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Schultz, Trump & Wynn – LOVE THEIR COUNTRY

August 26, 2011

by little tboca

Three men and a broken economy, all three love their Country and want our Nation to stand tall and wave Old Glory for all to see. These three men could be the answer to our wavering economy and they certainly make more sense than those running our White House.

They’re not asking for stimulus money, food stamps or free medical attention, but they’re all asking for the Government to step aside and let businesses start the wheels rolling towards a brighter future.

All three men have been successful in the business world and none of them gained that success without keeping a vigil eye on their bottom line and their cash flow. Not one of them climbed the corporate ladder by spending more than they take in or make!!!!

IN OTHER WORDS THESE WISE MEN KNOW YOU CAN”T SPEND YOUR WAY OUT OF DEBT. This philosophy never worked before and certainly isn’t working now!

Donald Trump’s has some solid ideas – after 5 years of red tape “Trump on the Ocean” is going to be a dream come true for Nassau citizens and will certainly revitalize Jones Beach. The Alliance has wanted to give Jones Beach a “make over” and Trump on the Ocean will be a beautiful restaurant including a catering facility.

Donald Trump is doing this at his own risk, not asking taxpayers for one dime – but taxpayers will benefit because Jones Beach will be revitalized and tourists will be knocking at their door. This venture will give employment to at least 300 people over two years and is estimated to stimulate the economy by a nice plump figure of 60 million.

Donald is one of a very few that has the guts to stand up and say the so called “free trade” has been a total disaster for American employment. Donald believes in leveling the playing field with the Chinese and says we need to tax Chinese goods – sounds good to me.

You can bet your bottom dollar that if we sent Donald to China he wouldn’t tell the Chinese he understands their “one child policy.” Nope, Donald would say, hey guys here’s how it gonna be from now on – he’d tell the Chinese that “If you don’t stop manipulating your currency, we’re going to put a 25 percent tax on your products …

Steve Wynn is another great businessman who doesn’t waste time with the politically correct crap anymore. He calls a “Spade a Spade.” Steve said, “I’m saying it bluntly, that this administration is the greatest wet blanket to business, and progress and job creation in my lifetime.”

Steve continued by explaining, that Obama keeps making speeches about distribution and complaining that companies are holding too much of their money. Steve merely said, “We haven’t heard that kind of talk except from pure socialists.”

Steve said he could add at least 10,000 jobs but is afraid to do anything with the current political environment. Steve said, “The business community in this country is frightened to death of the weird political philosophy of the president of the United States.”

Now, for some exciting news for those who are unemployed, for entrepreneurs and well established businesses (big and small.) Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks is another man of action – he’s tired of watching our economy on the slippery slope to destruction. Howard is talking with other CEO’s and businesses suggesting that they all unite and withhold campaign contributions to Obama and incumbent members of Congress.

Howard Schultz says. “boycott all campaign contributions until a fair, bipartisan deal is reached that sets our nation on stronger, long-term fiscal footing.” Go Steve! He’s asking businesses to move on, start hiring and get our Nation’s economy rolling again.

Steve, unlike Obama, Republicans and Democrats isn’t just talking, he’s committing to hiring 70,000 new employees this coming year.

Here’s the scoop America, “Let’s send The Donald to China and other foreign countries who are using and abusing us – Donald knows how to communicate and create a level playing field for all. Donald is talking about the “TAKERS,” the ones who have their hands out and never reciprocate.

Send Steve Wynn to Washington to remove the strangling regulations on businesses including Obamacare and ask him to place EPA in a cage until such time as we can decide what to do with them. Steve knows why our economy isn’t growing – let’s ask him to fix the problems so we can have a robust economy and put 14 million great Americans back to work.

Ask Howard Schultz to continue with his awesome plan, hopefully many CEO’s and businesses big and small will join him in his venture to cut off campaign contributions until our Nation is back on track.

Three men, who care about America, stepped out of the political cracker box; they’re tired of the political shenanigans and they want to help us “TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY AMERICA.” You just can’t get any better than that…

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca


Obama & Immelt “Just Nuts About China”

August 24, 2011

by little tboca

Wake up America it’s time to vet Obama and it’s time to expose his despicable friends like Jeffrey Immelt CEO of General Electric. Several years ago GE hit a few unexpected bumps in the road and took a 16 Billion dollar welfare check from taxpayers.

They are the scamps who dodged paying taxes – remember GE makes the next generation of light bulbs and of course all Municipal buildings had to sport the new GE lights. What a coincidence!

GE’s PAC contributed $ 529,855 to Obama for his 2008 campaign and Obama as is his custom returned the favor by putting Jeffrey Immelt in charge of the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. The man who’s “Nuts About China,” is going to tell us how to create jobs and be competitive.

The CEO of General Electric running the Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, yes I wrote this twice, because it’s unbelievable that Obama gets away with such crap right under our noses. IMMELT NEEDS TO GO TOMORROW; he’s not our friend, he’s the leech that knocks on our doors when times are tough and turns his back on his Country when the good times roll in…

GE has over 30 fully owned or joint businesses in China and now Immelt is crowing because they plan to sell aircraft electronics to Chinese, which means they’re selling technology made for Boeing and other companies to China.

There doesn’t seem to be an ounce of Patriotism left in General Electric for they just proved they’d sell their Mother, Father and kids if the price is right.
GE isn’t the only company that’s selling their souls to the devil, but GE use to be a household name and now they’re just another big corporation out to make a buck anyway they can… If the big Corporations continue this mode of operation, Americans will fall into the hands of the wolves.

Obama knew General Electric and the Chinese were tight and that GE had many companies in China, but he sneaked again behind closed doors and put Jeffrey Immelt head of a Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.

Our Nation is already under Chinas control; they’ve loaned us over 907 billion dollars from their Government bond holdings. Hundreds of American companies have been hanging out in China for many years, companies like Dell, Eastman Kodak, ATT, Avon, Google have sold us out. Go to this site and you will be amazed how Corporations prefer China to their USA:

So the next time you hear Donald Trump tell you that the Chinese think we’re stupid as they laugh all the way to the bank; maybe you’ll sit up and listen. When Donald says, “How sad, we can’t even make our kids toys in the USA, “it’s time to turn our great Nation around and help those entrepreneurs who want to put us back on the map.
We’ve not only lost our clout, we’ve lost the American Dream due to Obama and friends.

Every time I see Obama’s job approval rating from Rasmussen, Overall, 44% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the president’s performance. Fifty-six percent (56%) at least somewhat disapprove. I get sick, deathly ill because it tells me Americans are totally MIA.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca

Three Men and The Debt Ceiling

August 16, 2011

by little tboca

No, they aren’t wrong and more importantly Americans have just been gouged again by Obama, Republicans and Democrats. When John Boehner reassured us that Republicans got just about 95% of what they asked for, we should have smelled the decaying “rat.”

The debt ceiling fiasco was nothing more than an ex-rated movie, Obama the director and Republicans and Democrats the actors.

Spending remains excessive and the National Deficit is growing at the rate of about 4 million per day – Obama, the House & Senate need to get their fannies back to the White House put a freeze on spending and ruthlessly implement immediate cuts that will reduce our National Deficit.

Jim Dement tried to tell us that the debt ceiling bill isn’t actually cutting our National Deficit and after deducting the few trillion that we were promised, our debt will grow about 7 to 9 trillion over the next 10 years. How can we do this to our children and grandchildren – why did we buy Obama, Republicans and Democrats’ political rhetoric?

Politifact verified Jim Dement’s estimate saying 7 trillion was on the low side. Put the url below in your browser and you soon realize that they played the “gotcha game,” against Americans and won again.

Since there isn’t any transparency in our White House, Americans will never know what the existing spending commitments are or how much Obama will increase our obligations between now and 2013. But, there are three very wise businessmen who forewarned us about the debt ceiling crisis.

Warren Buffet didn’t just say kick the debt ceiling down the road, he said the US should do away with the debt ceiling. Moody’s Investors Service agreed with Warren. Warren told NBC News that it merely slows down a process creating undue problems by diverting people’s energy. Warren says the debt ceiling doesn’t make sense.

Steve Wynn has mentioned the way Obama has mislead Americans about the consequences of not raising the debt ceiling. Steve was angry over the debt ceiling crisis and pretty much said our economy can’t improve until Obama is gone!

Donald Trump was emphatic about the debt ceiling issue and basically said balance the budget and don’t even think about raising the debt ceiling. Donald inferred that DEMS were using their usual scare tactics and he encouraged Republicans to stand strong and not give in to the Obama rhetoric.

William Hickey, chief executive of Sealed Air, Executives at companies ranging from Bristol-Myers Squibb, a spokeswoman for AAR American Association of Railroads(Patty Reilly), Henry Harteveldt, airline and travel analyst at Forrester Research all reported consumer confidence sliding rapidly leaving companies pretty much in a state of limbo.

Did raising the debt ceiling 2.4 trillion without immediate cuts on our National Deficit restore consumer confidence or did consumers tighten their belts even more? Consumer confidence remains at a very low ebb.

Businesses aren’t elated about the debt ceiling increase. Moody and S&P aren’t ecstatic or jumping in joy, because the debt ceiling increase represents more spending, no immediate deficit cuts and nothing has been accomplished.

So why the big fight over the debt ceiling crisis, could it be the 2.4 trillion represents money that our Government has already spent? Or has the 2.4 trillion been appropriated to the Obama Redistribution Fund?

Here’s what Americans do know: (1) Our National Deficit is climbing at an accelerated rate, (2) Our Credit rating is at risk once again, and (3) Obama, Republicans and Democrats have placed our Nation on auto pilot while they play and we pay.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca

Obama – Ignores Standard & Poor’s

August 7, 2011

by little tboca

Although Obama was notified Friday before leaving the White House that our credit rating was being downgraded, he slunk out quickly heading for Camp David for R & R after his big birthday bashes.

Obama is hiding out as usual, letting Democrats in the White House fend for themselves as they try to explain away the Standard and Poor’s downgraded credit rating. The Democrats verbally attack Standard and Poor’s decision, saying it was a political move, adding that Standard & Poor’s made about a 2 trillion dollar mistake.

Democrats once again refer to Republicans as the roadblock party who refused to allow tax increases.  Most Democrats still hang onto the false ideology that we can spend our way out of debt.

Boehner and some other Republicans threw the blame right back in the DEMS’ lap, so now that the blame has been passed around once again, Americans are left out in the cold.

As is his style, Obama refuses to man up to the existing problems by merely walking away from yet another economic crisis. Looking back on his speeches this week, they’re just the canned speeches of his 2008 campaign, basically saying we must create jobs and grow the economy.

In closing, he always throws the ball back into the Democrats and Republican’s court, telling them to fix the problems and put aside their differences. He’s just too busy campaigning to be bothered with America’s economic problems; his eye is on the 2012 Presidential ball and come hell or high water, he will continue his 2012 Presidential Campaign.

None of us should really be surprised that Standard & Poor’s downgraded our credit rating. They notified the White House in April 2011 that our fiscal house was in disarray and we could expect a downgrade, if we didn’t repair it.

During the debt ceiling crisis, Standard and Poor’s suggested reducing the deficit by at least 4 trillion, but no one including Obama, Geithner, Republicans or Democrats took heed to the warning.

Possibly Congress will take this downgrade seriously and immediately start balancing our budget – if they would remove the strangle hold big Government has on businesses, repeal Obamacare and lower taxes a healthy environment for all businesses would be created allowing them to expand, grow and hire.

Steve Wynn pretty much spoke for the business world in the USA. He states that businesses are sitting on their money, because they are afraid of the Obama Administration due to the weird political philosophy of the President of the United States.

He refers to the present Administration as the greatest wet blanket to business and job creations in his lifetime due to excessive regulations, healthcare and redistribution.


February 5th 2011, Donald Trump said, “the U.S. government is broke, that all of our jobs are being shipped overseas, that other nations are taking advantage of us and that the value of the U.S. dollar is being destroyed.” He suggests that Obama’s Middle East policies are terrible and we’re just a whipping post for other countries.


Donald said, no one communicates with the 12 men running OPEC and that’s a disgrace to let a few men regulate our oil prices. He closes by saying,” I love our Country and hate what’s happening to it.”

Home Depot founder Bernie Marcus says, “The president hasn’t the faintest idea of how jobs are created, but businessmen are intimidated into silence about the administration’s faulty policies.” “In my 50 years in business, I have never seen executives of major companies who were more intimidated by an administration.” Commentary, July 21, 2011, Jonathan S. Tobin.

Bernie continues, “His speeches are wonderful. His output is absolutely, incredibly bad. As he speaks about cutting out regulations, they are now producing thousands of pages of new ones. With just Obamacare by itself, you have a 2,000 page bill that’s probably going end up being 150,000 pages of regulations.”

When CEO’s like Forbes, Chamber of Commerce, Boeing’s Jim McNerney, Intel’s Paul Otellini and 3M’s George Buckley all express the same sentiments as Steve Wynn – Obama and his Administration should start listening and stop dictating.

We’re in a vicious economic circle – businesses are stagnant, consumers have lost confidence and the Government just continues repeating the same mistakes.  We can’t spend our way out of the economic crisis!

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca

Dumpster’s Morning Dump 17th Addition

June 5, 2011

CNN – Media Matters – MSNBC – CBS – NYT

A wrap up for the week end, all the “Dumpsters” are scrambling for fresh exhilarating information in a desperate attempt to get viewers attention. But, there remains several heart wrenching problems in our Nation that can’t be ignored.

If you notice, there’s a scramble in the “Dumpster’s” nook to discuss the economy, the unemployment, the war in Libya, the 2012 Presidential race and not one of these “Dumpsters” can remember that they are one of the major reasons that we’re in a recession: they are the ones who willingly, gleefully and without remorse played a major role in an attempt to destroy America.

They chose sides in 2008, they chose money, they chose a “dark horse” without vetting him and most of all they chose to blind side our Nation with lies. They raved over the one some called “Mr. President, promising Americans better days as they kicked in the “Propaganda” machine running it 24/7.

They gloated over the Obamacare, the stimulus package, Obama’s foreign policies; they defended an “ideology” that has and still is destroying our Nation.

Redistribution to them was a way to bring our Nation to its knees; obsessive spending, printing phony money, helping the corrupt lenders, unions and blaming Bush, the tea parties and the American people.

This was a payback, a vicious payback to businesses (big and small), taxpayers, our college students and senior citizens. How could the Liberal Media stoop so low?

It isn’t Paul Ryan who will push “Granny” over the Cliff; it is Obama and the Liberal News media who are doing that as we speak. In recent days, they trash Ryan’s Medicare plan, the Republicans’ plans to implement a balanced budget, the states that are fighting the illegal alien problem and all businesses who are struggling with Obamacare.

They crucify those who want to “take our country back,” create jobs, downsize our government, insure transparency, balance our budget and put America back to work.

They make fun of Jan Brewer Governor of Arizona, our tea parties, FOX news, Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, Hermann Cain, Newt Gingrich, Donald Trump and many more true American Patriots.

The Liberal News Media will spend billions, possibly trillions of dollars in an effort to get Barack Obama reelected in 2012. They truly believe that money can and will buy anything their little hearts desire and they may be right.

The Liberal News Media is a powerful, dangerous mechanism in our society that isn’t about to go away in the near future. Americans have two options here, (1) Let the left news media continue their trek to destroy our Nation, or (2) Fight to take back our country and restore its once strong foundation.

Here is a beautiful comment from one of our many daily viewers; it’s so well stated and something to carry in our hearts and souls.


We hold these truths to be self- evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness.

Wars have been fought because of the ideology of these 35 words. Men have given their lives because of their belief in these words.

With apathy Americans can’t be bothered: don’t interrupt their bingo game, can’t leave the slot machine, and don’t interrupt their soaps. 2011 America is at the cross-roads of history. Which path will the American citizen take?

Notice, I did not say the American government, I said, “American citizens,” the people who pay the bills, the people who create America, the people who elect the paid political servants, the real power in the United States of America.

The creative American people, who have developed the Nation and lead it to greatness; the people who have created empires, the people who have developed industries, and the humble people, who faithfully get on their knees and give thanks to their almighty “God.”

Yes, these are the people who are the true Americans, The ones who turn a day dream into a reality. The mother who cuddles the enfant, encourages the youth, praises each accomplishment and supports the budding youth to greatness. That is the American we’re proud of…

In closing, which American are you? May God Bless Our Nation

As Always,
Little Tboca

Obama – Can He Win the 2012 Election

May 21, 2011

One would think that a Nation on the brink of financial disaster and economic ruin would definitely be hell bent on replacing Obama for 2012. But, balanced budget, jobs and restoring our Nation’s foundation really won’t be the prerequisites for the 2012 campaign.

Although candidates will use balancing the budget, paying down the National Deficit and restriction of the senseless spending spree we’re experiencing as their platform, it will take much more than that to win the Presidential Election of 2012.

Logic tells us that the “good ole boy or girl,” who believes in the Constitution that our forefather s crafted for us and the one who vows to restore our Government as a governing body of the people, by the people and for the people will sprint out in front as a viable candidate against Barack Obama. But, our problems run much deeper then this…

Many Americans suffer from a nagging conscience that keeps erupting telling us our complacency and lack of involvement in our Government created the political monster that has many, many arms. These are the people who vow daily to “take back their Country,” and restore our Nation to its once strong foundation for their children, their grandchildren and future generations to come. But, will that be enough to remove the one some call, Mr. President?

For those who think replacing Obama will pretty much be a “slam dunk,” once the right man or woman is chosen, frankly they’re quite delusional. No doubt, Barack Obama has been the worst President in our Nation’s history and without a doubt he’s told more lies defaulted on his many promises to America, but he remains the person in power.

Electing a President for 2012 will prove to be the toughest assignment Americans have ever had placed on their plates, because the one we choose to replace Obama better come prepared for the fight of their life. He or she must be prepared to stand toe to toe with this man and reduce him to nothing but a man with a teleprompter.

As it stands right now, money, Liberal news media and those millions who have been immersed in Socialistic values since infancy are prepared to usher Obama in for 2012.

Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump changed their minds deciding not to attempt the run for President; they both surveyed the playing field and opted out! Both good men, but possibly not mentally, financially or physically equipped to withstand the onslaught that the Obama gang and Liberal news media have in their arsenal.

How sad, to think money will possibly once again buy the Presidency of our Nation. How sad to think the news media will once again use the “race card” as their trump in the hole. How sad to realize Obama possibly can win again on a platform of lies, rhetoric and promises!

But, the good news and the one that millions of Americans can take to the bank – the one thing Obama’s money can’t buy, the one thing the Liberal News Media can’t control, the one thing those trying convert our Nation to Socialism is this: God is alive and well, prepared to help us win this fight, if we but ask. “May God Bless America”

As Always,
Little Tboca

Trump Says “I’m Not Nice”

May 13, 2011

Maybe it’s time to do a little soul searching and not base our opinions on a man’s monetary accomplishments – it might behoove us to find out the man’s real worth and his values and quit sizing a man up race, color how he dresses or your personal dislikes or likes.

For me, it really doesn’t matter if he wears designer clothes, has his nails manicured or if he’s dressed in fatigues as long as he loves his country and has the ability to lead and restore our Nation to its once strong foundation.

Hair – who cares if we’re picking the next man or women by their hairdo, we’re in deeper trouble then I thought. Personally I don’t care if their hair is purple with polka dots! By the way Trump’s hair isn’t purple with polka dots – so why is his hair or looks even brought to the table.

By gosh, he used the “f” word in Vegas when speaking to a group of women. That was more than a little naughty, so send him to his room for a time out or wash his mouth out with soap, but listen to his message.

Whether Donald Trump runs for President of the United States or not – his message is certainly worth listening to, because no other person at this time has taken on the establishment, meaning Republicans and Democrats.

If Americans want nice as he says, “I’m not nice.” If you want politically correct, forget it he’s not about to kiss —- or pat fannies! If you’re looking for the good ole guy who will join the club in Washington and play the game of cat n’ mouse in the White House, he’s definitely not the right man for the job.

Many Americans frown on him because of his hair, how shallow, or point fingers because he’s been married before and his companies have restructured by declaring bankruptcy.

Others complain about what his celebrity status and hate him because he’s been a very successful business person and accumulated a sizeable nest egg. Still others compare his political donations saying he donated more to Democrats then Republicans, so what’s that suppose to prove – he’s a businessman.

Let’s go back in time a bit; Ronald Reagan and Woodrow Wilson just happen to be two examples of men who were married more than once. Speaking of bankruptcy Abe Lincoln filed bankruptcy and suffered a nervous breakdown and ran 7 or 8 times before he was finally elected President

Thomas Jefferson detested debt, went bankrupt several times and Ulysses S. Grant went bankrupt right along with his company and the list just rambles on… Big names such as Disney, H.J. Heinz also went bankrupt and as we know those companies are alive and well today.

Donald Trump comes to our table with a message to our Nation, not because he wants to be President of the USA, but because he loves our Country and Americans. He wants to leave our children and grandchildren a legacy that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

It’s anyone’s guess what America is looking for in a Presidential candidate for 2012, but there remains a few things that we should consider – in fact they’re etched in stone.

Vetting – yes that’s number one on the list and that includes Obama. If Barack wants to have another run at President this time he needs to be vetted.

Executive ability – the man or woman running for the Presidential position must be able to lead.

Prioritize – be able to evaluate our Countries present status quo and determine in what his or her priorities are such as balancing the budget, downsizing the government, foreign relations, job creation etc.

Commitment – he or she must be loyal to our Nation by honoring the roadmap (Constitution) given to us by our forefather and committed to the cause of restoring our Nation

The message Donald Trump has brought to the forefront is this, our great Nation is toppling, inflation is growing by the minute, foreign countries laugh at us and we’ve lost our clout, we can’t even make children’s toys anymore, China and OPEC are two problems that can be fixed immediately.

He goes on to say, that the billions of dollars that America gives to foreign countries must be stopped and we need to quit meddling in the foreigners’ business unless it is a problem that is affecting our Nation.
In all his speeches, you will hear these words, “I love my country,” and you can take that to the bank – he wants America to stand strong once again.

We need Donald Trump to keep fighting for our country, whether he runs for President or not – sooner or later the news media will have to talk about real problems, real solutions and quit the stupid rhetoric.

Sooner or later Republicans and Democrats will have to align with their people and their Nation and fight for a common cause. “Take Back Our Country America.”

May God Bless our Nation

As Always,
Little Tboca

Trump Won

April 28, 2011

The left news media seem to have egg on their face again, their game of distraction and dividing the troops has come home to roost. For 3 ½ years they have played Russian Roulette with Americans and one person single handed stopped them in their tracks.

In a couple of weeks Donald Trump accomplished what hundreds of people have tried to do for years. He took on MSNBC, ABC, The View and others and they crumpled! Remember these news medias are the propaganda specialists – the bearers of lies, name calling and false information.

They tried to create a crisis much like they did when Obama was campaigning against Hillary Clinton. In 2008 the left news media band together and decided that Obama was their savior and their job was to usher him into the White House.

They discovered that Americans had been AWOL from the political scene for years for they had been too busy living the good life and too lazy to pay attention to politics.
With those two things in mind, they created a crisis thus starting the ball rolling for a truly once in a life time political cremation. So with that in mind they started to weave a message that blindsided Americans.

The fact that the Democrats ruled the White House since 2006 didn’t matter at all – since this period of time was on Bush’s watch so collectively they tarred and feathered Bush and hung him out to dry.

The good ole boy McCain supplied them lots of ammo, since McCain attempted to be politically correct during his campaign. They demonized Sarah Palin and picked on an infant with Down Syndrome, which is worse than evil.

During this period of time, Americans were starting to awaken and they wanted Obama’s resume including his birth certificate. That didn’t happen because the news media fed Americans a line of garbage and kept them distracted.

Consequently, none of us know who this person is that is supposedly leading our Nation, but Trump stepped forward and exposed Obama for his lack of transparency and refusal to discuss his past.

After an exhausting few weeks, the news media lost and Obama was forced to show a birth certificate (whether legitimate or not) we probably will never know.

Now the media finds themselves in a most uncomfortable position for Americans want more than a birth certificate; they want credentials along with a resume.

Notice Liberals’ don’t communicate they attack. First they draw out the race card next they toss in pre packaged lies and false allegations hoping to create a distraction and division of troop. Here’s but a few of the news media’s comments, notice they have egg on their face and Trump a big smile. Remember Trump knows where their hot buttons are located!

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz took it a step further Tuesday night, flat-out calling current Birther superstar Donald Trump a racist

Robert De Niro who has dabbled in politics mentioned something about the raging bull and that comment in itself is hilarious.

Don’t forget ‘The View” they consists of a bunch of bored women, who never do their homework and can dig up more false dirt then an alley cat. Whoopi Goldberg, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Joy Behar and Sherri Shepherd take turns accusing Trump of racism as they continue to show a dislike for the Birthers.

Jon Stewart kept adding his two cents in an attempt to stop the Donald, but again Jon’s two cents is merely that!

Jerry Seinfeld and Rosie O’Donnell the “better than thou” lefties attempt to nudge Mr. Trump, but as we all know very little that comes out of their mouths makes any sense.
My guess is Obama knows that Americans will not roll over and play dead twice as he campaigns again on his 2008 hope and change. This very fact will probably be the demise of Barack Obama.

Whether Donald Trump runs for President or not, he will continue his crusade to expose Obama and gang. Thanks Donald and “May God Bless America.”

As Always,
Little Tboca

John Boehner Did What?

April 22, 2011

ABC reported that John Boehner was trying to get all new freshmen members to raise the debt ceiling – that was just prior to him taking over position of House Speaker. Did Boehner really say, “It will be the first adult movement of the new Congress?

According to ABC and the New Yorker, he darn sure said that – believe me when I say that was the first red flag to all Americans, that we had another rat in our icebox.

Boehner’s been taking Obama lessons and learned the art of hiding out when the going gets tough. He tapped Eric Cantor to represent the House GOP with Biden negotiations.
Cantor let it be known that Democrats who resist reforms to immediately reduce federal spending might as well kiss their chances of a “debt” increase goodbye.

Treasury Secretary Geither came back with the usual Democratic reaction of threat and intimidation saying holding up raising the debt ceiling is dangerous political game. But he was wrong as usual, this is the Democratic game called “intimidation doused with fear!

Geither says the debt ceiling must be raised even if there’s no agreement on the table for reducing long term deficits. Geither reminds me of the little ole man with the cheese – just keep gnawing away at taxpayers until their money is gone.

