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News the Obama Way

July 21, 2010

Checking the news out for July 20th, 2010 seems to leave Americans in the lurch; very few news venues have any inclination to discuss the real news of the day.  ABC confines its news to some off the wall questions; (1) Is BP actually avoiding a flow measurement, (2) Should Shirley Sherrod be hired again, and (3) Will UK Cooperate on Lockerbie Bomber? 

ABC isn’t interested in the DOJ lawsuit against the State of Arizona and Jan Brewer (Governor) or Holders threat that he may in fact initiate another lawsuit on racial legalities. They briefly mention Kagan and give a few hurrahs saying she won support from the Democrat dominated Senate Judiciary Committee – they refuse to offer the real news of interest about this Liberal judge who hasn’t in her lifetime served as a judge.

They refuse to involve themselves into the funding of the unemployment extension – it’s definitely of interest to all Americans. There is enough money left in our original stimulus package to fund the extension; it absolutely makes no sense that Americans once again have billions of dollars of debt placed in their laps.

 CBS News Senior White House correspondent Bill Plante says the government couldn’t use this money, because they’d have to rewrite the law.  So rewrite the law, Democrats don’t seem to have a problem with that, for instance the “Black Panther” issue was swept under the rug without any hesitation and Obama if you remember was made President of the US without any vetting. 

So the question is what is or isn’t news worthy?  It would appear that we should know what our government is doing behind our backs in regards to changing laws, spending our money, the DOJ’s shenanigans, the reasons the Senate Judiciary Committee would support an extremist who refuses to answer specific question, the real reasons why our government won’t secure our borders, why there isn’t any jobs, why the Healthcare Reform is costing taxpayers another arm and leg and why no one listens to our voices.

The Liberal News media offers one thing only, regurgitated, re edited propaganda for one reason only – to draw a specific response from Americans. News is no longer news – it’s a bi product of fiction, lies and misguided journalists who refuse to get back to the basics of old fashioned journalism.  The one thing we’ve learned from listening to these news venues is this – they have placed the one called Obama in a bubble and they will do whatever is necessary to keep the bubble from bursting!

Republicans must quit taking a better than thou stance and present a platform to Americans that is etched in stone.  They must quit hitting the news waves with the “he said, she said,” and bring solutions to the table. They must unite in the effort to restore our Nation as “One Nation Under God,” protect our Constitution, keep our Military safe, secure the borders and return the power of decisions to the people. 

Many Republicans gladly step forward with the daily gossip, but few are inclined to stand toe to toe with the Obama Administration and fight for America. Newsworthy information just doesn’t exist anymore, because one of two things happen; (1) Problems are brought to our table with no real solutions, or (2) Those in the news are “tooting their own horn,” and promoting their private agenda. 

Until a group of people can unite, like our forefathers did in pursuit of freedom, justice and liberty for all – nothing much will change the political climate that we’re a victim of…

May God Bless Our Nation

Little T-Boca (Annie)


SB 1070 – Illegal Aliens a Crime (Not a Race)

July 18, 2010

What’s the fight about over the SB 1070?  Those protesting should get their ducks in a row before spouting off racial discrimination, or before pulling out the “civil rights or boycott” card out of their dirty underwear. 

There are two sides to every story, but we have a bunch of misguided people ranting and raving over the SB 1070 and the State of Arizona.  They show their ignorance about the content of the bill and their feeble defense is without substance, because they haven’t taken time to read the bill from cover to cover before opening their mouth. These people have joined the dumb and dumber gang by jumping on Obama’s misguided statement about Arizona’s SB 1070.

Excuse, me Mr. Obama you can go into any ice cream store in Arizona and our law enforcement officers will not harm a hair on your head, nor will they ask you to show them citizenship papers, drivers license etc. None of us in Arizona will call you names or pull the race card, Mr. Obama because we are American Patriots and we welcome all legal citizens to our country. We even offer them a helping hand – wow can you believe that “We don’t discriminate.”

There’s a strong possibility that Obama, Napolitano, Holder, Gibbs and many Democrats still haven’t read the Federal illegal immigration law or the SB 1070. In fact this is quite obvious, because Napolitano and Obama keep saying the Arizona borders are safer then they’ve ever been; this statement is definite proof that Obama’s only agenda is for securing Latino votes.  

Only a vote sneaking President would ignore our pleas for help in securing our border, fighting the drug cartel and those who are committing heinous crimes on our turf. Only a misguided President would sue Jan Brewer and the State of Arizona for a well written law that mirrors our Federal illegal immigration law.

But, why would this surprise us, when Obama and Democrats have ignored our voices about the healthcare reform, big government, sweetheart deals, Union favors, runaway spending – frankly it’s time to give us our credit card back; it’s not safe in their hands.

So to all of those who are supporting Arizona, please know that we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  As I said there are two sides to the story:  Since July 1st 2010, we’re sad that 40 illegal immigrants have died in Pima County due to heat, lack of fluids, shelter and losing their way in the rough terrain. 

The man, Jesus Ernesto Chavez is held by authorities now; he is the person who ordered the killing of our US consulate employee and her husband. The drug related violence recently that left 21 killed and 6 injured was very, very close to our border. We recently lost a rancher who’d helped many illegals – wouldn’t you know it; one of those illegals shot and killed him this year.

The cartels are in Arizona and they’re deadly! The human trafficking continues, but Obama and Democrats aren’t interested in our problems – they’re worried about the 2010 and 2012 elections.  So they’ll promise the Latinos absolutely anything to get their votes, but rumor is they don’t have any intentions of securing our borders.  My Latino friends aren’t about to buy the Obama “Change” twice…

So to those who want to get on their soapbox, rally against the SB 1070, shout and yell at us on National TV, just remember here is the real story.  Terrorists, illegal aliens, drug cartels, human trafficking, heinous crimes are the issue – race, color of skin, stature has nothing to do with anything. 

May God Bless America

Little T-Boca (Annie)

Hats off to the Tea Parties

July 16, 2010

The Tea Parties need to be congratulated for their support of Arizona’s Governor (Jan Brewer) and the State of Arizona.  They have rallied numerous times in support of the bill, many contributed by blogging and identifying the SB 1070 as a bill mirroring the Federal Government’s laws on illegal immigration. Fox News has shown strong support of the tea party members and the SB 1070. 

Some may feel, their voice isn’t being heard, but do to their diligence in supporting this bill, almost 70% of Americans are now behind Jan and the State of Arizona.  Your voices have been heard!  Nine states are backing the bill and are showing support by filing a briefing in the US District Court of Arizona.

The briefing is basically justifying Arizona’s need to implement the SB 1070 and is saying the Obama lawsuit is costly and without substance.  Here is a portion of the brief:   “By lawsuit, rather than by legislation, the federal government seeks to negate this preexisting power of the states to verify a person’s immigration status and similarly seeks to reject the assistance that the states can lawfully provide to the Federal government,” the brief states.

Today we see Janet Napolitano on her broom making a sweep of the Western border in a feeble attempt to secure more Latino votes for Obama.  Doesn’t it appear a little too late?  So here we have Janet, just idly passing out money while the DOJ has sued the State of Arizona and Jan Brewer; what’s the message here…  Could it be another smoke screen, we know after 18 months of suffering under the Obama Administration that handing out our money and suing at the same time is more than a little peculiar.

Napolitano’s firm (as she called it) statement to Governor Rick Perry actually insinuates that Governor Perry is lacking pertinent information.  She not so politely states that the border has received a record amount of security resources during the Obama Administration. This is pretty much like her statement and Obama’s that our borders are more secure than they’ve ever been.

Is there any honest Democrat in the White House?  Janet Napolitano is playing cat and mouse with the border states and has the guts to lie on National TV.  She elaborated more by say,
“”The numbers tell the story, and they do not lie,” she said: violent crime is down on the US side of the border, while seizures of illegal weapons, drugs, and cash are up.  Does this person even live in the United States – I believe she must be from a foreign country and totally oblivious to reality.

The Tea Parties are marching forward to “take back our country,” and without their support our political problems would be beyond repair. They are the eyes and ears of America! Join a tea party and become an active American citizen.  “May God Bless America.” 

As Always, Little T-boca(Annie)

Democrats Jump Ship

July 14, 2010

Next steps prove in taking back our country will be difficult for our Nation; few of us have the resources to keep our heads afloat.  It’s not only shocking that 6 out of 10 Americans no longer have a slight trace of confidence in Obama and his administration; it’s a condition that is spreading like the old fashioned measles. Still, the flip side of the coin Americans aren’t at ease with Republicans either, so we’re between a rock and a hard place!

About 1/3 of the Democrats are grabbing the little bit of hope that Obama has left them and jumping ship; it’s not just job security that has convinced them to make the separation – it’s fear that the past year and a half has literally destroyed all hopes of recovering from the first recession.  Many, economists say we’re in or about to head into a double dip recession and, possibly on the verge of a depression.

After Robert Gibbs got thru with the Democratic Party, one must wonder what was his real strategy when he said, “there is no doubt there are enough seats in play that could cause Republicans to gain control of the House”   This remark was made on Meet the Press with host David Gregory.

Although Democrats took offense to Gibb’s comments about the Republicans taking over the house; Mr. Gibbs was pretty much stating what we all know to be the truth.  This is one of the few times, Robert Gibbs allowed himself the luxury of freedom of speech – probably will be the last time for many moons, but it was refreshing and so unlike the surly character Gibbs betrays.

There are many more Democrats who are in the survival mode and planning to abandon the Obama Administration.  Rohm Emanuel (Chief of Staff) is not so gracefully departing – Rohm knows there will be few Democrats left to follow the one they call “Obama” after the midterm elections. It is surprising that Rohm didn’t opt to leave prior to the elections; maybe it was an attempt to show his last bit of loyalty to Obama. 

Peter Orszag, Obama’s budget director decided to eat and run after a trillion dollar glitch and a National Deficit that is absolutely sinful (over 13 trillion)  – rumor has it that Jack Lew (Clinton’s budget director) will be handed the massive National Deficit in hopes that he can salvage a portion of the misguided Obama budget. 

Obama will find that Jack Lew is a no nonsense, bottom line man and what he’s about to tell Obama and Americans isn’t exactly what Democrats running for office in November want to hear. Mr. Lew won’t be able to heal our National Deficit, but he may well offer some lasting blood transfusions that will encourage consumers and businesses (big and small.) 

The DOJ appears to be quite busy as they crawl in bed with the “black panthers, sue Jan Brewer and the State of Arizona and now Eric Holder (one of the jerks who didn’t even read the SB 1070) is threatening another lawsuit against Arizona.  There’s a definite solution to the problems we’re having with the Department of Justice and her name is Megyn Kelly.

Megyn Kelly on FOX news “America live” is actively exposing what Holder and the DOJ have done concerning the proven allegations in the “Black Panther” case.  Megyn is correct in her approach to this story; she has repeatedly shown both sides of the story and hopefully the end of this story will result in more than smacking the DOJ’s hands.  The Obama Administration blatantly refuses to adhere to our Nation’s laws and rules of the land. 

There are a few obvious steps that Americans can make that will help us “take our country back.”  Our forefathers established a solid foundation with the Constitution and our strong foundation was “One Nation under God with Liberty and Justice for All.” 

Maybe placing “God” back into the mix is a strong first step.  The family unit needs a makeover, parents need to once again assume their role as mentors, disciplinarians and resume their role as head of the household. Constant contact with those who represent us in the White House is crucial, because November elections are on now on the horizon.

As citizens of the United States, we must remember that the Obama strategy is “distraction and keeping the troops divided,” proof of this is the DOJ lawsuit against Jan Brewer and the State of Arizona.  Obama’s scramble for votes depends on two things – alienating the Hispanics and African Americans from our voter base.  Obama’s and gang have pulled out the race card, civil rights card and Bush card again – everything in the news on the left side will center on these three things.

May God Bless Our Country

Little T-Boca (Annie)

Hillary Clinton Had A Secret

June 19, 2010


Hillary Clinton says the Justice Department is suing Arizona over the SB 1070 – isn’t it strange that the news came from a Clinton television interview in Ecuador?   Now either Hillary was a little over exuberant about letting the dirty White House laundry hang out or the President of “Blame” and his sidekick Holder didn’t have the nerve to broadcast this news from the Oval office, so they assigned the dirty job to Clinton. 

Arizona Jan Brewer described Clinton’s comments as stunning and lamented on the distasteful way the Pony Express delivered the mail in Ecuador instead of Arizona.  Today a senior administration official verified Clinton’s information saying there would be a lawsuit as soon as the Justice Department lawyers wrapped up the case.  There wasn’t anything to wrap up the SB 1070 mirrors our very own Federal Law. 

The question here is, was Hillary instructed by the President of Blame to do this or was she acting out wanting to turn some heads in Ecuador?  We all know she’s been the naughty little girl in the Whitehouse who was sent to her room for an indefinite time out.  We’ll never know the truth on this, but who cares – we’re use to the Democrats doing everything behind closed doors.

So from all appearances, much like the handling of the BP spill, Arizona and Jan Brewer were set up by the Obama Administration.  Two weeks ago, Obama promised support for Arizona’s border problem and as usual he played “Snucker” again and sneaked behind closed doors ordering the Justice Department to sue Arizona over the SB 1070. 

Oh how I hate “Snuckers!”  Arizona’s Jan Brewer wasn’t notified of a lawsuit until Hilary Clinton let it out of the bag in Ecuador.  Jan did the right thing and met with Obama giving him the chance to step up to the bat and assist Arizona in their resolve to stop the influx of illegal aliens.  What a sneak, he’s turned out to be…

At this time way over 70% of Americans support the SB 1070, many states in our Union are trying to adopt a similar law and Arizona’s SB 1070 isn’t about racial profiling or racism – those are the words of Obama, Holder, Napolitano and a few outside interest groups.  Illegal Aliens is a crime – not a race!

The  SB 1070 mirrors Federal Law and was signed by Jan Brewer for several reasons: (2) To protect the legal citizens of Arizona and the United States, (2) To stop the human trafficking (I believe Arizona’s rated # 1 in the Nation) on human trafficking, and to (3) Stop the drug lords and those who wish to do harm to the citizens of our country.  This isn’t just about Arizona; the illegal alien problem has spread rapidly throughout the US and all states are suffering.

A “snucker” is one who sneaks behind closed doors, but there is  one exception.  The “Snuckers” were out in full force yesterday as they interrogated the BP CEO and they let it all hang out on National TV.  Yesterday was the first time we were smacked in the face with “transparency.”  This was the day politicians tried to lock in some much needed votes all they needed was a scapegoat and Tony Hayward took the fall.

What are Obama’s rules on transparency – is transparency only used by Obama and the big dogs when they are trying to distract us and keep the troops divided?  Transparency was tossed out the window when Obama and Holder devised a plan to initiate a lawsuit against Jan Brewer and the State of Arizona on the SB 1070. They went behind Arizona and Jan Brewer’s back -now isn’t that just like the President of Blame.  Since he knows amnesty for aliens isn’t going to fly between now and the November elections, he had to do something in an attempt to secure Latino votes – a law suit was his weapon of choice.

Nothing transparent about this move – Jan Brewer wasn’t  notified of a pending lawsuit.  The State of Arizona and Jan Brewer thought Obama was going to fulfill his promises after his meeting with Jan at the White House two weeks ago.  Not a peep out of Obama for two weeks until  Hilary Clinton delivered the bomb shell from Ecuador.  

Obama definitely thinks he is above the law in fact; he just sort of rewrites it to satisfy his whims.  He promised to use our stimulus money wisely (he didn’t), he promised us transparency (it never happened), he promised jobs,  help with homeowner’s foreclosure (that’s a laugh,) and he turns on his buddies at BP just like he did in front of God and everyone on his Reverend Wright.  

The oil is still leaking, Arizona is still waiting for Obama to help with the illegal alien issue, the poorly composed healthcare reform is being repealed, Obama promised jobs (said 90% would be in the private sector,) and he promised smaller government and a budget.  Need I say more?  (Annie)

“May God Bless America”

Ignorance Isn’t An Excuse

June 7, 2010

PHOENIX — When state Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D) opens her mouth, buyer beware because usually her fangs are showing. She either fakes her stance on the Arizona’s SB 1070 or she’s verging on memory lapses. With state reps like this, one must wonder what she does for a real job – definitely not a politician who can see the forest for the trees.

Kyrsten Sinema, seems to be traveling down the “meddler” road with Holder, Obama and Napolitano or maybe she’s been offered a sweetheart deal for spewing propaganda. In all her travels (whatever that might mean) she encountered the 20 some % that oppose the SB 1070.

Kyrsten Sinema is one more example of a liberal Democrat sticking her foot into foreign territory, funny during her travels that she didn’t encounter the 70% who favor the SB 1070 law of Arizona.

Where was Krysten when our ranchers, law enforcement officers and private citizens were murdered? The comment that she blatantly says she’s hearing “What’s wrong with your state?” would have received an answer if she in fact was truly a proud representative of the State of Arizona.

Kyrsten Sinema could have responded to this question in so many ways, stating that Arizona is fighting drug trafficking, war lords, human trafficking and crime committed by “illegal aliens.” Kyrsten was playing Liberal politics as usual and is a disgrace to our state.

In her latest Twitter note, she tweeted, “I’d like Arizona to be in the news for something good.” News flash, Kyrsten Arizona is the first, but not the last state in the Union to address the “Illegal Alien” problem and that’s the “Good News.”

Kyrsten Sinema, it might be advisable to bring solutions to the table, instead of attempting to incite unrest. It’s obvious you’re in the same boat as Obama, Holder, Napolitano and other far left jay birds – you didn’t even take time to read the bill before your mouth runneth over.

As once was said it’s changing time for Kyrsten because, “ Politicians are like diapers. They both need changing regularly and for the same reason.” We don’t need those who are totally disengaged from the people – the government is supposed to work for us, we the people!

Americans, we have a lot of house – keeping to catch up on, but what better reason to remove the dead weeds than for our children and future generations. “May God Bless America”

As Always, Little T-Boca (Annie)

Obama Meets An American Lady

June 2, 2010

What will Obama do on Thursday when he meets with our Jan Brewer? Will he bring Holder, Napolitano, Felipe Calderon, Al Sharpton and of course the hatchet lady Pelosi? Maybe Obama thinks Jan Brewer has a price on her head and can be bought like Sestak, Bart Stupak, Sen. Mary Landrieu, the unions, lobbyists and other recipients of sweetheart deals.

Jan will have no problem standing toe to toe with Obama when the SB 1070 is being discussed. She will go forward with the SB 1070 and invite Obama’s Administration to do the right thing and make our borders safe as promised. She will be the first to tell Obama that the feeble gesture of 1200 National Guard isn’t an answer, not even a tiny band aid.

It appears that two things have happened recently after Obama’s attempt to call the law misguided; first he sent the usual motley crew that have the Liberal Media in their hip pocket to chew Jan Brewer up and spit her out in little pieces. But everything pretty much went south for Obama when Holder and Napolitano both said they hadn’t read the Arizona Immigration law.

Second, Obama has regrouped and will be traveling with all his political weapons on hand; he’s arrogant enough to think that he will overpower our Governor. Obama isn’t making a social call on Thursday and you better believe he’s bringing in the big dogs to stop our Governor.

He is scrambling for votes from the Latinos and whatever he does on Thursday will be in defense of illegal aliens. Obama wants to grant all illegal aliens amnesty and to that I say, “Why would we award illegal aliens legal status for breaking the law. Illegal aliens is not a race, but a crime.

To all of those boycotting the SB 1070, please remember the first thing you should do before protesting the laws of our land is read the SB 1070 – you actions depict a group of people who are trying to incite terror throughout Arizona. Actually your protests are very shallow because they are filled with lies and propaganda, so one must wonder who’s paying the protestors?

10 more states are starting to follow suit with Arizona and actively working on an illegal immigration law. Over 70% American citizens are standing with Arizona and want the illegal alien problem resolved.

Thanks to Jan Brewer for standing firm on the SB 1070 and thanks to FOX news who has covered both sides of the story daily. To our Tea Parties, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for you rallies supporting the SB 1070 and the professional way you have presented our case.

As Always, Little T-boca (Annie)
May God Bless America

Citizens Have Responsibilities Too!

May 16, 2010

Surely everyone will agree that a citizen of the United States has definite responsibilities. We are expected to obey the laws of our communities, our states and the laws of our country.  The red, white and blue flag with 50 stars flies above all other flags in our Nation – no flag from any other country takes precedence over our beautiful flag.

English is our language, not Spanish, Chinese, Japanese – it is English and that’s the end of that conversation.  The Federal Government has laws etched in stone on immigration and illegal aliens and those who don’t wish to obey the laws should pack up their little suitcases and go home.

Citizens are expected to pay their taxes in a timely manner and in turn we are expected to respect the rights of others. It is our responsibility to vote and along with that we must be well informed about the issues and or candidates; citizens shouldn’t depend on the news media for this information. Citizens need to know what each issue says and what the pros and cons are before taking a stance or side.

The Latinos should support Arizona in the immigration law as it mirrors the Federal Law and hasn’t anything to do with racial profiling or taking one’s civil rights from them. 

There are many Latino families who are US citizens and they pay taxes, obey the laws and vote; they raise their children in a Godly manner teaching them to love their country and respect others.

Hopefully, they will step forward and help us as we strive to solve a difficult problem.  If they have family members or friends that have “Snuck” into our country, then they need to assist them in taking the few steps necessary to apply for legal citizenship. Help us to rid ourselves of the drug lords, those involved in human trafficking, rape, murder and pillage. Arizona is a border state; our borders are to be protected by the Federal Government because protecting the borders of America is a national security issue not just an Arizona issue.

But, there are those few who want to play the race card, civil rights card and the minority card – none of these are acceptable.  Illegal immigration is not a “race,” but a crime with natural consequences supported by the Federal Law. A crime that has not been dealt with is no less a crime. 

Any person or persons who have crawled under barb wire fences or sneaked across the border is by definition committing a crime, in fact they know it’s a crime or they wouldn’t be sneaking. They would come into our country via the immigration stations posted on the border.  With purposeful intent our borders are crossed and those who choose the path of unlawful entry in to America know they are committing a crime yet they do it anyway with the hope that they will go unnoticed. 

So to Obama, Holder, Pelosi and Reid – here’s the deal; (1) Read the Federal Immigration Laws and the Arizona Immigration law, (2) Inform those who are illegal that they must apply for citizenship or pack up and go home, (3) Quit trying to incite racial problems in order to secure votes, and (4) As a citizen of the United uphold our laws, protect the legal citizens of America first and foremost. Like Eric Holder, none of you took time to do your homework – you stooped as low as the illegal aliens and even laughed about it. 

Friday, the 14th   of May my granddaughter graduated from Arizona State University and the University fathers allowed a Valedictorian to address the graduates and families with a political speech that was degrading to all races, except Latinos. Is this young man an example of all Latinos, those who have received a wonderful education, grant monies and a free ride and yet he’s still  wanting more of our hide?

My grandson who is 18 and attended the ceremony too commented later that the Valedictorian’s comment regarding challenges he experienced being raised in a predominantly white society is actually one of many benefits afforded minorities here in America; it is the young white males here in American that are last in line to receive financial support for college, housing, etc.

Instead of speaking highly of his country (USA) and being a proud citizen, the Valedictorian complained about the illegal immigration law SB 1070. He made a feeble attempt to describe how difficult it was for him, because he was a minority and wanted all of us to give him a “pity party.” 

His disdain and anger against our country was shameful – this young man possibly needs to find a new home. If he can’t support our laws and be a proud citizen of our United States maybe he should consider returning to Mexico and using the education he has received here in America to help support the needs of those who still reside in Mexico.

We are and will always be, “One Nation Under God With Liberty and Justice For All.”

As Always, Little T-Boca (Annie)