming Obamacare bill. 

The adjustment to the senior’s healthcare plans should scare the seniors, because the Democrats want to dun the PC’s (Private Care Physicians and Hospitals.)   They’ve already ran most of our PC’s out of town and they’re vicious in their attack on the hospitals.  

Pay for Performance is like holding a knife to our healthcare community; it allows a third party to make a decision on what is paid if anything.   Medicare will actually reduce payment if a patient is admitted too many times to a Hospital meaning  Obamacare will actually punish Physicians and Hospitals for providing better quality care. 

In closing this statement by Obama pretty much says it all and shows his ineptness once again. “We can’t balance the budget on the backs of the people who’ve borne the brunt of this recession,” Obama said.

It’s obvious that he still doesn’t understand the sequence that stimulates a robust economy.  First all business regardless of size need to be freed up by reducing taxes, removing the frivolous regulations – this will start the wheels of our economy rolling.

Free up our business sector and jobs will be created immediately, meaning the Government will receive more tax money, consumers will start regaining their confidence because jobs are being created and Americans will take the ball and run with it, if the Big Government would just stay out of their way.

Regardless of the shower of terrorist accusations against the Republicans and tea parties, here’s the bottom-line and the real reason the Dow is sliding and some companies are cutting back; (1) Consumers cut back their spending in June, which surprised economists, (2) According to Government reports, economy grew at its slowest past the first half of this year since June of 2009, and (3) Our Markets have finally figured out that businesses aren’t planning on any growth because they’re afraid of Obama and his Administration. 

Hopefully Republicans and Democrats realize that they have literally raped the engine (Businesses) that creates a healthy economy. Tomorrow if they’d announce that Obamacare will be placed on hold until such time as the Supreme Court can make a decision on the legality of this program and if they would lower taxes, close corporate loopholes and ruthlessly cut NPR, Planned Parenthood, get a handle on EPA, and quit handing money out the backdoor to foreign countries and phony grants. 

May God Bless America,

As Always,

Little Tboca


Obama’s Elves

July 29, 2011

by little tboca

While you were sleeping, Obama and his evil little elves aren’t busy making toys for the good little girls and boys.  They’re systematically removing one freedom after the other.  To date, they’ve managed to place businesses big and small in limbo – they’re afraid to expand and hire.   Consumers are buying the bare necessities and hanging on to their dwindling savings and retirement funds.

College students are facing tremendous adversities and senior citizens are left wondering if they will be the next ones to be shoved over the cliff.  Those who have supported Obama and his Administration are starting to jump ship, because they realized they’ve been duped.  The die – hard supporters no longer have confidence in Obama, nor his policies; they’ve packed their bags and are moving to higher ground.

As we speak, Obama is behind closed doors trying to unarm Americans by attempting to adopt the UN’s International Gun Control restrictions.  He’s tossed our Bill of Rights and Constitution out the door. 

His Labor Board is ruthlessly attacking Boeing and our “Right to Work” status; can you imagine telling a grand old company like Boeing where they can build new facilities and who they must hire?  It’s happening right now and if Obama gets his way workers will have to endure card check and companies will have to get approval from the unions before expansion or hiring. 

So you see Obama and his elves aren’t really MIA – they’re burning the midnight oil and strategically removing our rights as USA citizens.  Remember the Libyan war was started by one person intent on continuing the redistribution of our money; he doesn’t care who if anyone wins this war.

While Geithner, Pelosi, Reid and Obama are spreading the doom and gloom propaganda about the dangers of not raising the debt ceiling, scuttle butte on the street insists that his administration are once again behind closed doors calling all lenders and basically telling them, “don’t worry – we won’t default.”   

Obama and Eric Holder are ducking and dodging bullets on the “Fast and Furious” and “Gunrunner” program; they’re more than willing to let others take the hit. The important thing to remember is this 2 very special Americans have been murdered due to this devious program and more will follow because many, many high powered weapons walked from our border into Mexico.

 The Mexican Government looks  at us in total disgust verging on hatred for placing weapons into the hand of drug cartels; they’ve lost thousands of lives again due the cartels and Holder and Obama are responsible. 

If we have but learned one lesson during Obama’s time in office, it would be this – don’t trust or believe anything that he says on National TV.  Protect your back and remember while you’re sleeping Obama and elves are planning their next attack on America’s freedoms.

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca

Obama Sleeping With General Electric?

