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Bashing – One Feeble Excuse

August 6, 2010

Obama’s Bush bashing strategy is beyond ridiculous; his private pet puppets ABC, CBS and NBC continue their Bush fabrication in hopes that November 2010 may pull some Democratic rabbits out of the house.  Neither the Obama Administration nor their puppets have a leg to stand on and I say this for several reasons. 

Obama reneged on his campaign promises and has added horrendous amounts to our National Deficit starting early 2009. The Democrats, without any Republican support nonchalantly passed a Stimulus Bill to the tune of 787 billion dollars.  The stimulus bill has proven to be an open check for Obama – which he has misused from day 1.  If one were to insist on an accurate accounting of this money, you’d probably be ready to impeach the one they call “Obama.” 

Then another gouge in taxpayer’s pocketbook came with the Healthcare Reform, this bill was much like the Arizona SB 1070 because no one who voted for it had actually read it.  Pelosi said on National TV, that no one knows what’s in the bill until it’s passed; so much for behind closed door politics! 

So with all Obama’s reforms and bills in the past 18 months have increased our National Deficit by approximately 2,684,010,302,753 dollars.  This isn’t even close to the actual debt by the Obama Administration; there’s too many missing unknowns in the Reform, the Healthcare and the extras that the Democrats are spending to prepare for November 2010.  This isn’t just the story of Redistribution; it’s much more ominous and dangerous to our country, our children, grandchildren and generations to come.

But many of the Democrats still in office know when the Recession gave birth and they’ve deliberately misled Americans for many, many years.  It takes some homework to find the actual story, but to those who are truly interested in their Nation – it’s an assignment that must be completed before an actual recovery will be possible.  It’s time to face the culprits head on…

Go to this article by Rich Noyes 9/25/2008 for a quick incite on the housing bubble.  Just copy and paste this link into your browser.   You see that the Democrats must not just share the blame about Freddie and Fannie; they own it!

Obama and Dems keep spouting being on the road to recovery and this just isn’t true and never will be because Big Government, Runaway Spending does not equate to any form of prosperity or recovery from a Recession. 

There are billions of dollars that could be saved by winning the repeal on Healthcare Reform, insisting that all lending institutions, car manufacturers, Unions (Including Freddie, Fannie and AIG) pay taxpayers back in full.  The Unions are etched at the hip with Obama and they are one of the primary offenders in our White House.  It’s time to get our Nation back on its feet…

We need a budget, money back from the propaganda spent on selling the Healthcare Reform and Stimulus Package.  Remove all earmarks; retrieve money given to those states and institutions who are frittering our money away by declaring their projects are legitimate earmarks.

 No more taxes of any kind on Americans including small business and the big corporations.  Our recession can’t recover until businesses know Uncle Sam will stay out of their bank accounts; consumers are just plain frightened and confused with the present economy. 

Consumers are reluctant to invest in our broken economy; they are going to wait and see if permanent jobs are available, if the Bush tax cuts remain, if the government quits throwing our money out the door and if we can successfully remove the dead weed from the Senate and the House.

The Republicans aren’t lily white and unless they are willing to promise to create a budget, start repaying the National Deficit, repeal the Healthcare Reform, retrieve the remaining monies from our stimulus package, downsize the government, implement transparency, secure our borders and protect our Military the Recession will continue to haunt us for years. 

May God Bless America

Little T-boca (Annie)


Our Choice – Controlled or In Control

June 30, 2010

Our Nation has hit an impasse that is beyond our wildest imagination; we’re on the brink of a “depression,” and none of us seem to know what to do about turning the economy around.  It’s darn sure that Obama and the eggheads have no intention of assisting us; Obama wants another stimulus package of course, so he and the “Big Dogs” can fritter more of our money away.

If everyone would get on the same page and realize that Obama has trapped us into a web of redistribution, big government, uncontrolled spending, we’d have the strength in numbers to stop him.

Too many are on the outside, peeking in occasionally hoping that our economical situation will improve.  Until the majority of Americans realize that this present administration has created a vacuum of debt that our children and grandchildren will still be plagued with for years to come.  This was intentional! 2009 was filled with lies and propaganda about our stimulus package, healthcare reform, AIG, Freddie and Fannie, the car companies, the Unions and of course our educational system. 

