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Obama’s PolitiFact Report Card

June 30, 2011

Dumpster’s Morning Dump

The Liberal News have started their vicious campaign against Michelle Bachmann, because they know this is one lady who can stand toe to toe with Obama any day and any time.

So they’re trying to shoot her in the foot on her John Wayne remark – John was born in Iowa; Michelle respected John because he was a staunch conservative who loved his Country. John hated the Communists and was the first to tell you how dangerous and misguided they were…

Since the Liberal news is using PolitiFact as their Bible, lets check out the “all mighty one.” It appears that every time he opens his mouth, he lies! This is one President who ran on lies in 2008, still running on lies in 2011.

Here’s but a few lies PolitiFact caught him in…

Obama said, “I didn’t raise taxes once. I lowered taxes over the last two years,” That was a blatant lie according to PolitiFact.

As recently as May 24, 2011 in Austin, Texas Obama said, “The United States has doubled its exports since his Presidency. Guess what another very big lie!

In an attempt to kick Republicans to the curb, he said his birth certificate dominated the new instead of concentrating on the Republican and White House budget. Blamed it on the Liberals!

Not true, he had his weeks mixed up, but had to produce some feeble excuse why he was MIA.

Next rant was about his budget saying he would reduce the deficit 400 billion over a ten year span – not true, not even close and that’s why his budget was rejected in Congress. He had nerve enough to say that his budget would reduce the deficit to the lowest level since Eisenhower. What a con-artist!

Here’s another play on words, when referring to his budget he said, “the White House budget would not add to the deficit.” Don’t know who was doing his math for him – it sure wasn’t a 5 grader.

Finally in an effort to protect his Obamacare, he said 12 judges have rejected the notion that Obamacare was unconstitutional. PolitiFact says, another lie the score is two and two as of today.

When he tried to explain President Roosevelt’s Social Security program, a grain of truth in the big picture, but far off on the details. Wonder who wrote his speech on this one?

We all know this is one big whopper, when he said Bush Administration gave billions to the Auto Industry and asked nothing in return. The Bush Administration had stringent regulations on this money, spelling out debt reduction, employee wage reduction, limits on executive perks and bonuses etc…

But Obama did give billions of taxpayer’s money away to the auto industry and the “Green Thing” that will never be seen again.

If the Liberal News would direct their attention to our Nation and help Americans “Take Back Their Country,” their viewer population would increase by leaps and bounds.

Instead they pick up some little insignificant thing like where John Wayne was born trying to derail another Conservative lady, just like they’ve tried to do with Sarah Palin.

It won’t work boys and girls, Americans are vigilant and they will decide who will be the next President in 2012. Rigging the poles, taking in illegal campaign monies, spreading more lies and propaganda won’t be a sweep for Obama like it was in 2008.
May God Bless America

As Always
Little Tboca


Obama’s Oops – Dumpster’s Morning Dump

June 29, 2011

It’s sad but true, the man some call Mr. President seems to have a lapse of memory that has progressively worsened since 2008 when he said he’d visited 57 states in our Union. There’s obviously a bunch of states hiding out in the bushes someplace.

Symptoms are detachment and distraction and we have several recent blunders by Obama which seems to prove he is suffering from memory loss.

In fact if we’d walk down memory lane with Obama since his inauguration, we remember all of his promises, but he apparently has had a two and half year lapse of memory. No jobs, homes lost to foreclosure, higher unemployment, no transparency, bigger government.

Even the Russians believe he has a contagious terminal illness, because they absolutely refused to touch or shake his hands. Russian officials won’t shake a man’s hand if they don’t respect him!

Remember the bow to the Saudi King, which of course the White House says was a double – hand shake but a bow is a bow just like a rose is a rose. Obama obvious forgot that he is President of the USA and not a Muslim slave.

Don’t forget his tour of London’s Westminster Abbey when he signed the guest book May 24, 2008. Maybe being off a day or two on the date would be understandable, but three years is a critical error.

What about his recent speech at Fort Drum in New York, he said to the amazement of U.S. Army’s 10th Mountain Division, ‘I had the great honor of seeing some of you because a comrade of yours, Jared Monti, was the first person who I was able to award the Medal of Honor to who actually came back and wasn’t receiving it posthumously.’

Bill Daley, Chief of Staff made Obama call the fallen warrior’s family and apologize. Jared was one of our brave killed in Afghanistan September 17, 2009.

The sad thing about Obama is the fact that he was purchased many moons ago by a corrupt group; he’s controlled, not in control. He is the product of many years of brain washing; he’s merely a necessary fixture in our White House used to promote an ideology that has been the downfall of many Nations.

Around The Nation in a Flash

CNN – oh my, where do they get their news? CNN is slobbering and fuming over the “debt ceiling.” In fact, they’re doing what they do best trying to scare Americans once again like they did on Paul Ryan’s Medicare bill. They’re insinuating the SS checks, food stamps, federal and military paychecks, government contractor bills and payments to Medicare and Medicaid providers are at risk. Anyone that believes that garbage has a major problem!

