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What is Happening to Our Nation?

January 28, 2012

Yesterday was spent sort of surveying the political environment and realizing how close we are to going over the cliff. Watching the Florida debates was like watching an X-rated movie. Newt and Mitt came to the table with derogatory remarks about each other pretty much a repeat of everything we read in the news daily and nothing much accomplished. So over half the debate was spent on “gotchas.” Ric Santorum and Ron Paul both were on their game.

Going back this week to the real news was most difficult, because it exemplified the fact that we the people have lost our voice. There will be a debt ceiling increase of 1.2 trillion which brings up the question of how far is too far? How long can we play the phony monopoly game and at what point will the addictive spending by our Government push us over the cliff?

The Commander in Chief of our Nation remains unscathed by his spending addiction and inability to lead. He has literally stopped job growth, stolen money from taxpayers via the stimulus bill, the green scandal and various “redistribution” schemes and yet yesterday’s polls show him having a 47% approval rate.

America is no longer the land of the free; we are the victims of false ideologies that have devoured our Country over a span of many, many years. Today we sit in the cheap seats watching the political theatrics as they unfold day by day. The Constitution, America’s roadmap has been relegated to the ancient history shelves.

It’s almost laughable that any of us think the laws of our land actually protect our freedoms and rights. We’ve gone from one Nation Under God With Liberty and Justice for All to “One Nation Under “Gov. With No Jobs, Foreclosures and Higher Taxes for all.”

We’re slaves of the Liberal News Media, big money, sick ideologies and political corruption; they bought, paid for and endorsed a total stranger choosing him as our Commander in Chief. If we continue allowing these people to distract and divide us, we will face another four years of redistribution, addictive spending and oppression.

We have an “Old Establishment” in Washington who is not our friends – they’re our enemies. We have a majority in the House, but they are powerless unless we take over a majority in the Senate. We have a Commander in Chief who has been preparing for a second term since 2008 – he very carefully redistributed our stimulus money to big bundlers, Unions, Special Interest Groups in order to buy their votes and money for 2012.

Very seldom do I include a personal opinion in my articles, but today I must at least express my heartfelt feelings. If the four good men in Florida clambering for the Republican Candidacy would but sit down together and unite we’d be prepared to “take back our Country America.” It’s time to move on from “cat fights” to the concerns of our Nation.

They’re all leaders, all capable of uniting our Country and they need to agree on a game plan. The question that only they know in their hearts, is who can beat Obama, who will have enough money behind them to continue the grueling run for the 2012 Presidential election and who is prepared to step down at this time.

I’ll probably get laughed right off the map on this one, but I just called it the way I see it – this is the most critical race of our lifetime.

Understandably, each one envisions himself as our next President, but it’s time for them to unite and help us “take back our Country.” It’s not a matter of giving up – it’s a matter of uniting for their Country and without a doubt it would be the most difficult decision they’ve ever made in their lifetime.

It’s time to put politics aside and do what is best for our Country. It’s time to select a candidate for the 2012 Presidential Election and it’s time to address the problems of the Nation.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca


Obama’s Presidential Ads With ATwist

January 28, 2012

Only Obama and team have enough guts to blitz Presidential ads that are power loaded with lemons. It’s not a matter of a slight falsehood here and there; it’s their mode of operation.

Obama’s team along with all of the Liberal News Media tell never ending lies about any and all of Obama’s failed policies; they’re border line pathological liars and they do or say anything to protect their weak leader. Check his first ad out here –

Number one lie – Obama didn’t create 2.7 million clean energy jobs. Number two lie – Brookings Institute’s study didn’t say Obama created 2.7 million clean energy jobs. Number three he says he’s reduced our oil independence. Talk about stupid – 14 million out of work, millions have lost their homes, food stamps recipients are at an unprecedented high. We the people are using less fuel because the cost of fuel is exorbitant and inflation gouges us every time we make a purchase due to the debt ceiling increases.

Speaking of the debt ceiling, it seems to me Obama was the one who criticized Bush on raising the debt ceiling, here is Obama’s exact words “The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. Government can’t pay its own bills,” Obama said before a March 16, 2006, vote on raising the debt limit. That my friends is a perfect example of a flip flopper and he will raise our debt ceiling another 1.2 trillion!

FYI Obama – Our Government can’t pay their bills because you increased our National Deficit by 5 trillion and refused to balance the budget. Good rule of thumb – don’t spend more than you take in!

Ask Obama why the new ad says he created 2.7 million clean energy jobs while reducing the nation’s dependence on foreign oil? Ask him why he twisted the report from the Brookings Institute in the new ad saying they verified this figure of 2.7. Brookings Institute’s study was the number of clean jobs in our Country, not new jobs – clean jobs refer to waste management and treatment, mass public transit and things like conservation.

So he didn’t create 2.7 million clean energy jobs. In fact, his green company misadventure lost jobs and billions of our hard earned money. According to Brookings Institute there are around 300,000 renewable energy jobs and that doesn’t mean they’re jobs created by Obama. It’s just a total number of people working in the clean energy field.

Obama doesn’t have a monopoly on this addiction (pathological lying) – many of the DEMS like Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Pelosi, Reid and the Liberal news media have been infected with this illness.

Example of pathological liars: When asked about the economy – they’ve been telling us for two years that we’re coming out of the recession. When asked about our stimulus money they’ll say we didn’t give them enough – they needed more. Mention jobs to them and they’ll jump on their soap box and tell us how many jobs Obama created. Ask them about unemployment and they’ll blame it on Bush, God, the ATM’s and the dumb Republicans.

Ask Obama about his work history and where he’s been hiding out – he doesn’t just lie about it he runs and hides. No one knows about his work history and it’s quite evident now that he certainly didn’t have the background or experience to be our Commander in Chief. So is anyone going to vet him for his 2012 Presidential Run?

Ask Obama why he stopped the Keystone Pipeline – he’ll say he needs more time to study it. Hey the Obama Administration has been studying it for three years. The real reason is politics, but Obama will never show and tell. Obama is brown nosing with the Environmentalists!

So Liberals and Democrats including all of you big bundlers out there – your millions in campaign contributions are being used to create “Mickey Mouse” ads that even Mickey wouldn’t believe. What a waste of time and money, but then it’s probably hard to create ads with substance when all you have to work with is a man who has the worst record of any Commander in Chief in our lifetime.

Americans residing in Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina, Virginia and Iowa better prepare to be inundated with Obama ads that make Pinocchio look like a saint. We’ve always fought for freedom of speech and yes, Obama can spend the remainder of 2012 lying to America and that’s sad.

He holds the most prestigious honorable position in our Country and he’s making a mockery out of it. The President of our United States should be a mentor, a shining example to our youth not a devious sneak who is giving them a bad message saying, “its O.K. to lie, its O.K. to take taxpayers’ money and misuse it, its O.K. to harm the greatest Nation in the World for one’s one selfish interests.

Mr. President – IT’S NOT O.K.
May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca

Obama’s Class Warfare & Tantrums

October 29, 2011

by little tboca
The master of “redistribution” is not a happy camper since his jobs plan number one was turned down by Democrats and his jobs plan number two met with the same disapproval. Democrats didn’t like his budget this spring and kicked it to the curb, not one Democrat would vote for his budget – that’s about as bad as it gets.

If the Democratic Base refuses to back the “Distribution Specialist.” he’s in deep doo doo.

He’s hot on the campaign trail with our 1.1 million dollar Canadian Tour Bus sticking his tongue out at the taxpayers, actually taunting them by spending millions of their hard earned dollars daily. He’s angry with the House and Senate calling them names and threatening them if they don’t give him his stimulus package.

Obama has resorted to class warfare pitting the Private Sector against the Public Sector, those who have worked hard for their money against those who prefer taking Government handouts and trying to terrorize little fourth graders, senior citizens and our youth. Please remember Obama’s agenda has never been or ever will be based on reviving the American dream or restoring economic prosperity.

Here’s a brief snapshot of Obama’s three years in office – not a pretty sight!

787 Billion Dollars Stimulus Package Gone – No jobs

4 Trillion dollar increase in National Deficit in just three years

14 Million Americans Unemployed

Almost 20 % Unemployment – Counting Those No Longer Looking For Jobs

According to the USDA, 45,753,078 Americans and 21,581,234 households on food stamps

2011 – Approximately 3 million homes going thru the foreclosure process

Businesses frozen due to EPA, Obamacare and excessive Government regulations

Billions lost on “Green Companies:” Solyndra, Son Power, Ormat Nevada Inc, Solar Power (2), Fisker

National Deficit as of 10/23/2011 9:06 PM Mountain Time: 14,867,975,841,247

US Total Debt: 54,552,588,762,251

Debt per taxpayer: 132,328

OBAMA”S REPORT CARD “F” – Worst Presidential Record in History of the USA

May God Bless Our Nation
As Always,
Little Tboca

Does Obama Care About America – Absolutely Not!

September 14, 2011

by little tboca

Does Obama really care about our Nation, our children, grandchildren and those hard working people who support our country via taxes? It’s a decision that sooner or later every American will have to make, because we are the voice of America and it’s time to be heard.

What has Obama accomplished in 32 months?

He’s increased our National Deficit by 4 trillion dollars.
He’s redistributed 787 billion dollars of taxpayer’s money to corrupt lenders, the “green thing,” Unions, bigger Government and syphoned money behind closed doors to pad the pockets of his biggest and best bundlers.

His Administration passed Obamacare which has a price tag so high no one is quite sure how many billions it will cost taxpayers.

Obama and his Administration thumbed their noses at us refusing to create a “balanced budget,” every day our National Deficit increases about 5 billion per day.

He assigned 10,000,000 for the “Fast and Furious” gunrunner program, which has killed Americans and thousands of our Mexican friends.

He redistributed our money to Green Companies such as Solyndra Solar which has gone belly up and three other green companies are declaring bankruptcy.

Obama’s HAMP, TARP, Green Whims are all poorly executed defunct programs that sucked billions of dollars from our pockets with nothing to show for it!

So in 32 months, Obama redistributed our 787 billion stimulus money without creating jobs or restoring our economic status. 14 million are unemployed, unemployment is way over 9.1 or 9.2 % (probably close to 18 or 20 %.)

787 billion was stimulus package number one – gone never to be seen again.

447 billion is actually stimulus number two – this is actually being called the Obama Job Plan. This is the second stimulus in less than three years that Obama is requesting.

The debt ceiling was just raised in August 2011 with promises that the “Super Committee” of twelve would insure that 1.5 trillion was cut in our National Deficit over a 10 year span.

Notice that every time Obama speaks he asks for more money saying it won’t cost taxpayer’s a dime – we all know taxpayers will be the ones to suffer. Isn’t it strange that he never refers to his promises in 2008 and 2009 to downsize the Government, insure transparency and lower the unemployment to 8 % and reduce the National Deficit?

This person they call “OBAMA” isn’t stupid, but he is evil, isn’t honest, but he is a liar, isn’t Commander in Chief, but is a Dictator. For those who wish to disagree with this last statement, I’ll prove that what I just said is true.

As we speak Obama and his teleprompter are lying to Americans about the Obama Job Plan. He keeps saying this Job Plan is paid for and won’t cost taxpayer’s a dime. That is all I have to say on this subject – we are in the hands of a person who wishes to bring our Nation to its knees.

May God Bless Our Nation
As Always,
Little Tboca

Obama Just Hijacked the Taxpayers and Republicans Again

September 10, 2011

by little tboca

Just before he headed for his much needed R&R with Martha, Obama threw us a lollipop hoping it would tide us over until his return to the White House. He said, he would present his job plan sometime in September.

14 million people without jobs were confused! Why would the Commander in Chief go on vacation, if he in fact had a job plan; why would he consider his vacation more important than coming to the rescue of 14 million Americans? Only conclusion would be – there wasn’t any jobs plan yet.

But, then it became apparent that the “King of Drama” was in fact creating the third act of his play. “Obama’s “hopey changey” campaign for 2012. He demanded a joint session of Congress, which was in fact nothing more than a political circus. For 40 some minutes he played the ring-master, while the Democrats jumped up and down like a bunch of shriveled up puppets trying to please the puppet master.

The speech was nothing more than a hyped up repeat of his campaign speeches of 2008. Tax cuts to the private sector won’t create jobs or stimulate consumer confidence; the little dab he’s talking about has been eaten up by high gas prices. It’s going to take much more than this to rebuild consumer confidence.

Businesses aren’t going to budge unless Obamacare is repealed, EPA is handcuffed and regulations impeding business growth removed. Businesses are afraid of the Obama regime and they won’t buy anymore of his lies – any changes in their behalf must be etched in stone for 5 to 10 years.

The “King of Drama” left out the most critical part of his job plan – who, how and where will the money come from for this stimulus package? That little detail will be discussed in his next National debut on TV possibly next Monday. So all he handed us was a job plan asking for a mini stimulus of $447 billion dollars.

There is so much more behind this speech that Obama gave today that doesn’t appear on the surface. First he’s counting on Americans to buy his job plan, because once again he’s promising them that it will be paid for and not increase our National Deficit.

Second, he’s has deliberately placed the Republicans in a very precarious position. If they refuse to pass his job plan, he can blame the remainder of 2011 and all of 2012 entirely on the Republicans. He’s banking that they will not buy into his job plan for that gives him all the ammo he needs to continue his 2012 Presidential campaign.

The Republicans have just been handed a stacked deck of cards by Obama and gang. They’re dammed if they don’t go along with his job plan and dammed if they do, because Americans will hold them accountable either way.

Americans and Republicans aren’t jumping up and down with joy after his “do it now speech.” It’s been almost three years now that we’ve been struggling and we have no reason to believe Obama. The redistribution specialist handed our first stimulus package to the corrupt lenders and other blood suckers; now he’s wanting a mini stimulus of $447 billion dollars.

What Americans know; (1) We can’t spend our way out of the recession, (2) Businesses refuse to hire or grow under the Obama Administration, (2) Obama’s word doesn’t amount to a “tinker’s dam.”
May God Bless Our Nation
As Always,
Little Tboca

Trace Adkins & Toby Keith – American Made

August 29, 2011

by little tboca

Trace Adkins has always supported our Military and performed throughout the World at different military bases; now Trace has taken a pledge to buy American Made products. Here’s what Trace said during an interview at CMT Country Countdown.

Trace said, I didn’t want to sell another item that said ‘Made in China,’ and I was ashamed of myself that it took this many years to do this. Finally it dawned on me that I didn’t have to sell stuff made in Taiwan, China, or India, and I’m willing to pay more for the merchandise. It took a lot longer to find those vendors. The hardest was ball caps. It’s really hard to find an American company that makes ball caps.” Way to go Trace!

After making this pledge, Trace contacted good friend Toby Keith. Toby not only joined Trace by making a pledge to buy American Made, this Oklahoma country music star wrote an awesome song “Made in America.”

Hey, America lets join Trace and Toby and make the pledge to buy American Made products. Here we see two country western patriots who are making a difference. A small group of people can change our Nation by “taking back our Country.” A recent study says if every American would spend $ 64.00 annually 200,000 jobs will be created.

Here’s some interesting statistics, “If every American spent $64 more this year on American Made goods, it would mean 200,000 new USA manufacturing jobs this year” according to David Muir, an ABC news correspondent. How about we challenge American consumers to increase their spending on US Made products to $320 to create 1 million new manufacturing jobs this year?

Americans have watched in agony as Obama and our Government used our stimulus money to pad the pockets of the banks, AIG, Freddie, Fannie, Unions and the pitiful list just rambles on… This is “redistribution” the Obama way – a plan that has left 14 million without jobs.

Consider “redistribution” the American way; we the people decide where our money will go, who the beneficiaries will be and we kick big government’s run away spending agenda out the door and down the road. Remember $64 can generate 200,000 jobs literally overnight!

It’s merely a matter of pledging $64 to your Country and not your Government; every time you buy a piece of clothing, equipment, electronic, baby items or consumer product tagged made in China or Taiwan you’re actually contributing to the wealth of a foreign country.

Frankly, at this time our hands aren’t tied even though most of our products come from a foreign country; consider going to this website and spending a small portion of your money on American Made goods. or

Most of us buy toiletries, some clothing, food or toys for our pets, items for our business monthly; it’s just a matter of wrapping your mind around a concept that will create new jobs, bring more money into our government and inspire entrepreneurs to take that leap of faith and create a new business.

Unlike Uncle Sam, no one is asking Americans to dig deeper into their pockets. The question remains do we want to contribute to our beautiful Country or to China?

For every dollar we put back into American Made businesses we’re helping to restore our Nation’s once strong foundation – our Government should hide its head in shame because it doesn’t exert much effort in supporting American Made goods.

Our Government needs a face lift – they need to start buying from American businesses; wouldn’t it be nice to walk into a Government office and see pens, paper, electronics all tagged made in America? Wouldn’t it be nice to see our politicians wearing American Made clothing? Wouldn’t it be nice if we’d do what Trump has suggested and level the playing field with China?

If 300,000,000 Americans would take one dollar a day and spend it on American Made products, it would add up to $109,500,000,000 that equates into 109.5 billion, which is more than a drop in a bucket. $ 64 dollars annually would equate into 200,000 new jobs.

America, we need to be in charge once again and practice “redistribution the All American Way.” It’s obvious our Government has lost its way!

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca

Dumpsters PM Dump – MSNBC, CNN, Media Matters, NYT, CBS

July 13, 2011

The Dumpster’s PM Dump – little tboca


Around the Nation in a Flash:

MSNBC & NBC’s Scott Pelley actually tightened the noose around Obama’s neck during his interview about the debt ceiling. Obama got suckered again when Scott asked him point blank if he can guarantee that the entitlement checks will go out August 3rd if the debt ceiling isn’t raised. 

Obama’s answer was of course a scare tactic saying he couldn’t make that promise, saying there simply may not be enough money in the coffers to meet USA’s obligations.

This shows the ignorance of our President, his inability to do Math (just simple arithmetic), and his obvious delight in trying to scare Americans. Pretty much the same tactics he used on us when he wanted Obamacare passed. 

CNNDavid Gergen is all gushy even to the point of being sympathetic with Obama’s dilemma over the debt ceiling and budget.

David thinks Obama is working his britches off trying to get a compromise between Republicans and Democrats. In fact, David feels, poor old Obama is plumb smack in the middle of this political fiasco.

Yes, David Obama is in the middle, he is the reason we’re even discussing raising the debt ceiling.  You see David, Obama is the problem! 

David, did you notice recently that unemployment is 9.2, millions of people are losing their homes and Sisco, along with some other big companies are talking about gigantic layoffs in the near future.

Media Matters – is in a huff, running on Lou Dobbs and of course Republicans again. Once again they refuse to tell both sides of the story when they’re talking about Jeffrey Frankel (.Harvard Economist.) It’s just more garbage in and garbage out from the “Dumpsters.”

Here’s what Jeffrey Frankel said about the date of August 2 being such a critical time for raising the debt ceiling.

Frankel — Although the fiscal situation is a big long-term problem, this has been true for a long time. The reason that the next month is crucial is that one of the two parties has chosen this particular raising of the debt ceiling (which is normally a frequent and routine formality) for a political showdown. For better or worse, they have deliberately created a game of “chicken.” July 12, 2011 by Doug Gavel, Harvard Kennedy School

NYT – continues with their obvious dislike of the Republicans and are trying their best to put the debt ceiling and National Deficit on the back of the Republicans. 

Won’t work NYT; we all know who stole our stimulus money, started the war in Libya, gave Soros our money for Petrabras, backed the Unions and Lobbyists and last but not least lied so many times to Americans that we’ve lost count. 

CBS – continues the rhetoric about Obama’s great ideas for reducing the National Deficit and raising the debt ceiling, but if they reread their commentary they will see that Obama once again doesn’t have a plan.  It’s called cheap talk!

Americans are tired having their President insult them and pretty much call us stupid; we haven’t asked for much.  We don’t want any tax increases, we want Obamacare repealed, and we want our National Deficit reduced today, not in 15 years.  We really want someone who is a leader not a glorified orator. 

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca

Obama & Boehner Etched at the Hip – by little tboca

July 11, 2011


Boehner reminds me of Obama – in fact they’re more than “kissin cussins.”  Any time their mouth opens, you can expect smooth talkin’ rhetoric that is laced with promises and wrapped up in a pretty box plum full of lies with a big bow and smiley face. 

Boehner and Obama wrote the script on the debt ceiling resolution; they set the stage for Americans during their last little golf game. 

What we will hear in the next few days will be scare tactics by Obama, Timothy Geithner, Ben Bernanke and some of the Democrats. 

Obama will whine that those businesses netting over 250,000 should be penalized for working hard and keeping our economy above water even during a recession – so he’ll keep playing the same old tune, “Raise their taxes, and Raise their taxes.” 

Bernanke and Geithner will spread some doom and gloom about our credit rating and pretty much tell us like Chicken Little that the sky will darn sure fall if we don’t raise the “debt ceiling.”  They lie!

Republicans will smack their lips, make faces, shake their heads and tell us they just had to drop their original agreement of 4 trillion in debt reduction to maybe 1 or 2 trillion.   Maybe, in all actuality it will shrivel down to a few million just like they did the last time when they promised billions in budget cuts.

Brace yourselves Americans Boehner and Republicans are doing exactly what I’ve been saying for weeks – they’re playing into Obama’s hand one more time. 

Here’s what Boehner said Saturday PM, “Despite good-faith efforts to find common ground, the White House will not pursue a bigger debt reduction agreement without tax hikes.”

But here’s the real deal – our fair haired wobbly kneed politicians should be doing what millions of Americans are doing.  It’s called balancing the budget – you list all priorities such as military, National Deficit, Medicare, and Medicaid and pay that first.  Second step is you take the money left over and carefully prioritize bills according to necessity and continue paying them.  Thirdly, you ruthlessly cut out all frivolous expenditures and put them on the ancient history shelves for the elves.

The means putting a freeze on EPA, quite funding NPR, Media Matters, Planned Parenthood to name a few and there are tons more that we should not be funding. 

You remove Obama’s employee raises and perks since 2009.  Put his Czars on a 20 hour work week; let them figure out how to pay for health insurance, car allowance and lunches. 

We have a pot full of politicians in the White House who aren’t capable of wiping their Fannies by themselves.  We should send a few good ole boys and girls to the White House for a short interim to show them how one balances a budget.

We can’t buy our way out of a recession, so spending more money should not even be a consideration.  Tax hikes on businesses will mean more layoffs, higher unemployment and no business growth – so that’s not an option either.

Printing more phony money will only lead to higher inflation, which we’re all starting to feel from Bernanke’s last printing spree.  Politicians are treating our crisis like a Roman holiday – they’re all worried about feasting and filling their bellies.  Regardless of what they say, there’s no bloodletting going on…

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca

Republicans & Democrats Kick Americans Under the Bus Again – by little tboca

July 7, 2011


I’m mad, fighting mad and have no respect for the WHITE HOUSE GANG – they’re devious, sneaky and gutless wonders. It’s not our Nation, Americans or children that concerns them.  We no longer have a Government of the people, by the people and for the people!

Americans we have a problem – it’s the inefficient politicians playing games with our money in the White House.  Republicans and Democrats are selling us down the river again,

The meeting today on the debt ceiling and budget is nothing more a send off for Obama insuring him the Presidential nomination for 2012. The Republicans cower and the Democrats rejoice!

The Republicans are forgetting their promise to us that there will be no tax increases.  They’ve been promising us for months that they won’t raise the debt ceiling without drastic budget cuts. 

The DEMS are once more winning the battle of the budget; they’ve had two years to present a budget and they just weren’t interested.  Now, they’re using the debt ceiling problem to their advantage in 2012; the debt ceiling will be raised and the National Deficit will continue skyrocketing.

We have a bunch of gutless wonders, who don’t have a clue how to balance a budget and restore our Nation’s tottering foundation.  They’ve had adequate amount of time to make major cuts in our budget, but not one with the exception of Paul Ryan has made a move.

The Republicans and Democrats are predictable for in the end they both have their hands in our pockets wanting more money.  They know exactly the many loopholes in our Government that should have been stopped immediately.

A great example is the USA hands out millions, actually billions in foreign aid to many rich countries and then we borrow the money we loaned them plus pay interest.  So what’s up with this- we give all this aid out of the goodness of our heart and penalize ourselves?  I call this stupid accounting principles!

The wishy washy attitude of Republicans is this: (1) Why cut anything if it only amounts to a few billion dollars, and (2) Why upset the Democrats who’ve been running the show since 2006?

Here’s the deal; it’s like the old lady who peed in the sea. She said, “every little bit helps.”  The same goes for cutting our National Deficit.  It’s an accumulation of cuts that will add up to the trillions that have been spent in just the past 2 ½ years. 

For example, NPR, Planned Parenthood are two programs that should have been defunded immediately. They are non – vital programs!  NPR and Planned Parenthood can put their big boy and big girl pants on and fly solo; it’s not the taxpayers’ responsibility to fund these programs.

Ruthlessly slash the money going to foreign countries that only take from the USA and never reciprocate.  Quit sending aid to the 10 richest countries in the world. 

Get a handle on Eric Holder and the DOJ; their lawsuits are usually based on personal likes or dislikes.  They sue the Border States because they are trying to protect their borders and citizens. They sue the schools because they refused to let a teacher go on a sabbatical or whatever…

Holder spent tons of money strong arming the Dayton Police and fire department requiring them to lower their testing standards – that kind of insanity is placing Americans at risk.

Holder did the same mafia approach in New Haven Connecticut, which was a clean cut example of Holder’s opinion, which has nothing to do with anything.

Holder sues Az Governor and the State of Arizona over the SB1070 bill; they’ve sued Arizona Sheriff Arpaio over removal of illegal aliens from the streets of Arizona.

Holder is a total waste of time and costs us millions of dollars per year over frivolous lawsuits that cost our State’s government millions a year in atty fees alone. 

So when it’s all said and done – we will be paying more taxes, the debt ceiling will be raised and the National Deficit will continue growing at an unsustainable pace. 

Republicans and Democrats are a disgrace to our Nation – they’re the problem, not the solution!

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca

Can John Boehner Resist Politics as Usual?

May 16, 2011

Think it’s time to give John Boehner a “wake up call.” What doesn’t he understand about zipping his big boy pants and doing the job he was hired to do? It seems Obama and Boehner are attached at the lips; one lies and the other one lies too! John Boehner is going to do a repeat like he and the Republicans did with the 2011 budget.

They promised us 100 billion in cuts that dwindled down to a few million dollars of non – descript budget cuts. John crumpled just like Obama and Reid predicted when the threesome went behind closed doors to finalize the budget cuts. John came out smiling letting Americans know that he understands Obama much better and Obama came out smiling because he once again won the poker hand against Republicans.

J. Boehner, like Obama is pretty good at theatrics and blows off to the news media that Republicans won’t agree to raise the debt ceiling until trillions of dollars in spending cuts are put on the table. Same story and same tune that the Republicans played during the 2011 budget negotiations.

J. Boehner knows he will agree to raise the debt ceiling, but he needs Obama and Reid to provide the side show for Americans. The three will go behind closed doors once again and the X-rated movie will be under way.

J. Boehner will come out smiling, teary eyed and say after a long battle with the Democrats, Republicans have been promised trillions of dollars in spending cuts. Promised is the key word here, because it will be a cold day in —- before that happens. Please realize that Obama and Reid have no reason to negotiate, because it’s just a matter of time until the Republicans crumble and agree to raise the debt ceiling.

Heck, they can’t even support Paul Ryan’s budget, they are falling over themselves as they distance themselves from Paul. David Camp and Eric Cantor are running fast and furious while trying to relegate Paul’s budget to the ancient history shelves.

Newt Gingrich on NBC’s Meet the Press kicked Paul’s budget to the curb referring to it as “radical and too big a jump.” Newt is basically throwing his hat in the pot Obama style and going for Liberal votes. Newt is coloring Obamacare as OK, but needing a few minor changes – obviously Newt hasn’t learned anything from his previous mistakes as a politician!

David Camp is throwing his weight around since he’s the chair on the House Ways and Means committee; he makes no bones about dumping Paul Ryan’s budget in the gutter. David has drawn his line in the sand, calling Paul Ryan’s budget “Dead on Arrival” in the Senate – he refuses to waste any more time on Paul’s budget in the house.

Cantor is straddling the fence, not wanting to offend our freshmen in the White House, so he’s merely saying Paul’s budget is a good starting point for 2012. David Camp, Eric Cantor and Gingrich have no intentions of honoring their “Pledge to America’ made just a few months ago by the gutless wonders we call Republicans.

The Republicans might as well take a long time out, because they don’t have a game plan anymore and yet they have control of the House. It’s obvious that the Republicans are a bunch of wimps who are afraid to stand toe to toe with the Democrats. John Boehner has set us up once again for the kill – politics as usual ladies and gentlemen. Nothing has changed!

Bernanke, Reid, Pelosi, Obama with the able assistance of the left new media will continue painting a dismal picture if the debt ceiling isn’t raised; they’ll lie and tell us like “Chicken Little” that the sky is falling in…

Meanwhile Obama is doing his usual as he starts his 2012 campaign spewing political rhetoric like it’s going out of style. Obama continues telling Americans that in his 2 ½ years as President, he has saved us from economic disaster. Outside of taking credit for the demise of Osama bin Laden, he has managed to redistribute our money, pass the inevitable money sucking Obamacare and screw up our relationship with Israel, give the Muslim brotherhood a boost and play hide and seek with Libyan leader Moammar Kadafi.

As of May 16, 2011 John Boehner is sticking up for Americans – this was reported on ABC just a few minutes ago, John Boehner said, “There will be no debt limit increase without serious budget reforms and significant spending cuts – cuts that are greater than any increase in the debt limit.”

Maybe, just maybe I’ve misjudged J. Boehner – I hope he doesn’t fall into Obama and Reid’s trap that they’ve set for him. John definitely has the left news media to contend with, some cantankerous Democrats and a few Republicans, but he must remember the “Pledge to America.”

I’m a doubting Thomas and still think the Republicans will succumb to Obama’s pressure to raise the debt ceiling with only idle promises of cutting our National Deficit. If I’m wrong in this judgment call, I will be the first to call J. Boehner and apologize, but for now I’m sending this letter to John, Eric Cantor, David Camp and Newt Gingrich.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca