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What is Happening to Our Nation?

January 28, 2012

Yesterday was spent sort of surveying the political environment and realizing how close we are to going over the cliff. Watching the Florida debates was like watching an X-rated movie. Newt and Mitt came to the table with derogatory remarks about each other pretty much a repeat of everything we read in the news daily and nothing much accomplished. So over half the debate was spent on “gotchas.” Ric Santorum and Ron Paul both were on their game.

Going back this week to the real news was most difficult, because it exemplified the fact that we the people have lost our voice. There will be a debt ceiling increase of 1.2 trillion which brings up the question of how far is too far? How long can we play the phony monopoly game and at what point will the addictive spending by our Government push us over the cliff?

The Commander in Chief of our Nation remains unscathed by his spending addiction and inability to lead. He has literally stopped job growth, stolen money from taxpayers via the stimulus bill, the green scandal and various “redistribution” schemes and yet yesterday’s polls show him having a 47% approval rate.

America is no longer the land of the free; we are the victims of false ideologies that have devoured our Country over a span of many, many years. Today we sit in the cheap seats watching the political theatrics as they unfold day by day. The Constitution, America’s roadmap has been relegated to the ancient history shelves.

It’s almost laughable that any of us think the laws of our land actually protect our freedoms and rights. We’ve gone from one Nation Under God With Liberty and Justice for All to “One Nation Under “Gov. With No Jobs, Foreclosures and Higher Taxes for all.”

We’re slaves of the Liberal News Media, big money, sick ideologies and political corruption; they bought, paid for and endorsed a total stranger choosing him as our Commander in Chief. If we continue allowing these people to distract and divide us, we will face another four years of redistribution, addictive spending and oppression.

We have an “Old Establishment” in Washington who is not our friends – they’re our enemies. We have a majority in the House, but they are powerless unless we take over a majority in the Senate. We have a Commander in Chief who has been preparing for a second term since 2008 – he very carefully redistributed our stimulus money to big bundlers, Unions, Special Interest Groups in order to buy their votes and money for 2012.

Very seldom do I include a personal opinion in my articles, but today I must at least express my heartfelt feelings. If the four good men in Florida clambering for the Republican Candidacy would but sit down together and unite we’d be prepared to “take back our Country America.” It’s time to move on from “cat fights” to the concerns of our Nation.

They’re all leaders, all capable of uniting our Country and they need to agree on a game plan. The question that only they know in their hearts, is who can beat Obama, who will have enough money behind them to continue the grueling run for the 2012 Presidential election and who is prepared to step down at this time.

I’ll probably get laughed right off the map on this one, but I just called it the way I see it – this is the most critical race of our lifetime.

Understandably, each one envisions himself as our next President, but it’s time for them to unite and help us “take back our Country.” It’s not a matter of giving up – it’s a matter of uniting for their Country and without a doubt it would be the most difficult decision they’ve ever made in their lifetime.

It’s time to put politics aside and do what is best for our Country. It’s time to select a candidate for the 2012 Presidential Election and it’s time to address the problems of the Nation.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca


Paybacks Are Hell Baby – Ron Paul & Newt Gingrich

January 17, 2012

Why is Ron Paul splintering votes in the Republican Presidential Candidacy run? Ron Paul is not just an innocent bystander so strongly convicted that he believes he’ll be the next Presidential Candidate for 2012. There is a behind the scenes strategy that is very likely is a pay back against Newt Gingrich.

When Newt was Speaker of the House, he didn’t support Ron Paul’s run for Congress and Ron Paul decided it was payback time. In 1996 the Republican Party wined and dined Greg Laughlin a Democrat encouraging him to change parties. At the same time Paul was making a comeback thinking he’d be running against Greg Laughlin (Democrat.)

Laughlin switched from Democrat to Republican and of course Newt and the Republican Party backed Laughlin. Paul was irate about two things: (1) The Republicans backed Laughlin who had switched parties; (2) Newt was a strong supporter of Laughlin (New Republican convert.) But what Ron Paul hasn’t shared with anyone – Ron, much like Laughlin switched parties too going from a Republican to Libertarian. Switching parties isn’t a crime Ron!