MEDIA MATTERS – is having a hoopty do over Jon Stewart’s obvious glitches last Sunday with Chris Wallace; the more they talk the further in the gutter they keep shoving ole Jon. Jon is a wantabee political analyst first and a second hand comedian secondly and Jonny boy can’t grasp both sides of a story, never has and never will…

ABC, CBS, and NBC – can’t quite remember that Blagojevich is one of their own; they’re trying everything in the book to make him disappear and like the energizer bunny he keeps going and going and…

The Liberal News Media have their claws out after Michelle Bachmann – like Michelle said, “she’s going to make sure Obama one term President.

May God Bless Our Nation
As Always,
Little Tboca

Obama – Unions and Extremists

June 28, 2011

6/28/11 Dumpster’s Morning Dump

Is anyone at home in the White House? My guess is Republicans and Democrats are going to play politics while Obama cremates us for another 18 months?

What are they going to do about Chuck Schumer’s’ S. 679 bill that opens the door for Obama to appoint Unions and Big Labor Dogs to key positions without Senate approval? Tomorrow we’ll know the answer to that question as it’s brought to a vote.

Obama has big plans the next few months and he doesn’t want the Senate holding him accountable.We know that Obama pretty much does as he pleases, but he’s already surrounding himself with people like GE’s Jeffrey Immelt and Craig Becker ( former SEIU and AFL-CIO union lawyer.)

If Republicans and Democrats allow S. 679 to pass we can expect a boatload of Union extremists to make the White House their home away from home.

Wouldn’t you know it, just when we need them Congress is taking a 2 week sabbatical or vacation. But, in the end they’ll come back hang their heads as if in shame and raise the “debt ceiling.”

But not all is roses anymore for Obama, some renown Democrats are speaking up and pretty much kicking Obama down the road, instead of the can this time.

Democratic U.S. Sen. James Webb a decorated Vietnam Veteran and former secretary of the Navy had a lot to say about Obama and the war in Libya. Senator Web in an interview on Meet the Press said, “We weren’t under attack, we weren’t under imminent attack, we weren’t honoring treaty commitments, we weren’t rescuing Americans.”

Senator Webb is angry that Obama bi-passed Congress and more or less said Obama’s reasons for starting a 3rd war defied historical precedent.

But that’s not all folks, Rep. Lynn Woolsey, D-Calif states that Obama’s aggressive move to start a war in Libya is bankrupting us morally and fiscally – Lynn isn’t happen with Mr. President and she’s willing to tell the world about his recent blunders.

Rep. Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y accused the administration of “pouring billions of dollars into an intractable mess.” By Dana Milbank, Washington Post, June 24, 2011

Dick Durbin of Illinois, number two big boy in the Senate stood toe to toe with Hillary Clinton concerning the war; Dick, like millions of Americans worry about intentionally putting our Military in harm’s way.

So the Democrats are getting restless and dreading being dumped on by Obama the next year and a half, but they really don’t have any options. They’re headed for the last leg of the 2012 Presidential race and they can’t trade the “Obama Pony” in for a new model now.

Karl Rove is determined to unseat Obama in 2012, and he’s kicked his money machine into high gear as he sets the stage for an Anti – Obama campaign. Don’t think I’ve seen Karl this aggressive before; he’s angry that one man has made such a shambles of our economy in such a short time.

The Liberal News media are patting their heads and scratching their fannies trying to decide what to do with former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, a Democrat,
Weiner and Blagojevich have tested the patience of the Liberal News media – Liberal News is now in the “Distraction and Keep the Troops Divided Mode.”

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca

Obama’s Coverup for Redistribution

June 27, 2011

6/27/11 Dumpster’s Morning Dump

Obama, do you have a plan for restoring our Nation’s foundation? What’s your plan Obama? Obama doesn’t have a plan for helping Americans, but he does have a plan.

Yep, he has a plan and he’d rather not share it with Americans at this time, because it will be very costly between now and 2012. Obama, will spend the remainder of his term maliciously throwing our money away, pretty much the same way he did in 2009,2010 and the first part of 2011. I’m referring to the Obama game – Redistribution is the name!

This past week he spoke at Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University which ended up being a 2012 campaign speech. It didn’t thrill or excite Pittsburg taxpayers; they are hardworking people that have experience the devastation created by Obama’s Redistribution.

He specifically discussed a company called RedZone Robotics and apparently to ease everyone’s mind he said, RedZone and the Unions will be working together to create new jobs operating robots. The keyword here is Unions and we all know Obama and the Unions are bed partners. We also know by now that anytime the Unions are involved billions of dollars of taxpayer’s money will be gobbled up.

Obama set us up for this new venture or partnership into “Research and Development (R & D) back in September 2010 and he’s gliding along free as a bird preparing to “redistribute” our money again. Watch out for Obama’s new advance partnership with the big corporations – this is just the beginning of running our recession in the gutter again.

