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Dumpster’s Morning Dumpt Day 4

May 27, 2011


Probably the most ominous distasteful question you could ask a journalist, anchor or CEO of the Liberal News Media would be this: If you were not owned by the big corporate world, Soros and Unions, would you be capable of telling both sides of the story? In other words, could you present both sides of the story to America?

They would yell, scream, and throw a tantrum saying that was a loaded question and their job security comes first. For them, it’s a way of life – they are so immersed into the satanic world of lies, propaganda and garbage that it’s humanly impossible for any of them to return to true journalistic values.

They are so busy chasing their tails, trying desperately to please their “handlers,” that they’ve lost contact with reality. Most of them don’t have a clue what they’re fighting for, because they swim around in a fish bowl pretty much in a hypnotic state of constant confusion. They’re trained to consider all who disagree as enemy combatants.

Their job has nothing to do with exceptional journalism; their job is to take the news, edit it, chew it up, and regurgitate it in an attempt to get a specific response or reaction from their fellow Americans. Notice, they’re not really fighting for their country, their children, grandchildren, family or friends.

Truth as we know it has been relegated to the ancient history shelves years ago, so their only defense is distraction via anger, temper tantrums, the race card, the Church card and last but not least the “scare tactics.” No Paul loves “Granny” and is trying to save her!

Perfectly example of this is Ed Schultz when he went on his usual rampage calling Laura Ingraham a slut. Here’s what Ed said, “Like this right-wing slut, what’s her name, Laura Ingraham? Yeah, she’s a talk slut. “

This is the same man when discussing Hugh Hewitt said, “Sure I’d urinate on him, cause that’s all he’s worth. Remember when Shultz said, I absolutely believe Cheney wants Americans to die! Ed’s in that fishbowl, he has a job to do because ratings aren’t so good anymore.

Remember David Letterman’s “Slutty Sneer” about Sarah Palin and think back when Michael Brissenden, reporter along with a slew of other media attempted to blame Sarah Palin for being the reason that Jared Loughner killed 6 and 13 others injured including our congresswomen Gabrielle Giffords. Yep, this is the fishbowl scenario once again, ratings down, they’re angry, frustrated and consumed with hate!

Let’s just take a quick peek at today’s news and see what is making headlines.
Not much news today the “dumpsters” are still shouting hallelujah about the DEMS win in New York State – didn’t they hear what Bill Clinton said about this false celebration. Clinton said someone better address the Medicare problem because we can’t afford to let it devour our Nation.

They’re shameless, no allegiance to Americans or their Nation – they should be questioning why Obama is visiting foreign countries, telling them how to run their countries when our Nation just suffered another increase in unemployment, there is a debt ceiling issue and a runaway budget that has placed our Nation in a very, very vicarious position.

Little Tboca says, sometimes the truth hurts, people are in denial, bury their heads in the sand pretending the problem will vanish overnight, but the Medicare problem won’t disappear. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Republican or Democrat, you need to wake up and listen to the information a very brave courageous man has brought to the forefront.

Paul Ryan told Americans the truth about Medicare being an endangered entitlement program, meaning if it isn’t fixed it will totally become insolvent. The Democrats along with the left sided news media fooled Americans once again – you bought their lies once again and your children, grandchildren, family and friends will be the ones to suffer from this mistake.

Newsbusters – thank goodness they’re doing a great job for our Nation; they published a quote by Charles Krauthammer which pretty much says it all. Charles said, Tuesday, “that the press are so in bed with President Obama that they are actually supporting Democrat lies about Medicare and Congressman Paul Ryan’s (R-Wisc.) plan to save it.”

May God Bless America

As Always,
Little Tboca


ABC, CBS. MSNBC, NPR – The “Dumpsters” Garbage In Garbage Out

May 6, 2011

Looking for a better word to describe the unprofessionalism and lack of journalistic values found in these news venues would be a waste of precious time. Remembering how they put us all in certain slots like birthers, racists, teabaggers etc. I discovered the perfect word, the perfect fit for them. Their expertise is “Garbage In Garbage Out,” so I settled for “Dumpsters.”

Then again, one must wonder why anyone would bother to listen day after day to news that is stacked full of vile remarks, unproven accusations loaded down with bias. Their daily agenda expresses contempt for our Nation and our people minus allegiance to their country or fellow Americans.

Look at the way they depicted the Tea Party Movement trying to incite Americans against a group of people who want to “Take Back Their Country.” They have devoted large portions of news time calling these people violent, racists trying to depict them as evil.

Just weeks ago they turned their heads on the violence, destruction of public buildings by the Union protestors in Wisconsin – why did they throw Americans under the bus again? Did they bother to mention the death threats against Scott Walker and other Republicans? Absolutely not!

So the question remains, “ Who or what is newsworthy for ABC, CBS, MSNBC, NPR and other news venues who have a selective hearing and seeing terminal illness? Look at the “spin” they put on the horrific crime in Tucson – did they report the real news or did they grasp at straws trying to create another yet headline special?

They weren’t interested in the “assassin, “construing and misconstruing the real news in order to get a specific reaction from Americans. There is plenty of evidence showing their lack of morals, ethics or professionalism and that’s not a personal judgment call – it’s the crap they create making National Headline News that speaks for itself.

ABC, CBS. MSNBC, NPR news venues pretty much can be placed in a category that I call “Garbage In Garbage Out” – their remaining viewers are the ones who thrive on X-rated movies, sex crimes and blood and gore. .

Americans have tired of the games the news media plays – they have too much on their plates to waste time reading lies, propaganda and what ifs! They want to know why their stimulus money was misused, why they are without jobs in the greatest country in the world. Gas prices, food prices and consumer goods keep rising, while their Government leaders continue playing politics and cat n’ mouse games.

Most of all they want a leader who isn’t out campaigning using their money while the National Deficit increases over 4 billion daily. They want a man or women who doesn’t hide behind closed doors, someone who knows how to balance our budget, solve the high unemployment problem and someone they can trust

If ABC, CBS. MSNBC, NPR want a news worthy story, they could help their country out by responding to the concerns of Americans. But, then again we’re talking about news Medias who’s only claim to fame is fictional journalism.
“May God Bless America”

As Always,
Little Tboca

Trump Won

April 28, 2011

The left news media seem to have egg on their face again, their game of distraction and dividing the troops has come home to roost. For 3 ½ years they have played Russian Roulette with Americans and one person single handed stopped them in their tracks.

In a couple of weeks Donald Trump accomplished what hundreds of people have tried to do for years. He took on MSNBC, ABC, The View and others and they crumpled! Remember these news medias are the propaganda specialists – the bearers of lies, name calling and false information.

They tried to create a crisis much like they did when Obama was campaigning against Hillary Clinton. In 2008 the left news media band together and decided that Obama was their savior and their job was to usher him into the White House.

They discovered that Americans had been AWOL from the political scene for years for they had been too busy living the good life and too lazy to pay attention to politics.
With those two things in mind, they created a crisis thus starting the ball rolling for a truly once in a life time political cremation. So with that in mind they started to weave a message that blindsided Americans.

The fact that the Democrats ruled the White House since 2006 didn’t matter at all – since this period of time was on Bush’s watch so collectively they tarred and feathered Bush and hung him out to dry.

The good ole boy McCain supplied them lots of ammo, since McCain attempted to be politically correct during his campaign. They demonized Sarah Palin and picked on an infant with Down Syndrome, which is worse than evil.

During this period of time, Americans were starting to awaken and they wanted Obama’s resume including his birth certificate. That didn’t happen because the news media fed Americans a line of garbage and kept them distracted.

Consequently, none of us know who this person is that is supposedly leading our Nation, but Trump stepped forward and exposed Obama for his lack of transparency and refusal to discuss his past.

After an exhausting few weeks, the news media lost and Obama was forced to show a birth certificate (whether legitimate or not) we probably will never know.

Now the media finds themselves in a most uncomfortable position for Americans want more than a birth certificate; they want credentials along with a resume.

Notice Liberals’ don’t communicate they attack. First they draw out the race card next they toss in pre packaged lies and false allegations hoping to create a distraction and division of troop. Here’s but a few of the news media’s comments, notice they have egg on their face and Trump a big smile. Remember Trump knows where their hot buttons are located!

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz took it a step further Tuesday night, flat-out calling current Birther superstar Donald Trump a racist

Robert De Niro who has dabbled in politics mentioned something about the raging bull and that comment in itself is hilarious.

Don’t forget ‘The View” they consists of a bunch of bored women, who never do their homework and can dig up more false dirt then an alley cat. Whoopi Goldberg, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Joy Behar and Sherri Shepherd take turns accusing Trump of racism as they continue to show a dislike for the Birthers.