“Paybacks are hell,” and Ron Paul is delighting in the fact that he along with Mitt Romney gave Gingrich a good dunking in Iowa and New Hampshire.

The ads in Iowa were of vile, vicious, non-factual information against a fellow Candidate. Paul and Romney spent millions in Iowa attacking Newt – in fact most Iowans couldn’t flip on the TV or radio without hearing or seeing the smear tactics against Newt.

Neither Romney nor Paul lost any sleep over their behavior in Iowa or New Hampshire, because together they derailed Newt or so they thought until the Republican Debates January 16, 2012.

Ron Paul is somewhat like Obama, what you see isn’t really what you get. Ron seems to have a fettish for the Liberals. Here are some of the reasons the Liberals are playing footsey with Paul. He’d definitely end the war on drugs and decriminalize marijuana. He’s anti-war and has promised to shut down military prisons like Gitmo.

Paul and Barney Frank co-authored an article for Huffington Post presenting a task force that would recommend a trillion dollars in tax cuts from our Military. Here’s the article July 6, 2010 on Huff Post and David Horowitz.…_b_636051.html…-defense-plan/

Paul strokes the backs of the Wall Street Protestors referring to their destructive and dangerous protests as a peaceful assembly allowing protestors to shout their grievances to the Government.
Anyway you shake it, Ron Paul is Mitt Romney’s best friend and so far has insured that none of the other Presidential Candidates can take over the lead; Paul knows what he’s doing – the question is what are his real motives?

May God Bless America

As Always,
Little Tboca

Obama and Beck – The Community Organizers

December 30, 2011

Glenn Beck gives his viewers a touch of entertainment and enlightenment and oh so much more. He’s jumped to stardom almost over night spinning tales that seemed to mesmerize his audience.

Glen didn’t just fall off the turnip truck – he’s a pro at orchestration and presentation with the support of chalk boards, colored markers and a variety of other props. Glenn knows exactly what his audience wants to hear and what they expect of him daily. They want a dose of warm fuzzies with a few “chicken little” tidbits thrown into the mix embellished with a few tears and trembling hand.

Is Beck really concerned about Americans and their well being or is he an Obama clone, who knows how to use the “Rules of the radicals” and preys on the oppressed to line his pockets with gold. He’s a master of illusion and like Obama dangles hope and change out to the sheep telling them what they must do and when they must do it.

Like Obama, Glenn Beck is a master of manipulation playing upon the fears and helplessness of the people. Glenn leads his sheep up and down the slippery political slopes advancing his “fame and fortune.” Is Beck a true blue Patriot or is he political strategist in disguise?

Beck made it clear that he isn’t endorsing candidate, because he isn’t willing to lend his credibility to any one person or persons. My oh my, there’s reason to believe that Glenn is not only picking and choosing Presidential Candidates for 2012 – he’s methodically eliminating all of those who don’t agree with his philosophy.

Me think the man doth protest too much! Glenn Beck is so entangled in the political web of politics that one might think he’s planning a run for President in the not so distant future. In April 2011 in one of his amazing predictions he said Hillary Clinton would soon be announcing her run for the Presidential Elections of 2012.

Although Beck admits that Mitt Romney would decimate Obama in the debates, he makes a back handed remark about Romney showing he’s in this 2012 Presidential Election up to his armpits. In the same sentence, Glenn says Romney is an honorable man that he doesn’t trust.

Beck announced that his interview of Newt Gingrich was not a “gotcha” kind of interview. Wrong, the entire interview was an attempt by Glenn Beck to throw Newt to the wolves and under the bus. Actually, Newt withstood the assault and stated over and over that the people need their voice again and should be the intricate part in the decision making process.

Glenn didn’t receive any satisfaction out of this interview so he lied on O’Reilly last night saying Newt was strictly a big Government Progressive. The Factor reminded Beck that most Americans consider Newt Gingrich a committed conservative: “He puts himself out as someone who wants much smaller government and as someone who would cut taxes and regulations” Beck became somewhat flustered when O’Reilly countered him on his Gingrich bashing.

Beck continues on his rampage and pulled the race card on the Tea Parties pretty much saying the only reason tea parties would like Newt Gingrich over Obama would be race. Glenn continues digging his senseless hole, suggesting he’d vote for a Ron Paul third party candidacy over Newt Gingrich.

The question that comes to mind at this time, “Why would Glenn Beck even think about throwing the 2012 Presidential Race by suggesting a third party candidacy? Beck knows this would give Obama a second term!

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca

Dumpster’s Morning Dump 17th Addition

June 5, 2011

CNN – Media Matters – MSNBC – CBS – NYT

A wrap up for the week end, all the “Dumpsters” are scrambling for fresh exhilarating information in a desperate attempt to get viewers attention. But, there remains several heart wrenching problems in our Nation that can’t be ignored.

If you notice, there’s a scramble in the “Dumpster’s” nook to discuss the economy, the unemployment, the war in Libya, the 2012 Presidential race and not one of these “Dumpsters” can remember that they are one of the major reasons that we’re in a recession: they are the ones who willingly, gleefully and without remorse played a major role in an attempt to destroy America.

They chose sides in 2008, they chose money, they chose a “dark horse” without vetting him and most of all they chose to blind side our Nation with lies. They raved over the one some called “Mr. President, promising Americans better days as they kicked in the “Propaganda” machine running it 24/7.

They gloated over the Obamacare, the stimulus package, Obama’s foreign policies; they defended an “ideology” that has and still is destroying our Nation.

Redistribution to them was a way to bring our Nation to its knees; obsessive spending, printing phony money, helping the corrupt lenders, unions and blaming Bush, the tea parties and the American people.

This was a payback, a vicious payback to businesses (big and small), taxpayers, our college students and senior citizens. How could the Liberal Media stoop so low?

It isn’t Paul Ryan who will push “Granny” over the Cliff; it is Obama and the Liberal News media who are doing that as we speak. In recent days, they trash Ryan’s Medicare plan, the Republicans’ plans to implement a balanced budget, the states that are fighting the illegal alien problem and all businesses who are struggling with Obamacare.

They crucify those who want to “take our country back,” create jobs, downsize our government, insure transparency, balance our budget and put America back to work.

They make fun of Jan Brewer Governor of Arizona, our tea parties, FOX news, Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, Hermann Cain, Newt Gingrich, Donald Trump and many more true American Patriots.

The Liberal News Media will spend billions, possibly trillions of dollars in an effort to get Barack Obama reelected in 2012. They truly believe that money can and will buy anything their little hearts desire and they may be right.

The Liberal News Media is a powerful, dangerous mechanism in our society that isn’t about to go away in the near future. Americans have two options here, (1) Let the left news media continue their trek to destroy our Nation, or (2) Fight to take back our country and restore its once strong foundation.

Here is a beautiful comment from one of our many daily viewers; it’s so well stated and something to carry in our hearts and souls.


We hold these truths to be self- evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness.

Wars have been fought because of the ideology of these 35 words. Men have given their lives because of their belief in these words.

With apathy Americans can’t be bothered: don’t interrupt their bingo game, can’t leave the slot machine, and don’t interrupt their soaps. 2011 America is at the cross-roads of history. Which path will the American citizen take?

Notice, I did not say the American government, I said, “American citizens,” the people who pay the bills, the people who create America, the people who elect the paid political servants, the real power in the United States of America.

The creative American people, who have developed the Nation and lead it to greatness; the people who have created empires, the people who have developed industries, and the humble people, who faithfully get on their knees and give thanks to their almighty “God.”

Yes, these are the people who are the true Americans, The ones who turn a day dream into a reality. The mother who cuddles the enfant, encourages the youth, praises each accomplishment and supports the budding youth to greatness. That is the American we’re proud of…

In closing, which American are you? May God Bless Our Nation

As Always,
Little Tboca