He states that all he wants initially is 500 million of our money to expedite research and technology development – this is pretty much a parallel to the entire infrastructure that he promised us in 2009 when he greedily grabbed our stimulus money.

500 million isn’t a large amount, but when you add all of the other major companies into the mix that Obama wants to partner with, we’re talking about billions of dollars.

Frankly, I don’t care to pay for scientific research for a shrimp on a treadmill – nor do I especially want more of our money going to study the sex life of the screw worm. They’ve been studying the pesky worm since 1955 and if they haven’t discovered the ins and outs of the worm’s sex life by now, I say enough is enough.

We’re grant poor – no one is actually monitoring our grant money. This is just more runaway spending venue that in the end obligates all taxpayers. For the Year 2011 there are over 1,000 Federal Programs, 24,000 State Programs, 30,000 Private Foundations and 20,000 Scholarship Programs available. It’s pretty safe to say the right hand darn sure doesn’t know what the left hand is doing at any given time.

Obama refuses to address the major reasons that businesses are in a robotic state at this time, refusing to hire and grow their businesses. There are two major issues stopping us from recovering from the recession; (1) Obamacare is a program that is an albatross around the necks of all businesses, and (2) The threat of higher taxes, which Obama keeps bringing to the table.

So sad, that Obama can’t see the forest for the trees – if he’d but admit Obamacare is a deficient healthcare program with too many loopholes and hidden taxes and if he’d but ease the minds of businesses by either lowering taxes or guaranteeing that businesses wouldn’t have to endure higher taxes for the next 5 years. Just two things would give him a campaign agenda that would probably ensure him another 4 year term.
The problem we’ll face with the Obama Administration the next year and a half will be one of “redistribution” and since April 2011 he’s already spending taxpayer’s money. It’s so strange that America must endure the selfish greedy grasping arms of Obama, when we have the proof that he has misused and is still misusing our money.

Media Matters – just got caught with both feet in the mud and muck. Now, we find out that we’ve been supporting an extremely Liberal biased news media for years. It will be interesting to see how this plays out – Media Matters misrepresented themselves when they received tax exempt status.

Let Ole George Soros catch up the back taxes due to taxpayers, that’s fine with me, but surely Media Matters will have to correct their crooked misrepresentation to our Government.

It’s totally surprising that CNN, MSNBC, NYT, CBS continues to try to convince Americans that our economy is improving – home foreclosures has a very dismal outlook for the next couple of years, unemployment is verging on 20% or more if we include those who have given up looking for jobs.

It occurs to me that these Liberal News Media must not care for their Nation, children, grandchildren and future generations to come, because we receive a daily dose of lies, propaganda laced with an ideology that’s never succeeded in our World’s history.

The Liberal News Media can wake up every morning knowing they have been the one of the bigger culprits in destroying our Nation’s foundation. They are the proof that money is the “root of all evil.” They flaunted the “Stimulus package” and refused to expose Obama’s misuse of the money. They did the same with Obamacare and to this day they’d rather lie than expose this program for what it really is…

I could write 5 or 6 books on the way they have misled out Nation, but the bottomline is this – Americans must assume responsibility for running the Government again. The Government is supposed to work for us, not against us!

Remember the “Dumpsters,” (CNN, MSNBS, Media Matters, CBS, NYT) ,they’re the one who keeps throwing garbage at you.

May God Bless our Nation

As Always,

Media Matter and Taxes – Dumpster’s Morning Dump

June 26, 2011

MSNBC, CNN, Media Matters, NYT, CBS

Media Matters – gets down and dirty, but then again, “dirty” is the only way they know to promote their misguided news information. They are backed by George Soros and of course the Obama Administration in an effort to destroy another venue that offers both sides to the story. MM’s and the Obama gang have once again have been caught with zipper stuck.

The corrupt assassination that Media Matters has engaged in against FOX news is but one more thing that Obama will deny, pretty much like his denial of the Fast and Furious Gun Project that allows high powered weapons to be sold from the USA to the drug cartel. He has placed himself in a very precarious position again, but why should that surprise us?

Media Matters – and I won’t even give them the respect by stating that they’re a legitimate news venue, that would be a disservice to all Americans. They have assumed a full time job of character assassination against FOX’s jounalists and news anchors.

Media Matters received a tax exempt status from our Government under the pretense of analyzing media bias – in other words they promised to analyze all media be it Liberal, Conservative or Progressive. Obama and Media Matters have been very verbal about FOX news starting back in 2008 and have tried every trick in their bloated bag to do away with Conservative news.

C. Boyden Gray former White House Counselor under the elder President Bush exposes Media Matter as a Democratic organization with a media boot camp that is definitely a tax exempt organization at this time.

They received their tax exempt status under false pretense and taxpayers’ are being dunned for a corrupt, vicious organization whose only reason for existence is the assassination of FOX news.