Jon Stewart kept adding his two cents in an attempt to stop the Donald, but again Jon’s two cents is merely that!

Jerry Seinfeld and Rosie O’Donnell the “better than thou” lefties attempt to nudge Mr. Trump, but as we all know very little that comes out of their mouths makes any sense.
My guess is Obama knows that Americans will not roll over and play dead twice as he campaigns again on his 2008 hope and change. This very fact will probably be the demise of Barack Obama.

Whether Donald Trump runs for President or not, he will continue his crusade to expose Obama and gang. Thanks Donald and “May God Bless America.”

As Always,
Little Tboca

Barack Obama’s Memorial Speech in Tucson

January 13, 2011

So the “left news media” is out on the streets preaching about the political rhetoric and how it made a gun go down to Tucson and kill 6 people injuring 14 others.  To my knowledge, the one carrying the gun is called the “shooter” and he has a history of mental problems, drug problems and possibly an obsession with Gabrielle Gifford. 

Only time will tell as the investigation continues and unravels the whole story, but one thing we know is the conservatives, Republicans or Sarah Palin, Rush Linbaugh or any other talk show host wasn’t the perpetrator or cause of this crime.

Since the left is jumping up and down on their soapbox, let’s do a review of comments from the past by Barack Obama.  In fact, let’s go back to the 2008 Presidential campaign and review the left’s behavior. 

“When they bring a knife, we bring a gun,” President Obama is a pro at utilizing the agitation button.  He loves to incite anger and discontent.

Who do you think started the entire ruckus about Arizona’s SB1070 – Mr. Obama when he announced to the world we were misguided; he knew the left would come out swinging and with armor. 

He incites terrible behavior in others and loves to watch the news media, Civil Rights Leaders, lobbyists and his cabinet fight his battles. To many Americans, his comments about the SB1070 were insignificant, but those few words were in Morse Code and it rallied all of his “Big Dogs,” to do battle in his behalf. 

The News Media have made absolute fools of themselves when they turned the massacres in Tucson into a political ruckus.  Americans are weary of the regurgitated news, edited and re edited to illicit a particular opinion from the viewing audience. 

It isn’t just bad taste; the misrepresentation of information and facts is the result of poorly misguided people.  These are the people who cause anger and discontent within our Nation!

The speech by President Obama last night was pretty much a reminder of why he won the Presidential election – his speech was filled with empathy, concern and feelings towards all peoples. 

We would like to feel that this person was sincere and willing to govern our country with compassion, honesty and fairness, but one must look beyond the words and wonder if this speech was in fact created to increase his ratings and prepare him for 2012.

It’s hard to forget that this man has ruthlessly mishandled our money thru various bills, reforms and deals made behind closed doors.  The increase in our National Deficit the last two years is beyond our wildest imagination and for what?   The many promises to reach across the aisle, insure transparency and listen to the people hasn’t come to fruition.  We’re still waiting, Mr. President. Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with the important matters. Albert Einstein

Only time will tell if this man has actually changed his ideology or is merely doing his soft shoe shuffle pretending to pull yet one more rabbit out of the hat.  For me, the reality is this – you can’t change a leopard’s spots and Barack Obama can’t change, because he is the creation of his handlers.  No doubt, last nights events must have touched his soul as he said those beautiful words at the Memorial in Tucson, but is he capable of fighting off those who have created him? 

  • Dictators ride to and fro upon tigers which they dare not dismount. And the tigers are getting hungry.

May God Bless All Americans and be with the families and victims of this horrific crime. 

As Always, Little Tboca

Good Morning LTC Terrence Lakin

January 3, 2011

Good Morning, LTC Terrence Lakin.  Just to keep you up to snuff on what is and what isn’t and what should be, here’s the scoop of the day.  MSNBC, ABC, CBS and a slew of other rather bedraggled groups of our News Media are marching to someone’s drum in an attempt to derail you.  It’s not just you Terry that the media dislikes, you see.  

Nope, they‘ve thrown all of us in the pot, the tea parties, the “birthers,” with a slew of other Americans who want to know a few simple questions.  Question number one,  (1) Is Barack Obama eligible to serve as President of our USA, (2) Why did he refuse to be vetted in 2008, and lastly (3) Why has he spent millions of dollars hiding his past?   

A dog is not considered a good dog because he is a good barker. A man is not considered a good man because he is a good talker.
Chuang Tzu

Frankly, it’s a multitude of us who have a right to know who our Commander In Chief is and if he has the qualifications to be our President.  We need to be assured that our children, grandchildren and country aren’t in harm’s way!

Terry, we’re categorized as a stupid bunch of racists!  Funny, last time I looked my skin pretty much looked the same as the one some call “Mr. President.” The other time I looked, my very favorite bro looks just like me!  Go Figure!

These disgruntled journalists and news anchors have what I refer to as a complex of symptoms maybe Obama Syndrome would be a better fit.  They greet and meet us daily with a barrage of ideas that are tinged with biased emotion and very peculiar attitudes ridiculing us for not accepting their word as gospel.   One would think they’re the last of the good ole journalists, but none of us believe that because they keep forgetting the other side of the story. 

It’s sad to crawl out of bed to be bombarded with a bunch of propaganda – by the time MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC edit, re-edit and regurgitate the news, it somewhat resembles a baboon sitting in a dumpster scratching his fanny and picking his nose at the same time.  Garbage in, garbage out, I always say!

LTC Terrence Lakin, the good news for the day is many, many fellow Americans will not rest until you’ve had an honest day in court under the watchful guidance of judges who know and follow our Constitution.  

Real judges, who don’t feel empowered to rewrite the laws, but who have the mental capacity to do the job that they we hired them to do.  Judges, who honestly and to the best of their ability interpret our Constitutional laws as set down by our forefathers. 

To all my fellow Patriots out there, “We Will Take Our Country Back,” one day at a time for our children, grandchildren and generations to come.  We will leave them a legacy that they can wrap their arms around!  God Bless America  

As Always, Little Tboca

Barack Obama – Who’s Minding Our Children

January 1, 2011

So who is taking care of our children, our grandchildren and fellow Americans – could it be a predator, an intruder, and imposter or have we placed our Nation in the hands of a committed, honest, ethical Commander In Chief who will keep us out of harm’s way?  None of us know the answers to that question with the exception of the puppeteers. 

Today, Jan 1st, 2011 we are sitting at home not quite as complacent as we were a few years ago, because it appears that our Commander In Chief isn’t leading our Nation, but dissecting it one piece at a time. 

Who is this person that many call “Mr. President?  Where did he come from, where has he been all of our lives and what does he have to hide?

Envision a parent or parents of 3 children ranging from 2 years on thru 18 years of age.  Both parents are being shipped out to Afghanistan and they’re in desperate need of a full time mentor and or nanny for your children. 

After weeks, of searching they receive a call from a man who states he is the one, the only one who can care for your children.  He says, “I am a great teacher, love children, an outstand administrator with all the qualifications that you require.  

Both parents are impressed with the telephone interview and they invite him into their home to meet the family. They insist that he brings references, job history, schooling and they inform him that an extensive background check will be next on the agenda! 

He arrived in designer clothes, clean shaven; nails manicured and proceeded to gain the confidence of each and everyone.  He was humorous, an elegant conversationalist and one would almost think that his script had been written.  He assured the parents that his background was impeccable and that he’d spent years working with young people in various community projects. 

The meeting with family goes flawlessly, the children love him, parents are wowed and the ole hound dog is the only one who eyes this person with fear, doubt and contempt.  But, who worries about the old dog – “It’s not the side of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”  Mark Twain quote  

Thus is the story that Americans lived during Obama’s Presidential campaign; they wanted to know his background, his work history, his education and all about his real friends, but that didn’t happen – many Americans were swept off their feet because he promised them “Changes,” and we were long overdue for some good news. 

No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.  

Many Americans, including LTC Terrence Lakin are very apprehensive about our Commander In Chief.  Citizens of the United States must assume the responsibility that our President isn’t an imposter and is dually and legally qualified to lead our Nation, direct our Military, deal with foreign companies and he or she will not under in circumstance place our Nation in harm’s way. 

Many depend entirely on the News media, not having time or possibly the desire to do their homework – instead their dependency rests on the news.  Let’s take a quick peek at the what our news media says about Barack Obama and his citizenship.  Starting back in 2008, catch up on the different news media that hits our airways – are we receiving facts based with solid information addressing both sides of the story or are we at the mercy of the “Big Dogs” who have turned journalism into a reality show?   

MSNBC is trying in every way possible to pretend that Obama’s citizenship questions have nothing to do with anything and once again MSNBC does their soft shoe theatrics saying it really doesn’t matter anyway, Obama has much more important things on his mind.  Why wouldn’t they take this stance, in 2008 they refused to visit the vetting of Obama and created the news to fit the shoes of those leaning far, far left.  Remember facts that include both sides of the story don’t exist at the home of this particular news station. 

But, MSNBC commentator Chris Matthews is becoming testy about Obama’s citizenship, because Chris will not tolerate playing gopher for anyone, including the Commander In Chief; Chris says Obama needs to do the right thing and put this to rest, otherwise Chris Matthews will be running around with egg on his face the rest of his life.

NBC scrambles and plays hide n’ seek from the problems that Obama has with his inability or blatant refusal to provide us the information we seek.  They concentrate on others like the “birthers, “ LTC Lakin, the tea parties in an effort to erase away public doubt about the Commander In Chief.  NBC would rather fight then switch, so they’re content to take their old beaten up news which isn’t news and try to distract Americans and keep the troops divided. 

ABC has established itself as a media that loves to take on any right winged fight and provide any information necessary to sway the natives, including fictitious information, not fact based sprinkled with an overdose of propaganda.  ABC may well go down in history as the news media that was relegated to the ancient history shelf due disgruntled viewers who no longer find them newsworthy.  What a way to go!

LTC Terrence Lakin, I will stand beside you until all charges are dropped and you’re returned to military duty in good standing – for you are “the patriot of 2010,” and no greater love can a man lay down then his life for his Country.  I salute you and pray for your safety, May God Bless you Always.              Little Tboca

News the Obama Way

July 21, 2010

Checking the news out for July 20th, 2010 seems to leave Americans in the lurch; very few news venues have any inclination to discuss the real news of the day.  ABC confines its news to some off the wall questions; (1) Is BP actually avoiding a flow measurement, (2) Should Shirley Sherrod be hired again, and (3) Will UK Cooperate on Lockerbie Bomber? 

ABC isn’t interested in the DOJ lawsuit against the State of Arizona and Jan Brewer (Governor) or Holders threat that he may in fact initiate another lawsuit on racial legalities. They briefly mention Kagan and give a few hurrahs saying she won support from the Democrat dominated Senate Judiciary Committee – they refuse to offer the real news of interest about this Liberal judge who hasn’t in her lifetime served as a judge.

They refuse to involve themselves into the funding of the unemployment extension – it’s definitely of interest to all Americans. There is enough money left in our original stimulus package to fund the extension; it absolutely makes no sense that Americans once again have billions of dollars of debt placed in their laps.

 CBS News Senior White House correspondent Bill Plante says the government couldn’t use this money, because they’d have to rewrite the law.  So rewrite the law, Democrats don’t seem to have a problem with that, for instance the “Black Panther” issue was swept under the rug without any hesitation and Obama if you remember was made President of the US without any vetting. 

So the question is what is or isn’t news worthy?  It would appear that we should know what our government is doing behind our backs in regards to changing laws, spending our money, the DOJ’s shenanigans, the reasons the Senate Judiciary Committee would support an extremist who refuses to answer specific question, the real reasons why our government won’t secure our borders, why there isn’t any jobs, why the Healthcare Reform is costing taxpayers another arm and leg and why no one listens to our voices.

The Liberal News media offers one thing only, regurgitated, re edited propaganda for one reason only – to draw a specific response from Americans. News is no longer news – it’s a bi product of fiction, lies and misguided journalists who refuse to get back to the basics of old fashioned journalism.  The one thing we’ve learned from listening to these news venues is this – they have placed the one called Obama in a bubble and they will do whatever is necessary to keep the bubble from bursting!

Republicans must quit taking a better than thou stance and present a platform to Americans that is etched in stone.  They must quit hitting the news waves with the “he said, she said,” and bring solutions to the table. They must unite in the effort to restore our Nation as “One Nation Under God,” protect our Constitution, keep our Military safe, secure the borders and return the power of decisions to the people. 

Many Republicans gladly step forward with the daily gossip, but few are inclined to stand toe to toe with the Obama Administration and fight for America. Newsworthy information just doesn’t exist anymore, because one of two things happen; (1) Problems are brought to our table with no real solutions, or (2) Those in the news are “tooting their own horn,” and promoting their private agenda. 

Until a group of people can unite, like our forefathers did in pursuit of freedom, justice and liberty for all – nothing much will change the political climate that we’re a victim of…

May God Bless Our Nation

Little T-Boca (Annie)