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Why Did Obama Ditch Our African American Community?

December 31, 2011

The master of “flip flop” has taken a sharp left curve in his attempt to buy some more gay votes. The past three years he’s not only kicked the African Community under the bus he turned his back on them once he got their votes in 2008. Why has Obama devoted much of our money and time on the Gay Community?

The Gay Community is pretty pleased with their present status quo at this time. Along with the Liberal News Media and Reverend Wright, they have been quiet about the assassinations of two gay men from Reverend Wrights’ church after Obama announced his run for President of the USA in 2007.

Michelle is very tight lipped about her husband and Rahm Emanuel’s antics at the men’s club (Man’s Country). They both carry a lifetime membership to one of uptown Chicago’s grand old gay bathhouses. The story goes that Obama’s attraction to Man’s Country was for one reason only; he was infatuated with older white males and Man’s Country was a great hideout for one who isn’t quite what we’d call “Straight.” Would those white men who played footsey with Obama, please stand up, just kidding of course? No man is his right mind would share such intimate information!

In 2008, Obama refused to endorse marriage equality for same-sexes and his gospel tour in 2007 was composed of anti – gay bigots. The LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community was more than a little riled. Now due to his dismal polls, Mr. Flip Flopper realizes that he’s in dire need of the gay communities’ votes. The problem in 2008 was this Obama needed to cozy up with the African American community because he knew that a large percentage of them felt homosexuality was “unacceptable.”

So now in 2012, he’s aggressively trying to entrap the gay community again – only time will tell if they buy into his garbage. But, the gay community knows that Obama has fulfilled his promise by repealing the “Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell” an 18 year old policy that had protected our Military.

He flipped flopped from supporting marriage equality (between man and women) and now is backing “civil unions.” He helped Rhode Island Mayor David Cicilline join our legislative body along with Barney Frank, Tammy Baldwin and Jared Polis. The Uniting American Families Act was introduced in both houses of Congress, meaning that gay and lesbian Americans could sponsor their permanent partners for legal residency in the United States.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services issued a memo April 6 encouraging child welfare agencies to better serve the needs of “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth” in the foster care system. They encouraged welfare agencies to use Federal funds for training staff.

Pages could be written on the many changes for the Gay Community made during Obama’s term in the White House. He pretty much has the gay communities votes stuffed in his back pocket.
But, several major problems remain for Obama – many members in our African American Community are not buying into his class warfare strategies. The Black Caucus is rethinking his ability to lead and realize that during his term their communities have become poorer, less jobs and he’s spending more time socializing with his bundlers, the Unions, the Special Interest groups and very little time with them.

Could it be that the African American Community, Hispanic Community and our youth recognize that his campaign this year isn’t about the “Audacity of Hope?” Reverend Irene Monroe was so angry with Obama that she once called his campaign “Audacity of Hypocrisy.” Many are starting to realize that Obama is a Vote Whore, nothing more or nothing less.

Will his billion dollar campaign along with the Liberal News Media’s support buy his second term in office? Under normal circumstances the answer to that question might be yes, but this isn’t normal circumstance Americans have a winning hand this year.

We have an ace in the hole that Obama can’t buy, or demolish, the Liberal News Media can’t defame, Eric Holder can’t sue and Democrats can’t remove from our hearts. God is alive and well; he will see us through the coming year.

May God Bless Our Nation
As Always,


Obama – 2 Trillion More For Redistribution

August 10, 2011

He did it again on National TV – big smile, bunch of ridiculous rhetoric stating the United States has a Triple A credit rating – he is confident in what he says, because he knows Ole Bernanke is in the basement ready to print more money at his beckon call.

Americans didn’t need S&P to tell us we’re broke, our credit stinks and our spending is out of control. If Americans have been in denial about this President, this should be the day that they realize he’s truly from another planet and not engaged. We lost our Triple A credit rating, the stock market took a huge dive and Obama still threatens to raise taxes on those making over 250,000.

He’s the wizard of “redistribution,” while the poor gets poorer, 14 million are without jobs, our National Deficit is growing by $3.5 billion per day and our obligations remain at 14 trillion dollars, he does absolutely nothing constructive.

Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt said it all – the debt ceiling has been raised again and no immediate cuts in spending. This is the same ole, same ole way the Government weasels out of a crisis – they just borrow more money and pretend some fairy God Mother will come along and gobble up our debts.

So as of July 9th 2011 we’re still in the vicious grip of Obama, Democrats and Republicans who prefer to play the “blame game,” instead of attending to business. Obama wants to go play “Campaign,” The White House is empty – Republicans and DEMS are on vacation!

It isn’t the smartest bunch of turnips in the White House who are using tea parties as the guinea pig. Americans know who spent our 789 billion stimulus package, raised the debt ceiling without a balanced budget, and who strapped us with that monstrosity called Obamacare.

Job security should darn well be a concern for all of the so-called politicians! More to the point would be the fact that Obama isn’t leading our Country, isn’t balancing our budget, isn’t creating a robust economy, and doesn’t have a plan.

Obama isn’t stupid as some claim, nor is he incapable of balancing a budget (even a 5th grader can do that,) he knows that he’s placed a strangle hold on our economic engines (businesses big and small) and he knows if he plays his card right, he has 2 trillion more dollars in his checking account to “redistribute.”

The “King of Redistribution” remains alive and well; the Liberals are patting him on the back for he’s managed in a little more than 2 1/2 years to bring our Nation to its knees. Remember, we just opened a new checking account for him when the debt ceiling was raised –

Watch as he hands out free citizenship to the “illegal aliens,” hands out more grants for his Acorn friends and community interest friends and how he keeps pumping our money into the war in Libya and backing the corrupt lending institutions and Unions. Watch closely what he’s doing with our money between now and the 2012 Presidential Election for we do have a RAT IN OUR ICEBOX!

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca

Little Bo Peep, Tiny Tim & Little Jack Horner – by little tboca

July 29, 2011

The DEMS of 2011 seem to have major problems getting the Obama man to lead their party.  He’s definitely not engaged and as mentioned earlier unable to multi task; campaign is etched on his forehead and the trillions that he’s dreaming of for his empty pockets are like sugar plums dancing in his head.  This man has no allegiance to his country or to his party – he’s owned lock stock and barrel by the underground cartel. 

It’s almost sad to see the Democrats on National TV blaming the Republicans, the ignorant Americans and most of all those brave tea party fans, which is a sure sign that their party is in shambles for their leader is MIA.  They’ve managed to snow America for a long period of time, in fact since 2006, but their snow job is pretty much dwindling and winding down.

Bernanke reminds me of “little Jack Horner” sitting in the corner with his thumb in the pie, because he knows in a few days he’ll be doing what he does best, which is printing phony money.  He’s gleefully screwing Americans one more time as he devaluates our currency and triggers inflation. 

Tiny Tim has valiantly played the role in the good guy, bad guy as he predicts the sky is falling, America will default and no one will be around to pick up the pieces.  Geithner really doesn’t give a darn what happens; he’s carrying his calendar around counting the days until he can split.

Little Bo Peep (Nancy) is on her broom again, saying bills must be paid and says Republicans are trying to ruin Medicare; she rambles on trying to convince God and everyone that the reason the debt ceiling must be raised is entirely George Bush’s fault.  Where’s she been the past 21/2 years while our National Deficit increased over 4 trillion dollars plus higher unemployment and no jobs? 

Nancy is the one who jammed Obamacare down our throats – remember CBO said that Obamacare will cost trillions in the bill’s real first decade (from 2014 to 2023) — and much more in the decades to come.  So for those who thinks Pelosi cares about her Country, think again!

Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the DEMS represent, “One Nation Under GOV,” no jobs, foreclosures and higher taxes for all.  

It’s time to place Cut, Cap and Balance back on the table – tell the Democrats that’s our best shot and walk away.  Why waste time with the bickering and childish games; Republicans passed a bill that would start to restore our Nation’s once strong foundation – the Democrats turned it down.  End of story!

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca

Obama & Persons of Interest – by little tboca

July 18, 2011


So much happens in our Nation on a day to day basis, that most of us only have time for the headline news.  Yet, the Washington players often times in the background are in fact the ones we should be tracking.  These are the people that I refer to as “Persons of Interest.”

Obama – split and run during the debt ceiling negotiations leaving Americans stranded once again. Big talk, big promises and no plan!

Eric Holder – why has Obama allowed this person to remain in office; only conclusion is Obama and Holder are in cahoots with the “Fast and Furious and Gunrunner Program.”  So far they are both responsible for 2 murders and many more will follow because hundreds of our high powered weapons are in the hands of the drug cartel.

Elena Kagan – This is the person that made it to the Supreme Court bench right in front of our eyes – Republicans should have could have stopped her when she was a mere nominee for the Supreme Court seat, because if they’d taken time to do their homework they could have proved that she was not telling the truth about her involvement in Obamacare.

Three things about Elena, (1) She shouldn’t be sitting on the bench in our Supreme Court, (2) She should recuse herself from the Obamacare case because she was actively involved with her top deputy, Neal Katyal because she appointed him to handle all Obamacare lawsuits, and (2) Kagan slam dunked our 911 families; Elena urged the Court to dismiss the suit that our 9/11 families have been pressing against the Saudi government and several Saudi princes for their extensive funding of al Qaeda.

Ben Bernanke – old “Uncle Ben and Uncle Sam” are the two that mess around with our economy, print phony money and provide a safe haven for the FEDS.  Ben should have been long gone back in 2006 when he lied about Freddie and Fannie. 

This is a person of interest who actually said July of 2008, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told Congress that he believed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac would be able to make it through the storm of the U.S housing crisis. In front of Representative Barney Frank’s House Financial Services Committee, Bernanke also said that troubled Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were adequately capitalized and “in no danger of failing.”  by Paul Kiesel 9/08/2008

Ben (Mr. Housing Bubble) will and has lied every time he opens his mouth; Republicans and Democrats must accept all responsibility for allowing this person of interest to destroy our Nation.  When you walk to the unemployment line or wonder why there are no jobs, just think about Uncle Ben.

Timothy Geithner – the creator of Obama’s economic strategy wants to hang his hat up and get out of Dodge.  He’ll be remembered as the “Tiny Tim” who destroyed Christmas.

Janet Napolitano – not a lady that Arizona, Texas or California respect; she’s the hatchet person for Obama, the one that spews lies about “illegal aliens.”  Napolitano should be stripped of all authority and deported along with the illegal aliens.

Around the Nation in a flash:

Did you know that NIH (National Institute of Health) has been using taxpayer’s money to research the size of Gay men’s penis since 2006.  Than we wonder why people like Anthony Weiner brag about body parts!

Obama sneaked Craig Becker in the backdoor even though his nomination had been trashed when he was originally appointed by Obama to serve on the board for NRLB (National Relations Labor Board.) Beware of this back door appointment by Obama – this is but one more rat in our icebox.

Senator Marco Rubio – keep an eye on this awesome young man; he will someday soon be serving as the leader of our Nation.  Marco refuses to become a part of the society that feeds off political rhetoric.

Upon arriving in Washington, Marco said, “ I will vote to defeat an increase in the debt limit unless it is the last one we ever authorize and is accompanied by a plan for fundamental tax reform, an overhaul of our regulatory structure, a cut to discretionary spending, a balanced-budget amendment, and reforms to save Social Security.” 

Ken Blackwell – take time to read his article “It’s About Jobs Stupid.”  Ken pretty much wraps up our current problems by addressing the bottom line. Good information!,_stupid!

Time to say goodbye for now, America we have a tremendous task in front of us, but we can “take back our Country.”  May God Bless Our Nation

As Always,

Little Tboca

Obama Got Us Again – While We Were Sleeping

June 22, 2011

MSNBC, CNN, Media Matters, CBS, NYT, NPR

While we were sleeping and fascinated with the Weiner scandal, Obama was preparing his next gigantic piece of “Redistribution.” He will continue if we don’t stop him!

Executive Order 13575: “White House Rural Council” some may remember the UN’s Agenda 21, which was the plan for sustainable development.

While we were sleeping, he slipped our stimulus money to the corrupt lenders, the Unions, EPA, GM, Freddie, Fannie along with the secret community grants and legislative grants.

While we were sleeping, he started a 3rd war in Libya. He doesn’t give a darn what happens to Muammar Gaddafi; he just wants to continue creating unrest throughout the world and continue spending our money.

He told us up front that he would stop the coal industry, one of our best resources and the coal industry is feeling the Obama force. 1,000s of jobs will be lost if we allow this reckless man to continue destroying our Nation.

While we were sleeping, he continued the Fast and Furious gun program and continued handing out guns to the Drug Cartel. He created the housing programs and handed our money to the corrupt lenders standing in Federal and State lawsuits up to their armpits.

While we were sleeping he played “Footsey” with GE, Bank of America and others handing them billions of our stimulus money. They’re making huge profits while we’re out trying to land a job at MC Donalds so we can put food on the table.

While were napping, he stopped off shore drilling on our turf and joined hands with Soros by funding Petrabra in Brazil. Out of the goodness of his heart and from our pocketbook he gave Soros a little under the table gift.

While we were wide awake, Obama and Holder stopped Arizona’s SB1070 illegal alien bill. Neither one knew what was in the bill, but they want the illegals to have all our health benefits, driver’s licenses and a free ride. Next they sued Arizona and Governor Jan Brewer.

Obama refers to the SB1070 as misguided – he’ll do anything to slip the illegals in under his belt including guns for the Drug cartels.
Eric Holder is a leech and so is Timothy Geithner; they need to be removed from office immediately.

Holder sues Boeing for wanting to open their new plant in SC and he sues the Chicago school district for not allowing his Muslim friend to go on a pilgrimage. Talk about sick people and they’re running our Government.

Geithner wants to increase out taxes – basically saying it would be irresponsible to reduce the National Deficit with spending cuts. This man needs a new brain!

Then the Government is suing the states over the stupid Obamacare package, which everyone knows Is illegal, cost prohibitive and as Michelle Backmann says, a bunch of our money is stashed in the bill that Americans didn’t know about…

They’ve sued American Express, next will be the Target Corporation and don’t forget their lawsuit against Joe Arpaii, Arizona Sheriff. Now they have a new lawsuit against our school system in Arizona.

It’s a way of life for Obama, Holder, Bernanke, Geithner and others – our White House actually resembles America’s Most Wanted. Democrats and Republicans should realize this is a fight for their lives and country too.

Many Democrats are distancing themselves from Obama and the Republicans and Democrats better get on the same page with America. How much more do these crooks have to do before they’re removed from the White House?

If Americans want to pretend that tomorrow morning will be a better day for themselves and their children; they’re dead wrong. Nothing will improve if we don’t take back our Country. Sitting around and doing nothing isn’t an option!

For the Liberal News Media, MSNBC, CNN, NPR, NYT, Media Matters, CBS how can you look at yourselves in the mirror each morning? You and you alone are the ones most responsible for destroying your Nation, your children your grandchildren’s future.

When I watched Boehner and Obama playing golf, all I could think of was their blatant disrespect for Americans and neither one gives a “tinker’s dam” about those who are out of work, lost their homes and struggling from day to day.

The bright side of this story is this; we have some great Patriots out there who believe in our Constitution, who aren’t afraid to stand toe to toe with the establishment and who are willing to lay down their lives for all of us.

Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Michell Bachmann, Allen West, Hermann Cain, Rick Perry, Mitch McConnell and Darrell Issa come to mind first, although there’s many others who have joined the fight with this team. For them, I ask God to bless them, give them the guidance and courage to fight the fight for America.

For Americans, we need to quit talking and start making things happen. Call your Congressmen, demand that they start doing their jobs and quit playing the “Politically Correct” games.

You know that I don’t respect Obama, don’t trust him as far as I can throw him and consider him one of the most evil persons to hold the office of President of the USA.

I’d gladly meet him any day on the White House steps for a chat and we all know he wouldn’t consider that, because without his teleprompter he’s lost.

As Always,
Little tboca
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Dumpster’s Morning Dump

June 8, 2011

CNN – MSNBC – Media Matters – NYT – CBS6/8/2011
Now boys, I do believe as usual you’re barking up the wrong tree telling how many jobs have been created under Club Obama watch. According to the Labor board of statistics the number of unemployed persons (13.9 million) and the unemployment rate (9.1percent) were essentially unchanged in May. The labor force, at 153.7 million, was little changed over the month.

So Media Matters just keeps plodding along throwing out daily garbage that doesn’t have a leg to stand on… According to the Labor board those jobless for 27 weeks and over once again has increased by 361,000 to 6.2 million. Actual unemployment, when you take those looking for work and those who have quit looking for work means approximately 1/5 of our American workforce are jobless.

Ben Bernanke even concedes that things are not looking good for our Country, but Ben’s play on words is unbelievable. He defiantly said we would not go back into a “Recession.” Newsflash Ben, we’ve never been out of the recession; it’s only getting worse. The number of people working part time, who want full time jobs now stands at 8.5 million.

MM can’t even get one side of the story straight – it’s evident that less jobs have been created, because the unemployment rate is 9.1%, which remember doesn’t include those who have quit looking for jobs. Isn’t it strange that Media Matters always screws up their news – nothing on their site is newsworthy.

MSNBC – briefly discusses the rough economic times, but say DEMS are optimistic about the auto industry. What’s out there to be optimistic about – the Government admits now that we won’t get a large amount of our bailout money back that was handed out to the auto industry. Chrysler and our Government have engaged in a play on words, operating profit and profit that Chrysler is posting aren’t one and the same.

Chryslers forward looking statements are chock full of hype or garbage; they use verbage the even a rocket scientist would have difficulty understanding. Whenever you hear should, intend, expect and believe from this company, you’d better pack your bags and get out while the gettings good.

Chrysler is behind in product design, they have a lot of antiquated products that must be replaced with new – here’s where the “S – – – “ the fan! In order to stay competitive, they must have solid new products and the cost of design and creation is when the bleeding starts and they’ll be knocking on our backdoor begging for more money.

CNN – tried to snag Andrew Brietbart today in an interview, thinking they would use him as the fall guy for Weiner, but Andrew has been around the block a few times and didn’t fall for their silly game.
Eric Boehlert a left sided watchdog for Media Matters called Brietbart, a one man wrecking ball along with a few distasteful names, like propagandist, charlatan and suggested he was a character assassin.

Brietbart really doesn’t have time to chase Weiner around the block because he’s too busy exposing political and personal corruption that endangers our Country – he exposes the kind of garbage that Media Matters dumps every morning.

Eric Boehlert needs to go back to the drawing board before he tries to tackle Andrew Briethart; Briethart has honed the skills of journalism.

New York Times Paul Krugman has a very interesting article on unemployment – it’s a good read. Paul does more than smack Republicans and Democrats’ hands for their complacency or as he so aptly states, “their condition of learned helplessness.”

Around the World in a FlashWashington – by the end of the year after troops are pulled out of Iraq, the State Department will hire a 5,100 force to protect diplomats in Iraq, that will be a mere pittance to the tune of 3 billion dollars. So nice that they spend our money without consulting us!

Tim Pawlenty hit it on the head today when speaking in Chicago about Obama’s economic policies. Republican Tim Pawlenty says, “President Obama is satisfied with a second-rate American economy “produced by his third-rate policies.”

Tim, Obama wasn’t sent to DC to turn the economy around or ease the recession; he’s doing just what his handler hired him to do, “Redistribute taxpayers’ money, Create bigger Government, stifle job growth (which he’s doing with Obamacare and the threat of higher taxes on our businesses), make Americans dependent on the Government and control the people. He’s doing his job; he has two employers, but I’m sure you knew that!

Obama has opted out of his daily economic briefing – must be too much heat in the kitchen. He thought he had a second term in the bag, but the Nov. Election 2010, the tea parties and the slipping economy have dashed his hopes of success.

Pelosi wants an ethics investigation or Weiner – Harry Reid just wants him to be gone. Harry kicked him to the curb and under the bus.

Here’s some great information from one of our viewers. So now, you can see that redistribution is definitely the priority in Obamacare.

Page 50/section 152: The bill will provide insurance to all non-US
> resident, even if they are here illegally.
> Page 58 and 59: The government will have real-time access to an
> individual’s bank account and will have the authority to make electronic
> fund transfers from those accounts.
> Page 65/section 164: The plan will be subsidized (by the government) for
> all union members, union retirees and for community organizations (such as
> the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now – Acorn).
> Page 203/line 14 – 15: The tax imposed under this section will not be
> treated as a tax
Let’s go back to working on a repeal of this monstrosity – May God Bless Our Nation

As Always,
Little Tboca

Ken & Barbie Obama Play House – America Suffers

May 16, 2011

No wonder Michelle said, “she is finally proud of America” because unbeknownst to Americans, Barack and Michelle took our credit card without any credit limit and set up their playhouse a1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington D.C. spending about 3.7 trillion or more in less than 3 years. I believe that kind of spending will hit the Guinness Book of World Records!

First Obama wanted Czars, lot of Czars, he and Michelle sat up the next few nights picking out names for his new toys, like the car Czar, the border Czar, the auto recovery Czar, the water Czar, the Climate Czar and when they ran out of ideas the just assigned their Czars a territory like Mideast Peace Czar, Sudan Czar and his Czar list just rambles on. Don’t forget the Green Czar, now they’re calling them colors – but who cares as long as Obama’s Czars are paid well!

It really doesn’t matter what the next new Czars name is – does it? What really matters is the only one the Czars have to answer to is Obama, not Americans!
Obama continued, “I’m flying Cornell McClellan in to DC every week to keep those sweat cheeks of yours in shape.”

In the meantime, Michelle bounced up and down on their bed (think it was one of those sleep fit mattresses) – anyway it didn’t knock Obama’s beer on the floor. My turn she said, “I need some handmaidens, a few secretaries and girlfriends to bum around with while you’re busy playing President – so he gave her about 23 pretty ladies and the cost to Americans is around $1,600,000 dollars a year.

As an afterthought, he whispered in Michelle’s ear, “Wait until you see who’s going to get that stimulus money.” He named off a few, AIG executives, Unions, lobbyists, Fannie, Freddie, General Motors and some of our more influential banker friends of ours. She was delighted and gleefully starting helping Obama redistribute our money.

While the Ken and Barbie Obamas are playing house, Americans are suffering. We are paying more, much more for gas, food and consumer goods. Unemployment is jumping up again. 2011 is predicted to be the worst year for foreclosures and repossessions. Bernanke has the “itchy” fingers and wants to pound out a few more billion dollars from his magic press to increase our already shameful “Debt Ceiling.” Republicans are doing what???

College students have been waiting for those jobs that Obama promised to no avail. Our Hispanic community is going thru another year of Obama’s famous “hope and promises” while the Mexican terrorists invade our Nation.

Ken and Barbie have overstepped their boundaries – I really don’t care where Michelle goes on vacation, but I resent her using our personal jet that costs $ 11,351 dollars per hour to operate meaning the round trip cost about 160 to 175 thousand dollars; we didn’t elect Michelle Obama…

It’s time to insist on transparency – Americans deserve to know if we’re paying for his jet and any of his campaign expenses. We need to know why he isn’t in the White House doing his job and most of all we need to know why he’s putting the monkey on our children’s backs.

Here is what he said to our kids March 30, 2011 at Georgetown University. “We need you to dream big. We need you to summon that same spirit of unbridled optimism and that bold willingness to tackle tough challenges and see those challenges through that led previous generations to rise to greatness -– to save a democracy, to touch the moon, to connect the world with our own science and our own imagination.“ What a bunch of garbage!

And my answer to that Mr. Obama is this, “we need you to put in your resignation and remove yourself from office – our college graduates have been waiting for 2 ½ years on those jobs you promise, the“change we can believe in,” transparency, downsizing the government, eradicating earmarks, saving our homes and a better future for America. You Flunked Obama!

May God Bless America,
As Always,
Little Tboca

Audit the FEDS – Bernanke in Deep “Doo Doo”

April 30, 2011

Could it be we have been sabotaged by the man who served as “Chair” for the department of economics from 1996 to 2002? The one who tipped his hat and toddled over to Federal Reserve System serving as a member of the board of Governors of the FEDS from 2002 to 2005.
If one studies Ben Bernanke’s political agenda, it becomes evident that he was seeking power and control over our Nation. Bernanke plopped himself into the position of Chairman for the Council of Economic advisers under George W. Bush’s watch; after a brief time in that position George Bush appointed him Chairman of the United States Federal Reserve the first of February, 2006.

Don’t forget, Obama nominated Ben for his second term as Chairman. President Obama was in Martha’s Vineyard having a little R & R when with Ben attached to his apron strings. Obama spouted off about Ben’s courage and adeptness messing with our money and finished by saying, his bud Ben would prevent another “Depression.”

To give you the rest of the story Ben played the game of politics once again and maneuvered to the Financial Stability Oversight Board that oversees the problem child called TARP; you guessed it ole Ben by this time has us by the fanny and we didn’t have a clue what was going on behind closed doors.

But that’s not all Ben has accomplished in a short period of time; he became chairman of the Federal Open Market Committee. That is the committee that is in charge of the monetary policy making body for the whole shebang, Ben Bernanke had us wrapped up like an Egyptian mummy.

Ben Bernanke is the one who told Congress in 2005, that he didn’t think there was a housing bubble. But, dear old Ben knew there was a housing bubble and either thought he was genius enough to work his way through the problems or he deliberately lied to us.

In fact, both Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke knew the housing bubble was about to explode dropping bombs all over Americans. What was happening under our noses was the beginning of a horrific recession and unwittingly we were the players that tied the knot as we bought and sold homes like they were going out of style. The FEDS played a large part in our economic meltdown!

Around October 2010 Bernanke said time to print some more funny money – we’ll just another stab at quantitive easing. So add the funny money and Obama’s Stimulus bill, Obamacare and the rest of his reforms and we have “Broke minus Broke.”

There isn’t such a thing as free money, that’s only in monopoly games. Print more money and the snow ball will keep running downhill – more people will lose homes, employment will rise and higher inflation will be knocking at our door.

Before, Bernanke even thinks about getting out his printing presses, we need to audit the FEDS. For some reason they have been immune to inquiries and questions – accountability isn’t in their job description.

We don’t know who or what to believe – in 2008 Paulsen and Bernanke assured us that banks are strong and will remain strong for many, many years. Then in August of 2008, Paulsen and Bernanke confidently said that 25 billion would be the get well pill that Freddie and Fanny needed, but we all know better than that…

Things went from bad to worse, next we were told without a 700 billion stimulus our Nation would literally collapse. The FEDS and Obama played a large role in our economic meltdown and neither one will take responsibility for their misuse and abuse of the taxpayers’ money.

Now, Americans it’s time to go behind closed doors and audit the FEDS; we are on a need to know basis with them from now on; we want to see who’s been padding who’s pocket while we are losing our homes, unemployment is probably right at 19% or more, gas prices are sky rocketing and food prices climb daily.

So the next time you hear them talking about raising the debt ceiling, just tell them no thank you, because we have a plan to ruthlessly cut out the excessive spending, produce a balanced budget, downsize the government and put people we can trust back in the White House.

As Always,
Little Tboca