A similar news media was started by four Republican operatives calling their venue, “American Campaign Academy” and due to the type of content on their website was flatly refused and exemption.

So what’s good for the goose is good for the gander – Americans can insist that MM’s pays taxes, including all back taxes due to their deliberate misrepresentation of their news service.

I’m not defending FOX news in any way, they’re big boys, but I am defending taxpayers. We have no reason to fund Media Matters, NPR or let General Electric, Bank America or give any other businesses a “get out of jail” free card at our expense. They all owe taxes and that’s the end of the story.
If Republicans and Democrats want to free up some money, they can close all of the tax loopholes that lobbyists have created for big businesses. That alone would free of billions of money for our Nation.

It seems only fair that Bank America and all other lenders involved with the housing bubble, along with General Electric should give taxpayers back their stimulus money.

Around the Nation In A Flash

Something pretty nice for those of us who are Patriots is a “Desert Camouflage Hat” just like the hats our troops wore during operation Iraqi Freedom. It’s just a small way we can tell our Military that we are very proud of them and what they stand for… Newsmax is offering them free, if you but pay the shipping charges.

CNN – is still talking about Jon Stewart’s showdown with Fox News anchor Chris Wallace. Stewart admits he doesn’t tell both sides of the story saying he’s a comedian first. Funny how he seems to be obsessed with FOX news – you would think dear Jon might be hamstrung by his “ideology, just a thought in passing.

ABC and NBC are sort of gagging and choking when they discuss reputed mass-murdering Mobster Whitey Bulger’s brother Billy Bulger. Dianne Sawyer refers to Billy as a political star of sorts refusing to mention his political affiliation.

So does Lawrence O’Donnell as he puts his life on the line for Billy assuring all of us that Billy didn’t have a clue where his fugitive brother had been all these years. Doesn’t it just give you warm fuzzies that Lawrence O’Donnell has all this inside info that he’s sharing with us now?

NYT – So Republicans and Democrats smacked Obama’s hands a little over the war in Libya, but that was just a public gesture to assure Americans they were diligently doing their job. End results is this – we are still financing the war in Libya and once again Obama gets off free as a bird to start another war at any time he gets an itch to redistribute some more of our money.

CBS – has video of Obama’s speech on America’s technology future. His new program AMP (Advanced Manufacturing Progress) and it would behoove all of us to follow this new Obama program closely.

We’re about to see another swift “redistribution” move by Obama; remember I’ve said keep a close eye on this person of interest between now and 2012. We’re about to feel the fangs of ‘redistribution” again and again.

CBS – seems to get a kick out of making fun of Michelle Bachmann’s statement,that she’s been a Christian since age 16 and she prays to God for wisdom and guidance. Guess CBS isn’t too comfortable with God, but the good new is “God is alive and well.”

May God Bless Our Nation
As Always
Little Tboca

Obama Whispered? Dumpster’s PM Dump

June 23, 2011


CBS – is all aglow over the President calling him a “baby whisperer,” if baby only knew the real man behind the whisperer – baby would be petrified! If baby only knew that the man behind the “whisper” was responsible for our border agent’s (Brian A.Terry) murder and if baby knew he is responsible for thousands of babies left homeless and their parents without jobs.

CBS take your job and shove it, because Americans know the truth about the “Baby Whisperer.”

NBC – is doing their regular news gymnastics trying in vain to get our Nation to forget that they really didn’t forget “Under God.” But, Governor Rick Perry said it the way it is when he said, “Let’s speak with pride about our morals and our values.”

I’m joining in with Rick saying, “We are one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” Those in disagreement with that can do the next best thing, get a rowboat and find another country.

MSNBC – is worrying about Newt Gingrich’s line of credit at “Tiffanys,” the line of credit that I worry about is our Country’s line of credit, you know the one Obama trashed. in 2009, 2010 and again in 2011 – one man single handedly destroyed America’s gold credit; now that’s something to worry about… No matter how hard MSNBC tries, they can’t come up with credible newsworthy stories.

NYT – How’s this for pathetic headlines, “As Economy Slowly Recovers, Fed Says It Has Done Enough.” Please tell us NYT, just exactly where you perceive economy recovering?

Lenders are starting to reduce court cases due to poor documentation and many real estate experts are anticipating a second housing tsunami.

Over 2 million homes are under water and over 1 million homes are in some stage of foreclosure. It’s taking lenders over 300 days to complete a foreclosure, which leaves a very dismal prospect for the housing market in the next few years.

Unemployment is over 9 % again, which isn’t an accurate figure at all. It doesn’t include those who have quit looking for jobs.

The war in Libya is costing approximately 9.5 million per day and the UK is starting to feel the stress of the Libyan war and so far the figure for the UK is way over 500 million.

Media Matters – they’re wringing the towel and crying for Jon Stewarts and defending his lies about FOX news. Jon always refers to the polls, but none of us know what polls he’s talking about; maybe Siberian polls, North Pole or comedy central’s polls and then again Stewart bases his entire program on one side only as he stated last Sunday.

So what’s there to brag about MM, when the man said on National TV, he’s a comedian first and he comes to the table always with one side only; not much there to defend.

Speaking of misinformed, that doesn’t even touch your garbage in garbage out news – I have yet to read one of your stories, blogs or articles that isn’t fiction filled and I’m not a FOX fan, but lying to you “is easy come easy go” kind of scientology.

Around The Nation In A Flash:

Obama’s speaking on National TV about removing the troops from Afghanistan, funny how he always empowers himself to make decisions like this when American, their military and military leaders should be actively involved in this type decision making. How could we believe anything he says after the Libya mess he’s gotten us into?

Minot ND is facing terrible flooding conditions. There’s still winter storm warning for their mountainous areas. This little town has there hands full and probably all will have to evacuate.

Jose de Jesus Mendez Vargas, the big honcho for the drug cartel La Familia was arrested by the Mexican FEDS – that’s good news. This is one drug cartel that is losing it’s clout.

NYT – here’s a perfect example of the mindset of the Liberal news media, New York Times Executive Editor Bill Keller showing his A- -. Bill Keller, NYT, June 22, 2011

Here’s Keller’s exact words, “If the 2012 election were held in the newsrooms of America and pitted Sarah Palin against Barack Obama, I doubt Palin would get 10 percent of the vote. However tempting the newsworthy havoc of a Palin presidency, I’m pretty sure most journalists would recoil in horror from the idea.

Keller has a “Weiner” problem for sure, Weiner is obsessed with his body parts and Keller’s obsession is Sarah Palin.

Several things to note in Keller’s rash comments, Sarah isn’t running at this time in the Presidential election. Rasmussen Polls show any generic Republican candidate already has Obama by the crotch, Republican 45% and Obama 43%.

Next thing I would question Keller on his attempt to put all news venues in the Liberalist sock – fact is the journalists he’s referring to aren’t having a problem with Palin; their problem is with Obama.

They are running out of ammo as Obama struggles more each day; they are having problems finding anything truthful or positive to say about Obama.

Anyway folks, time to say goodbye. “May God Bless Each and Everyone”

As Always,
Little Tboca

Obama Got Us Again – While We Were Sleeping

June 22, 2011

MSNBC, CNN, Media Matters, CBS, NYT, NPR

While we were sleeping and fascinated with the Weiner scandal, Obama was preparing his next gigantic piece of “Redistribution.” He will continue if we don’t stop him!

Executive Order 13575: “White House Rural Council” some may remember the UN’s Agenda 21, which was the plan for sustainable development.

While we were sleeping, he slipped our stimulus money to the corrupt lenders, the Unions, EPA, GM, Freddie, Fannie along with the secret community grants and legislative grants.

While we were sleeping, he started a 3rd war in Libya. He doesn’t give a darn what happens to Muammar Gaddafi; he just wants to continue creating unrest throughout the world and continue spending our money.

He told us up front that he would stop the coal industry, one of our best resources and the coal industry is feeling the Obama force. 1,000s of jobs will be lost if we allow this reckless man to continue destroying our Nation.

While we were sleeping, he continued the Fast and Furious gun program and continued handing out guns to the Drug Cartel. He created the housing programs and handed our money to the corrupt lenders standing in Federal and State lawsuits up to their armpits.

While we were sleeping he played “Footsey” with GE, Bank of America and others handing them billions of our stimulus money. They’re making huge profits while we’re out trying to land a job at MC Donalds so we can put food on the table.

While were napping, he stopped off shore drilling on our turf and joined hands with Soros by funding Petrabra in Brazil. Out of the goodness of his heart and from our pocketbook he gave Soros a little under the table gift.

While we were wide awake, Obama and Holder stopped Arizona’s SB1070 illegal alien bill. Neither one knew what was in the bill, but they want the illegals to have all our health benefits, driver’s licenses and a free ride. Next they sued Arizona and Governor Jan Brewer.

Obama refers to the SB1070 as misguided – he’ll do anything to slip the illegals in under his belt including guns for the Drug cartels.
Eric Holder is a leech and so is Timothy Geithner; they need to be removed from office immediately.

Holder sues Boeing for wanting to open their new plant in SC and he sues the Chicago school district for not allowing his Muslim friend to go on a pilgrimage. Talk about sick people and they’re running our Government.

Geithner wants to increase out taxes – basically saying it would be irresponsible to reduce the National Deficit with spending cuts. This man needs a new brain!

Then the Government is suing the states over the stupid Obamacare package, which everyone knows Is illegal, cost prohibitive and as Michelle Backmann says, a bunch of our money is stashed in the bill that Americans didn’t know about…

They’ve sued American Express, next will be the Target Corporation and don’t forget their lawsuit against Joe Arpaii, Arizona Sheriff. Now they have a new lawsuit against our school system in Arizona.