May 9, 2011

General Electric a household name, one that we’ve cherished in our hearts as a company that is truly an American Icon. A company who has grown into a global infrastructure and from all appearances has become the giant that can take on the toughest most difficult challenges of our time.

Is it possible the global giant has long lost its Patriotism and loyalty to our Nation? Although based in the USA, G.E. has lost its identity! None of us know much about General Electric anymore and it seems they’ve joined ranks with those who wish harm upon our Country.

Their values have changed and their moral perception has gone down the tubes for they have relegated America to the ancient history shelves.

G.E. orchestrated thru lobbying a series of tax breaks actually alienating themselves as a strong leader of our community? It’s on record that G.E. although posting a loss in 2009 has taken a lion’s share of American profits to the tune of about 26 billion dollars along with that they’ve received a net tax benefit from the I.R.S. of over 4 billion.

Should we continue embracing a company like G.E. that avoids taxes by transferring domestic manufacturing overseas and continues doing business as usual overseas which in turn discourages hiring in the United States at the same time tromping on investment.

We’re not talking about the homegrown company of 130 years ago – we talking about an “octopus” that spent millions of dollars lobbying for the “Cap N Trade” scheme of Obama’s Administration. They have joined with Obama for two reasons; (1) Tax credits they will receive, and (2) The fact that G.E. is manufacture of the largest wind turbine generator.

Another long arm of G.E. has been the purchase of NBC Universal snatching up 51% of the shares in order to control our news media. Yes, there’s other monopolies controlling our news media just to mention a few, Disney, Viacom International Inc., Westinghouse/CBS Inc. and by the way the “MS” in MSNBC means Microsoft, but does the fact that others have followed in G.E.’s footsteps give General Electric a “get out of jail free card?

By now, you’re probably starting to understand who controls the news media and why journalists are nailed to the cross of “Liberalism.” The scariest part of all is the way General Electric has taken control of the White House under Obama’s regime. Taxpayers have a right to ask G.E. many questions during these harsh economic times.

Does G.E. owe back taxes – that of course will be an ongoing debate? Did Obama appoint Jeffrey R. Immelt, the chairman and chief executive of General Electric Co. to be an outside economic adviser? Yes Obama has asked Jeffrey R. Immelt to be one of his right hand job creating czars.

Good old Jeffrey is responsible for laying off Americans, correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe about 18,000 jobs were lost do to General Electric’s layoffs.

Wasn’t General Electric one of the very first to request a waiver from Obamacare? Why would they receive immunity from this albatross? Why did Obama stop by to visit India while on his Asian tour? I believe that Obama said the reason he stopped off in India during his Asian trip was to try to secure a G. E. turbine contract from India.

How many billion did G.E. receive from TLGP (Temporary Liquidy Guarantee Program) oh its believed to be in the ball park of about 340 billion or more?

Furthermore, there weren’t any restriction placed on Immelt’s salary. G.E. can crow about being the recipient of many, many stimulus grants, but for me I feel nothing but shame for a company who is a disgrace to America.

It’s pretty evident that G.E. has lost their loyalty to the USA along the way and during that interim they’ve taken control of the White House and some of our news media.
For me I’m thinking old Edison would be turning over in his grave about now due to the shame he must be feeling about G.E.

Frankly, I’m feeling the shame too and it is becoming evident why we are under control of many of the corporate giants.
It wouldn’t help to yell and scream, but you could go to this site and write a review about General Electric.
Or you could take a minute to call them at +1 203 373 2211 and better yet go to this site which is for feedback and inquiries.

Taxpayers now know where billions of their dollars are going for there are many corporations in America doing business just like General Electric. Can we stop them; absolutely not we’re only the pawns in their game of chess.

May God Bless America

As Always,
Little Tboca

Obama, Plouffe, Messina – 3 Ring Circus Coming to Town

May 3, 2011

David Plouffe is the ringmaster and Obama’s the clown dressed up in designer clothes with magical bouncing balls and a teleprompter. Messina is the elephant trainer. The Plouffe, Obama and Messina circus is merely a repeat of 2008. Nothings changed and nothing new!

In 2008 Plouffe and Axelrod implemented two things in preparation for Obama’s campaign – they canned the message of “Hope and Change” threw in a bunch of dreams for those who believe the world owes them a living.

They played on our youth’s sympathy and patriotism creating a false mirage of the American Dream enlisting them as the saviors of our Nations. Simply put, Plouffe and Axelrod treated them like 5 year olds asking them to be student of the day and help their teacher.

They knew that youngsters love to show their muscle, so they asked them to defy their parents, their grandparents and be a part of the new world of ‘hope and change.” They understood that in our high tech society the youth of today exist entirely on three sources of information, Facebook, Twitter and You Tube. What you see and hear is what you get kind of attitude!

For the Latinas, African Americans and many women, they merely created an R-rated movie called “Poor Me” emphasizing the plight of the Underdog and tossed in vile language, tales of abuse and of course the Race Card was the heroin.

Basically the 2008 Obama campaign was nothing more then a package of “nothing” wrapped in beautiful paper with several silk bows. But, that elusive package of “nothing” was enough to turn heads and get votes.

For many thought the elegant package was filled with the awesome promises of “hope and change,” and they were willing to sell their lives to the devil to own the package of nothing.

So in 2012, Obama with the able assistance of David Plouffe and Jim Messina, Obama is still running on “hope and change,” but under false aliases. Hope has been replaced by the word sacrifice; Obama is asking Americans once again to let him redistribute their money and insisting that the wealthy will pay his way this time around.

He refuses to discuss his first 2 ½ years when Americans sacrificed 3.7 trillion dollars, over 12 million Americans plus their family members have lost their homes and about 20 % of working Americans are unemployed., He has the arrogance and guts to put the monkey on Americans backs once again!.

Change has been replaced by two words, shared responsibility merely meaning that everyone must do more and expect less. Now that’s a mouthful, Americans have already handed over everything but their underwear to the one some call Mr. President.

Once again, the 2012 campaign will focus energy and millions of dollars on our college students, our Latina friends and our African American community, the same strategy used in 2008. As I stated earlier, nothing has changed. The message for 2012 has been canned replacing hope and change with sacrifice and shared responsibility.

Plouffe (Obama’s senior adviser) and Messina (campaign manager) are perfectly contented running the Obama campaign using Facebook, Twitter and You Tube venues. Obama with trusty teleprompter will be bouncing around creating distraction and division of our troops.

The big question remains can Obama, Plouffe and Messina sell “Snake Oil” to Americans in 2012 the same way they handed it out for free in 2008? Only Americans can answer this question.

The three are betting their careers on 2012 being a slam dunk because many Americans are still under the hypnotic powers created during the 2008 campaign and are most comfortable in the illusive magical world of Obama.

The 3 ringed circus has made its debut for the 2012 campaign early; Obama is using taxpayers’ money to finance a lot of this campaign. How do I know, it’s pretty simple to see that he’s not spending time in the White House balancing the budget, honoring transparency and creating jobs. He’s been AWOL since November 2008 and now for the next 1 ½ years, Obama will focus on the 2012 campaign.

Nothing changed, business as usual – Republicans and Democrats have been hung out to dry with nothing but a fig leaf for cover up.

“May God Bless America”

As always,
Little Tboca

Republicans – Where Art Thou

April 29, 2011

While the Republicans are looking for a Presidential candidate, they have a very unique window of opportunity to insure that whomever they choose will be our next President.
What can they do to clinch the Presidency for 2012? The Republican Party must first of all unite and work together with one message to Americans; “we will take back our country and restore its once strong foundation.”

Next, they must implement transparency, which will be an absolute first for voters; everyone has promised transparency to Americans and no one has honored that promise.
Finally they must refuse to raise the debt ceiling.; Some Democrats at this time will vote against raising the debt ceiling, if there isn’t a meaningful reduction commitment in place.

Now is the perfect time to show Americans that the National Deficit is the top priority.
Republicans must get the message out that they will do whatever is necessary to take back our country and restore our Nation’s foundation.

Implement transparency immediately, which will demonstrate their sincerity and affirm that they will honor their promises to our country.

Don’t raise the debt ceiling, but ruthlessly slice the existing budget and start paying on our National Deficit.

If Republicans do these three things – it will be an automatic shoo in for the Republican candidate of their choice in 2012. At this time they can’t seem to agree on priorities and this is showing a definite weakness within the party. Now they have the perfect window to make their move – Obama’s attention as all can see is his campaign for 2012.

Republicans don’t have many options left and their inability to honor their promises is starting to remind voters of Obama’s many promises in 2008 (which were never honored.)
In 2012, the people of America were slightly engaged; they were a little worried about economy, wars and our future. Now due to 3.7 trillion burden Obama has placed on our Nation, no jobs, higher gas and food prices Americans find themselves in a war within our borders against our Government.

Republicans need to know that that while they’re sitting back on their haunches looking for the perfect Presidential candidate, Obama has all his ducks in a row for the campaign of 2012. Obama isn’t one to sit around twiddling his thumbs, his 2012 agenda is in place and he’s financially capable of “snookering” America once again.

The Obama 2012 campaign strategy is definitely similar to the 2008 that concentrated on women, our youth and minority groups. Obama has joined hands with Mark Zuckerberg, the Internet entrepreneur who launched the world famous social site Facebook.

He’s desperately trying to woo the Latina once again with promises of fixing the age old problem of immigration. His promise of “comprehensive immigration reform” played an important role in his Presidential victory of 2008. Now he’s trying to play the same ole fiddle twice by forming a committee to study immigration – only time will tell if the Latinas will swallow the bait he’s dangling.

Republicans and Democrats should realize that Americans are tired of the lies, propaganda and political rhetoric that are spewed from the White House daily. The Tea Party has awakened the natives so to speak and they will no longer tolerate “Politics as Usual.” May God Bless America

As Always,
Little Tboca

Trump Won

April 28, 2011

The left news media seem to have egg on their face again, their game of distraction and dividing the troops has come home to roost. For 3 ½ years they have played Russian Roulette with Americans and one person single handed stopped them in their tracks.

In a couple of weeks Donald Trump accomplished what hundreds of people have tried to do for years. He took on MSNBC, ABC, The View and others and they crumpled! Remember these news medias are the propaganda specialists – the bearers of lies, name calling and false information.

They tried to create a crisis much like they did when Obama was campaigning against Hillary Clinton. In 2008 the left news media band together and decided that Obama was their savior and their job was to usher him into the White House.

They discovered that Americans had been AWOL from the political scene for years for they had been too busy living the good life and too lazy to pay attention to politics.
With those two things in mind, they created a crisis thus starting the ball rolling for a truly once in a life time political cremation. So with that in mind they started to weave a message that blindsided Americans.

The fact that the Democrats ruled the White House since 2006 didn’t matter at all – since this period of time was on Bush’s watch so collectively they tarred and feathered Bush and hung him out to dry.

The good ole boy McCain supplied them lots of ammo, since McCain attempted to be politically correct during his campaign. They demonized Sarah Palin and picked on an infant with Down Syndrome, which is worse than evil.

During this period of time, Americans were starting to awaken and they wanted Obama’s resume including his birth certificate. That didn’t happen because the news media fed Americans a line of garbage and kept them distracted.

Consequently, none of us know who this person is that is supposedly leading our Nation, but Trump stepped forward and exposed Obama for his lack of transparency and refusal to discuss his past.

After an exhausting few weeks, the news media lost and Obama was forced to show a birth certificate (whether legitimate or not) we probably will never know.

Now the media finds themselves in a most uncomfortable position for Americans want more than a birth certificate; they want credentials along with a resume.

Notice Liberals’ don’t communicate they attack. First they draw out the race card next they toss in pre packaged lies and false allegations hoping to create a distraction and division of troop. Here’s but a few of the news media’s comments, notice they have egg on their face and Trump a big smile. Remember Trump knows where their hot buttons are located!

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz took it a step further Tuesday night, flat-out calling current Birther superstar Donald Trump a racist

Robert De Niro who has dabbled in politics mentioned something about the raging bull and that comment in itself is hilarious.

Don’t forget ‘The View” they consists of a bunch of bored women, who never do their homework and can dig up more false dirt then an alley cat. Whoopi Goldberg, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Joy Behar and Sherri Shepherd take turns accusing Trump of racism as they continue to show a dislike for the Birthers.

Jon Stewart kept adding his two cents in an attempt to stop the Donald, but again Jon’s two cents is merely that!

Jerry Seinfeld and Rosie O’Donnell the “better than thou” lefties attempt to nudge Mr. Trump, but as we all know very little that comes out of their mouths makes any sense.
My guess is Obama knows that Americans will not roll over and play dead twice as he campaigns again on his 2008 hope and change. This very fact will probably be the demise of Barack Obama.

Whether Donald Trump runs for President or not, he will continue his crusade to expose Obama and gang. Thanks Donald and “May God Bless America.”

As Always,
Little Tboca