Will Healthcare Reform be Another “ABOP”

Will Healthcare Reform be one more ABOP (Another Botched Obama Program)?  Will the real Democrats please stand up for their Nation we’ve had about all of the ABOPS we can handle starting with the Stimulus Bill, HAMP, TARP, HARP, Cash for Clunkers and all of the poorly managed and botched rebate programs.
O.K. Americans the time has arrived to put a stop to this runaway government and Healthcare Reform that Pelosi (House Speaker) finally admits that no one knows what is actually in these 2700 pages plus reform. If this reform passes, we will experience a financial disaster much worse than the stimulus bill.

Why has some of the news media sold us the edited, regurgitated news that this Reform will really save Americans money? Only one reason, they’re owned by the ones so far left, but one more little puff and they’ll be praying for wings as they fall off the mountain of propaganda.

Here’s the scoop and you can take it to the bank! The majority of Americans have said very clearly and adamantly that they don’t want this Healthcare Reform – that in itself should have been reason enough to stop the reform. It appears we’re all working for the DEMS; use to be way back when that the government worked for us. We were the “VOICE.”

1.      No one has figured out the actual cost of Obama’s Healthcare Reform – they are still trying to get thru the 2700 pages, which is so ambiguous and open ended that even Pelosi says, “No one knows what’s in the reform, so we need to hurry up and pass it and then figure that out.” Americans, she’s saying sign on the dotted line please and the DEMS will fill in the missing pieces like tax increases, abortion, cost etc… Whoa Nancy, whoa!

2.      The Senate parliamentarian states the President must first sign the Healthcare Reform before Democrats can even consider the reconciliation process. Even, Obama’s not going to deliberately hang himself – he’s not going to sign anything unless he’s guaranteed the votes necessary to pass this reform.

3.      Unions are now stepping into the picture and threatening some of the Democrats if they vote “No” on the reform. Frankly, they’ve got too much invested in Obama. Unions are prepared to spend whatever it takes to remove any Democrat from office that says, No. Now, don’t get me wrong but I believe that’s what we know as blackmail!

4.      Reconciliation was placed into law for one purpose only and that is deficit reduction and we all know the HEALTHCARE REFORM isn’t and never will fit into the framework of reconciliation. Legally – if reconciliation is attempted there will be literally years of lawsuits and squabbling trying to unravel all of the problems it will create in our United States.

5.      The Self Executing rule Democrats are trying to slide in behind closed doors isn’t going to fly either, because Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad says in no uncertain terms that it’s impossible to do fixes on a bill that hasn’t even passed yet.

6.      If Democrats have to go with the original bill that is plumb stuffed with payoffs, buyouts and illegal garbage, they might as well just kiss Obama’s “Pet Pig” goodbye along with the DEMS at the White House.

So what are we thinking or are we thinking about our children and the next generations to come – don’t we owe them a legacy that they can wrap their arms around and cherish. They don’t deserve this smut we’re leaving behind; we should be ashamed, very ashamed of ourselves.

May God Bless America


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