It’s a way of life for Obama, Holder, Bernanke, Geithner and others – our White House actually resembles America’s Most Wanted. Democrats and Republicans should realize this is a fight for their lives and country too.

Many Democrats are distancing themselves from Obama and the Republicans and Democrats better get on the same page with America. How much more do these crooks have to do before they’re removed from the White House?

If Americans want to pretend that tomorrow morning will be a better day for themselves and their children; they’re dead wrong. Nothing will improve if we don’t take back our Country. Sitting around and doing nothing isn’t an option!

For the Liberal News Media, MSNBC, CNN, NPR, NYT, Media Matters, CBS how can you look at yourselves in the mirror each morning? You and you alone are the ones most responsible for destroying your Nation, your children your grandchildren’s future.

When I watched Boehner and Obama playing golf, all I could think of was their blatant disrespect for Americans and neither one gives a “tinker’s dam” about those who are out of work, lost their homes and struggling from day to day.

The bright side of this story is this; we have some great Patriots out there who believe in our Constitution, who aren’t afraid to stand toe to toe with the establishment and who are willing to lay down their lives for all of us.

Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Michell Bachmann, Allen West, Hermann Cain, Rick Perry, Mitch McConnell and Darrell Issa come to mind first, although there’s many others who have joined the fight with this team. For them, I ask God to bless them, give them the guidance and courage to fight the fight for America.

For Americans, we need to quit talking and start making things happen. Call your Congressmen, demand that they start doing their jobs and quit playing the “Politically Correct” games.

You know that I don’t respect Obama, don’t trust him as far as I can throw him and consider him one of the most evil persons to hold the office of President of the USA.

I’d gladly meet him any day on the White House steps for a chat and we all know he wouldn’t consider that, because without his teleprompter he’s lost.

As Always,
Little tboca
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Garbage In Garbage Out – Dumpster’s Morning Dump

June 21, 2011

NBC, CBS, Media Matters, NYT, MSNBC

NBC – Offered an apology that wasn’t an apology – I’d call the feeble excerpt from NBC, a slice and dice “Weiner” type apology! We did, but we didn’t kind of thing.

Regrettably NBC says a portion of the Pledge of Allegiance was edited out and they want to apologize to those who were offended during the US Open.

Now NBC came out with the real truth, saying a small group of people edited the Pledge of Allegiance and made a bad decision. In other words, like I said it was an apology that wasn’t really an apology – it was an act of desperation trying to hide their tracks.

Make up your mind NBC; you can’t have it both ways. We all know that “God” hasn’t been a favorite topic of yours – remember when you spend hours, days, and mucho money scrolling thru the 10 Commandments. After all this NBC, God is still alive and well and so are the 10 Commandments.

Eric Holder either has some marbles missing or he’s high on weed. After losing a two year battle to try terrorists in civilian courts and close Gitmo, he is still paddling around in the yuck and muck, claiming US courts are the Nation’s most effective terror fighting weapon. Where did this man come from?

This is the same person who allowed the Fast and Furious operation to sell high powered weapons from our gun stores to the Mexican Cartel.

Obama is focused entirely on his 2012 campaign, but he’s not the movie star of 2008 anymore and that is proving to be a major problem. He’s trying to buy our college kids votes by promising new job training programs, he’s trying to win back the Hispanic community by visiting the Puerto Ricans and nothing much is working for him at this time.

Now, he’s seriously considering different strategies to lock the “gay” votes in his hip pocket – this may prove harder than the Obama man thinks.

He’s the big honcho at the Gay Community fundraiser in NYC and guess what he’s doing on June 29th? He’s holding a “gay pride” at the White House on the 29th; is this anything like a Roman holiday or Mardi Gras?

Watch Obama’s “gay” speeches and check out what he promises the “Gays.” Probably more Hopey Changey crap along with a “We Can Do It” pep rally followed by a little weenie roast for Ben Bernanke and Anthony Weiner.
Around The Nation In A Flash

NYT – is trying to explain Obama’s flip flop on Gay Marriages. He said in 2008 that marriage is between a man and women; he also said that as a Christian he feels marriage is a very sacred union.

Now, he’s dreaming 24/7 about securing “Gays” votes and it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas for the “Gay Community.” Maybe he’ll suggest that the Gays join the “Bundlers” and for 500,000 in campaign contributions he’ll build them a “Barbie and Barbie or Ken and Ken playhouse on the White House lawn.

MSNBC – says their network is the place to go for Progressives, I’d say with their low ratings; it might not be the place to go unless you have a horrific appetite for garbage. They seem to be a very disgruntled bunch of people with too much time on their hands.

Media Matter – is so obsessed with the “FOX” that they find themselves repeating, repeating and repeating words like reckless, extreme, slanting and the FOX has a hay day with Jon Stewart’s “Garbage in and garbage” out news. The funny thing about Media Matter’s and Jon Stewart’s obsession with FOX is this – they have offered a venue that actually increases FOX’s viewing audience.