The idea was to keep us distracted and in total discord with each other.  In order to do this the race card, civil rights card, Bush card and of course the Wall Street card was implemented.  Americans were too busy arguing over the “he said, she said,” to realize our money was going out the backdoor quicker than we could deposit is at the front door.

Many Americans are still in the state of denial and seem oblivious to what is transpiring in front of their noses.  If we mention the BP oil spill, many say Obama is doing a wonderful job – my response to that is Obama was a tardy responder to the Gull States and the oil is still spewing.  Nothing accomplished!

Democrats were in total power since 2007 and yes they were told repeatedly about Freddie and Fannie, but many of those in power were connected at the hip with Freddie and Fannie.  The Democrats and Republicans knew there would be a “housing bubble” way before it hit the airways!

So here’s what we do know at this time June 29th, 2010.  Chrysler and General Motors are government wards and that’s not good.  Unemployment due to loss of wages from these two companies is equivalent to 5 or possibly 6 billion dollars. 

The FDIC has its fingers in the pot of many failed banks and quite frankly the 70 plus failed banks now are controlled by the FDIC – there were over 130 bank take over’s in 2009.  This isn’t just a small red flag, the FDIC are the dictators or decision makers of these banks. 

And of course along come Freddie and Fannie, who in actuality have been lying and misleading Americans for many moons.  They are living off of about 150 billion of taxpayers’ dollars and the grapevine says they’re standing at the back door of the White House begging for more.  Over 4 million homes are in foreclosure for 2010. 

Our financial sector has been taken over and the CEO’s are pretty much at the mercy of the Obama Administration.  This is terrifying to think that the government has devoured so much of our economy in just a few months. 

If the Obamacare isn’t repealed successfully, Uncle Sam will have about 1/6th more of our hides and on the horizon is Cap and Trade with a strong possibility of amnesty for illegal aliens and maybe another stimulus bill. 

We must defeat the healthcare reform, stop the Cap and Trade and prevent the amnesty bill from passing, if we don’t take care of these three things immediately our children and grandchildren will be owned by the government.    

We are the people, we must communicate to Republicans and Democrats that we want a freeze on spending and insists that the government is placed on a budget; this will include ruthlessly cutting out many government programs that are outdated or just plain blood suckers. 

The bipartisan fiscal commission told the White House and Congress that our Nation’s debt load is close to 90% of the gross domestic product; the Democrats refuse to pay attention to the bipartisan fiscal commission and are now laying the foundation for another stimulus bill or stimulus package. 

Immediate action is required and the question remains, are we up to remaining constantly vigilant, chucking complacency out the door and taking our country back, it will take a united group of Americans who share the common beliefs of restoring our Constitution, protecting our 2nd Amendment, limiting government, securing our borders. We must restore our freedom of speech, protect our military and regain our God given freedoms. 

Little T-Boca (Annie)

“May God Bless Our Country”

Obama’s Approval Rating Sinking

June 14, 2010

Curiosity has overtaken my good judgment and instead of writing a blog giving both sides of the story, tonight I’m merely asking the 26% of our American public who strongly approve of the way Obama is performing his role as President, WHY, WHY and WHY? 

It’s obvious that a few of you have an inside lead on what he has accomplished in the past 17 months and it seems only fair to share this news with the majority of American citizens who strongly disapprove of his role as President. 

First, please tell us where our stimulus money has disappeared and share with us how much was used to help large and small businesses recover from the recession.  Don’t forget to give us an accurate accounting such as; (1) The recipient’s name, (2) The terms of the loan (when it will be paid back to the taxpayers and at what rate of interest, and (3) Give us the total cost of dispersals and the exact balance as of June 12, 2010.

Next, explain why the Hamp, Harp and other Obama programs have not assisted homeowners as promised.  We know these programs weren’t monitored.  Why were lenders who are in lawsuits up to their armpits allowed to participate in these programs? In 2010 there are over 4 million homes in foreclosure or headed for foreclosure as we speak.  

 Then we have the new terrorist laws that are poorly orchestrated and no one knows what if any is the final ruling on the Miranda rights?   When the Obama Administration handles the next terrorist attack, will it jinx our chances to try this person or persons in a military tribunal court due to the incompetency of our government?  Will they read him or her their Miranda rights or as usual will they still be trying to decide who might be or may be defined a terrorist?

