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June 13, 2011

The Dumpster’s Evening Dump
June 12, 2011

Obama stands on his stump talking to our college kids pretending he’s truly concerned with their future and gonna take them right out of college and plunk them into a special training program. By the way last count shows Government has 49 training programs in place.

If Obama was truly interested in jobs why did he viciously attack the Boeing Company’s efforts to put a new airplane factory in Charleston, SC? Why is he still passing out those waivers to his buddies that don’t like his Obamacare? Why did he deliberately stop off shore drilling in our US, yet place millions of dollars into Soros’s and Petrabra’s pocket?

Now that I’m on that subject, why are we paying for Jesse Lee the Obama (crap keeper,) the man who’s paid to put our media fires for Obama and why did he use our time and money for a summit meeting with 22 of our elite news media, coaxing them to help him spread the news on how great his economic policies are…

Why are we paying for the plane, the salaries, the meals, the whole ball of wax for his 2012 Presidential Campaign so he can traipse all over the country telling the same lies he told us in 2008? Let him stay in the White House and do his job, period – he works for us! Wow, sorry friends I really got on my soapbox tonight, but enough is enough. Let’s start afresh.

Good Evening fellow Americans, Mark Twain said, “Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.” As of June 12, 2011 the Government hasn’t given us any good reasons to support them.

NYT – is pre-occupied nibbing thru Sarah Palin’s emails, and I hear they’ve begged their viewers to help them read the 400 plus emails. Wonder why the NYT took this on as their job? Makes one think they’re still struggling with the “mamma grizzly.” But, maybe anyone who might run on the Republican ticket scares them, for they check Chris Christie’s closet, even his underwear.

Media Matter is still misconstruing actual statistics on our unemployment problem, trying to convince their viewers that the 9.1 % isn’t correct; new flash, actual unemployment is close to 20%, because they’re not including the ones who are too discouraged and just quit looking for a job.

Here are two examples of Media Matter’s garbage in and garbage out, (1) They continually try to convince everyone that Obama’s stimulus package was successful. (2) They try to sell the ”Green Thing” to taxpayers, even though Obama’s green fixes so far have been a total flop.

To Media Matters, read this and weep – CBO’s outlook for 2011 is dismal, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projects that if current laws remain unchanged, and the federal budget will show a deficit of close to $1.5 trillion. CBO says production and unemployment aren’t likely to change much over the next couple of years.

So, MM we definitely need a new leader who knows how to balance a budget and someone who will get a handle on spending; Obama has worn out his welcome!

ABC’S – Christiane Amanpour was having a delightful time with her whiter than white female guests bashing the American man. Possibly these gals are still hiding in the closet, but here’s what ABC’s Claire Shipman actually saying, “A group of all white men are not going to reach the best decisions. ” This conversation all started as they were discussing Anthony Weiner’s latest escapade.

MSNBC – Dave Schuster came out with one boxing glove and said in defense of Anthony Weiner that Republicans are “literally whoring themselves” on the House floor to Big Oil and Wall Street. When he mentioned big oil, he neglected to tell America that Obama is still playing house with General Electric and their CEO Jeffrey R. Immelt.

Remember I told you G.E. and Bank of America don’t pay taxes thanks to Obama and his motley crew. In fact Bank of America received approximately $ 860 million in tax-exempt income. Oh how nice of taxpayers to give General Electric and Bank of America their stimulus money, so they can laugh all the way to the bank.

Did you know: 22 of our elite news media were invited to the White House; this little summit meeting that Obama put together was by invitation only. He wants the media to be his carrier pigeons and tell Americans how great his economic policies are, because his 2012 campaign isn’t exacting perking along smoothly.

One of his top advisors for Economic Policy (Gene Sperling) put the monkey on taxpayers’ back again, he said if we’d but live within our means that could be the key to securing a strong financial future. They strip us of our jobs, our homes, ruin our retirement funds, “redistribute” our stimulus money and have the balls to blame us.

Obama says, we’re not aware of all of the economic improvements – Mr. Obama, we are aware of 9.1% unemployment, huge Government growth, a defunct stimulus bill, millions of home being foreclosed and a 3rd war in Libya that is costing billions more than we were originally told in April.

In fact viewers, here’s some headlines for April – one of Obama’s Democrats was trying to raise a red flag, but no one listened.

Rep. Brad Sherman, California Democrat and a certified public accountant on April 7th said, “White House Is Low-Balling Costs of Libya Mission –Washington Post He was oh so right. Republicans and Democrats keep sitting on their hands and Obama keeps spending, why aren’t Republicans and Democrats putting a stop to the bloody spending?

Good Night – “May God Bless America”

As Always,
Little Tboca


Obama, Pelosi & Weiner – The “Tweeter – The beater – The cheater”

June 11, 2011

Dumpster’s Morning Dump
Excuse me but I just had a visual that I must share with you, picture Weiner with his telephone, Pelosi with her gavel and Obama with his teleprompter walking out of the White House arm in arm. The caption would read, The “Tweeter, the Beater and the Cheater.”So much for tboca humor, but the “devil” made me do it!

Michelle Backmann’s campaign manager(Ed Rollins) probably just put his foot in his mouth and actually harmed Michelle’s chance as a viable Presidential Candidate. Ed Rollins strategy just went out the door when he very unwisely decided to pit Michelle against Palin. Michelle might have had Palin’s support, but Ed just can’t keep his mouth shut.

Newt Gingrich just lost his top aides and campaign manager, seems they couldn’t agree on a winning campaign agenda. The team that deserted him said he didn’t have a campaign agenda in place that would win. Newt, it’s all about winning, I guess or is real winning telling Americans the truth?

Media Matters is so proud of the Wisconsin recalls and the way the unions are strong arming the citizens of Wisconsin and the sad thing is this; Wisconsin is in deep “DooDoo,” which Scott Walker has been stating for months.

Here’s where money, power and control has kicked in big time – the DEMS, Unions and teachers have behaved in a deplorable manner. Unions threatening businesses, teachers distructing and destroying their States’ Capital.

DEMS running and hiding until the Unions, Union Attys and paid protestors were in place, before they returned home.

How could Wisconsin be proud of the fact that money, threats and illegal signatures will buy about anything the Union’s desire? Who would want teachers who call off sick, walk out of classrooms etc., -this is one very good reason the laws should be changed.

Teachers should be evaluated and appraised on performance, but the Unions won’t tolerate that kind of logic. In the end, it’s the taxpayers who are paying for all these law suits, corrupt shenanigans and destruction.

Hey, Wisconsin the Unions aren’t your friends, but the flip side of the coin is if you opt to remain under Union Control you’re heading down the tubes just like California. All you’re doing is burdening your children, children’s children and future generations with debt and corruption that is pretty much like putting a noose around the younger generations’ neck.

Don’t think I’m picking on you, not at all – our state of Arizona has been sued by Obama’s watch dogs fighting us on the illegal alien problem and now Russell Pearce, sponsor of SB 1070 is facing a recall election. Does that sound a little familiar, Wisconsin?

Then they tried a recall against the Governor Jan Brewer. Arizona, is being punished because Obama wants to give a free ride to all illegal immigrants and we just want to protect the citizens of our State. Much of our land down South is off limits to travelers due to illegal aliens and the drug cartel. How’s that for a sad state of affairs in our Country?

Napolitano and Obama just keep jumping on National TV spouting one lie after the other about how safe Texas, California and Arizona’s borders are now. Not a nice thing to say, but in my frustration I’m going to quote a phrase I heard my grandfather use once. Napolitano and Obama are “As useless as tits on a boar hog.” There I said it and feel 100% better!

Media Matter jumps on Obama’s band wagon to pick and choose what companies they want to punish, but not once do they mention General Electric (Obama’s bed partner) who pays no taxes. Nor do they mention Bank of America (the bank we bailed out with stimulus money. Bank of America didn’t pay any taxes, used billions of our bailout money and on top of that got those sinful tax breaks. I’m not defending the oil companies, but what’s good for one is good for all!

News Around the USA in a FlashWeiner refuses to leave office, as of yet he won’t budge even when some of the top Democrats have asked him to leave immediately. Pelosi want to play ethics committee, smack his hands a little, but keep him available – he’s a bulldog for the DEMS and they certainly don’t won’t to lose their not so nice puppy!

The Washington Post and New York Times are suffering from poor ratings and boredom, so they’ve pounced on Sarah Palin and intend to expose all of her emails during her 2 plus years as Governor of Alaska and she hasn’t even thrown her hat into the fray! Maybe, just maybe we should insist that the Post and NYT send us Michelle’s emails for the past 21/2 years; talk about X-rated.

Hermann Cain isn’t going to budge on his comments about not being comfortable with a Muslim in his cabinet; nevertheless he said if he appointed a Muslim for his cabinet, he would make sure they’re putting the Constitution of the United States first. Go Hermann – a man to be proud of, he says what he says and he means what he says!

Alec Baldwin appears to be eyeing the slot for New York City mayor – Alex has always wanted to play politics for real and what better way to jump in headfirst. I mean what are his qualifications, does New York City really want an ex rock/movie star playing poker with their money?

Well, folks have a great day and catch up with you again tomorrow.

May God Bless Each and Everyone
As Always,
Little Tboca

NYT – NPR – Media Matters – CNN – MSNBC

June 10, 2011

The Dumpster’s Morning Dump
Around The World In A Flash
Good morning America, nothing new in the White House this AM, Biden is meeting with his group trying to figure out how to reduce the deficit over the next 10 years. Obama and the DEMS appear to be back on the same ole stump wanting short termed spending on the plate first, before reducing deficit.
Their reversed philosophy always is spend a lot and budget very little. We know that spending 4 trillion dollars was not the answer to economic recovery, but the DEMS are between a rock and hard place with the 2012 elections on the horizon. They’re becoming the “little lost sheep.”

Weiner continues to make headline news, isn’t it funny how “sex” remains the issue of the day – the debt ceiling, budget and war in Libya are playing second fiddle to the Weiner scandal.

It may not be good political strategy for Backmann’s camp to start chewing on the “momma grizzly” at this time. Whether Palin runs or not, she has a tremendous following and alienating Sarah probably isn’t the smartest move at this time. Michelle may want to rethink attacking the “momma grizzly.”

All at once Obama has taken on another role – he’s the one man welcoming committee for all foreign leaders, except Netanyahu and Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel. Merkel and Obama’s press interview was merely an exercise in futility – Angela wouldn’t trust Obama as far as she could throw him! His recent foreign trip was a flop – our foreign friends wish to stay as far away from Obamanomics as they can…

Merkel and Obama’s press interview was merely an exercise in futility – Angela wouldn’t trust Obama as far as she could throw him! His recent foreign trip was a flop – our foreign friends wish to stay as far away from Obamanomics as they can…

Today Obama is welcoming President Ali Bongo Ondimba, which is merely a way for Obama to have another photo op with a foreign leader: Ali Bongo Ondimba is one, carries the title a corrupt political leader.

But, Obama is playing up to Americans making us think he’s interested in the concentrated oil reserve in Gabonese. He’s the one who stopped our offshore drilling and joined hands with Soros in the Petrabra deal. Question: Doesn’t Obama have more important things to be addressing like the “debt ceiling,” “a balanced budget,” “the possibility of a double dip recession,” – we hired Obama to solve problems not to play socialite in our White House.

Well Hermann Cain is standing pat on his remarks about not having Muslims in his cabinet, if elected President. Actually Hermann’s got a pretty good point here – where were the Muslims during 911, the other terrorist attacks on our turf, the controversy about the Mosque and just where are these people who want to live in the land of the free, but not participate?

My contention is and this goes for all of us, if we want to live in the land of the free, then we need to fight for our Country, uphold the Constitution and our allegiance must be to the United States of America. Where were our Muslim friends during the terrorist attacks on the USA

Remember our previous discussions about Obama’s “redistribution” strategy – please realize that what you see and hear from the Obama and gang isn’t the truth. He redistributed your stimulus money, your healthcare money and he’s handed more money out the backdoor to his friends then anyone can account for at this time.

Now, since he’s run out of ideas for his campaign platform, he’s talking to our youth about an industry led initiative that would provide training for 500,000 college students for manufacturing careers. Whoa now, correct me if I’m wrong but I believe we have 49 Federal programs that fund employment and training services administered by 8 different agencies. Just another scam as he continues on his path of “redistribution.”

As I said keep an eagle eye on Obama and his staff, because they will continue distributing our money – he’s using our kids as guinea pigs in an attempt to purchase votes for 2012. Contact your White House Representatives and tell them in no uncertain terms that you don’t approve of his latest “job training” scheme.

Pam Bondi Attorney General for Florida gave a brief on the hearing on Obamacare in Florida; the government was trying to get Judge Vinson’s decision reversed. The Government couldn’t justify making citizens buy healthcare – now isn’t that exactly what we’ve been saying. Buy or not to buy health insurance is our decision; we don’t need the Government running our personal business.

During the Florida hearing, one of the attys for the Government finally admitted that it was in fact a tax hidden in the Obamacare, which is the one thing Obama has denied since Obamacare was passed. So why is the Supreme Court dragging their feet on making a final decision. The Supreme Court appears to be participating in a bad game of politics declining to hear this until 2012. Job growth doesn’t have a chance as long as Obamacare is hanging over our heads.

This is one decision that should be made immediately, because businesses big and small are reluctant to hire or move forward with growth at this time until the Supreme Court brings down a decision.

Obama is adding another advisory counsel who will be responsible for studying rural areas and recommending ways to boost the economy for approximately 50 or 60 million people. Obama has more advisory and exploratory boards then “Carter” has pills; they’re everywhere, they’re everywhere. Pretty soon he’ll be creating boards to study boards or something like that…

Obama could do four things, if he truly wanted to turn our economy around; (1) Trash Obamacare, (2) Lower taxes (on everyone), (3) Balance the budget, and (4) Ruthlessly downsize the Government.

Poor Newt Gingrich was smacked again today – Newsmax just sent out an email saying his campaign manager and top aides resigned. Newt says, this isn’t going to slow him down – he’s going forward with his campaign and will be in New Hampshire Monday for a debate. This man has many great attributes, but recently they haven’t surfaced.

May God Bless Our Country

As Always,

Dumpster’s Morning Dump 17th Addition

June 5, 2011

CNN – Media Matters – MSNBC – CBS – NYT

A wrap up for the week end, all the “Dumpsters” are scrambling for fresh exhilarating information in a desperate attempt to get viewers attention. But, there remains several heart wrenching problems in our Nation that can’t be ignored.

If you notice, there’s a scramble in the “Dumpster’s” nook to discuss the economy, the unemployment, the war in Libya, the 2012 Presidential race and not one of these “Dumpsters” can remember that they are one of the major reasons that we’re in a recession: they are the ones who willingly, gleefully and without remorse played a major role in an attempt to destroy America.

They chose sides in 2008, they chose money, they chose a “dark horse” without vetting him and most of all they chose to blind side our Nation with lies. They raved over the one some called “Mr. President, promising Americans better days as they kicked in the “Propaganda” machine running it 24/7.

They gloated over the Obamacare, the stimulus package, Obama’s foreign policies; they defended an “ideology” that has and still is destroying our Nation.

Redistribution to them was a way to bring our Nation to its knees; obsessive spending, printing phony money, helping the corrupt lenders, unions and blaming Bush, the tea parties and the American people.

This was a payback, a vicious payback to businesses (big and small), taxpayers, our college students and senior citizens. How could the Liberal Media stoop so low?

It isn’t Paul Ryan who will push “Granny” over the Cliff; it is Obama and the Liberal News media who are doing that as we speak. In recent days, they trash Ryan’s Medicare plan, the Republicans’ plans to implement a balanced budget, the states that are fighting the illegal alien problem and all businesses who are struggling with Obamacare.

They crucify those who want to “take our country back,” create jobs, downsize our government, insure transparency, balance our budget and put America back to work.

They make fun of Jan Brewer Governor of Arizona, our tea parties, FOX news, Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, Hermann Cain, Newt Gingrich, Donald Trump and many more true American Patriots.

The Liberal News Media will spend billions, possibly trillions of dollars in an effort to get Barack Obama reelected in 2012. They truly believe that money can and will buy anything their little hearts desire and they may be right.

The Liberal News Media is a powerful, dangerous mechanism in our society that isn’t about to go away in the near future. Americans have two options here, (1) Let the left news media continue their trek to destroy our Nation, or (2) Fight to take back our country and restore its once strong foundation.

Here is a beautiful comment from one of our many daily viewers; it’s so well stated and something to carry in our hearts and souls.


We hold these truths to be self- evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness.

Wars have been fought because of the ideology of these 35 words. Men have given their lives because of their belief in these words.

With apathy Americans can’t be bothered: don’t interrupt their bingo game, can’t leave the slot machine, and don’t interrupt their soaps. 2011 America is at the cross-roads of history. Which path will the American citizen take?

Notice, I did not say the American government, I said, “American citizens,” the people who pay the bills, the people who create America, the people who elect the paid political servants, the real power in the United States of America.

The creative American people, who have developed the Nation and lead it to greatness; the people who have created empires, the people who have developed industries, and the humble people, who faithfully get on their knees and give thanks to their almighty “God.”

Yes, these are the people who are the true Americans, The ones who turn a day dream into a reality. The mother who cuddles the enfant, encourages the youth, praises each accomplishment and supports the budding youth to greatness. That is the American we’re proud of…

In closing, which American are you? May God Bless Our Nation

As Always,
Little Tboca

John Boehner Did What?

April 22, 2011

ABC reported that John Boehner was trying to get all new freshmen members to raise the debt ceiling – that was just prior to him taking over position of House Speaker. Did Boehner really say, “It will be the first adult movement of the new Congress?

According to ABC and the New Yorker, he darn sure said that – believe me when I say that was the first red flag to all Americans, that we had another rat in our icebox.

Boehner’s been taking Obama lessons and learned the art of hiding out when the going gets tough. He tapped Eric Cantor to represent the House GOP with Biden negotiations.
Cantor let it be known that Democrats who resist reforms to immediately reduce federal spending might as well kiss their chances of a “debt” increase goodbye.

Treasury Secretary Geither came back with the usual Democratic reaction of threat and intimidation saying holding up raising the debt ceiling is dangerous political game. But he was wrong as usual, this is the Democratic game called “intimidation doused with fear!

Geither says the debt ceiling must be raised even if there’s no agreement on the table for reducing long term deficits. Geither reminds me of the little ole man with the cheese – just keep gnawing away at taxpayers until their money is gone.

Of course along came the wobbly Alan Greenspan who added his minus two cent saying, there shouldn’t be a debt limit, because Obama and Congress have already set the budget and know how much money they’ll need to borrow in the future.

Here’s what Rand Paul said on CNN, Rand Paul: ‘We’re still heading head-long towards a debt crisis.’

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) discussed the ongoing debate over the budget and whether the debt ceiling should be raised. “I don’t want to keep giving an irresponsible government more money,” the Kentucky Republican said. “Somebody needs to stand up and say, ‘The Emperor has no clothes.’

Donald Trump also came out strongly against raising the federal debt ceiling, saying the debate over whether to increase the government’s borrowing limit was “the strongest negotiating point the Republicans have.”

Michele Bachmann says that not raising the debt ceiling is a lot like a balanced budget amendment in that it forces you to prioritize spending; Bachmann adds that she’s not just bluffing; by not raising the debt ceiling we’ll start getting our fiscal house in order.
Sarah Palin expresses her anger saying the fact there’s a debate on raising the debt ceiling shows sign of leadership failure.

CBS News poll shows only 36 percent of the Democrats believe the debt ceiling should be raised. Obama is digging his own grave by the hour; he’s losing his parties support.

So do we have enough strong representatives in the White House, Democrats and Republicans to put a stop to Obama’s vicious spending? He has the nerve to insist that taxes will be raised on businesses grossing 250,000 or over. These businesses are our Nation’s engine; they have made America great. Why would we punish the hand that feed us?

John Boehner better stay up 24/7 until he figures out that there are only two feasible options, (1) Stop the spending, and (2) Reduce our National deficit. “May God Bless America”
As Always,
Little Tboca

Donald Trump Showing Obama Hope and Change

April 21, 2011

Obama doesn’t like Donald‘s “Hope and Change,” he’s scrambling, angry and losing his cool. His campaign speeches are tainted with anger, frustration and false hopes. At this time, it seems The Donald is pretty much a one man army and he has Obama in a cage.

Obama has always been the master of Chess, but he’s in third place now in the finals, Sarah has joined hands with Donald and they’re a tuff twosome to beat.

Obama has sent the left media out to destroy Donald and they’re literally sitting up nights wringing their hands and trying to figure out a strategy. Plouffe jumped on National TV and tried to help them out by saying no one was in Obamaland was worrying about Donald Trump, but that probably was the worst blunder Plouffe could have made.

Donald Trump has been gaining momentum because of the Left News Media and the more they try to “one up” Donald, the bigger the mess.

George Stephanopoulos is anchor of ABC’s “Good Morning America” met his match and is scratching his head wondering if he should consider another live interview with Trump. George is a control freak and can’t control Donald.

Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Jon Stewart, Bill O’Reilly,Lawrence O’Donnell (MSNBC), Chris Matthews have all attempted a smear campaign as usual, which has made them the laughing stock of America.

Donald Trump says the B.C. is very important and why would anyone be ashamed to show his credentials unless he has something to hide. In other words if you’re a citizen of the USA, he feels Obama should step forward and settle the doubt in many Americans minds.
Obama has spent millions on his legal team trying to hide his past – we know he was heavily involved in some kind of community service and we know he spent his time serving as Senator in Illinois sitting on the fence twiddling his thumbs.

When he arrived in Washington as Senator, he straddled the fence once again by voting “Present.” So there you go, Americans don’t have a clue where this man they call Obama came from or what his real name might be and we really need to know who this person is ruining our country. That’s all Trump is saying, show America your credentials, Obama.

Donald Trump has accomplished something in a few weeks that no other man or woman would attempt – he’s brought to the forefront our Nations’ problems. He’s discussing our runaway spending, our National Deficit, Obamacare, China, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and he’s bringing solutions to the table.

Whether Donald Trump runs for President or not, he’s giving Americans courage to fight the fight to “take back our country.” Thanks Donald!

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca

My Friends Who Voted “No”

April 16, 2011

To: All my Patriotic friends who are fighting to restore our Nation’s once strong foundation
A special thanks to our friends who voted “no” on the budget and a special thanks to Paul Ryan who has a very difficult fight ahead (let’s give him our support.) To John Boehner, Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin and Paul Ryan

In Obama’s budget speech, he actually insisted that Americans must maintain their commitment to help the poor and unlucky or we pretty much were throwing our greatness away. This is a moral take on our problems and I strongly disagree with that statement.

Americans are resilient and the first to offer a helping hand to those in need, but as you know many years ago we established programs that take care of the poor, unlucky and to my horror “illegal aliens.”

It is the President’s job to lead, he took this oath and it’s time for him to resign or fulfill his duties as laid out by our Constitution.

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Now, Obama took this oath and it’s time for him to resign or fulfill his duties as laid out by our Constitution. It is obvious that he doesn’t have the ability to execute his duties, and my suggestion would be place him on a 60 day plan and at that time ask for his resignation if he can’t handle his responsibilities. He is an employee of the people – we don’t work for him!

It’s a waste of American’s time to have to endure one more glorified, nonsensical speech such as we listened to this week. He did his usual magician trick along with his soft shoe and blamed the Republicans, Rand Paul, the Republicans and those who earn 250,000 plus. He’s truly the master of the “blame game.”

Notice his worn out band aid fix is to raise taxes on the very ones who keep our economic engine alive and well. It is my heartfelt feelings that if he asks Americans to keep their commitment to the poor and the unlucky, then he must lead first. Obama always wants us to suck it up and give a little more for his “personal gain.” We’ve been committed!

This includes Mrs. Obama, I didn’t vote for her to be my President and I don’t want her spending our money unless she asks permission. Next, she needs to cut her many hand maidens down to 2 or 3 – she seems to think that we gave her open charge card too… WRONG!

We all know this message was laced with doom and gloom, ridicule of those who are trying to save our Nation from financial disaster and once again asking Americans to save his fanny. It doesn’t work that way anymore – we want him restricted from his astronomical social events and frequent flying escapades at this time.

Meaning, please consider taking his frequent flyer card away along with the open charge card that he uses for his personal outings and pleasures. He’s obsessed with lavish vacations and it’s obvious that his budget speech was the start of his campaign for 2012.

Mr. and Mrs. Obama have the options of paying their own way and unless he is doing work for the American people, which sseems doubtful, please consider grounding him along with his 60 day plan that details how a President should behave and perform.

As leader, I expect Mr. Obama to put his hands into the sharing pot with all Americans and start cutting back on his personal expenditures that eat away at our money. “May God Bless America.”

As Always, Little Tboca
Marcia Wood

Would the Real Chris Matthews Stand Up

March 3, 2011

Who is Chris Matthews, is he truly an American Patriot, a man who would lay down his life for his country. Or is Chris the typical blow hard on the left who spouts off gibberish without rhyme or reason?
Chris appears to be a dyed in the wool Socialist who has been immersed or should I say brain washed with an Ideology that is destined to be the ruination of our beautiful America.
One must read between the lines during his rants, what is the stimulus that fuels Chris’s fire? Although long on gab, Chris has a problem presenting both sides of any story – and his side is usually off the wall rhetoric that only a psychologist might be able to decipher.
Does he base anything on fact, truth or logic or is this a robotic method of utilizing Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals?”
Let’s see, Chris certainly is adaptable to changing political events – in his analysis of action and reaction he’s sly like a fox making sure that he doesn’t entrap himself. He pushes the “Rules for Radicals” to the limits because Chris isn’t entrapped by any specific fixed truths.
His playing field is wide open living by Saul’s rules and he is quite comfortable using his imagination and creativity to incite a reaction from those who don’t agree with him.
Chris’s deck of cards doesn’t consist of justness, fairness, fact based beliefs or truth – one could say that Chris plays hard ball with one ball only (Chris’s.)
Chris’s intent of establishing a new playing ground for all by utilizing political civility after the horrific murders in Tucson was just a smoke screen – this is merely his way of throwing a curve ball to his opponents.
But, the problem remains in our country – there are many Chris’s out there who’ve been brain washed and indoctrinated into the “Rules for Radicals.”
Next time you’re watching breaking news at MSN, CBS, ABC, MSNBC listen to their words – are their statements truth based? Do they share both sides of the story or is their sole intent to produce actions that create reaction in the opposition?
There is really a very easy way to strip those who use the radical tools like Chris Matthews; do not react. Don’t play their game; don’t spend time trying to prove them wrong. Don’t acknowledge them in any way.
If we stop all reaction – they’ve lost any hopes of winning the game. 2 examples that are fresh in my mind is (1) False accusations about Beck and Palin after the massacres in Tucson and, (2) Mathews saying Newt Ginrich looks like a car bomber, one who enjoys torture – this was 3/3/11 an MCR alert.
If Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich and Glenn Beck would totally ignore their lies and false comments, go about the business of helping us take back our country, they would lose the game.
In other words, if we don’t react to their propaganda, rhetoric or allow ourselves to become distracted or divided, they’ve been totally shut down without any Ace’s in the hole.
As Always, Little Tboca