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Dumpster’s Morning Dump 15th Edition

June 3, 2011

MSNBC, CNN, Media Matters, NYT and CBS

The Liberal media has set the stage and the Medicare play has begun; they will continue scaring the seniors clear up until Election Day 2012; seniors you’ve helped make our Nation great and you’re willing to bow your heads letting Obama and the DEMS lead you to slaughter. You are in for a rude awakening once Obamacare kicks in…

Get off your fannies, start doing your homework and help us “TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY.” Don’t tell me you are too old, I’m almost 71 and I intend to leave our children, grandchildren and future generations a legacy that they will embrace with pride.
We are the one segment of this Nation that can turn the tides in the 2012 Presidential Election. What don’t you understand about lies, propaganda and redistribution?? Today’s News as I see it –

My of my, the DEMS have short memories and so do the seniors. Obamacare stole billions of dollars from Medicare and senior citizens are worrying about Ryan’s Medicare budget which doesn’t affect anyone 55 years of age and older. But, in the near future when Obamacare kicks in Medicare will be totally under the direction of a board of 15 or so who will be Medicare trustees, so to speak. You’re not going to like the way they dole your money out!

Paul Ryan has stated this on National TV many times, “Obamacare is stealing 500 billion dollars from Medicare, “ plus the charges for a board to ration care and don’t forget the thousands of Government new hires to monitor Obamacare. Here’s a quick fact check on Paul Ryan’s plan”

It will not take anything away from citizens over 55
It forbids Insurance companies to deny coverage for those on Medicare and pre- existing illnesses must be covered.

Paul’s plan doesn’t say that the Government will send a ”X dollar amount” to seniors 55 and over and leave seniors in the lurch. All bald faced lies! Here’s a few more questions for my senior friends.
DO you know?

Are we paying for Obama’s new czar( Jesse Lee), the one whose job is to control the Conservative new media? Yes, we’re footing the bill and Jesse’s not cheap – he’s the spinner of negative news for the Liberal news media. For me, I say let Obama pay for his “crap keeper czar” out of his own pocket; it’s his campaign and I have no desire to pay his expenses.

Seniors, if you think gas and food prices are high now due to inflation – just wait until Bernanke starts printing his funny money again when the Republicans and DEMS raise the debt ceiling. We ain’t seen nothing yet!

What about our children losing their homes, jobs and dreams; many of us lost a large hunk of our retirement too, due to a handful of corrupt politicians? What about our children and grandchildren who have graduated from college and been placed on the back burner? Don’t you worry about the trash that is being taught in our schools from first grade thru college?

I’m one of you and I pray you will join me in restoring our Nation to its once strong foundation, restoring our Government as a government of the people, by the people and for the people. We are the voice of America and we can “take back our country.”

May God Bless Each and Every One of You

As Always,
Little Tboca


Obama – Can He Buy the Presidency Twice?

May 19, 2011

Little Tboca says, "no"

Obama wants to take our liberty and freedom one piece at a time. Today, he refused to give the Boston Herald full access to his fund raiser in Boston, basically his objection was the fact the Boston Herald newspaper’s front page placement was a Mitt Romney op-ed.

A few days ago his Administration decided May 12, 2011 is drafting a proposal that make those who contract with the government disclose their political contributions. This means if a political contribution doesn’t suit them your bid will be thrown out the window or flushed down the toilet.

Remember in 2010, he tried to sneak in voter status for all illegal aliens – talk about a ploy to nab millions of votes for free. The Obamacare bill that was to be transparent – none of us got to read it, including our House and Senate. It had to be passed, before anyone was allowed to read it! America we’re in a mess!

By the way, if you spell your name right and knows someone who knows someone, you can go to the backdoor of the White House and get a waiver on Obamacare.

Drilling for oil was smugly shut down by Obama, so he could pad Soros and Petra bras’ pockets; that equates to shipping our oil from Brazil at exorbitant prices and getting gouged again by Obama. Believe Soros is sort of “double dipping” here, what do you think?
Even though, Barack Obama thinks his billions will buy the 2012 Presidency, he neglected several pertinent factors that money can’t buy. There are four factors that Obama’s Administration didn’t figure into their 2012 Presidential Campaign.

(1) This isn’t 2008 – Americans are engaged and savvy, (2) The Hispanic Community realize they’ve been blindsided, (3) The youth of today aren’t going to buy his glib tongue and idle promises like they did in 2008, and (4) Americans will not endure another 4 years of Obamanism.

Although Americans were fairly complacent during 2008 and a small majority decided to give Obama a test run, their tolerance for Obama and his Administration is petering out.
The Obamacare bill, which no one read is preventing job growth due to the terrific cost that has been placed on corporate shoulders.

26 states are using precious funds trying to repeal this bill and the Supreme Court won’t expedite a decision and appear to be dragging – – – , until the 2012 Presidential election is over.

The economic forecast remains the same as January 2009 – no jobs, unemployment creeping up again, and our youth feel they’ve spent 4 to 9 years in college for naught.

The mainstream news media and Obama are playing with fire this time as they continue lying to America. They know the truth about our border situation; it’s beginning to look a lot Israel on our border – we’re surrounded by terrorists, illegal aliens and the drug cartel.

They give us false figures on the economy telling Americans that Obama created all these millions of jobs – unemployment is probably at about 19 to 22%. Need I say anymore?
In a desperate attempt to hide the truth the news media is losing the little bit of legitimacy they once had – they’re turned into the “Dumpsters,” garbage in and garbage out.

What goes around comes around and that’s just what is happening to Obama as he tries to feed Americans the same lies as he did in 2008 – his soft shoe dance along with his theatrics no longer impresses those who are without jobs, scared about their kid’s future and wondering where their next meal will come from.

“May God Bless America”

As Always,
Little Tboca

Reload – Unite Gather Together And Fight For Our Freedom

March 26, 2010

So what’s the problem with all of the Obama rhetoric about Healthcare Reform?  The problem is lies, blatant lies that Obama and friends have been feeding us since the Presidential campaigns.  Pelosi, Reid’s approval ratings are indicators that prove Americans can’t be deceived any longer.   But, isn’t it strange that Obama’s ratings although dropping steadily are still well above that of Pelosi and Reid’s? 

Why is this person being left out of the mix – he’s the one who brought the “Spread the Wealth” and bigger government ideology to the table, but the one’s getting the blame are Pelosi, Reid and fellow Democrats.  They are Obama’s pawns and each one of them sold their souls to the “Devil.”

The problems are many in our Nation, but the most obvious issues or obstacles revert back to the leader of our country, who has sold us out!  Obama took on the cloak of President with two objectives in mind: (1) Destroy our Nation’s economic system via spreading the wealth, and (2) Remove the freedoms of our country via government control. 

We accuse the Obama Administration of not listening, but what about those millions of Americans who have joined the corrupt Obama groups?   Can’t they hear the companies expressing their fears about the new Healthcare Reform that has passed; our biggest and smallest companies are speaking out to us. 

They can’t afford the Obama Healthcare Reform, way too costly, employees will be layed off to pay for this reform.  This will result in a trickle down affect, higher unemployment, more homes foreclosed and an immediate increase to our already unbelievable National Deficit. 

Our physicians have told us loud and clear that 50% or more of their group will have to close their doors and go into a different profession.  Obamacare is destroying peoples’ lives!

There will be a few jobs available and of course they are government jobs – 16,000 new IRS employees will be hired to check in on your business, family and friends; they will be the ones dictating, fining and implementing the healthcare reform.  If you’re uncomfortable now with Uncle Sam’s many intrusions in the past few years; well get prepared to pay up or be fined if you don’t follow Obama’s Healthcare Reform dictates.

Today, Obama’s latest and greatest strategy is to force the banks (lenders) to bail the homeowners out, in other words in many circumstances let the homeowners go without paying mortgage payments or drastically reduce their mortgage payments.   Now, who’s going to reimburse the lending institutions or is Obama ruthlessly cutting them out of the picture too?

We gave a vicious circle created by the Obama Administration that can’t recover from a “Recession.”  Big and small companies already struggling during the recession are being hung out to dry with a noose around their necks due to the latest and greatest Obama reform.

Over 4 million homeowners are facing foreclosure and even if the lenders can give them some assistance, they don’t have jobs anymore and can’t afford food on the table, let alone their homes.  

Senior citizens and those close to retirement are petrified of the reform, because many have already lost their retirement and now Obama is playing around with their Medicare and Medicaid.  There wasn’t anything to share from either program, but Obama didn’t care about that – he’s spreading the wealth in the name of “Socialism.”

In my eyes, Americans have no choice but to reload as Sarah Palin said and remove all of the Democrats holding office at this time, starting with the President and working down the line.  I shouldn’t have to explain reload, but to save the news media from panicking – it means reorganize, gather our people together and continue our fight against the corrupt government.  You know it’s sort of like reloading your computer or your truck etc..

May God Bless Our Nation