Now we get to this healthcare reform that took Obama almost 1 and ½ years to pass.  How do we really know what’s in the healthcare reform – not even Pelosi, Obama, Reid or fellow Democrats have a clue what is actually in the reform.  Unions, big businesses, small businesses, the medical field and private citizens are trying desperately to get a grasp on the reform. 

Didn’t you know that a few outside interest groups created this reform and that’s why Pelosi stated, “No one will actually know what’s in the reform until it’s passed!”  What a shame that a law is passed before anyone knows the legality or contents of the reform!

The figures on this reform keep changing and the cost to taxpayers, businesses (Large and small) and the Medical field already is causing severe employee cutbacks and the quality of treatment that people will receive is still an unknown!

 Don’t stutter over the Medicare issue, because it is being tampered with as we speak and many seniors will suffer.  So what’s the great hype about the healthcare reform; why could anyone embrace a reform that results in bigger government, fines, higher taxes and a reduction in the quality of healthcare? 

Take the recent BP spill and correct me if I’m wrong, why would Obama wait 50 days plus trying to figure out who’s to blame for the spill?  Shouldn’t the first response be, “How can we stop this disaster?”  The “blame card” could be used later because it’s not a solution it remains the problem.  

In closing enlighten the 74 % of your fellow Americans who think our government is corrupt and explain why there’s over 4 million homes in foreclosure for 2010.  Let us in on the jobs secret – so far we’re drawing unemployment, because our stimulus money wasn’t used to promote job growth as promised. 

What is there to like about the healthcare reform?  Why has the promise of transparency gone by the wayside.  Who in their right mind thinks this spending frenzy by the Obama Administration will buy us out of a recession? 

Who’s in charge of our government budget and the out o f control National Deficit?  There remains one more question at this time – what exactly does it mean, when you say you approve of Obama’s role as President of our United States? 

Visit with Little T-Boca and Annie

May God Bless America

Opinion or Cold Hard Facts

June 10, 2010

Opinions are pretty much like one’s fanny, everyone has one; but cold hard facts aren’t opinions. Obama’s nonchalant approach and eagerness to blame is pretty much his MO during the past 16 months in office.

He’s not just a day late, he was many days late when it comes to the attempted terrorist bombing in December and his in ability to assume responsibility for the BP problem (51 days and counting). He couldn’t take time from parties and socializing to be a first responder to our fellow citizens on the “Gulf Coast” and that is appalling. No doubt about it, he’s a party animal in Socialist clothing!

Our Nation is crumpling under his watch as we wait for jobs, assistance with home foreclosures and an administration that will initiate a budget and start paying off our National Deficit. Nothing good has been accomplished in the past 15 months – in fact every new day is saturated with more Obamanism.

Yet there is a vast difference in the way he addresses his own personal agenda. For example as stated in his campaign speeches “healthcare reform” was his priority and he spent over a year fighting with Americans over this reform and finally with one big gouge from Pelosi and gang, it was jammed down our throats.

The stimulus bill was another albatross around our necks and he deliberately slipped that thru our backdoors – our money never to be seen again! His defunct poorly orchestrated programs TARP, HARP, Cash for Clunkers and HAMP were merely false tokens, called distractions.

Next on his agenda will be a series of sneaking behind closed doors until he has all his ducks in a row and then he will slap us with taking our gun rights away, amnesty for illegal aliens and no more offshore drilling. Notice though, during all of this confusion Obama still implements the key to Socialism; keep the troops at odds and keep their attention diverted, play the “blame card,” while he kicks us on down the “Road to Redistribution.”

Like an hour glass – Obama is running out of sand and time; Americans are on their feet and intend to “Take Back Their Country.” Obama’s sweet talk, charisma and blame game have worn out their welcome with taxpayers, retirees, many African American groups, a large number of Latinos and many of the youth who voted for Obama and change are having second thoughts, now.

Democrats are starting to speak out, because their job security appears to be a thing of the past. Nancy Pelosi’s last speech could better be described as a feeble attempt – it wasn’t the tea parties that blew Nancy out of her seat! Rasmussen reports only 26% of all Americans approve of Obama and that means he’s free falling and heading for the quicksand.

If the left side of the news media wants to stay in business, it probably is the perfect time to start telling the truth and as good journalists use to do – present both sides of the story. The news media is drifting further and further from the man we call “Obama” and once they’re decide to eat him for lunch ; he’ll be mincemeat.