Of course along came the wobbly Alan Greenspan who added his minus two cent saying, there shouldn’t be a debt limit, because Obama and Congress have already set the budget and know how much money they’ll need to borrow in the future.

Here’s what Rand Paul said on CNN, Rand Paul: ‘We’re still heading head-long towards a debt crisis.’

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) discussed the ongoing debate over the budget and whether the debt ceiling should be raised. “I don’t want to keep giving an irresponsible government more money,” the Kentucky Republican said. “Somebody needs to stand up and say, ‘The Emperor has no clothes.’

Donald Trump also came out strongly against raising the federal debt ceiling, saying the debate over whether to increase the government’s borrowing limit was “the strongest negotiating point the Republicans have.”

Michele Bachmann says that not raising the debt ceiling is a lot like a balanced budget amendment in that it forces you to prioritize spending; Bachmann adds that she’s not just bluffing; by not raising the debt ceiling we’ll start getting our fiscal house in order.
Sarah Palin expresses her anger saying the fact there’s a debate on raising the debt ceiling shows sign of leadership failure.

CBS News poll shows only 36 percent of the Democrats believe the debt ceiling should be raised. Obama is digging his own grave by the hour; he’s losing his parties support.

So do we have enough strong representatives in the White House, Democrats and Republicans to put a stop to Obama’s vicious spending? He has the nerve to insist that taxes will be raised on businesses grossing 250,000 or over. These businesses are our Nation’s engine; they have made America great. Why would we punish the hand that feed us?

John Boehner better stay up 24/7 until he figures out that there are only two feasible options, (1) Stop the spending, and (2) Reduce our National deficit. “May God Bless America”
As Always,
Little Tboca

Donald Trump Showing Obama Hope and Change

April 21, 2011

Obama doesn’t like Donald‘s “Hope and Change,” he’s scrambling, angry and losing his cool. His campaign speeches are tainted with anger, frustration and false hopes. At this time, it seems The Donald is pretty much a one man army and he has Obama in a cage.

Obama has always been the master of Chess, but he’s in third place now in the finals, Sarah has joined hands with Donald and they’re a tuff twosome to beat.

Obama has sent the left media out to destroy Donald and they’re literally sitting up nights wringing their hands and trying to figure out a strategy. Plouffe jumped on National TV and tried to help them out by saying no one was in Obamaland was worrying about Donald Trump, but that probably was the worst blunder Plouffe could have made.

Donald Trump has been gaining momentum because of the Left News Media and the more they try to “one up” Donald, the bigger the mess.

George Stephanopoulos is anchor of ABC’s “Good Morning America” met his match and is scratching his head wondering if he should consider another live interview with Trump. George is a control freak and can’t control Donald.

Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Jon Stewart, Bill O’Reilly,Lawrence O’Donnell (MSNBC), Chris Matthews have all attempted a smear campaign as usual, which has made them the laughing stock of America.

Donald Trump says the B.C. is very important and why would anyone be ashamed to show his credentials unless he has something to hide. In other words if you’re a citizen of the USA, he feels Obama should step forward and settle the doubt in many Americans minds.
Obama has spent millions on his legal team trying to hide his past – we know he was heavily involved in some kind of community service and we know he spent his time serving as Senator in Illinois sitting on the fence twiddling his thumbs.

When he arrived in Washington as Senator, he straddled the fence once again by voting “Present.” So there you go, Americans don’t have a clue where this man they call Obama came from or what his real name might be and we really need to know who this person is ruining our country. That’s all Trump is saying, show America your credentials, Obama.

Donald Trump has accomplished something in a few weeks that no other man or woman would attempt – he’s brought to the forefront our Nations’ problems. He’s discussing our runaway spending, our National Deficit, Obamacare, China, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and he’s bringing solutions to the table.

Whether Donald Trump runs for President or not, he’s giving Americans courage to fight the fight to “take back our country.” Thanks Donald!

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca