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Obama and Beck – The Community Organizers

December 30, 2011

Glenn Beck gives his viewers a touch of entertainment and enlightenment and oh so much more. He’s jumped to stardom almost over night spinning tales that seemed to mesmerize his audience.

Glen didn’t just fall off the turnip truck – he’s a pro at orchestration and presentation with the support of chalk boards, colored markers and a variety of other props. Glenn knows exactly what his audience wants to hear and what they expect of him daily. They want a dose of warm fuzzies with a few “chicken little” tidbits thrown into the mix embellished with a few tears and trembling hand.

Is Beck really concerned about Americans and their well being or is he an Obama clone, who knows how to use the “Rules of the radicals” and preys on the oppressed to line his pockets with gold. He’s a master of illusion and like Obama dangles hope and change out to the sheep telling them what they must do and when they must do it.

Like Obama, Glenn Beck is a master of manipulation playing upon the fears and helplessness of the people. Glenn leads his sheep up and down the slippery political slopes advancing his “fame and fortune.” Is Beck a true blue Patriot or is he political strategist in disguise?

Beck made it clear that he isn’t endorsing candidate, because he isn’t willing to lend his credibility to any one person or persons. My oh my, there’s reason to believe that Glenn is not only picking and choosing Presidential Candidates for 2012 – he’s methodically eliminating all of those who don’t agree with his philosophy.

Me think the man doth protest too much! Glenn Beck is so entangled in the political web of politics that one might think he’s planning a run for President in the not so distant future. In April 2011 in one of his amazing predictions he said Hillary Clinton would soon be announcing her run for the Presidential Elections of 2012.

Although Beck admits that Mitt Romney would decimate Obama in the debates, he makes a back handed remark about Romney showing he’s in this 2012 Presidential Election up to his armpits. In the same sentence, Glenn says Romney is an honorable man that he doesn’t trust.

Beck announced that his interview of Newt Gingrich was not a “gotcha” kind of interview. Wrong, the entire interview was an attempt by Glenn Beck to throw Newt to the wolves and under the bus. Actually, Newt withstood the assault and stated over and over that the people need their voice again and should be the intricate part in the decision making process.

Glenn didn’t receive any satisfaction out of this interview so he lied on O’Reilly last night saying Newt was strictly a big Government Progressive. The Factor reminded Beck that most Americans consider Newt Gingrich a committed conservative: “He puts himself out as someone who wants much smaller government and as someone who would cut taxes and regulations” Beck became somewhat flustered when O’Reilly countered him on his Gingrich bashing.

Beck continues on his rampage and pulled the race card on the Tea Parties pretty much saying the only reason tea parties would like Newt Gingrich over Obama would be race. Glenn continues digging his senseless hole, suggesting he’d vote for a Ron Paul third party candidacy over Newt Gingrich.

The question that comes to mind at this time, “Why would Glenn Beck even think about throwing the 2012 Presidential Race by suggesting a third party candidacy? Beck knows this would give Obama a second term!

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca


Dumpster’s Morning Dump

June 9, 2011

MSNBC – CNN – Media Matters – CBS – NYY
Good morning America, well the good news is this –the Liberal News Media seems to be dying on the vine in their scramble to cover up Obama’s corrupt trail. They’re grasping at straws, trying to divert our attention from the Obama ABOPS (Another Botched Obama Program.)

The “Dumpsters” are out there as we speak, spewing their garbage and lies while we are struggling to put food on our plates, get jobs and leave our children a wonderful legacy.

Media Matters must have their little “snitches” sitting under palm trees playing Yatzee with their monkey friends, because they can’t read or write and they’re having major problems understanding the English language. Don’t know about you folks, but MM needs to put their big boy pants and get a real job.

Their desperate attempt to twist Glenn Beck’s words as they accuse him of trashing FEMA is almost laughable. Beck merely was stating that the Joplin community gathered in force to help each other and he stated that the Joplin community wasn’t sitting there twiddling their thumbs yelling for a FEMA drop. Beck was complimenting you, Americans on the way you are the first ones to give a fellow America a hand up!

Next, they jump on O’Reilly when he stated businesses are sitting on their money and not about to hire as long as Obamacare and Obama’s threats about tax increases for businesses loom over their heads. Obama’s inability to jumpstart the economy merely shows Americans that number one he lied in 2008 and number two he’s still lying to Americans as of June 8th, 2011.

Acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal the man who’s responsible for selling Obamacare to America will have his day in court today. He will try to convince the court that Obamacare is in fact a necessary evil and furthermore he’s going to emphatically tell the court that the Government has every right to enforce Obamacare on every citizen of the USA.

Did Neal Katyal forget that 26 states and the largest small business group are declaring Obamacare unconstitutional? Here’s, a few little bits of information that need to be discussed today.

Judge Kithil – from Marble Falls, TX makes note of a few hidden treasures in Obamacare. Check Obama Care Highlighted by page Number
The Care Bill HB 3200

DIDJA KNOW – the Obamacare bill will provide insurance to all non-US residents even if they are here illegally? Page 50/section 152

DIDJA KNOW – our government will have real-time access to an individual’s bank account and will have the authority to make electronic fund transfers from those accounts. Page 58 and 59

DIDJA KNOW – Obamacare will subsidize all union members, union retirees and organizations such as (the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now – Acorn?) Page 65/section 164

DIDJA KNOW The tax imposed under this section will not be treated as a tax – now how’s that for a bloody mess? Page 203/line 14 – 15

DIDJA KNOW Doctors will all be paid the same regardless of specialty, and the Government will set all doctors’ fees? You got it, the Government is running the program! Page 241 and 253 Now we know some of the reasons good ole lopsided Pelosi said we have to pass it first, before we’ll know what’s in it.
Around the World in a Flash

Arizona and their governor (Jan Brewer) have been sued by Obama, trashed by Obama on the 1070 bill saying we’re misguided. Now the labor unions and former AFL-CIO state director have recently filed recall signatures against the Governor and 1070 bill. I believe if they check out the signatures, they’ll find they come from foreign countries, other states and the rest are probably fake.

Here’s a gal with a great attitude, Ann Coulter, like Paul Ryan she will single handedly take on the lopsided Liberals, stand toe to toe while she’s chewing them into little pieces. Read her latest and greatest book, ““Demonic: How The Liberal Mob Is Endangering America.”

As I said Obama and the “Dumpsters” are running out of garbage so yesterday during a press interview between Obama and Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel, in a moment of panic and desperation he reverted to his old blame game card. The White House has told Obama emphatically that his “blame game card” has run out of steam and Americans aren’t falling for the scam.

Good Old Barbara Walters – has an answer for everything. She’s blaming Weiner’s problem on “Erectile Dysfunction.” That’s what happens Barbara, if you do too much “Viagra” – even Viagra states if it lasts over 3 hours, you better hop right over to the hospital. Nice try Barbara!

So fellow Americans, our trek to “take back our country” won’t be easy, because the Liberal News Media, Obama’s handlers and George Soros are loaded for bear so to speak – they have an unlimited amount of “moolah,” but they are operating on one cylinder only.

There are a few things in our beautiful Nation that money can’t buy and the citizens of the USA are just about to show Obama and gang that we don’t like the way they’ve treated our Nations, our children, grandchildren and seniors.

“We Will Take Back Our Country America”
God Bless Each and Everyone
As Always, Little Tobca

Would the Real Chris Matthews Stand Up

March 3, 2011

Who is Chris Matthews, is he truly an American Patriot, a man who would lay down his life for his country. Or is Chris the typical blow hard on the left who spouts off gibberish without rhyme or reason?
Chris appears to be a dyed in the wool Socialist who has been immersed or should I say brain washed with an Ideology that is destined to be the ruination of our beautiful America.
One must read between the lines during his rants, what is the stimulus that fuels Chris’s fire? Although long on gab, Chris has a problem presenting both sides of any story – and his side is usually off the wall rhetoric that only a psychologist might be able to decipher.
Does he base anything on fact, truth or logic or is this a robotic method of utilizing Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals?”
Let’s see, Chris certainly is adaptable to changing political events – in his analysis of action and reaction he’s sly like a fox making sure that he doesn’t entrap himself. He pushes the “Rules for Radicals” to the limits because Chris isn’t entrapped by any specific fixed truths.
His playing field is wide open living by Saul’s rules and he is quite comfortable using his imagination and creativity to incite a reaction from those who don’t agree with him.
Chris’s deck of cards doesn’t consist of justness, fairness, fact based beliefs or truth – one could say that Chris plays hard ball with one ball only (Chris’s.)
Chris’s intent of establishing a new playing ground for all by utilizing political civility after the horrific murders in Tucson was just a smoke screen – this is merely his way of throwing a curve ball to his opponents.
But, the problem remains in our country – there are many Chris’s out there who’ve been brain washed and indoctrinated into the “Rules for Radicals.”
Next time you’re watching breaking news at MSN, CBS, ABC, MSNBC listen to their words – are their statements truth based? Do they share both sides of the story or is their sole intent to produce actions that create reaction in the opposition?
There is really a very easy way to strip those who use the radical tools like Chris Matthews; do not react. Don’t play their game; don’t spend time trying to prove them wrong. Don’t acknowledge them in any way.
If we stop all reaction – they’ve lost any hopes of winning the game. 2 examples that are fresh in my mind is (1) False accusations about Beck and Palin after the massacres in Tucson and, (2) Mathews saying Newt Ginrich looks like a car bomber, one who enjoys torture – this was 3/3/11 an MCR alert.
If Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich and Glenn Beck would totally ignore their lies and false comments, go about the business of helping us take back our country, they would lose the game.
In other words, if we don’t react to their propaganda, rhetoric or allow ourselves to become distracted or divided, they’ve been totally shut down without any Ace’s in the hole.
As Always, Little Tboca

Two Choices America – United or Divided

May 18, 2010

What will it take for America to stand up for their country?  How bad does it have to get before we join hands and fight for our Nation, our children, our grandchildren and future generations?  Millions of Americans are without jobs and over 4 million (just in 2010) are on the home foreclosure lists.

Yet there seems to be many who are content to allow our corrupt government to destroy our beautiful America. Why would those who have lived the American Dream and enjoyed so many freedoms simply ignore the daily destruction by Obama and gang?   

As I listened to Glenn Beck today, there seemed to be more then concern in his tone of voice; there was sadness in his voice as he presented us with two scenarios,  (1) America and the world are on the road to recovery! And spending trillions of dollars we don’t have and more taxes is the way out of it or, (2) We aren’t on the road to recovery.  There is real, grave economic trouble ahead and radicals are looking to take advantage of (and even cause) economic collapse.

Don’t you find it strange that Glenn use those two scenarios on National TV?  Glenn realizes that out there in planet earth, there are millions of people who are too busy to get involved, because they have bought into scenario #1. In fact, they want to bury their head in the sand and pretend our problems will just go away in the blink of an eye or better yet if Obama just keeps spending our money we’re bound to recover.

No America, we aren’t on the road to recovery and the worst is yet to come, if we don’t take our country back, restore our Constitution and retrieve our freedoms.  Each day Obama is chiseling away at our freedom and in less than two years he’s placed our country in critical financial and moral danger. 

This man some call President knows we can’t recklessly spend our way out of a recession and the path he’s placed us on is intentional!   Obama has viciously attached us in our most vulnerable areas, our National Debt, healthcare, education, rewriting our Constitution and restriction of all freedoms. 

Glenn Beck stands firm on several issues; (1) First we must restore our Constitution and place our Nation under God, (2) Next, we must take back our country and regain our voice.  Our forefathers established our government, and Abraham Lincoln said this in the Gettysburg Address, “that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

Our Nation is divided into layers and that will be our demise if we can’t unify and work together as one.  The top layer would be the 41% of our Nation who know our Nation is in danger and the Obama Administration is actively trying to bring us to our knees. The Second layer comprising about 30% of Americans are the ones who complain, but refuse to take a stand for our country. The third layer about 29% resists every move we make to restore our Nation; they believe in big government, redistribution, higher taxes and “One Nation Under Gov.”

These layers please Obama, because as long as the layers exist, the “troops are divided.”  Glenn Beck knows this and he’s pleading with Americans on a very basic principle, don’t allow the Obama Administration, Liberal News Media, Civil Rights Activists continue using the maxim, “divide and rule.”  Socialism can’t thrive in our United States if we the people join hands and unite for a common cause, “Take Back Our Country America.” 

Obama and gang know when people aren’t united, they can be destroyed easily; Obama’s greatest fear is unity of the people for that will kick Socialism to the curb. It’s your decision America, “United We Stand and Divided We Fall.”  May God Bless This Nation Today and Always!

As Always, Little T-Boca (Annie)

Who Sold Their Children and Future Generations for a Pittance

March 24, 2010

It’s so sad to see that many Americans who were standing up for their country and their children have jumped ship for once again idle promises.  They are actually falling in line with “Socialism,” for a few berries in their basket they have decided to be under government control. 

Here’s are a few  things that you must consider:  (1) You’ve sold your soul to the devil, (2) You’ve kicked your kids and future generations to the curb, and (3) You will pay the rest of your lives for the mistake you’re about to make. 

What is it that many Americans don’t understand about “spreading the wealth?”   The stimulus bill, HAMP, TARP, Harp and Cash for clunkers along with the so called Healthcare Reform has given our government over 50% control of our lives. 

So don’t even think that you will be immune to higher taxes, less medical assistance, funding abortion and the IRS meddling in your personal affairs on a monthly basis.  Doctors will walk and there won’t be enough physicians left to wipe your fanny or blow your nose.

The Democrats were very sly and knew some of you would succumb if they but dangled some candy! The “Snuckers” Obama, Pelosi and Reid just snuck the most corrupt and costly reform in all of our history under the rug and made it law. 

Will this reform create jobs?  Absolutely not, small and big businesses will struggle with the impending costs of this bill and will have no choice but to lay off more of their employees.   Will seniors be safe and secure now that this new reform has passed? 

The Baby boomers will suffer due to the money that will be removed from Medicare and those looking forward to their golden years have just been dropped on their heads.  Remember our doctors, surgeons and physicians have no choice but to leave their profession. 

Regardless of the executive order by Obama, which was merely an act of crooked politics, abortion will be funded out the backdoor of the White House and if one would ask Mr. Stupak now, I think he would say, “I’ve sold out to the most corrupt government in history and I will regret this impulsive act the rest of my life.”

Americans, if you’re willing to lose your freedom, liberty and justice for all and some of you appear most willing to trade your children’s lives and you freedom for a little tokens from the Democrats.    

For you, I say get off your fanny, get a life and uphold your constitution – in other words get a job, pay for your own benefits and quit thinking that American citizens owe you a living. 

Americans also don’t need to be taught how to give. We don’t need to be taught how to take care of each other or how to be charitable. Glenn Beck

We are our brother’s keeper, this is evident in the help we give those suffering from Haiti, Chili, Katrina and for all the programs that we’ve supported for those who truly are disabled or unable to work, but no one is entitled to a “free ride.”  You are the ones who don’t know where your children are at any given time, expect the schools to raise your kids and demand that the government gives you more, more and more.  This Healthcare Reform has nothing to do with taking care of our brothers – it is about big government via spreading the wealth. 

May God Bless America