Poor Jon, seems to have a problem with self-identity and the FOX – last time I checked O’Reilly’s ratings were stellar compared to Jon’s.

CBS – discusses the Gun Runner project, meandering all around the truth. In March 2011 during an interview with reporter from Univision Obama admitted to knowing about the Gun Runner project, Barack Obama conceded that “a serious mistake” may have been made.

If Obama knew about the project so did Eric Holder, so why are the both denying knowledge of the project? Isn’t it strange how the one who calls himself “President” has such a selective loss of memory?

May God Bless Our Nation
As Always,
Little Tboca

A Little Bonding – A Lot of Bull – – – -! Obama & Boehner

June 19, 2011

MSNBC, CNN, Media Matters, CBS, NYT – The Dumpsters

Dumpster’s Morning Dump

Around The World In A Flash:

CNN – enlightens us by giving us a picture of Boehner and Obama bonding on the golf course. I can just hear their conversation now. Obama says, “Hey Johnnie, give me a little hand up here – go ahead and raise the debt ceiling and I’ll promise you some real tax breaks later.”

Johnny shakes his head ands says, “Bommie” you’re going to have to do better than that – the Tea Party’s on my – – – and I can’t break another promise to them like I did on the budget last time.

So, after the bondings over Johnnie will tell America that he understands Obama a lot better and we’re getting close to an agreement. Obama will just snicker and walk away knowing the “debt ceiling” will be raised – it’s just a matter of time.

MSNBC – more garbage even on the week-end, but why should that surprise us. Garbage comes in all shapes, sizes and aromas. MSNBC is discussing the Obamacare waivers saying Obama will discontinue them in September 2011 – now isn’t that convenient after Pelosi, Reid and Obama hand picked who will or won’t get a waiver.

Now, they are trying to make us think that an outside review board has decided that the Obama Administration has been using objective standards. Wonder how much those reviewing the waivers were paid to lie for Obama and Democrats?

I believe that’s pretty much the same standards that Jay Carney was referring to on the “bundlers,” deal when he was trying to explain away General Electric’s Jeffrey Immelt or Donald Gips the Ambassador to South Africa. the man who bundled over 500,000 for Obama’s campaign. It was just merely an accident that Obama chose the “bundlers” with the biggest bundles for his various posts.

Gips is a stock holder or was connected to Level 3 Communications. Level 3 Communications is that little old company that received billions of our stimulus money. Of course Gips is suffering from Alzheimers and can’t quite recall how that all came about…

Media Matters – has produced a string of lies about the Tucson ethnics study class showing all of these unsubstantiated audits which really don’t mean a “tinker’s Damm.” 11 teachers know exactly what they were teaching our children and it wasn’t the Constitution. Here’s the latest news from the Arizona Republic, June 16, 2011

The audits were inconclusive meaning the evidence requested wasn’t produced, nor would the 11 teachers produce any homework by the students as requested. So Media Matters might want to wait until a thorough investigation takes place. At this time, all we have are two fake audits that made stupid determinations without any evidence or hard facts.

In case Media Matters don’t understand English – here’s the bottom line. Arizona doesn’t belong to the Hispanics, the drug cartels or the illegal aliens. Our state is part of the Union and those who can’t live with that needs to pack their bags and find a new residence.

CBS – posted a very interesting article on “Target” employees in New York who voted against Unionization Friday. In today’s blog, I mentioned that many people are not happy with Unions and they’re starting to distance themselves from Union leaders. Target employees refuse to be owned by the Unions.

Of course the United Food and Commercial Workers Union local! 500 is going to do what all Unions do – they’ll sue and lie and lie some more. They’ve alleged that Target illegally intimidated workers, which we know isn’t true. But, the Union is contesting the results and asking our Federal Government to intervene and order a new election.

Bill Mayer, like Debbie Wasserman Shultz has a foot and mouth disease. Mayer. Claims the Liberalists have never discussed nationalizing the oil industry; where’s Mayer been all our lives? Next he called Michelle Backmann and Sarah Palin “crazy no nothings.”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I do believe it was Bill Mayer who said, Brazil’s primary fuel was sugarcane ethanol – either Bill can’t read or he fantasizes a lot. Does Bill think Soros and Obama are spending our money on sugarcane?

Mark Sheilds, syndicated columnist, needs to take a deep breath and think what he’s saying, before he starts spewing things to the public. Mark, of all people is now calling our income tax rates, un-American.

Mark, let me share what is really un-American, (1) Obamacare totally un-American, (2) 3rd war in Libya, (3) Raising the debt ceiling stupid and un-American, and lastly (4) Redistribution of taxpayers monies is un-American, because it has been passed out under the table and behind our back to without consulting us.

We are the voice of America and “May God Bless Our Nation.”

As Always,
Little Tboca

Dumpster’s Morning Dump – Unions & EPA

June 18, 2011


Propaganda – what might it mean to you? Meriam Webster say: ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one’s cause or to damage an opposing cause; also : a public action having such an effect.

Here’s an example of Radicalism with a double dose of “propaganda” by Chris Shelton District 1Vice President of CWA (Communications Workers of America.) Today, he called New Jersey’s Chris Christie a NAZI. Notice that Chris (Weiner) Shelton was letting it all hang out as he blamed the Democrats and Chris Christie.

Here are his exact words today, “We have Adolf Christie and his two generals trying to make New Jersey Nazi Germany.” The two generals refer to the Democrats who worked with Christie on the excessive pensions and benefits to public workers.

This man is one sick puppy dog that needs to confined and restrained, because he’s sick, sick, sick. He even yelled at his Unions leaders today, telling them if they won’t join his battle, then move on – sounds like good advice, boys, I’d move on… Next he threatens Obama about the Columbian Trade Agreement, saying they’ll fight that too!

They sue anyone who irritates them or disagrees with their Radical philosophy; they’re suing Scott Walker and Wisconsin taxpayers, Boeing, and even “Spiderman.” The NYC Teacher’s Union is suing school administrators now and their dirty list just keeps rambling on…

If Americans don’t step forward and take control of the Unions – our schools will be controlled entirely by the Unions.

They threaten other Union members, they threaten businesses, they pretty much trashed Wisconsin’s courthouse and immediate surroundings. Now they’re threatening Obama and Democrats – this should be a warning that they’re one dangerous and powerful group of individuals who darn sure will push “grampy and grammy” over a cliff. I said this because they’re trying to take over Medicare, Medicaid and healthcare.

Those Union members who feign illness, walk out of classrooms and destroy public property – shame on you! The good news is this, some union members are starting to part company with their Unions.

Union membership is declining because people are tired of being controlled, paying exorbitant dues and watching their Union Leaders rake in sinfully high salaries, perks and bonuses while the “workabees,” do the dirty work.

Now, we’re seeing more and more Union Organizations turning on each other; unions are pretty much like a wild animal – they’ll eat their own kind if they get hungry enough.

Around The Nation In A Flash:

NYT – is flaunting the fact that Obama refused to listen to the Pentagon and Justice Department’s top lawyers, when they wisely told him that the Militaries activities in Libya were actually under the “hostility category.”
Both Jeh C. Johnson, the Pentagon general counsel, and Caroline D. Krass, the acting head of the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel gave Obama this advice, which he’s chosen not to follow.

Instead he went behind their backs and asked his legal
counsel to give him a different decision on what constitutes “hostility.” Only Obama would sneak on such an important issue – he feigns immunity to our Federal laws.

CNN – is in a dither over Hermann Cain’s comments about Muslims in his Cabinet. Cain may have a valid point here, in 2008 and 2009 the Muslim world couldn’t get enough of Obama. In May 2011, during his meeting with David Cameron in Whitehall, Muslims were protesting his visit and frankly threatening him. This probably was due to the murder of Osama bin Laden, but I imagine Cain may in fact have a valid reason for making his statements about the Muslims.

Remember Obama’s Cairo speech where he was going to woo and win the Muslim Nations back – that didn’t work either; the Muslims are starting to hate Obama because of airstrikes in Libya.

The disgusting part of the whole controversy is this – none of us know who’s the good guys and who’s the bad guys when it comes to the Muslims; if the good guys would just stand up and support our Country they’d be most welcome. Instead they stand on the sidelines refusing to defend our United States.

CBS – is still on the Weiner kick and blame his downfall on the images; don’t quite know what that has to do with the “sexting” issue and don’t think I really want to go there; guess we’ll just let CBS handle the Weiner scuttlebutt from now on…

Media Matter – now attacking Wall Street Journal on their take on the EPA restrictions; Wall Street Journal is right on everything they’re saying about EPA, but of course Media Matter doesn’t understand that the EPA has literally tried to dominate our lives. EPA needs to take a long break and let our Country create jobs for the millions without work.

Someone needs to get a handle on the EPA, because like the Unions have overstepped their boundaries. EPA has a shaded history that continues like an octopus with 2 hands in our hip pockets, and this is one place the Government could save us billions of dollars if they would but get a handle on the “bloated” EPA organization.

Does Van Jones, Al Gore and Lisa Jackson ring a bell? It should because they’re working on our youth as we speak. If you think Al Gore is taking a break from the “green giant,” you’re wrong. Check out Power Shift 2011 – some very interesting reading!

Here’s a small example of how EPA uses taxpayers hard earned money. The EPA stole about 7 billion of our stimulus money and much of that was used for signs saying, “your taxpayer dollars at work.”

Funny no one knows exactly how much was spent on those stupid signs. Well friends, Americans have to start doing their homework and quit depending on their Liberal News Media for anything, unless you’re in the mood for some sick fiction.

May God Bless America,
As Always,
Little Tboca