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Only Obama’s Puppeteers Know the Answer

December 29, 2010

Our Constitution, Article 2, Section 1, which states, “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President.”
There’s no room for error – either Obama is eligible or he isn’t and we’re on a need to know basis. It’s not our prerogative to assume the he’s an OK guy and should be allowed to be the Commander in Chief, if in fact he’s an intruder.
His adept use of the teleprompter, great oratorical talents along with charisma does not equate into hard facts about his citizenship. This isn’t about liking or disliking President Obama; we’re talking about law. Color of skin isn’t even part of the equation here – this is about our Constitution, Article 2, and Section 1.
LTC Terrence Lakin did what any American citizen serving in the military should do, if they have reason to doubt that the Commander in Chief isn’t a natural born citizen of the USA. Mr. Lakin refused orders to protect our Military men and women; they should not be placed in harm’s way if in fact the Commander in Chief is an illegal alien.
Terry Lakin didn’t trust the various news menus, who tried to influence us via propaganda; LTC Lakin wanted proof that Obama was in fact was a natural born citizen of the US. Obama’s gang hung LTC Terrence Lakin out to dry, but LTC Lakin is a military man from head to toe and he’ll hang in for the fight.
On December 28th, 2010 Chris Mathews is mumbling and grumbling about Obama’s citizenship status; Chris doesn’t like being on the hot seat and he’s probably afraid that he’s but one more Obama gopher that has been used for personal gain.
ABC is still whipping a dead horse to death as they attempt to place blame on Newt Gingrich for stating that Newt was trying to appeal to a minute amount of Americans who don’t believe our President, in fact has legal status to be our Commander In Chief. Newt didn’t hit below the belt, he came with Constitution in hand.
A former friend of Obama from Occidental college, Dr. John Drew shared some interesting information that in fact seems to be a perfect fit for the one some call Mr. President.
According to the interview by Pastor Manning May 19th, 2010
Dr. Drew founder of the Marxist Organization at Occidental College gives his personal take on Barack Obama classifying him as a Marxist revolutionary who advocated redistribution of wealth and transformation of the political system. The wealthy were definitely ones on Obama’s hit list according to Dr. Drew!
Dr. Drew states that, Obama’s friends were of Middle Eastern Origin and white – Obama didn’t appear to have any black friends or girlfriends during his interim at Occidental. The story goes that our Commander in Chief was pretty much a party animal, not interested in improving his mind, but his dress was immaculate as he strutted around in designer clothes and spent time in a BMW. Mohammed Chandoo from Pakistan was the banker for he came loaded for bear with cash so money was spent on partying, pot and hotel rooms. It’s your call on this bit of information, do your homework and make your own decisions, but if you look back over the past two years this description of Obama given by good friend Dr. Drew seems to fit the Obama of 2010 also.
Possibly the Dream Act would have smoothed over the rough waters that have been created about the President’s citizenship. In other words, passing of this act would have allowed Obama to possess a “get out of jail card” for free. So what will be the next smooth move that Obama has pulls out of his magic hat?
Oh yes, Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie at long last jumped up on his stump with fiddle in hand and says he will do his darndest to produce Obama’s real birth certificate. Doesn’t it seem strange that Neil is now raising your hand to save the “mighty one” because he’s long time friends of Obama’s parents. All of a sudden Neil got tired of them being disrespected. Now Neil, don’t get your feelings hurt – none of us are disrespecting Obama’s parents because none of us know who they might be…
Let’s think this thru, after all the questions about the Commander in Chief’s past history, not just the birth certificate, but the colleges that he supposedly attended, the various community programs that were funded by Federal Grants via Mr. Obama’s 4th hand and of course the shallow weak position portrayed by Obama when acting Senator of Illinois. Wasn’t Obama the man who straddled the Senate fence with the famous, infamous drawl of “Present?”
Wasn’t Obama the man that literally kicked Reverent Wright to the curb pretending to vaguely know his pastor of many years? But, a quick update for those interested, if one would be persistent Cook County Recorder has some interesting real estate deeds with Michelle Obama and Reverend Wright’s signatures. After posting my blog with the Cook County Recorder URL listed all evidence conveniently disappeared from the Recorder’s site.
How can so many people be content without vetting the man who is called Mr. President? Tell me one big corporation that would hire a man to be the COO without doing an extensive and I mean extensive background check.
Just call up Bill Gates or Donald Trump and try to talk them into hiring a friend of yours without any real credentials; they’d both laugh at you! So why are people so lackadaisical when it comes to vetting the one they call Obama – it’s not an option here, it’s a duty.
Stay tuned into the latest Obama episode in 2011, which resembles most entangled soap operas. The stars will be LTC Terrence Lakin, the American Patriots, Tea Parties, Reverend Wright, Chris Mathews, ABC, CNN, and the other struggling left sided news media will be hanging out somewhere for sure. Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie will make a feeble attempt to save the day for the Obama man and that’s probably when the “s – – – “will hit the fan, because Chris Mathews isn’t a “yes” man for anyone! May God Bless our Nation and keep us safe, as always Little Tboca


Citizens Have Responsibilities Too!

May 16, 2010

Surely everyone will agree that a citizen of the United States has definite responsibilities. We are expected to obey the laws of our communities, our states and the laws of our country.  The red, white and blue flag with 50 stars flies above all other flags in our Nation – no flag from any other country takes precedence over our beautiful flag.

English is our language, not Spanish, Chinese, Japanese – it is English and that’s the end of that conversation.  The Federal Government has laws etched in stone on immigration and illegal aliens and those who don’t wish to obey the laws should pack up their little suitcases and go home.

Citizens are expected to pay their taxes in a timely manner and in turn we are expected to respect the rights of others. It is our responsibility to vote and along with that we must be well informed about the issues and or candidates; citizens shouldn’t depend on the news media for this information. Citizens need to know what each issue says and what the pros and cons are before taking a stance or side.

The Latinos should support Arizona in the immigration law as it mirrors the Federal Law and hasn’t anything to do with racial profiling or taking one’s civil rights from them. 

There are many Latino families who are US citizens and they pay taxes, obey the laws and vote; they raise their children in a Godly manner teaching them to love their country and respect others.

Hopefully, they will step forward and help us as we strive to solve a difficult problem.  If they have family members or friends that have “Snuck” into our country, then they need to assist them in taking the few steps necessary to apply for legal citizenship. Help us to rid ourselves of the drug lords, those involved in human trafficking, rape, murder and pillage. Arizona is a border state; our borders are to be protected by the Federal Government because protecting the borders of America is a national security issue not just an Arizona issue.

But, there are those few who want to play the race card, civil rights card and the minority card – none of these are acceptable.  Illegal immigration is not a “race,” but a crime with natural consequences supported by the Federal Law. A crime that has not been dealt with is no less a crime. 

Any person or persons who have crawled under barb wire fences or sneaked across the border is by definition committing a crime, in fact they know it’s a crime or they wouldn’t be sneaking. They would come into our country via the immigration stations posted on the border.  With purposeful intent our borders are crossed and those who choose the path of unlawful entry in to America know they are committing a crime yet they do it anyway with the hope that they will go unnoticed. 

So to Obama, Holder, Pelosi and Reid – here’s the deal; (1) Read the Federal Immigration Laws and the Arizona Immigration law, (2) Inform those who are illegal that they must apply for citizenship or pack up and go home, (3) Quit trying to incite racial problems in order to secure votes, and (4) As a citizen of the United uphold our laws, protect the legal citizens of America first and foremost. Like Eric Holder, none of you took time to do your homework – you stooped as low as the illegal aliens and even laughed about it. 

Friday, the 14th   of May my granddaughter graduated from Arizona State University and the University fathers allowed a Valedictorian to address the graduates and families with a political speech that was degrading to all races, except Latinos. Is this young man an example of all Latinos, those who have received a wonderful education, grant monies and a free ride and yet he’s still  wanting more of our hide?

My grandson who is 18 and attended the ceremony too commented later that the Valedictorian’s comment regarding challenges he experienced being raised in a predominantly white society is actually one of many benefits afforded minorities here in America; it is the young white males here in American that are last in line to receive financial support for college, housing, etc.

Instead of speaking highly of his country (USA) and being a proud citizen, the Valedictorian complained about the illegal immigration law SB 1070. He made a feeble attempt to describe how difficult it was for him, because he was a minority and wanted all of us to give him a “pity party.” 

His disdain and anger against our country was shameful – this young man possibly needs to find a new home. If he can’t support our laws and be a proud citizen of our United States maybe he should consider returning to Mexico and using the education he has received here in America to help support the needs of those who still reside in Mexico.

We are and will always be, “One Nation Under God With Liberty and Justice For All.”

As Always, Little T-Boca (Annie)