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Holder & Napolitano Must Go

January 28, 2012

Eric Holder the (AG) of the United States has certain duties according to the laws of our Country; the AG is the head of the United States Department of Justice. He is the “big dog” in charge of enforcing law, not by his rules but the laws of the land.

If the Attorney General is incapable, incompetent and irresponsible, the House of Representative have the power to impeach him and there is reasonable cause the Senate may try him for bribery, high crimes and misdemeanors.

Homeland Security was created after the 911 attacks and today Janet Napolitano holds the position of Secretary of Homeland Security. Her duty first and foremost is to keep our Country safe, our borders secure, infrastructure protection, preparedness and response, information technology and aggressively fight against terrorism. The US Border Agents are also under the long arm of the Secretary of Homeland Security.

So let’s go back to 2009 when Obama handed Holder 10,000,000 of our stimulus money specifically for an operation called the Fast and Furious gunrunner. This was a scheme to walk high powered weapons from our turf across the Mexican border into the hands of the drug cartels. The Obama Administration, the DOJ, the DHS, ATF and maybe other agencies collectively devised a plan that would destroy our 2nd Amendment and take our gun rights away.

Obama and all of the Government Agencies were involved, which means they all have to assume the responsibility for one of the most corrupt scandals in our USA. The Fast and Furious Gunrunner operation is responsible for the murder of two of our Border Agents (Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata.) In addition to those murders, hundreds of Mexicans have been murdered by weapons from our United States.

Anyone or ones who intentionally place our men and women in harm’s way are should stand trial for murder. If it were any other citizen of the United States that had committed crimes like this, they would be behind bars as we speak.

Obviously it was the “big guns” who were in charge of orchestrating this operation. Obama specified that 10,000,000 of our stimulus money be funded for the Fast and Furious Operation. Holder and Napolitano put this operation in motion in April 2009 in their speeches to the Mexico/United States Arms Trafficking Conference in CUERNAVACA, MEXICO.
Border Agents and ATF personnel and gun owners repeatedly questioned the dangers involved in selling high powered weapons to the drug cartels.

Whistle blowers stepped forward and testified under oath about the gunrunner operation. Holder and Napolitano both perjured themselves under oath when questioned about the Fast and Furious gunrunner operation. Enough is enough, citizens of the USA need to have their voices heard and remove Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano from office immediately.

Please take time to contact the people in charge of this investigation and the House Speaker, John Boehner. It’s time to take back our Country and insure that everyone regardless of their position obey the laws of our land.

Darrell Issa – go to and send an email asking for Holder’s resignation or call
Darrell Issa Phone: 202-225-3906 • Fax: 202-225-3303
Chuck Grassley DC Office: 202-224-3744
Here is the information for the Committee of Oversight and Government Reform.
PHONE: (202) 225-5074 FAX: (202) 225-3974
John Boehner – Office of the Speaker Phone (202) 225-0600 Fax: (202)225-5117
or send a message to John at:
May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca


Eric Holder Has to Go

November 4, 2011

by little tboca
Part (1) Fast and Furious Operation
We can all agree that unfair accusations really are a waste of time and categorized as propaganda.

Below, I will unravel the true story about Holder, the DOJ, and ATF taking information from the Department of Justice and from the office of the Inspector General (OIG.) Eric Holder knew about the Fast and Furious gunrunner program in 2009. He is no longer worthy to hold office as our Attorney General.

Holder knew about the money for the program and bragged about the Fast and Furious gunrunner program in a speech on April 2, 2009 in Cuernavaca, Mexico to Mexican authorities. Here’s a portion of the speech or go to the URL below for the speech in its entirety.

“Last week, our administration launched a major new effort to break the backs of the cartels. My department is committing 100 new ATF personnel to the Southwest border in the next 100 days to supplement our ongoing Project Gunrunner, DEA is adding 16 new positions on the border, as well as mobile enforcement teams, and the FBI is creating a new intelligence group focusing on kidnapping and extortion. DHS is making similar commitments, as Secretary Napolitano will detail.”

Obama funded 10,000,000 to Holder for this program H.R. 1 – 16. Here is the exact wording in the bill:
10,000,000 shall be transferred to Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, salaries and expenses for the ATF Project Gunrunner.

OIG did a comprehensive study of the “Fast and Furious” gunrunner program and completed a very detailed report warning Holder, DOJ, ATF & Congress.

So we know Eric Holder was behind the Fast and Furious program and we know that he ignored OIG’s many warnings. Eric Holder lied when questioned by Darrell Issa saying he’d only known about the program for a couple of weeks.

It’s time to remove Holder from office along with his cronies and to do a thorough house cleaning in the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF). There’s much more to this story, but for now Eric Holder must go, not tomorrow, not next year, but immediately.

He has blood on his hands – two agents have been murdered and thousands of our Mexican friends.
When a police officer is killed, it’s not an agency that loses an officer, it’s an entire nation.” -Chris Cosgriff, ODMP Founder

Contact Obama, your Senators and demand Holder be removed from office immediately.

May God Bless Our Nation
As Always,
Little Tboca
References: DOJ website OIG Report.

Above the law – Obama, Holder & ATF?

August 20, 2011

by little tboca

Who is above the law and who automatically gets a free “get out of jail” card? Obama seems to have a boatload of get out of jail cards. He passed an Obamacare package which in fact removed our freedom of choice saying we must have health insurance or get fined and imposed all kind of regulations and sicced EPA on our businesses without our permission.

He sent our Military to Libya placing us in another war without our permission and backed the Muslim Brotherhood. Recently he had Bernanke print him a couple of trillion dollars for his redistribution fund and most recently he’s trying to give illegal aliens a free ride in America , blatantly disregarding our laws on illegal immigration.

But, is he above the law when it comes to murder? Does he automatically use his “get out of jail” card even if may be an accomplice to a crime spree? Obama and Holder are playing a cat and mouse game pretending that they didn’t know about the “Fast and Furious” gunrunner program. So the question remains, “Who is above the law?”

Some gun shop owners blew the whistle saying they didn’t want to be part of a gun program that places Americans or Mexicans in harm’s way; ATF told them not to worry and follow orders.

Obama & Holder probably agreed to turn their heads and shut their eyes as ATF continued to let weapons walk across the border into the hands of the drug cartel for it’s beginning to look like a political trap for gun owners, gun stores, NRA and our 2nd Amendment may be at risk.

Here is a report from the Inspector General in September 2010. The inspector general’s report concludes there are “significant weaknesses” to Gunrunner that “undermine its effectiveness. In particular, the report found that ATF was failing to share intelligence about illegal gun trafficking with other U.S. law enforcement agencies, particularly the Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). NBC News updated 9/21/2010 5:58:37 AM ET Michael Isikoff

September 2010, Deputy Director Melson, acting director of ATF received 37.5 million dollars from Congress stated and they were expanding the Gun Runner target to seven different cities.

So we could conclude from Melson’s statement they were planning to accelerate the dangerous program throughout our USA and we could also conclude that Obama and Holder were aware of the program expansion after all one is the “President of the United States and the other our “Attorney General.”

In March 2011, Mexico’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs was demanding details about the ATF’s Fast and Furious gun runner program. ATF kept Mexico in the dark about the program, because they knew they’d receive resistance on this badly executed program. If you remember President Philipe Calderon and President Obama were supposedly going to work together to stop the smuggling of firearms into Mexico.

What we do know beyond a shadow of a doubt. Holder and Obama knew about ATF gunrunner program -10,000,000 of our stimulus money was transferred to ‘‘Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Salaries and Expenses’ ‘for the ATF Project Gunrunner verified by H.R. 1-17, Office of Justice Programs.

Mexico realizes the ATF has intentionally kept them out of the loop while hundreds of high powered weapons walked across the border into Mexico. It will be years before anyone will know the extent of damages cause by the Fast and Furious gunrunner program.

William G. McMahon, William D. Newell and David Voth all held supervisory positions in the ATF gunrunner program and acknowledged mistakes had been made as they simultaneously received promotions for a job well done and were shipped to DC.

These are the three men who could connect all of the dots and supply the missing pieces to this corrupt program. Obama, Holder & ATF have placed these men in a cage where they will be supervised and controlled throughout this “Gunrunner Cover-up.”

Talk about a corrupt Government, the whistleblowers are being punished, ATF isn’t accepting responsibility for this gunrunner program. Holder and (DOJ) are hiding behind closed doors pretending to be innocent. Obama denies having any knowledge of this program, but he did know the stimulus money was given to ATF to continue the Gunrunner program and he did promise to correct any problems with this program.

The three men supervising the gunrunner program at ATF admit there were mistakes and all received promotions for a corrupt program that’s gone awry. So there is only one conclusion, Obama, Holder, DOJ and ATF are above the laws of our land.

How sad to think that United States is responsible for murders of men, women and young children in Mexico and in our United State. It’s disgusting to know that ATF didn’t consult with President Philipe Calderon before accelerating the program. How many murders will occur due to the Fast and Furious gunrunner program?

This is my opinion only; Obama, Holder & ATF have blood on their hands!
May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca

Brian Terry’s Family Denied Victim Status

August 12, 2011

by little tboca

Most of you remember last December when one of our border agents (Brian Terry) was killed by one the weapons that was allowed to walk across our border into the Mexican Drug Cartels possession.

The DOJ & ATF had a program “Fast & Furious” that permitted thousands of high powered firearms to be transferred from our United States into the hands of the drug cartel in Mexico.

Obama, Holder & DOJ just denied Brian Terry’s family “victim status. US Attorney Dennis Burke speaks for Obama, Holder & DOJ saying, the family was not “directly or proximately harmed” by the illegal purchase of the murder weapon. When you lose a family member due to the negligence of the Obama, DOJ & ATF you certainly deserve victim status and yes you are directly harmed.

These creeps are giving Brian’s family a bunch of meaningless rhetoric in an effort to cover up other covert activities. It appears that Dennis Burke (US Attorney) is attempting to cover up what I refer as a “high crime” caused by negligence and an illegal program called “Fast & Furious.”

Mexican officials are angry over the gun runner programs, feeling United States is actually complicit in the violence – as we know the drug cartel has killed maimed and slaughtered thousands of Mexicans, men, women and children. There are still thousands of these high powered weapons uncounted for and the next murder could be your family member, friend or relative.

There are two factions in our Country that should help us solve this problem. American youth who are the experts on the social networks like Facebook and twitter could start twittering about Obama, Holder, DOJ & ATF demanding that anyone knowingly connected to this hideous gun runner program be tried in court and put away for life. Brian Terry’s family needs your help.

When a police officer is killed, it’s not an agency that loses an officer, it’s an entire nation.” -Chris Cosgriff, ODMP Founder

The Hispanic community needs to put personal likes and dislikes down now and fight for their country. Probably some have already lost friends and family across the border and you know there will be more needless murders with United States high powered weapons. Call or email Obama, your Senators, Darrell Issa, DOJ, ATF or better yet get on TV and fight for Brian Terry’s family and your relatives in Mexico- demand justice be served.

As a Nation let’s stand together and fight together in Brian’s memory; he, like our 30 military men gave his life for us. Our Military didn’t wait around for a debate or a bunch of paper shuffling – they immediately took out the ones who killed our brave men.

Obama is supposed to be the Commander in Chief and Holder our Attorney General of the USA – they both knew about the Fast and Furious program and must be held accountable. It’s time to kick the blame game out the window and stop passing the buck. The buck stops here with Barack Obama and Eric Holder!

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca