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Obama – Remove the Shackles and Chains

September 5, 2011

by little tboca

Americans aren’t asking for freebies, they’re asking for jobs, but talking to the White House about employment is pretty much like asking “Man in the Moon” to sprinkle a little (job creating) fairy dust down here on ole mother earth – we get nothing but dust!

If Americans could have but three wishes the economic wheels (businesses big and small) would immediately jump out of their stagnant mode into a revitalized healthy mode creating jobs and robust growth. Businesses have the money and the ability to start the economic wheels turning, but no one is listening.

Here are the three wishes, (1) Get rid of Obamacare immediately, (2) Remove the regulations on businesses that have stifled their growth, and (3) Get a handle on EPA – stop this power grabbing monster.

The scuttlebutt about tax increases on larger businesses isn’t a feasible solution, but many people are confused and they jump on that idea saying, sure let the wealthy dig us out of this Obama mess.

In reality that tax increase just comes back to haunt the consumer. It’s like burning a candle at both ends, sooner or later you’re going to get burned. Increase taxes on businesses and that is just one more expense that will trickle down for the taxpayer.

Obama and his Administration talk about creating jobs, better times ahead, and increasing taxes on those making 250,000 plus assistance to the poor and middle class. Well the poor have 39 programs that offer assistance including medical attention, housing assistance, educational support, food stamps, Medicaid and the list just rambles on… The middle class want their jobs back!

Needless to say, Americans have been looking out for the poor population for years, but the poor has shown indications of becoming poorer since Obama took over in 2009. They have been attacked by inflation too – the cost of food, fuel and consumer goods has increased substantially since Obama took office.

14 million Americans are home alone without jobs scrambling to put food on the table, to pay bills and using all resources available to keep their household intact.

Steve Wynn – told the Obama Administration why our economy is in the tanks. Steve didn’t waste words this time, nor did he try to be politically correct; he just laid out the real hard facts without wrapping them up in a gorgeous oversized box and big bow.

Here’s what Steve said, “The business community in this country is frightened to death of the weird political philosophy of the president of the United States,” says Wynn. “Until he’s gone, everybody’s going to be sitting on their thumbs.”

But, Obama isn’t gone and his political rhetoric on his recent bus tour through the Midwest is about a job plan that he’ll lay out in September sometime. You can bet that this job plan will be the same canned speech of 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 that basically reeks of higher taxes, more regulations on businesses and another stimulus package.

Remember, Obama just received 2.3 trillion dollar birthday present for his “redistribution” agenda. Don’t buy his crap – demand lower taxes, remove EPA’s greedy grasping claws that have strangled businesses, repeal Obamacare and give businesses (our economic engines) the “green light” to start hiring and creating a robust economy.

Obama, Republicans and Democrats can turn our economy around in a matter of minutes if they quit bickering and start listening to the people. Obama’s redistribution ideology has harmed the poor, the middleclass and businesses (big and small.)

We don’t need another year and a half of glorified self – promoting politicians meddling in our business; businesses need to be released from the Obama “fish bowl,” and in a twinkling of the eye America will become an entrepreneurial haven that allows the American Dream to become a reality.

Special note to Obama’s Administration:

Smaller Government and transparency is what we need
Get out of our business and watch us succeed
Obamacare is but a political scam, that’s clear
EPA is a blood sucking octopus all businesses fear
Entrepreneurs are shackled and chained its plain to see
Give us back our “America Dream,” and set us free

My God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca


Schultz, Trump & Wynn – LOVE THEIR COUNTRY

August 26, 2011

by little tboca

Three men and a broken economy, all three love their Country and want our Nation to stand tall and wave Old Glory for all to see. These three men could be the answer to our wavering economy and they certainly make more sense than those running our White House.

They’re not asking for stimulus money, food stamps or free medical attention, but they’re all asking for the Government to step aside and let businesses start the wheels rolling towards a brighter future.

All three men have been successful in the business world and none of them gained that success without keeping a vigil eye on their bottom line and their cash flow. Not one of them climbed the corporate ladder by spending more than they take in or make!!!!

IN OTHER WORDS THESE WISE MEN KNOW YOU CAN”T SPEND YOUR WAY OUT OF DEBT. This philosophy never worked before and certainly isn’t working now!

Donald Trump’s has some solid ideas – after 5 years of red tape “Trump on the Ocean” is going to be a dream come true for Nassau citizens and will certainly revitalize Jones Beach. The Alliance has wanted to give Jones Beach a “make over” and Trump on the Ocean will be a beautiful restaurant including a catering facility.

Donald Trump is doing this at his own risk, not asking taxpayers for one dime – but taxpayers will benefit because Jones Beach will be revitalized and tourists will be knocking at their door. This venture will give employment to at least 300 people over two years and is estimated to stimulate the economy by a nice plump figure of 60 million.

Donald is one of a very few that has the guts to stand up and say the so called “free trade” has been a total disaster for American employment. Donald believes in leveling the playing field with the Chinese and says we need to tax Chinese goods – sounds good to me.

You can bet your bottom dollar that if we sent Donald to China he wouldn’t tell the Chinese he understands their “one child policy.” Nope, Donald would say, hey guys here’s how it gonna be from now on – he’d tell the Chinese that “If you don’t stop manipulating your currency, we’re going to put a 25 percent tax on your products …

Steve Wynn is another great businessman who doesn’t waste time with the politically correct crap anymore. He calls a “Spade a Spade.” Steve said, “I’m saying it bluntly, that this administration is the greatest wet blanket to business, and progress and job creation in my lifetime.”

Steve continued by explaining, that Obama keeps making speeches about distribution and complaining that companies are holding too much of their money. Steve merely said, “We haven’t heard that kind of talk except from pure socialists.”

Steve said he could add at least 10,000 jobs but is afraid to do anything with the current political environment. Steve said, “The business community in this country is frightened to death of the weird political philosophy of the president of the United States.”

Now, for some exciting news for those who are unemployed, for entrepreneurs and well established businesses (big and small.) Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks is another man of action – he’s tired of watching our economy on the slippery slope to destruction. Howard is talking with other CEO’s and businesses suggesting that they all unite and withhold campaign contributions to Obama and incumbent members of Congress.

Howard Schultz says. “boycott all campaign contributions until a fair, bipartisan deal is reached that sets our nation on stronger, long-term fiscal footing.” Go Steve! He’s asking businesses to move on, start hiring and get our Nation’s economy rolling again.

Steve, unlike Obama, Republicans and Democrats isn’t just talking, he’s committing to hiring 70,000 new employees this coming year.

Here’s the scoop America, “Let’s send The Donald to China and other foreign countries who are using and abusing us – Donald knows how to communicate and create a level playing field for all. Donald is talking about the “TAKERS,” the ones who have their hands out and never reciprocate.

Send Steve Wynn to Washington to remove the strangling regulations on businesses including Obamacare and ask him to place EPA in a cage until such time as we can decide what to do with them. Steve knows why our economy isn’t growing – let’s ask him to fix the problems so we can have a robust economy and put 14 million great Americans back to work.

Ask Howard Schultz to continue with his awesome plan, hopefully many CEO’s and businesses big and small will join him in his venture to cut off campaign contributions until our Nation is back on track.

Three men, who care about America, stepped out of the political cracker box; they’re tired of the political shenanigans and they want to help us “TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY AMERICA.” You just can’t get any better than that…

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca

Three Men and The Debt Ceiling

August 16, 2011

by little tboca

No, they aren’t wrong and more importantly Americans have just been gouged again by Obama, Republicans and Democrats. When John Boehner reassured us that Republicans got just about 95% of what they asked for, we should have smelled the decaying “rat.”

The debt ceiling fiasco was nothing more than an ex-rated movie, Obama the director and Republicans and Democrats the actors.

Spending remains excessive and the National Deficit is growing at the rate of about 4 million per day – Obama, the House & Senate need to get their fannies back to the White House put a freeze on spending and ruthlessly implement immediate cuts that will reduce our National Deficit.

Jim Dement tried to tell us that the debt ceiling bill isn’t actually cutting our National Deficit and after deducting the few trillion that we were promised, our debt will grow about 7 to 9 trillion over the next 10 years. How can we do this to our children and grandchildren – why did we buy Obama, Republicans and Democrats’ political rhetoric?

Politifact verified Jim Dement’s estimate saying 7 trillion was on the low side. Put the url below in your browser and you soon realize that they played the “gotcha game,” against Americans and won again.

Since there isn’t any transparency in our White House, Americans will never know what the existing spending commitments are or how much Obama will increase our obligations between now and 2013. But, there are three very wise businessmen who forewarned us about the debt ceiling crisis.

Warren Buffet didn’t just say kick the debt ceiling down the road, he said the US should do away with the debt ceiling. Moody’s Investors Service agreed with Warren. Warren told NBC News that it merely slows down a process creating undue problems by diverting people’s energy. Warren says the debt ceiling doesn’t make sense.

Steve Wynn has mentioned the way Obama has mislead Americans about the consequences of not raising the debt ceiling. Steve was angry over the debt ceiling crisis and pretty much said our economy can’t improve until Obama is gone!

Donald Trump was emphatic about the debt ceiling issue and basically said balance the budget and don’t even think about raising the debt ceiling. Donald inferred that DEMS were using their usual scare tactics and he encouraged Republicans to stand strong and not give in to the Obama rhetoric.

William Hickey, chief executive of Sealed Air, Executives at companies ranging from Bristol-Myers Squibb, a spokeswoman for AAR American Association of Railroads(Patty Reilly), Henry Harteveldt, airline and travel analyst at Forrester Research all reported consumer confidence sliding rapidly leaving companies pretty much in a state of limbo.

Did raising the debt ceiling 2.4 trillion without immediate cuts on our National Deficit restore consumer confidence or did consumers tighten their belts even more? Consumer confidence remains at a very low ebb.

Businesses aren’t elated about the debt ceiling increase. Moody and S&P aren’t ecstatic or jumping in joy, because the debt ceiling increase represents more spending, no immediate deficit cuts and nothing has been accomplished.

So why the big fight over the debt ceiling crisis, could it be the 2.4 trillion represents money that our Government has already spent? Or has the 2.4 trillion been appropriated to the Obama Redistribution Fund?

Here’s what Americans do know: (1) Our National Deficit is climbing at an accelerated rate, (2) Our Credit rating is at risk once again, and (3) Obama, Republicans and Democrats have placed our Nation on auto pilot while they play and we pay.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca

Obama – Ignores Standard & Poor’s

August 7, 2011

by little tboca

Although Obama was notified Friday before leaving the White House that our credit rating was being downgraded, he slunk out quickly heading for Camp David for R & R after his big birthday bashes.

Obama is hiding out as usual, letting Democrats in the White House fend for themselves as they try to explain away the Standard and Poor’s downgraded credit rating. The Democrats verbally attack Standard and Poor’s decision, saying it was a political move, adding that Standard & Poor’s made about a 2 trillion dollar mistake.

Democrats once again refer to Republicans as the roadblock party who refused to allow tax increases.  Most Democrats still hang onto the false ideology that we can spend our way out of debt.

Boehner and some other Republicans threw the blame right back in the DEMS’ lap, so now that the blame has been passed around once again, Americans are left out in the cold.

As is his style, Obama refuses to man up to the existing problems by merely walking away from yet another economic crisis. Looking back on his speeches this week, they’re just the canned speeches of his 2008 campaign, basically saying we must create jobs and grow the economy.

In closing, he always throws the ball back into the Democrats and Republican’s court, telling them to fix the problems and put aside their differences. He’s just too busy campaigning to be bothered with America’s economic problems; his eye is on the 2012 Presidential ball and come hell or high water, he will continue his 2012 Presidential Campaign.

None of us should really be surprised that Standard & Poor’s downgraded our credit rating. They notified the White House in April 2011 that our fiscal house was in disarray and we could expect a downgrade, if we didn’t repair it.

During the debt ceiling crisis, Standard and Poor’s suggested reducing the deficit by at least 4 trillion, but no one including Obama, Geithner, Republicans or Democrats took heed to the warning.

Possibly Congress will take this downgrade seriously and immediately start balancing our budget – if they would remove the strangle hold big Government has on businesses, repeal Obamacare and lower taxes a healthy environment for all businesses would be created allowing them to expand, grow and hire.

Steve Wynn pretty much spoke for the business world in the USA. He states that businesses are sitting on their money, because they are afraid of the Obama Administration due to the weird political philosophy of the President of the United States.

He refers to the present Administration as the greatest wet blanket to business and job creations in his lifetime due to excessive regulations, healthcare and redistribution.


February 5th 2011, Donald Trump said, “the U.S. government is broke, that all of our jobs are being shipped overseas, that other nations are taking advantage of us and that the value of the U.S. dollar is being destroyed.” He suggests that Obama’s Middle East policies are terrible and we’re just a whipping post for other countries.


Donald said, no one communicates with the 12 men running OPEC and that’s a disgrace to let a few men regulate our oil prices. He closes by saying,” I love our Country and hate what’s happening to it.”

Home Depot founder Bernie Marcus says, “The president hasn’t the faintest idea of how jobs are created, but businessmen are intimidated into silence about the administration’s faulty policies.” “In my 50 years in business, I have never seen executives of major companies who were more intimidated by an administration.” Commentary, July 21, 2011, Jonathan S. Tobin.

Bernie continues, “His speeches are wonderful. His output is absolutely, incredibly bad. As he speaks about cutting out regulations, they are now producing thousands of pages of new ones. With just Obamacare by itself, you have a 2,000 page bill that’s probably going end up being 150,000 pages of regulations.”

When CEO’s like Forbes, Chamber of Commerce, Boeing’s Jim McNerney, Intel’s Paul Otellini and 3M’s George Buckley all express the same sentiments as Steve Wynn – Obama and his Administration should start listening and stop dictating.

We’re in a vicious economic circle – businesses are stagnant, consumers have lost confidence and the Government just continues repeating the same mistakes.  We can’t spend our way out of the economic crisis!

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca

Dumpsters Garbage In Garbage Out

July 21, 2011

The Dumpsters -MSNBC, CNN, Media Matters, NYT, CBS

MSNBC – is tossing daggers at Colonel Allen West saying he sent a mean spirited email to Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  Debbie is the person on Face the Nation, May 9th, 2011 that lied, not just once but many, many times about Paul Ryan’s Medicare Plan.  Debbie’s mode of operation is scare tactics or racial slurs laced with lies. 

Debbie, waited until Colonel West had left the floor and then she pounced on Allen West because he supported “Cut, Cap and Balance,” pretty much accusing him of picking on grampy and grammy (the seniors.)  Debbie is the same person, who ordered a protest at Allen West’s campaign headquarters last October of 2010.

With a mouthpiece like Debbie, it’s not surprising that Democrats are dropping off like flies.  Actually, she’s afraid of Allen and like he said, “If you have something to say to me, say it to my face.” 

Schultz – can’t keep her foot out of her mouth; DEMS should consider a muzzle for this person; she’s not a statistician, nor a politician, she’s a disgrace to all professional women. 

Politifact called her out on another falsehood (better known as a blatant lie.)  Debbie Wasserman Schultz: By advocating new requirements for voters to show ID cards at the polls, Republicans “want to literally drag us all the way back to Jim Crow laws.” — False

CNNJared Bernstein hysterically is crying wolf about the Cut, Cap and Balance Act; he’s in denial and just plain confused. Our Nation is broke, the Democratic spending addicts must be stopped and we must have a balanced budget. As usual, Jared doesn’t understand the basics of math!  Debt ceiling = inflation = higher food and fuel costs + increase in consumer costs = a weakening economy.

Jared just can’t bring himself to say these words, “our National Deficit has jumped 4.7 trillion in the past 2 ½ years and our Government has over extended themselves.”  “We’re in deep economic trouble.”

Media Matters – is distorting President Clinton’s words, in a nutshell he’s wrapped up the “debt ceiling” problem.  He said, “Lifting the debt ceiling is necessary to pay for appropriations already made.”  In layman’s terms, President Clinton is saying the Obama Administration spent over 4 trillion dollars of taxpayer’s money – now there’s no choice but to raise the debt ceiling. 

Notice, that Media Matters can’t embarrass themselves by saying, Obama stole 4.7 trillion dollars from Americans and now he wants taxpayers to pick up the pieces. One man (OBAMA), almost single handedly placed our Nation in harm’s way thru “redistribution.”  Media Matters, here’s the problem with Obama’s sick ideology.  

The poor got poorer, the middle class lost homes, jobs and hope and all businesses are afraid to do business as usual, because like Steve Wynn said they’re petrified of Obama and his gang. 

NYT – is flaunting the Gang of Six Deficit Reduction, but refuses to connect the dots. It’s basically another band aid, although many are oohing and awing over it. Why aren’t they discussing the money owed to taxpayers from the stimulus bailout to Fannie, Freddie, AIG and the corrupt lending institutions?  Taxpayers have a right to demand all of our stimulus money back immediately!  The Obama Administration owes us trillions of dollars!

Let Obama and the Democrats take money owed to us out of their pockets, their retirement or demand that all of the beneficiaries of our stimulus money pay us back immediately. Why don’t the DEMS do the right thing for America and repeal the Obamacare albatross?  Obama and Democrats always end up putting the monkey on our back; we aren’t their employees. 

If the debt ceiling is raised and it will happen, inflation which is already knocking at our doors with higher consumer costs including food and fuel will accelerate. Why can’t NYT just once get their story straight?

Here’s what Obama said in 2008

This is our time, to put our people back to work and open doors of opportunity for our kids; to restore prosperity and promote the cause of peace; to reclaim the American dream and reaffirm that fundamental truth, that, out of many, we are one; that while we breathe, we hope. And where we are met with cynicism and doubts and those who tell us that we can’t, we will respond with that timeless creed that sums up the spirit of a people: Barack Obama

Here’s a quote from little tboca in response to Obama’s poetic sucker bait of 2008. “No jobs, foreclosures and higher taxes for all.”

May God Bless America

As Always,

little tboca  

Obama’s Redistribution Plays Havoc With Businesses

July 19, 2011

by little tboca

Billionaire CEO Steve Wynn tells America why unemployment keeps creeping up and why businesses are afraid of Obama and his Administration.  Here’s what Steve Wynn just said a few hours ago about Obama and his Administration.

“And I’m saying it bluntly, that this administration is the greatest wet blanket to business, and progress and job creation in my lifetime. And I can prove it and I could spend the next 3 hours giving you examples of all of us in this market place that are frightened to death about all the new regulations, our healthcare costs escalate, regulations coming from left and right. “Posted by The Right Scoop on Jul 18, 2011 

Mr. Wynn states that Democratic and Republican business people are afraid of the Government now and he said, “Everybody’s afraid of the government and there’s no need soft peddling it, it’s the truth.” Posted by The Right Scoop on Jul 18, 2011

So now we know why businesses are laying off, not hiring and not growing – they’re afraid of Obama and his redistribution agenda.  The Right Scoop has posted Steve Wynn’s speech at:  

Isn’t it strange how the person who stole our stimulus money from us, lost millions of jobs, obligated us for a 3rd war, created defunct non sensical programs such as TARP, HARP, HAMP, Cash for Clunkers that all ended up on the history shelves as ABOPs (Another Botched Obama Program) remains President of the USA?

4.7 trillion of our money spent and nothing to show for it, except  the beneficiaries of the stimulus bill like  Chase,  General Electric, Bank of American, Freddie, Fannie, AIG and a slew of other corrupt organizations. 

So now Obama’s back in his 2008 campaign mode, badgering Bush, Republicans, FOX news, the Tea Parties and pretending that he’s once again the savior who’s arrived on our doorstep to save the Nation.

He has turned the “debt ceiling” crisis into a campaign issue for 2012, because his message to Americans states he’s ready to resolve the budget crisis, but is he really?

Obama is his name and “redistribution” is his game, (1) Obama states he will veto a temporary extension of the debt ceiling, and (2) He will veto the “Cut, Cap and Balance offered by the Republicans.  Obama ignores his top Democrat and refuses to listen to Americans.

 Erskine Bowles, the top Democrat on President Obama’s debt commission, calls this “the most predictable economic crisis in history.”  In other words, if we don’t stop the spending a Depression may be on the horizon.

Obama’s pretense of a little cut here and there isn’t going to avert this economic crisis and the half- hearted promises about cuts 10 to 15 years from now are almost laughable. Permanent spending cuts must be in place and should exceed not just equal the debt ceiling increase.  

Obama is well on his way to show us more of his “Hopey Changey” crap and if we think it’s bad now; just wait until he’s done with us this time. Here’s a statement by Obama on National TV that Americans better etch on their forehead.   Obama said, I’m willing to do what it takes to solve this problem, even if it’s not politically popular.  That folks is a bald faced lie!  Distribution is his game! 

He doesn’t have a plan number one and number two he’s already stated that he’ll veto the Republicans the “Cut, Cap and Balance for one reason only.  The Cut, Cap and Balance would put an end to his number one agenda, redistribution. 

Obama and Democrats had over 800 days to pass a budget, but Obama’s “redistribution agenda” couldn’t exist if there was a balanced budget in place; he’s not only thrown taxpayers under the bus, he’s kicked the Democrats to the curb. 

 May God Bless America

As Always,  Little Tboca