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DUMPSTER’S Morning Dump 5/31/11

May 31, 2011

CNN, MSNBC, NYT, CBS and Media Matters

Won’t it be interesting to see what our news media friends gin up about the Senate refusing to pass a budget for 2012? Actually passing a budget is a fundamental responsibility of our Senate leaders, but Harry Reid is scared out of his pants to even breathe the word budget with the 2112 Presidential Election on our doorstep.

Harry would rather default then take a change of losing Obama’s re-election, because at this time Obama isn’t looking quite as bright and shiny as he did in 2008.

Pelosi and Reid refused to bring a budget forward in 2010 fearing the coming November elections, so if Americans think the Democrats have a budget all packaged up and ready to spring on us, they are wrong.
When Reid talked to Los Angeles times about a budget, he pretty much nixed the idea of the DEMS having a budget. I’ll keep you posted. Now, sit down and take a deep breath on this next issue as Obama’s friends try to explain his trip to Europe.

CNN, MSNBC and Media Matters – are praising Obama’s trip to Europe and his foreign policy. What policy, the one where he told Benjamin Netanyahu off in no uncertain terms.

Here’s Obama’s exact words, “We believe the borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps, so that secure and recognized borders are established for both states.”

Poland wasn’t eagerly awaiting his arrival; he did not have permission to speak to the Polish citizens – unlike other Presidents, his hands have been smacked soundly.

Lech Walesa (former President), gave Obama the bird and said “no thanks” not interested in a photo op with Obama. So, in case CNN thinks Obama is on top of the foreign policy problems – they best go back to the mines and do their homework.

When President Clinton visited Poland hundreds of thousands of people came to hear him speak; they respected President Clinton unlike their total disrespect for Obama.

Try this on for size when President Clinton visited Ireland, throngs of people came to hear him speak versus the handful of bar hoppers who met Barack and Michelle. Isn’t it funny how the left sided news media tries in vain to paint a different picture of Obama’s European trip?

Our foreign friends aren’t stupid – they know how Obama has ruthlessly attempted to destroy one of the greatest Nations of all times and they don’t have time for his shenanigans – his teleprompter with the poetic speeches is “old hat” and rather boring.

CBS – thinks Obama’s foreign policies are absolutely superior – me thinks they are poor little sheep who have lost their way. Get a grip CBS and try writing about both sides of the story. Their take on the way he’s handling Libya would shock a nudist!

NYT – appears to be running from their viewers or at least trying to be more elusive with their daily news updates. For me, all the Liberal News Media gets their garbage from the same pipeline, so CNN, MSNBC, Media Matters will fill in while NYT are sort of missing in action.

Americans should consider, sending Obama to his room until he’s removed in 2012 – his presence in foreign countries appeasr to be weakening our once strong ties with Ireland, Poland, the UK and Israel. This person isn’t safe out of his clubhouse and you can take that to the bank.

May God Bless Our Nation
As Always,
Little Tboca


John Boehner – Will He Buckle?

April 21, 2011

John, we know Paul Ryan, R-Wis. has created a “Path to Prosperity,” but the fact remains you dropped us on our head with the so-called wonderful deal you made on the budget for the next 6 months for the 2010 fiscal year.

The disgrace is that you and your friends tried to pass it off to America as a great deal – no wonder you’re starting to say you understand Obama better. You’re beginning to act like him too!

If the CBO is correct and they’re probably close, the bill will possibly give America 350 million savings, which isn’t enough to pay for Barack and Michelle’s lavish vacations and White House parties

Paul Ryan’s budget was passed by the House of Representatives and that’s good news, but we know that’s just a first step and we’re quite a long ways off before America will reap any rewards from his plan.

So now, you have the debt ceiling on your plate and the rumor is you have every intention of passing that bill too. Did it ever occur to you that we hired you to do a job and it wasn’t to print more monopoly money in Washington? We’re broke – spending must stop now!

Probably the best thing you could do for us is to gather the 59 Republicans who voted against the 2010 fiscal budget and ask them to help you. There is plenty of money to pay our creditors, you just don’t opt to get tough and to the right thing.

It’s time to quit the spending (includes printing more money) and fight for America and Americans. Ask Paul Ryan and the 59 Republicans who vetoed your last budget farce and start restoring our Nation’s once strong foundation.

There are 100’s of ways literally to free up money to pay our creditors. Stopping all of these Grants that shouldn’t be subsidized by our Government, stop all contributions to the foreign countries that take our money and do nothing in return.

Put Obama and Michelle on a strict budget – they work for us and we don’t like to think we’re financing his 2012 campaign.

Cut out the redundant government programs that Paul Ryan has mentioned and do that today. Defund Obamacare and retrieve the hidden money that he, Pelosi and Reid stashed in it.

Get the small remaining amount of our stimulus money back, stop funding NPR and Planned Parenthood and find out what phony umbrella ACORN is hiding under now (I’m sure Obama is still feeding his friends.)

Check on Obama’s deal with Soros and Petrbra – get it out in the open how much is going to fund this scam, so Americans will buy from Soros.

You knew the fight would be tough, so please don’t play footsy with Obama, Reid and gang. You have a lot of great resources to draw for and a lot of support from Americans and I’m praying you can fulfill your promises to us.

May God Bless America

As Always,
Little Tboca

Obama, Pelosi, Reid – the Triplets

January 17, 2011

When will they stop sneaking behind closed doors? When will they start being responsible for making wise decisions for our Nation and all Americans?

When will they start listening to the people and realize that their selfish agenda needs to be relegated to the ancient history shelves? They’re every where, they’re every where!

Reid of course has several irons in the fire, but one that would be most dangerous to our Congress is the ruling that would lower the filibuster threshold allowing Democrats to jam their agenda down our throats. Why does good ole Harry think he’s entitled to change our Senate laws, which have been etched in stone for many, many moons?

The AFL – CIO will sneak the card check through Congress by piggybacking it with other legislation. Unions aren’t going to let the Democrats forget that they contributed about 400 million dollars to their friends, the Democrats. So buyer beware, Obama, Reid and Pelosi have no choice, but to try to find a comfy home for these bills.

Don’t count Nancy Pelosi out – she may no longer be the House Speaker, but her presence will be felt by all of us the next two years. Yes, she referred to the massacres in Tucson as a tragic accident and for this we should forgive her.

But, she will continue her march to disengage any and all who have opinions that differ from hers and we must remember that Nancy Pelosi without a doubt one to carefully watch during the next year. Nancy is alive and well.

For 2011 it appears that some of the News Media will continue their evil rhetoric like they did when the horrific crime in Tucson came to their attention. It’s a way of life for them and most of them aren’t capable of returning to the platform of good journalism.

Hopefully they will realize that Americans are watchful, keeping a constant vigil on all of the media. If its ratings they want in 2011, possibly they should start by telling both sides of the story with accurate information for their fellow Americans.

The good news is this – we will probably have a reprieve from the constant propaganda and rhetoric for a few week or months.

For Obama, he’ll fight those repealing Obamacare tooth and nail. He”ll give us a bit of time, hoping we become complacent and then once again try to slip the comprehensive immigration bill through. He realizes securing the borders should be the number one issue before changing any immigration laws, but so far he hasn’t heard our voices.

I’m sure two of his handlers who have been busy preparing for the 2012 election (Plouffe and Axelrod) will tighten the puppet strings on Obama and hand feed him his speeches and upcoming agenda for they are grooming him for 2012.

Our new representatives in the House and Senate will have a hard road in 2011, but they have heard the voices of the people and will start the process of “taking back our country.”

We need to support them every step of the way as they follow their agenda for the New Year. May God Bless each of them and give them the wisdom and courage to endure the beatings they’re about to receive.
As Always, Little Tboca

Obama’s Double Standards

June 25, 2010

How strange that McCrystal turned in the perfect distraction –the one that Obama had been digging for the past few months.  Like the BP oil spill, the McCrystal episode arrived on Obama’s doorstep wrapped in military fatigues and Obama eagerly took the opportunity to behead this man. Notice that Obama has a double set of standard and rules!           

Funny that McCrystal’s head was laid in Obama’s lap, but Joe Biden goes merrily along with his blunders and negative remarks without missing a beat.  Why wasn’t Holder replaced, removed or relieved of duty? Biden said and for once he was right on, “I don’t think the fed should bail out AIG.  When speaking about the BP spill, here’s another major Biden blunder, “We were there the first day, the first morning after that well … blew and that platform collapsed.” Wow, who’s “We” and just where were they – no in the Gulf States saw them.   

Remember just a few days ago Eric Holder expressed contempt for the Arizona SB 1070, neither he nor big mamma Napolitano even bothered to read the law.  Problem being, Obama never read the bill either, yet he is allowed( without being fired) to blatantly promise Governor Jan Brewer help as he went on National TV and  describd the bill as misguided and irresponsible. Next, he said the bill “threatened to undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans.” 

So Obama, Holder and Napolitano get away with lies on national TV, spread propaganda about a bill they haven’t read thus inciting the Latinos in an effort to secure votes; they more or less thumbed their noses at Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer and the citizens of Arizona. After all of this, they had the gall to spread the word via Clinton’s mouth that they in fact were suing Arizona.

Rohm Emanuel gets away with slamming those opposed to the Healthcare Reform as “F-ing retarded.”  Did Obama kick him to the curb, no way Hosea!  Obama was the orchestrator of the sweetheart deals and no one fired him for “bribery or treason.”  The Healthcare Reform is one more example of double standards. Obama, Reid and Pelosi, Axelrod and many Democrats used the news media to spread their lies about the  Healthcare Reform. Pelosi admitted said no one knows what’s in the bill until its passed.  No one has read the bill and yet they’re comfortable lying about it!

Rohm Emanuel basically let it all hang out when he insinuated that the White House is much more savvy when it comes to “valued opinion” then the people are…   He’s thrown us all in the garbage can without so much as a backward glance.  But he is allowed to apologize for  his “F-ing retarded” and General McCrystal wasn’t given the same consideration.

So America needs to realize that Obama calls the shots and appears to have immunity from the laws of our Constitution as passed down to us by our forefathers.  His Administration hides under an umbrella of lies and yet, some still call him Mr. President.  

We have been exposed to a mirage of lies, undercover deals, misrepresentations and intentional treason and bribery against our country, yet he blissfully continues redistributing our money and hamstringing us.

Please anyone email me with one reform or bill that is legitimate – don’t bother sending me the stimulus bill, healthcare reform, HAMP, TARP, HARP or any of those, because they fall under the category of redistribution, big government and higher taxes for all.  Obama has lied about the stimulus bill, Freddie and Fannie, his sweetheart deals, the Unions, the healthcare reform and as we speak – he is lying about the BP oil spill.

Just contact George Soros if you don’t believe me or talk with Hilary Clinton, Pelosi, Reid, Emanuel, Napolitana, Holder – they know the truth!  Our Nation is being controlled; we’re not in control.   (Little T-Boca and Annie)

“May God Bless our Nation”

Good Morning Obamians

May 17, 2010

What might be the first thing on his plate when he crawls out of bed: (1) Call his czars immediately – need to find more money, (2) Send Biden out on a wild goose chase just to keep him out of his space and face, (3) Kiss Nancy Pelosi’s bottom – send her some roses or congratulate her on getting the “Healthcare Reform” passed, and (4) Tell Americans another lie about the economy improving, the money he’s been saving us and let us know he’s the best thing since apple pie and ice cream came along.

In retrospect, if we look at 2008 Americans were scammed by an unknown person from nowhere, who just happened to be one of the most eloquent speakers of our times. People not only believed his every word, they placed him into the position of President of the USA. 

Wow, a man who went from lowly community projects funded via government grants and at the same time learned how to play “chess” with those in the Chicago machine. Yep, next came an Illinois Senator who was a no show or next to it, because he had bigger irons in the fire! He didn’t want to ruffle any feathers so raising his hand and saying “Present” about 130 times in the Illinois Senate was a very effective way for him to keep his nose clean. Present, is neither “Yes”or “No;” it’s called straddling the fence.  

So stage left, enters the man they call Obama to the US Senate and once again he employed the handy little tool called “Present.” His eye was on the “Presidential Ball” and he’d lie, misrepresent or literally stand on his head to avoid criticism and his strategy was working in all arenas. Although Hilary was pretty savvy politician, she was no match for this person. In fact, he pretty much hung her out to dry until he was ready to use her!

Many African Americans, Latinos, terrorist countries  flatly adored him, almost to the point of worship. That’s why he has the handle “Obama God.”  Nothing seemed to slow up his progress and like an Arizona sidewinder, he kept crawling on his belly towards the White House.

Now in 2010, million of the same people who once worshipped him have jumped ship and changed their minds about the man we call Obama. Why wouldn’t they have a change of Heart? They’ve lost their homes, jobs and their trust in the man who was supposed to lead our country out of a horrific recession. In fact, as of May 17th only 27% according to Rasmussen approve of him! 

We’re all in this rocky boat together; we need to join hands and remove Obama, Pelosi, Reid and a tub full of Democrats. It really doesn’t take rocket scientists to see that more of the same ole stuff called “redistribution” has shown its ugly head in 2010.

There remains a large number of “rats in our icebox” and we need to start removing them (one rat at a time) in November 2010 or before. Let’s restore our Nation’s once strong foundation, live by our Constitution, regain our freedom, protect our Military, get our government on a strict budget and use any available monies to pay down our National Deficit. America can once again become “One Nation Under God With Liberty and Justice For All.”

Little T-Boca says, “Take Back Our Country America.”

May God Bless America

Citizens Have Responsibilities Too!

May 16, 2010

Surely everyone will agree that a citizen of the United States has definite responsibilities. We are expected to obey the laws of our communities, our states and the laws of our country.  The red, white and blue flag with 50 stars flies above all other flags in our Nation – no flag from any other country takes precedence over our beautiful flag.

English is our language, not Spanish, Chinese, Japanese – it is English and that’s the end of that conversation.  The Federal Government has laws etched in stone on immigration and illegal aliens and those who don’t wish to obey the laws should pack up their little suitcases and go home.

Citizens are expected to pay their taxes in a timely manner and in turn we are expected to respect the rights of others. It is our responsibility to vote and along with that we must be well informed about the issues and or candidates; citizens shouldn’t depend on the news media for this information. Citizens need to know what each issue says and what the pros and cons are before taking a stance or side.

The Latinos should support Arizona in the immigration law as it mirrors the Federal Law and hasn’t anything to do with racial profiling or taking one’s civil rights from them. 

There are many Latino families who are US citizens and they pay taxes, obey the laws and vote; they raise their children in a Godly manner teaching them to love their country and respect others.

Hopefully, they will step forward and help us as we strive to solve a difficult problem.  If they have family members or friends that have “Snuck” into our country, then they need to assist them in taking the few steps necessary to apply for legal citizenship. Help us to rid ourselves of the drug lords, those involved in human trafficking, rape, murder and pillage. Arizona is a border state; our borders are to be protected by the Federal Government because protecting the borders of America is a national security issue not just an Arizona issue.

But, there are those few who want to play the race card, civil rights card and the minority card – none of these are acceptable.  Illegal immigration is not a “race,” but a crime with natural consequences supported by the Federal Law. A crime that has not been dealt with is no less a crime. 

Any person or persons who have crawled under barb wire fences or sneaked across the border is by definition committing a crime, in fact they know it’s a crime or they wouldn’t be sneaking. They would come into our country via the immigration stations posted on the border.  With purposeful intent our borders are crossed and those who choose the path of unlawful entry in to America know they are committing a crime yet they do it anyway with the hope that they will go unnoticed. 

So to Obama, Holder, Pelosi and Reid – here’s the deal; (1) Read the Federal Immigration Laws and the Arizona Immigration law, (2) Inform those who are illegal that they must apply for citizenship or pack up and go home, (3) Quit trying to incite racial problems in order to secure votes, and (4) As a citizen of the United uphold our laws, protect the legal citizens of America first and foremost. Like Eric Holder, none of you took time to do your homework – you stooped as low as the illegal aliens and even laughed about it. 

Friday, the 14th   of May my granddaughter graduated from Arizona State University and the University fathers allowed a Valedictorian to address the graduates and families with a political speech that was degrading to all races, except Latinos. Is this young man an example of all Latinos, those who have received a wonderful education, grant monies and a free ride and yet he’s still  wanting more of our hide?

My grandson who is 18 and attended the ceremony too commented later that the Valedictorian’s comment regarding challenges he experienced being raised in a predominantly white society is actually one of many benefits afforded minorities here in America; it is the young white males here in American that are last in line to receive financial support for college, housing, etc.

Instead of speaking highly of his country (USA) and being a proud citizen, the Valedictorian complained about the illegal immigration law SB 1070. He made a feeble attempt to describe how difficult it was for him, because he was a minority and wanted all of us to give him a “pity party.” 

His disdain and anger against our country was shameful – this young man possibly needs to find a new home. If he can’t support our laws and be a proud citizen of our United States maybe he should consider returning to Mexico and using the education he has received here in America to help support the needs of those who still reside in Mexico.

We are and will always be, “One Nation Under God With Liberty and Justice For All.”

As Always, Little T-Boca (Annie)

Obama’s Most Recent Report Card

May 5, 2010

The Obama Report Card is beginning to look a lot like the days of old when he supposedly attended Columbia University or his Senate tardiness and inability to vote on critical issues.  Obama is sort of missing in action!  

He’s scored way below average in Presidential leadership 101, in fact he’s flunked this course and Pelosi, Reid, Axelrod and peers are struggling as they try to monitor his tardiness, poor grades and belligerent attitude. 

Many Democrats are now questioning the recent passing of the Healthcare Reform, Obama’s feeble foreign relation policies, his negligence in the December terrorist attack and the latest the oil spill.  They are having problems staying on the same page as Obama and every time they think they’ll got it right – he uses them as his dumping grounds.  For instance, the promises in 2009 made by Obama to the Latinos on the immigration problems have grown to gigantic proportions; Pelosi, Reid and fellow Democrats are left to pick up the pieces.

So the stance Democrats take is pretty much the magician trick with the bunny coming out of the hat – they magically turn the bunny’s hat into a dunce cap and use the race card, Bush Administration, FOX news, Republicans, the tea parties or town hall meetings as their excuse for Obama blunders.  Americans have grown weary of the lies, misrepresentations and false promises coming from the Democratic camp – we are the people and we’ve used our voice to no avail. 

The illegal alien problem is but one more horrific headache for the Democrats. Obama has added fuel to the fire by blaming Jan Brewer, Arizona’s governor for illegal alien problems.  As is his style, no solutions, but he’s always got a pocket full of blame that he freely hands out as he merrily makes his rounds throughout the White House. 

The Democrats can vouch for the fact that Obama is always tardy in his decision making and his extreme left agenda has caused major fallouts within the Democratic Party.  Stupak was but one of their fall guys and the list keeps growing!

Democrats must view the past 16 months as an exercise in futility – every time they bravely support their leader, he makes a sharp left turn and leaves them holding the bag.  He’s flunked in his promises of putting the country back on track economically. 

He’s flunked on the execution of the Stimulus Bill, HAMP, HARP, TARP and the Healthcare Reform; one might think this President has ADD because he has major problems when it comes to fulfilling his many promises to Americans.

He forgot jobs, downsizing the government, elimination of earmarks, the immigration reform, budget and most of all Obama’s runaway spending has endangered our country for years to come.  His lack of accountability remains a mystery to all, but should we really be surprised; this is a way of life or mode of operation for this man.  Most of all, he’s forgotten the citizens of America and that will be his downfall!

As Always, Little T-Boca

May God Bless Our Nation and Our Children

Who Mistrusts Our Government – “WE DO”

April 22, 2010

Today is time for a brief reflection on the political ramifications that are occurring right under our noses.  The Obama team is sitting up on their almighty pedestal hoping Americans stumble and fall – for they consider themselves the “Gods of Righteousness and Purity.”

Democrats base all decisions upon two philosophies: (1) Americans (taxpayers) are stupid and unable to function without government control, and (2) Republicans are the enemy of Liberalism and they should be eliminated.  

But wait, what’s that I hear in the distance; could it be Americans marching against the evils that exist in our present government?  There’s a group of courageous people, who realize their complacency has been excessive and they are taking back their Nation, one step at a time. They distrust the government and for good reason – the Obama agenda of 2010 is proving to be a “repeat” of 2009. 

In fact there are many red flags in 2010 that prove Obama isn’t concerned about unemployment, the housing bubble, terrorists, transparency, smaller government nor the welfare of our country. 

Already, we’re experiencing acute problems with his healthcare reform, desire to take over Corporate American and an immigration bill that has one bottom line only (insuring that redistribution remains alive and well under the Obama Administration. 

So for those who still are marching to Obama’s drum, you can count on a number of drastic changes in your household, business world and your future.  It’s one thing to march for a worthy cause and another to just plod along marching without a clue where you’re headed! 

Socialism has been tried many, many times and failed around the world.  While you cling to the Obama words of prosperity and equality that only translates into misery for all without any incentives.

Without incentives, we become the property of the government and they control markets, our personal property rights and are in charge of all profit and loss accounting.  So when you wake up under the Obama regime, remember that you are no longer a “free person.” 

Here are but a few things that will affect your lives and your children’s lives; (1) More jobs will be eliminated and you may be the next to receive a pink slip, (2) Taxes will increase across the board (although they may be hidden at first – they ultimately will trickle down to you,) and (3) The National Deficit will continue to sky rocket, which relates to very difficult times for your children and grandchildren. 

As a grandmother of seven and mother of four beautiful adult children, I want to return to the wisdom of our forefathers, maintain our Constitution, the “Bill of Rights” and restore our Nation back to the land of the free.  My dream is leaving a beautiful legacy to our children and future generations that will keep them safe from the ravenous fangs of Socialism and any other false ideology. 

Obama, Axelrod, Pelosi, Reid and fellow Democrats are under the misguided philosophy that they’ll sit back and watch us fail.  Americans are resilient and have no intention of failing – they’re marching to “One Nation Under God With Liberty and Justice for All,” and they will restore their Nation with a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

“May God Bless America”

Better Than Thou – Wrong Mr. Politician

April 13, 2010

There is a deep misunderstanding between our government and Americans – many politicians have an inflated ego; they aren’t nearly as important as one might think.  We are the people; the government is supposed to work for us, not vice versa. 

Scott Rasmussen noted in his book that the problems we’re facing today may well be as extreme as the feud between England and the colonies.  As Scott said, “If we had to rely on politicians to fix these problems, the outlook would be bleak indeed. 

Finally, Americans are moving forward in an all out effort to restore their Nation – the tea parties alone have increased 8% in membership in less than a month.  This should be a strong indicator for our politicians that they are going to be stripped of their “Better Than Thou” policies quite soon. 

There are many urgent matters that need our attention immediately and this can be accomplished via our voice.  Contact your political representatives, tell them it’s time to quit spending our money, growing government and ignoring our voices.  It’s time to climb off the ridiculous limb of political correctness that we’ve been placed on…  It’s time to restore our Nation back to the tried and true Constitution that our forefathers gave us as “One Nation Under God With Liberty and Justice For All.” 

Our greatest accomplishment at this time would be placing our government on a strict budget.  After that is in place, we need to take the remainder of our Stimulus money and apply it to our National Deficit.  It won’t make a very big dent in the deficit, but could serve as a loud and clear message that we’ll do whatever it takes to restore our Nation’s foundation for our children and generations to come.

Hopefully, the Attorney Generals will succeed in repealing the Healthcare Reform – that will stop the largest corrupt political move of our time.  We know Healthcare Reform is important, but now isn’t the time to mess with this issue.  Our people are still losing jobs, over 4 million homes are in the process of foreclosure and our State governments are struggling to keep afloat.  Still no jobs since 2009!

Let’s quit debating Obama’s ideology and stop the “he said, she said” rhetoric – lets all agree that our government is corrupt, we need to replace Pelosi, Reid and Obama ASAP along with all of those who are doing their best to destroy our country. 

It’s evident that the path Obama is leading us down is wrong and we’ve been given an assignment from “God” that will require our due diligence every day for many years to come.  Our government needs to be downsized, earmarks eradiated, decisions must be made that will insure the safety of our children and grandchildren. 

May God Bless America

The Party Has Just Begun

April 5, 2010

Don’t you dare disagree with Obama, Pelosi, Reid and fellow Socialists; you’ve got a lot of nerve trying to voice your opinion!  Don’t even think about the cost of the Stimulus package that was used for the corrupt or inquire about your money.  Who cares if TARP, HARP, HAMP bills didn’t pan out and help Americans – what’s a little money among ——-?  Easy come, easy go!

You have a lot of nerve defending your Constitution and trying to place your Nation back on its once strong foundation!  It’s none of your business if taxes go up due to the Healthcare Reform and the runaway spending by our government, nor is it your right to disagree with Obama and his Administration about the legality of this latest healthcare bill. 

So what matters if your State can’t afford the reform and who cares if the “gov” just steps in and takes over all control of the monstrous healthcare package and what nerve you have questioning the cost and subsequent care that you’ll be receiving.

Grandparents, hush now, just stand in line for your Medicare and Medicaid benefits – it’s being used for those who want to sit around doing pretty much nothing at all.  Word on the street is, our friends the illegal aliens will soon be tapping into the healthcare reform so be prepared for a long, long wait…

Don’t encourage the 13 or 14 Attorney Generals who are fighting to defend the Constitution and regain your freedom from Government monopoly.   These are the men and women who believe in justice and freedom for all; they’re only the ones who will fight for their country, their children and generations to come in order to return your freedoms back to you.   

Now, you’re complaining about no jobs, 4 million plus home foreclosures, no transparency, bigger government and earmarks.  Well, according to Obama, Pelosi and Reid you’re racists, bigots, thugs, Astroturf, UN – American and UN – informed.   

Like I said, you’ve got your nerve questioning the Government, haven’t you heard the latest news?  You work for them – Old Abe must have been wrong in his Gettysburg address, when he said,that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain — that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”  Abraham Lincoln   

America, the party has just begun!  Get involved, take your voice back, voice your opinions, demand smaller government, transparency, control of the checkbook and leave our children a legacy that will rock the world, one that they can lovingly grasp and keep for their children and generations to come.  Tea Partiers, keep up the awesome work – let our voice be heard.  Little T-Boca says, “May God Bless America” today and always.