Keep marching forward Americans, “take back our country, America” and restore our Nation’s once strong foundation. In finishing I hope all fellow Americans would remember what Lee Greenwood said,”

And I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free, and I won’t forget the men who died, who gave that right to me.

As Always, Little T-Boca (Annie)
May God Bless America

Two Options – Obama or America

May 20, 2010

America, we’re in a heap of trouble and our National Deficit isn’t the only problem at this time.  Our country has been invaded by a group of corrupt people who actually want us to fall on our knees and beg for mercy. Obama (outside of the devil) is without a doubt the most devious, insincere and calculating person who has graced the seat of “President” in our Nation’s history.  That statement above is of course a grandmother’s opinion, if he doesn’t agree with me, just tell him to meet me on the White House steps and we’ll continue this conversation. 

It’s time to throw political correctness (whatever that means) out the window and stop this Obama Administration from further destruction to our country.  At the age of 70, I’m experiencing the most evil group of politicians in my life; they continue on their path of redistribution and spreading the wealth daily and we’re sitting here allowing this to happen.

Obama isn’t qualified, nor does he have the ability to lead this great Nation.  His ideology is so far left that many Democrats and most Americans disapprove of him. His approval rate is dropping daily and according to Rasmussen at 26% approval today.

Now, we know why vetting is important, for the character of a man is the man.  This man thrives on lies, power and magic tricks and he has yet in 16 plus months to do one thing to help America restore its once strong foundation.

Here is his dirty laundry list; (1) Misspent stimulus monies, (2) No real assistance to homeowners, over 4 million homes are now on or about to join the list of foreclosures, (3) A National Deficit that will take future generations years to conquer, (4) Dilapidated, costly Healthcare Reform that Pelosi admitted (no will know what is in the reform until it’s passed, (4) He’s created total disarray in his foreign policies and terrorist policies, and (5) No JOBS, No Jobs and No Jobs. 

There is so much more to add to his list of corruption, but that wouldn’t help.  There must be a group of attorneys who are Constitution scholars that can assist us in freezing government spending, forbidding any more policies or reforms to be passed unless Americans have a 2 weeks chance to review the bill and make a decision. If we can stop the hemorrhaging until November 2010, possibly we can save our Nation.

Another concern with this man we call Obama is the BP flop.  Although he may not have known about the BP problem until it happened; he has refused to solve the terrible oil spill that is worsening daily.  If Americans had demanded that experts from around the world were dispatched to the Gulf on the first day of the explosion; our fellow Americans in the Gulf States would have been protected.  We must find a way to have our voice heard!

How long is Obama going to let BP control our Nation – let’s do the right thing and blow it up period, never to be used again! The next thing on his list and you can take this to the bank is trying to give all illegal aliens a free ride by expediting their citizenship.

Please understand  that a high percentage of drug crimes, human trafficking, murder, rape are being committed by many of these people Obama wants to harbor in our USA.   

There is so much more to add to his list of corruption, but that wouldn’t help.  There must be a group of attorneys who are Constitution scholars that can assist us in freezing government spending, forbidding any more policies or reforms to be passed unless Americans have a 2 weeks chance to review the bill and make a decision. If we can stop the hemorrhaging until November 2010, possibly we can save our Nation.  If we think it’s bad now, wait until Obama continues his rampage against America and all Americans. 

Let’s not wait until 2012; there must be many American citizens who know the legalities of our Constitution.  Let them start a website, we’ll all support them morally and financially and let’s get this economic bleeding stopped.  “May God Bless America” 
As Always, Little T-boca (Annie)

Good Morning Obamians

May 17, 2010

What might be the first thing on his plate when he crawls out of bed: (1) Call his czars immediately – need to find more money, (2) Send Biden out on a wild goose chase just to keep him out of his space and face, (3) Kiss Nancy Pelosi’s bottom – send her some roses or congratulate her on getting the “Healthcare Reform” passed, and (4) Tell Americans another lie about the economy improving, the money he’s been saving us and let us know he’s the best thing since apple pie and ice cream came along.

In retrospect, if we look at 2008 Americans were scammed by an unknown person from nowhere, who just happened to be one of the most eloquent speakers of our times. People not only believed his every word, they placed him into the position of President of the USA. 

Wow, a man who went from lowly community projects funded via government grants and at the same time learned how to play “chess” with those in the Chicago machine. Yep, next came an Illinois Senator who was a no show or next to it, because he had bigger irons in the fire! He didn’t want to ruffle any feathers so raising his hand and saying “Present” about 130 times in the Illinois Senate was a very effective way for him to keep his nose clean. Present, is neither “Yes”or “No;” it’s called straddling the fence.  

So stage left, enters the man they call Obama to the US Senate and once again he employed the handy little tool called “Present.” His eye was on the “Presidential Ball” and he’d lie, misrepresent or literally stand on his head to avoid criticism and his strategy was working in all arenas. Although Hilary was pretty savvy politician, she was no match for this person. In fact, he pretty much hung her out to dry until he was ready to use her!

Many African Americans, Latinos, terrorist countries  flatly adored him, almost to the point of worship. That’s why he has the handle “Obama God.”  Nothing seemed to slow up his progress and like an Arizona sidewinder, he kept crawling on his belly towards the White House.

Now in 2010, million of the same people who once worshipped him have jumped ship and changed their minds about the man we call Obama. Why wouldn’t they have a change of Heart? They’ve lost their homes, jobs and their trust in the man who was supposed to lead our country out of a horrific recession. In fact, as of May 17th only 27% according to Rasmussen approve of him! 

We’re all in this rocky boat together; we need to join hands and remove Obama, Pelosi, Reid and a tub full of Democrats. It really doesn’t take rocket scientists to see that more of the same ole stuff called “redistribution” has shown its ugly head in 2010.

There remains a large number of “rats in our icebox” and we need to start removing them (one rat at a time) in November 2010 or before. Let’s restore our Nation’s once strong foundation, live by our Constitution, regain our freedom, protect our Military, get our government on a strict budget and use any available monies to pay down our National Deficit. America can once again become “One Nation Under God With Liberty and Justice For All.”

Little T-Boca says, “Take Back Our Country America.”

May God Bless America

ABOP ABOP ABOP – Another Botched Obama Program

May 10, 2010

Obama’s ABOPS – this man we call President just finished with Another Botched Obama Program, the great Obama “Oil Spill” and what’s that they say, “BP is but another one of his happy contributors.” 

He’s gone from Mr. President to the fallen leader of ABOPS. In a recent meeting with private sector business leaders, he had the nerve to say, “Obama said his administration “has a relentless focus” on recovery, and that “spurring job creation and economic expansion continues to be our No. 1 priority.” From the Political Ticker, From Staff Reporter Julianne Pepitone, March 4th, 2010. 

This is exactly the same speech he gave all of us during his 2008 campaign and in his Inauguration speech. Is Obama verging on stupidity or does he have an acute dysfunctional problem? To count the numerous Obama Botched programs would literally fill a book, so let’s focus on the present State of the Union.

In March, Michigan has the highest unemployment rate @ 14.1% in March, 17 states suffered extensive job losses. In April 2010, 15 million plus workers were unemployed and the unemployment rate is 9.9 or more at this time. 

Foreclosed home are running a steady 14% of our entire population and millions more homes are in foreclosure, by the end of 2010 foreclosures alone could easily reach 20 to 25%. The healthcare reform is just another Obama “ABOP,” just one more albatross around taxpayer’s necks – no matter how Obama slices and dices this reform, we will be the ones paying for this monstrosity. 

The stimulus bill was a con job by Obama and gang – our money misused to benefit and pad the pockets of the corrupt. The promises at the time the bill was passed have been forgotten and broken, Obama promised: (1) Transparency, (2) 5 days to read all bills, (3) Prevent congressmen from slipping in pork barrel projects (19.9 Billion ), and (4) He promised to  use the stimulus monies for jobs, to stop the bloody real estate bubble and downsize the government. But that didn’t happen!

Recently, if one is staying apprised of the news – Obama’s next major issue on his agenda is to destroy our Second Amendment via the signing of an international treaty on gun control. This will definitely be the next “smoking gun” from the Obama camp.

Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates just threw another red flag up yesterday and said that at least 15 billion must be cut from the Pentagons 550 billion dollar budget or our military will be suffering, because there isn’t enough left to fund our current military force at this time. If anyone thinks this warning will put a damper on Obama’s runaway spending, they’re wrong!

As we go thru the years 2010, it is pretty much a repeat of the ABOPS of 2009 and this Presidency will go down in history as the year of the ABOPS (Another Botched Obama Program.) Unemployment or under employment is moving right on by the 20% mark, our National Debt is surpassing the 12 trillion mark and almost on a daily basis Obama and gang are throwing our money out the backdoor in an effort to “redistribute.” 

If this President isn’t shackled soon – our children and grandchildren will be under the total control of big government and our weakened economy will slide from a recession to a depression. Americans must “Take Back Their Country.” 

As Always, Little T-Boca

May God Bless America

Obama’s Most Recent Report Card

May 5, 2010

The Obama Report Card is beginning to look a lot like the days of old when he supposedly attended Columbia University or his Senate tardiness and inability to vote on critical issues.  Obama is sort of missing in action!  

He’s scored way below average in Presidential leadership 101, in fact he’s flunked this course and Pelosi, Reid, Axelrod and peers are struggling as they try to monitor his tardiness, poor grades and belligerent attitude. 

Many Democrats are now questioning the recent passing of the Healthcare Reform, Obama’s feeble foreign relation policies, his negligence in the December terrorist attack and the latest the oil spill.  They are having problems staying on the same page as Obama and every time they think they’ll got it right – he uses them as his dumping grounds.  For instance, the promises in 2009 made by Obama to the Latinos on the immigration problems have grown to gigantic proportions; Pelosi, Reid and fellow Democrats are left to pick up the pieces.

So the stance Democrats take is pretty much the magician trick with the bunny coming out of the hat – they magically turn the bunny’s hat into a dunce cap and use the race card, Bush Administration, FOX news, Republicans, the tea parties or town hall meetings as their excuse for Obama blunders.  Americans have grown weary of the lies, misrepresentations and false promises coming from the Democratic camp – we are the people and we’ve used our voice to no avail. 

The illegal alien problem is but one more horrific headache for the Democrats. Obama has added fuel to the fire by blaming Jan Brewer, Arizona’s governor for illegal alien problems.  As is his style, no solutions, but he’s always got a pocket full of blame that he freely hands out as he merrily makes his rounds throughout the White House. 

The Democrats can vouch for the fact that Obama is always tardy in his decision making and his extreme left agenda has caused major fallouts within the Democratic Party.  Stupak was but one of their fall guys and the list keeps growing!

Democrats must view the past 16 months as an exercise in futility – every time they bravely support their leader, he makes a sharp left turn and leaves them holding the bag.  He’s flunked in his promises of putting the country back on track economically. 

He’s flunked on the execution of the Stimulus Bill, HAMP, HARP, TARP and the Healthcare Reform; one might think this President has ADD because he has major problems when it comes to fulfilling his many promises to Americans.

He forgot jobs, downsizing the government, elimination of earmarks, the immigration reform, budget and most of all Obama’s runaway spending has endangered our country for years to come.  His lack of accountability remains a mystery to all, but should we really be surprised; this is a way of life or mode of operation for this man.  Most of all, he’s forgotten the citizens of America and that will be his downfall!

As Always, Little T-Boca

May God Bless Our Nation and Our Children

Obama – The President of Slice and Dice

May 3, 2010

Slice and dice refers to Barack Obama’s misuse of taxpayers’ money – this is a proven theory that actually creates bigger government and redistribution of our money.  Starting in 2009 we can see the actual birth of the “slice and dice” era. 

Oh yes, remember the stimulus bill when we bailed out those who were corrupt or at least very unqualified stewards of our money. Obama gleefully sliced and diced the stimulus bill until it looks somewhat like a pile of mush covered with jellybeans and syrup, but one thing we know it wasn’t used as promised to stimulate the economy and create jobs. 

Next came the HARP, TARP, HAMP, Cash for Clunkers – all of these Obama creations were not created for the benefit of our hard working Americans.  If one should take time to research these bills, you will find they are defunct programs that just scammed Americans, once again.

The HAMP bill, which I was exposed to; it was an absolutely a flop – very few homeowners received actual loan modifications.  Most of the lenders chosen to implement this program are in law suits up to their hips or just padding their bottom line a bit more.

TARP is another farce that is nothing more than one more burden on the taxpayer. It may have rescued some of the corrupt banking systems, but it didn’t offer any wide based benefits to taxpayers, nor did it actually give our financial institutions real stability. So a quick analysis shows us that the pie (baked with taxpayers money) doesn’t include the hard working Americans who keep our country functioning.   

So the President of “Slice and Dice” just slam dunked the healthcare reform thru, which is proving to be the mother of all Obama reforms. Even Democrats are unable to grasp the poorly constructed reform – they are struggling due to this in their upcoming elections. 

No matter how the healthcare reform is sliced – the taxpayer will be the one picking up the pieces and paying for this atrocity. So if you look at the Obama Pie, you’ll find the pie is sliced into three pieces; (1) Bigger government, (2) Redistribution, and (3) Unbridled spending.

Taxpayers also were dunned 600 ml for government fleet vehicles, about 650 ml for digital TV converter box coupons and somewhere in the range of 21ml to re-sod the Washington monument National Mall (I do believe those who’ve been sitting on their fannies for years might consider taking on this job.) 

Many millions are still going out the back door for safe sex programs in schools – maybe parents should get back to the old fashioned parenting of “yester years” and take that job out of the schools hands!  

For me, I say pitch Obama’s pie and lets “ Take Back Our Country America.”  Little T-Boca

May God Bless America

Americans – Bring It On For Your Children

April 6, 2010

We have a happy President, who is touting his ability to slide the most devious, corrupt reform in all of our history down our throats.  His “Bring It On” rhetoric would make one think that he knows it’s a slam dunk for him when the lawsuits from 16 attorney generals hit his table.  Either he has the Supreme Court in his hip pocket or he’s oblivious to our Constitution. 

He’s been one busy boy and not only is he on the road again trying to resell his Healthcare Reform, he’s bragging about his lectures to Israel and Afghanistan.  Obama takes time out to mock the news media for driving what he refers to as poll driven impatience.   This drive from Americans is much more than poll driven; they’re angry and reluctant to follow the road of Socialism. 

The two most important issues to Americans throughout the country are jobs and the insane, runaway spending spree that Obama is embarked upon.  This poll driven impatience that he refers to is driven not by the news media, but by Americans who have lost their homes, their jobs, retirement and their freedoms. 

Either this man is oblivious to the fact that he works for us, the American people or he’s hell bent on destroying our Nation at all costs.  Obama is once again, the same as his campaign speeches in 2008 trying to blindside us by throwing out little tokens of nothing – the drilling that he keeps talking about isn’t going to be productive: it’s only an exploratory measure and has nothing to do with fuel efficiency or jobs for Americans. 

The fact that he is on the road trying to resell the Healthcare Reform is a dead giveaway that he knows there are many, many problems with this off the wall bill he just signed.  His speeches are just merely replays of the man running for President in 2008. All show and no go – it’s merely Obama theatrics raising its ugly head again. 

He has perfected the art of selling socialism and we’re the innocent victims that he’s working on again in 2010.  Promise them the world, better economic times, smaller government, transparency, no taxes and then dump them and continue on the road to “socialism.’  How many times are we willing to watch and listen to the Obama sideshow? 

He’s the “President of Blame” and he has yet to make positive moves for Americans; his speeches and idle promises are full of hype and blatant lies and he knows this, but he also knows that desperate people will grasp at any little token he throws at this time.

We need to get down to the business of taking back our country, America.  Replacing the corrupt that are hiding behind closed doors and re-establishing our Nation as “One Nation Under God With Liberty and Justice for All.” 

Help the Attorney Generals who have filed the lawsuits against the Healthcare Reform in our behalf – give them support and encouragement.  Americans need to send a message loud and clear to Washington, that the government doesn’t have a right to rewrite or destroy our Constitution. 

The Supreme Court judges need to follow the Constitution, not rewrite it or twist it to suit their fancy. 

Over a period of years they have gone from adjudicating to dictating and there remains our problem as the Healthcare Reform is presented to them.  They should uphold and enforce the laws of our Constitution, not bend or change them due to personal opinion or preference.  If the Supreme Court cowers on this one – we will wake up with all of our rights basically being removed. 

So to Obama, I say what goes around comes around and remember a real man is a man of his word – and Mr. Obama you have promised and lied too many times, so we know what kind of man you are…

May God Bless Our Country